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Text Comments (53)
Power Vision (1 year ago)
Hi Guys! Do you like kitchen life hacks ?
Lily Riyanti (9 months ago)
Celine Ay (1 year ago)
Power Vision Edd
Power Vision very much
Power Vision cool 😄
Lou Mawien (1 year ago)
Power Visionsqstcgscy
J.S.R. S (1 year ago)
Teo Teodora45 (1 year ago)
cool 😍😍😂😃😇
gzdthxf ffjyztys set (1 year ago)
Nayak Abakas (1 year ago)
nice doing
Alina Diaz (1 year ago)
You stole it from 5 minute craft
Honza Novotný (1 year ago)
oh my fucking god, how you can tell it life hack
lukas zero cz (1 year ago)
yes :-)
megamen xx (1 year ago)
+Emilia Santos hhjjj
megamen xx (1 year ago)
vxZmjsZvgaChjeshnbaagkhsfjvAfjsshidgkdsfjgadvcZxhhzdghgfhkgsfhkjfhffdftfgikbhjjhhjjkg vgffgikkgvfdttddffghhhgfgddffrdrffggfgfggvchfghugff ffggfxgjhkhhvhhbbhuhcfhjhhhhh
Cute Heart (1 year ago)
Litlle bit coppied by #5minutecrafts......
Paige Gibbs (1 year ago)
Poi nnf
Vilmos Hegedüs (1 year ago)
Tsjeridon Redan (1 year ago)
poisa 1 jjxxzxz. 1x q😇
poisa 1 (1 year ago)
Vilmos Hegedüs d
Omar Elgamal (1 year ago)
Alpha Dirt (1 year ago)
Wer kann alles deutsch???
masti Gogia (1 year ago)
I like descriptions
manoranjan das (1 year ago)
coppied from 5 mins craft
iiSkyree OwO (1 year ago)
manoranjan das the fucking youtube using copying others dumbass
ajit agawane (1 year ago)
Hassan Shah (1 year ago)
My amyliat channel amyliat512 is channel PR ap ko beshamar cheze mele ge jinat elm shababazi
None of these were awesome.
LE SUPER GIRL (1 year ago)
Ciao , il video è molto istruttivo e mi piace! :-)
Popular Music Lyrics (1 year ago)
My MOM told me! I can't get 50 Subs in 24 hours. Can We Prove her wrong??
lol shut up kid
NerZ (1 year ago)
ahahahahahahhaha stfu kid no one gonna sub for you
Опять русские делают видео американцам
DimSumFatBoi xD (1 year ago)
I'll only try the egg one
Chimis Rojas (1 year ago)
How To Refresh It Up (1 year ago)
Guys..I make similar kinda videos..If you can take a look it would be awesome...I'm trying my best to reach my sub goal 1k..
panda12hy (1 year ago)
How To Refresh It Up you get subscribe from mee
Abdulrahman Alfkhrani (1 year ago)
hi 7 comments omg lol
TheGalaxyUltimate (1 year ago)
*666* VIEWS ???
Karla Estrella (1 year ago)
maryeli flores (1 year ago)
Zytalcane (1 year ago)
French kiss ! :D French power ! What's your power ???
Elza Antic (1 year ago)
a ja
ILex Gaming (1 year ago)

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