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Android Phone to Pen Drive Directly Transfer Images, Video, Music & All Date (Easy)

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Backup or Transfer All Phone data Direct to Pen drive Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/MeMJTube Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/mj1111983 Website : http://www.bsocialshine.com

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Text Comments (83)
baikani bhargavi (19 days ago)
don't download the YouTube videos direct send to the otg cable how to in Telugu
Redwolf 19k (25 days ago)
Can you transfer files the other way around? That means from the pen drive to the smartphone. Please reply. Also really like you vids man. Subscribed
Vasu Borra (26 days ago)
Charliebrm1 (1 month ago)
HTC One M8 Android 6.0 - OTC capable. Needs a long press to select a file. This method only provides copying from the Internal to the thumbdrive, not the other direction. No transfer status indicator. I'll try a file explorer app too. But very quick to learn and useful.
Yes it's working
md shadek (1 month ago)
How can use Nava 3i
birbal mandal lalpatty (1 month ago)
Lg company
birbal mandal lalpatty (1 month ago)
Otg transfar video not saport wat paroblam
birbal mandal lalpatty (1 month ago)
Otg Transfar video to sapport wat paroblam
Shailender Kumar (1 month ago)
How to transfer movie , music,pendrive to phone
Mahendra Thakker (1 month ago)
Can you please give a PDF of your instructions.Will be obliged.
Vedant Murai (1 month ago)
Hat can't u hear english
Mark Melnick (1 month ago)
So uf my camera has a connector same as my android phone, could I plug it into my camera directly...would it extract he jpg files?
Sipu N (1 month ago)
Bro copy paste nahi ho Raha hai mera Lenovo k6 mein
Sipu N (1 month ago)
How to solve help plzz bro
NagaSatish Adari (1 month ago)
Thanks bro it's working
clash king (1 month ago)
How can we copy apps
Neha Roy (1 month ago)
thank u
Mohammed Ehtesham Uddin (2 months ago)
Thanks bro
Nisarga.R.Gowda N.R.G (2 months ago)
Tquuu so much it helped me a lot
Sivasakthi Murugan (2 months ago)
This video ok sri, i have pdf file in pen drive ,how to watch led tv display.
Farajaraf (2 months ago)
No way to just transfer over entire phone??
muhammad itking (2 months ago)
Thank you so much
Pooja Dhiman (2 months ago)
Hello I did the same But it results in "pasting is stopped", but my pendrvie still have 5GB space , what to do? Please reply
siblings group (2 months ago)
How to on otg
Azhar Ullah Khan (2 months ago)
what to do if after copy to USB isn't visible...
Mohana Prabakaran (2 months ago)
This is OTP
Akash Akash (3 months ago)
Which pendrive pls tell me
MJ Tube (3 months ago)
its iball
Ivan Ivanov (3 months ago)
Prompt whether it is possible to do through OTG photos and a video directly on the USB in the smartphone?
Shivan Garg (3 months ago)
Thank you
Sangeeta Sharma (3 months ago)
Pen drive se phone me video kese le plz rpy
vijay gupta (3 months ago)
May I know ur name sir
Ritik Singh (2 months ago)
vijay gupta my name is jhaplu
sunita sharma (3 months ago)
Sir copy karne ke bad mere phone me usb option nahi aa rha h
mohdeep nigah (3 months ago)
Sai Varma (3 months ago)
Super bro
shabana khanam (4 months ago)
Nice video
APKoil N Sapthagireesan (4 months ago)
Understood well
ken henry jamisola (4 months ago)
Thanks bro
rock John (4 months ago)
how to mobile song transfer in pendrive
Sharan Sharan (4 months ago)
very super video🐵👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👋✋
Johnson Rumnong (5 months ago)
thank a lot easy and simple.
Sharma Aavesh (5 months ago)
Rupali Verma (5 months ago)
Thank u sir
IamMannat Rattan (5 months ago)
Why have you replied to thanks messages only n not to those who say they don't get the USB option on their phone ??
MJ Tube (5 months ago)
bcz their phone dont support OTG & OTG is hardware issue not a software
Nayyer Ali (5 months ago)
Thnx bro
Uma Maheswara Rao (5 months ago)
When select 'copy to' they no usb folder...?
Kotni Sirisha (27 days ago)
Ya same problem to me also
Uma Maheswara Rao (5 months ago)
yash swag (5 months ago)
so nice
Thank a lot
RAM BABU T (5 months ago)
How cost it is bro
aniketka (5 months ago)
Thx man..
Aishwarya G (5 months ago)
Ruchika Gupta (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot😊😊
Bhaveshjain Bhandari (4 months ago)
armaan Nadaf (6 months ago)
thank you very much
DK Dost! (6 months ago)
Sir but how to get Android apps in pendrive?
Mahapatra Siddhanta (4 months ago)
DK Dost! Op
Ankit Kanojiya (6 months ago)
Thanks for video
Jasmit Grover (7 months ago)
Thank you you earned a subscriber my friend
suriya balaji (7 months ago)
Not working
rajeev dutt (4 months ago)
It works
yildirim ozpay (7 months ago)
there is no option Sturage&usb
Kaitlyn Zheng (28 days ago)
mohamed siddique (2 months ago)
yildirim ozpay yes you are right
Burhan Nasikwala (7 months ago)
It was not working with file manager
Burhan Nasikwala (7 months ago)
It's working
May Mel (7 months ago)
This One is really easy thanks you so much for this ..you are really helping
Aslam Akaramali (8 months ago)
bhai oppi me nhi ho rha hai plz help
Candice Gonzalez (8 months ago)
GTA 5 pc (9 months ago)
es (9 months ago)
can this be done vice versa. pen drive to phone with same method? or how would it be different?
jordan josephat (9 months ago)
where can i contact u please
Cricket Highlights (9 months ago)
Very simple.
Divya Francis (10 months ago)
thank you
IamMannat Rattan (5 months ago)
MJ Tube But u have not replied to those who say the USB option doesn't come up. This is true wd my Moto x style n Redmi Note too.
Divya Francis (9 months ago)
MJ Tube sure
Aadil Jeelani (10 months ago)
Thanks a lot.Easy and simple.👍👍👍
janardhan pedhagari (10 months ago)
Super explanation bro

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