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VS Code Top-Ten Pro Tips

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Learn how to use Visual Studio Code like a pro with my top-ten strategies for developer productivity and happiness. https://angularfirebase.com/lessons/top-10-vscode-pro-tips/ - Get VS Code https://code.visualstudio.com/

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Text Comments (298)
Mozetsu (1 day ago)
High Quality Videos! Subscribed!
Chih-lin Liu (4 days ago)
hristos0 (6 days ago)
hi.nice video. what fonts and theme do you use ?
Davod Ata (8 days ago)
The music is disturbing.
gn Fur (10 days ago)
Tip one: get Visual Studio.
Jason Lee (12 days ago)
Windows is actually kinda worst product of Microsoft. Anything else that I can recall: .NET, Office, VSCode, VS are actually good.
Tao Lin (12 days ago)
That transition tries way too hard and sucks. https://youtu.be/u21W_tfPVrY?t=422
Final Boss (15 days ago)
vscode and all these web browsers masquerading as IDE's are slow hunks of shit (not criticizing their features).
Muhamad Fikri (15 days ago)
What the font you use? And color theme..that’s awesome👍🏻
Madara Uchiha (18 days ago)
What Distro/WM are you using for this video?
Jonah Jameson (14 days ago)
Probably KDE Neon.
Phil Ad (20 days ago)
I have a lot of respect for Visual Code.. I tend to normally stay away from Microsoft's products. However, Visual Code was so much better than my previous editor, that I had to use it. That, is how you make a great product.
remmile (29 days ago)
Hi, what OS /theme, vs theme, vs icon theme and fonts are you using ?
Maxwell (30 days ago)
Just edit keybinding and settings.JSON to all your satisfactions. Edit so that you dont have to leave to use mouse
Nikko Enriquez (30 days ago)
4:30 Mind blown
Mishael Oblefias (30 days ago)
Thanks for this! Json to code is just perfect! How do you change the color of the status bar at the bottom? Also, what OS are you using? Is it Windows, i like your app button (minimize, maximize, close). Vscode-spotify?!?! Gotta try that one!
Kunal Rai (1 month ago)
blasttrash (1 month ago)
music is a bit too loud.
Edney Helenedossantos (1 month ago)
im looking for a way to live preview ruby code on vs, tips?
Arthur Neuman (1 month ago)
How'd you get the Atom-style Git changes on the left like that?
John Smith (1 month ago)
I got a good tip, use jetbrains
olejika CheatEngine (1 month ago)
Wow your color theme is better than mine. How to get it?
ankita ahuja (1 month ago)
Who has done the live coding? Feature is super cool, what if the 2 Dev are making changes in same line or on same function? Thanks
Visualmodo (1 month ago)
Music WordPress Theme - Powering your new music, band, artist, music industry, fan club website to new heights. Responsive, fast, interesting interaction feature packed & supported by top authors https://visualmodo.com/theme/music-wordpress-theme/ 🎵🎶🔈🎤📢🎧
Kiran Hart (1 month ago)
Smh, all about notepad
imago (1 month ago)
Big tip is to do a rundown on the new breadcrumbs! Really good
Hendra Widjaja (1 month ago)
Not usefull tips, the functional is only for mac
鄺子峯 (1 month ago)
This is so powerful
SlimenTN (1 month ago)
VS Code is a great editor there is not deny in that however the intellisense sometimes does not work properly when you type something you wait like 30 sec until the autocomplete shows up ! still don't now what's the problem tho
Maurice Svay (1 month ago)
Why is the music so loud? This is annoying.
TheRoqco (1 month ago)
theme name?
Allahyar Musavi (1 month ago)
You don't have to talk this fast
Tim Myers (1 month ago)
Hey, fuck you for the junior developer comment. :P
Yajana N Rao (1 month ago)
I don't understand my compassion towards atom
DiNOo Gaming (1 month ago)
i just started using visual studion today cuz i start learning js but my problem is i can't saty with any theme i just keep changing half of my time spent with choosing theme lol
裆中痒毛遮洞 (1 month ago)
vscode is great at golang programming
Akash Debnath (1 month ago)
Which OS is this?
Brandon Dorsey (1 month ago)
What font is he using?
Trev (1 month ago)
The only thing I don't like about VSCode is that no matter what, at some point, I'mma have to grab my mouse to click on something. If we could just get away from that, preferably, without hitting tab a thousand times, that would be awesome.
zen29d (1 month ago)
which theme and icon you used it?
Allan Kane (1 month ago)
Your VS Code needs to be updated!
Filip Oščádal (1 month ago)
it's not CTRL+K, but CTRL+K CTRL+S combo
Saleem Ali (1 month ago)
5 stobarts out of 5 stobarts
Cloud Strife (1 month ago)
DON'T USE ANGULAR !! use REACT !!!! :)
Agus Widi (1 month ago)
Oh Man you are to fast, confusing me as a beginnner to VSCode...
josh mack (1 month ago)
I hope Microsoft learns a valuable lesson from the success of VS Code. People like simple shit that just works. They like functionality. They like accessibility and open source, not closed systems
ancient child (1 month ago)
carbon based lifeforms- good taste! ;)
Riccardo Viganò (1 month ago)
Which version of Linux has installed?
Sindélio Henrique Lima (2 months ago)
Thank you very much!!
Stop calling TypeScript LANGUAGE.. it's just a wrapper around JavaScript which IS language
Nathan Brown (1 month ago)
Who cares...
Aleksandr Petrosyan (2 months ago)
It's not Free and Open Source. It's licensed under a closed source license with an optional cut down version that doesn't support plugins licensed under a permissive license.
Peter Wiatr (2 months ago)
Microsoft Excel is better
I'm a random stranger (1 month ago)
No notepad is the best
Angular Firebase (2 months ago)
Yeah but I hear MS Word is even better
Javier Pacareu (2 months ago)
The JSON one is pretty awesome
Brett Tyler (2 months ago)
I tried CTRL + K and it didn't work. Says "waiting for second key of chord..."
Brett Tyler (2 months ago)
It is CTRL K + CTRL S for the shortcuts.
Brett Tyler (2 months ago)
https://code.visualstudio.com/shortcuts/keyboard-shortcuts-windows.pdf This helps though.
John Smith (2 months ago)
the only problem is that is made by microsoft, they steal your info when you use this code editor, is the way of track developers and now even more with github.
Oskar Kowalski (2 months ago)
Yes. And they also send spy drones to hover over your house so when you take a break from coding Microsoft sends a thunderbold to your location.
Ernest Ezis (2 months ago)
What font are you using?
Steve Paul (2 months ago)
Gitlense - Oh mah gaaaaaad!
Maathan Sankar (2 months ago)
How can i control my var,function name,attribute? Example var test (or) var test_test and function name should be like testName() and attr should be like data-test="test". can i control these same like jshint in vs code?
Bettayeb abdelkrim (2 months ago)
it's not just that your infos are awesome but your way of delivering them, i also like the way you designed your video to be attractive to developers, thnx dude !
Which icon theme are you using? :D Also, in some of your videos I saw that you can access the folder by just clicking the file name you are currently on, which is that extension too? Thanks! I love your videos.
Samir Gunic (2 months ago)
To see all *K*-eyboard *S*-hortcuts, press Ctrl+K, Ctrl+S. To get a *K*-eyboard shortcut *R*-eference document, press Ctrl+K, Ctrl+R.
Timothy Gordon (2 months ago)
What cursor set are you using?
Yumin Gui (2 months ago)
Your website is AngularFirebase.com, and yet it's built with Reactjs. Hahaha....
Angular Firebase (2 months ago)
It's not. I'm guessing you have a bad read with Wappalyzer or something. It's just a static site with some vanilla JS. React or angular would be overkill.
zikkeung Lam (2 months ago)
Alisha Mahajan (2 months ago)
So cool
Mathew McCloskey (2 months ago)
VS code has changed the damn game and I love it
tino caer (2 months ago)
Hi, what theme do you use with VS Code? Thanks!
Ali Sheikh (3 months ago)
Which os are you running? And can you please mention your code setup? Themes and extension etc?
Dominik Seljan (3 months ago)
Great video! Didn't even know Code has such a useful features. Thanks!
Larry Solis (3 months ago)
Interface should have I prefix
iTechGaming (3 months ago)
Is there anything like #region and #endregion just like in VS 2017 cuz it is awesome to organize and better then stupidass greenass comments?!
Saurav Das (3 months ago)
@angular firebase : can you please create a list of them and share on description?
Tomasz Kapałka (3 months ago)
Hey! Great Video! Few questions: What kind of font do you use? What's the width of the font? What's the color theme you are using as all looks great!
Sagar Sehwag (3 months ago)
Which linux distritbution are you using?
Abhiraj Bhatia (3 months ago)
Whats the theme that you're using? Thanks.
Andrew Nguyen (3 months ago)
Wow. That "Paste as JSON" is just magic. Thank you!
Vijay Kiran (3 months ago)
paste json to code is just tooo good.. thanks ..!
Tina Huynh (3 months ago)
This was super helpful for someone who just downloaded VS Code (: Thanks a bunch
Abid Rahim (3 months ago)
96 Sublime users couldn't take the VS code awesomeness 😝😝 ps - Animation was spot on!
Aemielvin Loremia (8 days ago)
+Ivan St. There's a plugin that adds sublime functionalities and binds them similar to the default sublime command mappings. Really helped me transition :D
Ivan St. (12 days ago)
VS Code is really good. But I still can't change my sublime to vs. Feel not natural when I use it :(
Angular Firebase (3 months ago)
haters gonna hate :)
Joel G. Rodriguez (3 months ago)
The best tip on this video for me was learning about Carbon Based Lifeforms. Thanks for putting me up on game, homie.
Mike Kevin Castro (3 months ago)
Mind fuck
Dinh Mai (3 months ago)
Can anyone tell me what theme used in this video :'( ?
Terry Tan (3 months ago)
What is the font you use? It is so nice.
Jair Monreal (3 months ago)
Which OS and theme are you using?
Vali Zeth (3 months ago)
Emacs + Gcc = <3
Artyom Khramov (3 months ago)
Tip one: install GNU Emacs.
sai sreenivas (4 months ago)
super one of the greatset tutorials
Fallen Angel (4 months ago)
Hi! Do you have a starter for VS Code? Like how write text to file?
Whilelab (4 months ago)
Great video and very helpful.
Juliana Ferreira (4 months ago)
0:50 for me, to open keyboard shortcut is ctrl+k and then ctrl+s
Chris Esplin (4 months ago)
VSCode now how a grid layout!!! You can drag your integrated terminal up to the right-corner or right-side pane.
Chris Esplin (4 months ago)
Tooling is a whole sub-topic that helps new devs so much. And VSCode keeps improving :)
Angular Firebase (4 months ago)
Yeah, that's pretty sweet. I think this video might need a part 2
Mariusz M (4 months ago)
music is fucking too loud dude
Yossi Cohen (4 months ago)
Normal VS is horrible after using code. None of the Code shortcuts work in VS! Code completion is shit in VS! in vscode, writing Srafn will give you SuperAwesomeFunction wheres in VS You have to write supera or SAF to get that completion. Only letter existence order matters and not the strict real order. you cant highlight text and then use ( [ { or " to encapsulate it it just replaces the text with the symbol(this auto encapsulating should be available in all windows text forms!!!!) You cant comment easily. you cant reformat/refactor easily with 1 button. MultiEditing lines is annoying.
Jason Choi (4 months ago)
What is the whale icon in the activity bar
Neeraj Lagwankar (4 months ago)
Paste JSON as code is a life saver! Thanks a lot!
Anish Shrestha (4 months ago)
I want a video with 90 of those other things.
Dmitry R (4 months ago)
VS Code is awesome, I stopped using GitKraken
Claudiu V (4 months ago)
Hi! How can I have the icons specific for each file/folder in explorer? Thanks
John Smith (4 months ago)
#1 SublimeText
安小湃 (4 months ago)
What font does vscode use ?
Luis EL pro (4 months ago)

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