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How to Install ch340 driver installation

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How to install ch340 driver in windows. Over here I have used Widows 7 but same drivers can be used for windows xp, windows 7, windows 8 and even on windows 10. You can download drivers from: http://www.dnatechindia.com/ch340g-drivers-download-installation-guide.html You can buy ch340 usb to ttl IC from: http://www.dnatechindia.com/ch340-usb-ttl-ic.html

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Text Comments (8)
W plima (2 months ago)
the link is broken, please fix that...
jesuan peres (2 months ago)
fuck u
Bora Şavkar (3 months ago)
Fuck you bastard... This bastard is trying to fuck you you up. never download his file
DNA Technology (3 months ago)
Thanks for bringing it to our notice in such a polite manner. We have updated the link with new drivers.
Krypto Consultants (5 months ago)
The download doesnt work. says there is a virus.
DNA Technology (3 months ago)
Thanks for letting me know have updated the link with new drivers
the bedrock house (10 months ago)
Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I was getting crazy trying to find out the drivers. Now my USB converters work! Thanks a lot! It works great for my old XP programming computer!
DNA Technology (10 months ago)
Good to know that there are others like me who are still using windows XP ;)

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