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Electric Longboard Made From a Drill!?!? - You Can Do This Right Now!!!

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Shirts: http://jlaservideo.com/shop Instagram: http://instagram.com/jlaservideo Teemo Board (20 Discount code:Jake teemo): https://goo.gl/qFTto9 Learn how to make a dual motor electric longboard out of two cheap drills! This is a very simple project that you can probably do right now if you have a drill, longboard, and some zip ties! Also I reviewed the Teemo Electric longboard. Enjoy! Facebook: http://goo.gl/ZzRoKM Instagram: http://goo.gl/b4W1ft Playlist of Every Video: http://goo.gl/QVU2Wz If you liked this video, check out more on my channel http://youtube.com/jlaservideo Music: https://goo.gl/7bB4Jk

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Text Comments (78)
Uncle Blue (7 days ago)
Make a bike version plllzzz
Madah Hassnain (8 days ago)
Madah Hassnain (8 days ago)
Make a explained video
Mukha Dauletbai (9 days ago)
make a the sword of black goku
Gabe Bates (16 days ago)
Make a glider with wings and everything
SS Boarder - Marlon (17 days ago)
Can you make a Spider-Man homecoming styled web shooter that does shoot And I mean actually make it look like the movie shooter
im weird (18 days ago)
Hi im a big fan
jaat hooda (18 days ago)
make new video
jaat hooda (18 days ago)
You can make Spider shooting Web
chris lasercutmodels (19 days ago)
Mike Cane (19 days ago)
"Why?! But why?!!?" "Because I could and why not?" Seriously, great video!
Shorul Kabir (19 days ago)
I'm a subscriber accept my request
Shorul Kabir (19 days ago)
Please do this soon 😁😁😁😁😁😉😊
Shorul Kabir (19 days ago)
I think you make your oldest video review that and update the spy gadget
Nice video guys. Two drills zipped tied to a long board lol! That was kinda dope though!
Vinny Chen (20 days ago)
Could you plz make a electric skateboard with a pulley belt and with actual parts but a budget build? Thanks
Rimbang Mulyana (20 days ago)
Make it with Angle Grinder It will be Fast
Isaac Hammond (20 days ago)
next week :(:(
alireza hp (21 days ago)
Lucas Harless (21 days ago)
PenguinAnimation (21 days ago)
I love your videos love the Spider-Man web shooters I made one I’m gonna use for Halloween with the homemade suit I made thanks a lot man I’ve been searching for people like you for a long time and your awesome love your videos and thanks!
Ian Burwell (21 days ago)
This vid is still lit as f##k!!!! Always a fan brother!!!
Colton Harward (21 days ago)
Update your breathing smoke from thin air video
Miojo 707 (21 days ago)
Not fast
Oliver Licata (21 days ago)
Make a flamethrower for the back
Ethan Ivler (21 days ago)
So creative love it
Nick Langevin (21 days ago)
Try putting grip tape on the drill
Ashley Compton (21 days ago)
Ya can get a more powerful drill with a higher torque, and u can add a some sprokets for more speed
james hamaker (21 days ago)
Its still cool. Could you, do a collaboration, video with James bruton or the hack Smith, on something, like a bike mod?
Ger Costello (21 days ago)
Help I broke my finger what should I do
oEpiiCx (21 days ago)
The electric longboadr u made as an awkward machine
Mario D'Andrea (21 days ago)
Wire a lipo battery to it
sports genius (21 days ago)
Dude your awesome
dave lowe (21 days ago)
Use four decent drills for AWD.
Skate Electric (21 days ago)
I love that you tried but the teemo board is much better😂
Colin Sampson (21 days ago)
Can you make a fully auto paint ball wrist gun and link the parts in the description
Deximity _ (21 days ago)
Hez Uejdf (21 days ago)
BUILD IDEA+ review of your build and an idea of build in the same spirit as this one: take an old bike and a chainsaw, fix the chainsaw to a piece of wood, which you fix to the frame, remove the chain from the chainsaw and put a cog wheel to the motor, and join the motor to the pedal system with another chain! It's much more powerful than drills, and makes more less the same sound as a motorbike 😉 As for the current build: Well the problem with this setup is that there is a huge loss of energy due to friction... And drills are made for spinning fast, but don't have enough torque to make you go fast... To arrange this you should decrease voltage and increase the amps😁 whereas for the loss of energy due to friction, you could put cog wheels to the drill and on the axis between the wheels 😄 My name's Anthony, I have been following you from France for about a year, and continue like this, you make great stuff!
BennyBigHead4 .7 (21 days ago)
Hez Uejdf I just sent you the email
Hez Uejdf (21 days ago)
+BennyBigHead4 .7 hi! In fact, it's almost as easy as 1,2,3, you just need the right materials! I'll just let you my email address so I can send you more detailed explanations and drawings of my ideas for this (I agree it's nice to chat on here, but I think it's more practical to do it by email or another kind of thing where we can send images) So just send an email to mangaroyale1@gmail.com Saying something like hey it's Benny
BennyBigHead4 .7 (21 days ago)
Hez Uejdf hey Anthony I was curious if you could help me you know how he controls the motors with the slider speed controller I wanna build a speed controller similar to that do you have any idea how to do that thanks.
Artisan Craft 101 (21 days ago)
Hey, does anyone know the name of the song? at 3:00
E P (21 days ago)
Fun build--and you are hilarious! keep the vids coming Jlaser.
Mili Dutta (21 days ago)
Cool 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧🤘🤘
Taha Med (21 days ago)
Please do the baseball bomb from kingsman the golden circle
B Swapna (21 days ago)
Do you have any flying idea
Teemo Board (21 days ago)
Dustycow67 (21 days ago)
You should show us your scar from the accident
Natiri Dakota (21 days ago)
Can you make it faster?!!
Show Me What You Got (21 days ago)
Put some rims, carpet, a lift kit, and a stereo on it. That is what the Mexicans do to their shitty rides to improve them. You can make your friend want it.
gecko man (21 days ago)
You should join the gaurdians on Google plus u would be really good on the team
Jamie Welsh (21 days ago)
Do it with Milwaukee or dewalt drills or a higher end drill
Nikhik Doolub (21 days ago)
Congratulation west ham beat manchester united (3-1)
mobile game malayalam (21 days ago)
Scott Lambeth (21 days ago)
It’s not a JLaserVideo if it is not mounted on his wrist!!!
Ethan Priore (21 days ago)
1000'th view
Goldollar (21 days ago)
i have exactly the same longboard
Deadly Scream (21 days ago)
You should have painted flames on your board, you probably wouldn't have lost then.
Jeefpop25 Gaming (21 days ago)
Hi I love ur channel
Canturk _E (21 days ago)
If you use bigger wheels for the skateboard you’ll get a higher top speed.
The Engineer (21 days ago)
Amitoj singh (21 days ago)
That's cool😁😁😁
Drensreviews 203 (21 days ago)
Fps Tps (21 days ago)
Nice project man
Dylan Johnson (21 days ago)
First like
Dylan Johnson (21 days ago)
Alexxxo06 yeah nononononin
Alexxxo06 (21 days ago)
Dylan Johnson nonononinnonnn
Leo Lizard (21 days ago)
*_Memez._* Like if you agree.
in it for the lol's (21 days ago)
cool shit bro
It’s Doughlicious (21 days ago)
Yay! I’m early! Love this project so much! That is so cool!!
Alexxxo06 (21 days ago)
First to like
Cool bro
Inventor 24 (21 days ago)
Akshay YTM (21 days ago)
Al page adventures (21 days ago)
Al page adventures (21 days ago)
This isnt it so look up al page adventures
Leo Lizard (21 days ago)
Al Page adventures hi

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