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Gameplay With SUPER WIDE Vision/Screen! (is This Even Good?) Cheat, Hack?

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Gameplay With SUPER WIDE Vision/Screen! (is This Even Good?) Cheat, Hack?. So yesterday I showed you a guide on how to get a bigger screen in mlbb and here you have some gameplay when I use it! ------------------------------------------ Follow Me At: ►MLBB- INSTA: https://www.instagram.com/mobilelegends_bp/ ►INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/bluepanda1/ ►TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BluePandaReal ►FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BluePandaML/ ►2ND Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyfxrRSNJzHrW274v1oR9zg ------------------------------------------ ►FREE DIAMONDS◄ http://freemyap.ps/2fbd2da0 -How it Works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI_e_OndRiQ&t ►Buy Mobile Legends Grip: themobilegrip.com ◄ ((( USE THE CODE: "BluePanda" for 10% off))) https://www.themobilegrip.com/discount/BluePanda ►BUY PANDA MERCH!◄ https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/TheBluePanda/ ------------------------------------------ Previous video (guide/tutorial how to get bigger screen): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttHsPLoq0v4&t= In This Video: Mobile Legends wider screen gameplay Mobile Legends gameplay Mobile Legends guide tutorial Music: NCS Random Facts about Me: -My Name is Tobias Näslund -I'm From Sweden -I'm 20 Years old -I Think Pandas are Awesome Business email at: BluePanda-business@outlook.com
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Text Comments (391)
Emil Mirote (2 months ago)
How to wide screen for samsung s4.? Pls reply.?
bryan paul de velez (3 months ago)
So after that end game comeback normal screen resizer game that
armaan khan (6 months ago)
It don't work you can't open double screen thing with the mobile ledgends app
Sagar Tamang (8 months ago)
hi blue panda.how did u used ur multi window.i cant use mine in my s7 edge.it always tells me this app doesnt support multi window.or tell me which phone ur using?help!!!!! i beg my pardon for my english.peace
imran khairat (8 months ago)
how ?
Wilfredo Aves (8 months ago)
please bluepanda give me a skin layla EPIC SKIN IM NOT PRO GUY IM POOR
jerome gonzales (9 months ago)
I'll already try it
Marlon Vlogs (9 months ago)
Blue panda I will send some fan art Do you have some messenger Blue panda
huhu play (9 months ago)
although for a close combat is good but not for mini map. The mini-map so tiny i can't anything, i guess i won't use this trick
Natalia Grey (9 months ago)
that is what I feel when I got bad teammates. T__T
This is hack?
Master (9 months ago)
Imagine moskov's ult with wide screen.
Guntur arya prayoga (9 months ago)
What device do u use?
Brøne Sørrow (9 months ago)
So this is ESPORT?????? REALLY???
Junas Fatang-ay (9 months ago)
Bad team mates Lol
Josua Johansson (9 months ago)
Can we be friends plz The Shadow and i am swedish
Venz Earnest Abalos (9 months ago)
how did you do that
Blazing Cards (9 months ago)
When you use pharsa with the wide screen
Harith 0silver (9 months ago)
use this screen with aurora and gatotkaca huuu XD..both them has long range aim aoe ult...
정 용 말Jung Yong MaL (9 months ago)
If im playing with team like that 100% I will report them for playing bad..gg Edit:Not BluePanda..bcoz he's always play well..maybe haha
정 용 말Jung Yong MaL (9 months ago)
Hey BluePanda please make a gameplay Johnson with this trick..gonna be so amazing because you can control car mode easily around the map😋😉
Electricmusiclen Xiong (9 months ago)
You think 15min is long -_- I had to play a 32min game
Hillol 117 (9 months ago)
Prince GD (9 months ago)
lol u look so ugly in the picture
Gold Coin (9 months ago)
"run you fool" hahahahhaaha
Jerico Villezar (9 months ago)
King Gamer (9 months ago)
ID:140932924 IDN:vichea player Skin:miya Honor
User X (9 months ago)
Can you make a video using pharsa? I want to see her ulti.
Julai Colipano (9 months ago)
What app is that blue panda
rafy septian (9 months ago)
can iphone do this?
HighLight GT (8 months ago)
rafy ѕєρтιαи_ iphone sucks they can't do this
Dimas Prasetyo (9 months ago)
I like and suscribe give me a skin
Qilla Idris (9 months ago)
My highest rank is gm 3 it's really sad Every time i play solo rank i mostly get mvp but lose the game! Help me!
ZackaryShark Gaming (9 months ago)
Best thumbnail of 2018
Pyae Zaw (9 months ago)
6:16 ur face😁 lol
Pyae Zaw (9 months ago)
6:16 ur face😁 lol
Augustin Leang (9 months ago)
Nice gameplay Blue Panda
Gussion Holy Blade (9 months ago)
What is the name of the app? You didnt told us
Richie Lai (9 months ago)
Screen resizer
Unknown Human (9 months ago)
The eyes on the thumbnail tho
Dots! (9 months ago)
Will this get you banned?
Dungunwhaa (9 months ago)
This is game changer for Fanny players lol
KALING MOYONG (9 months ago)
hey ..will u please make some good video on franco vs zhask and also tips n tricks to hook the zhask thank you n m a fan of u ...too....
Ibrahim Alibrahim (9 months ago)
I think it's comm a new map or not ?
Shakya Yonesh (9 months ago)
awesome view
Dat Boi Lel (9 months ago)
To use cyclops get blue buff and spam all your skillz including ss cus of passive
ali motasim (9 months ago)
Panda your controls r bugged. I tried it and my controls were still at the sides even thought my vision was rly big
Ariel YT (9 months ago)
Hate those afk's >_< ,>_<
Veenei Nongthombam (9 months ago)
Nice bro
Brate Azzlack (9 months ago)
Its not that wide. I cant see a change..
1 like=1 minute lasting blue panda s next video!!Let's see how many minutes should next video last😂
Jeson Keery Jenisun (9 months ago)
Nice blue panda use cyclops😂😂
Muan Puii (9 months ago)
Why u post man xd they will fix soon
Twill cha_kma (9 months ago)
i always get this type of team lol
Twill cha_kma (9 months ago)
just imagine what Natalia will do in this mode
AZDA (9 months ago)
dionisio lopez (9 months ago)
164976481 (3160) Conquer any skin
CteFox Zeus (9 months ago)
Thats a complete cheating 😂😂😂
VÆŁĶŔÏƏŽ CHANNEL (9 months ago)
whats app
Muhammad Idham (9 months ago)
bluepanda you face look so creepy
Gamer AG (9 months ago)
Use mosco his ult could be easier.
Rudi Tabuty (9 months ago)
121340598(2608) 「ℳℜ.Đotε」 Spear of bone dragon
Hydra VTN (9 months ago)
00:12 What the name of the song?? Please notice me , anyone?
Zul 001 (8 months ago)
I dont now too
Nikolaj Panduro (9 months ago)
Incomming permanent ban for BluePanda
marselino ekin (9 months ago)
Is it work for ios or apple not ipad but iphone
Ho Kooi Fatt (9 months ago)
He watched TED Gaming YT
Immortal MGL (9 months ago)
Givhb Fjgkbjj (9 months ago)
Franco! Franco! Franco!
King BlackBoy (9 months ago)
Wat aplication resize screen ?
Danish Taufik (9 months ago)
Road to 1M 🎊
C Sprite (9 months ago)
0:05 what happened 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂👌
KENEDZ DENBERTZ (9 months ago)
This is dope but howbdo you even do this
Dark Spirit (9 months ago)
Try to press... Low graphics.. And press high graphics back
Desz 7w7 (9 months ago)
That thumbnail is scary it will scare alot of kids i think xDDD
条薯 (9 months ago)
Have people can send me Layla star skin
条薯 (9 months ago)
Have people can send me skin?
条薯 (9 months ago)
Mohd Sofian (9 months ago)
Actually you can see you enemy because your teammate was there . If your teammate wasn't there you can't see them .it just make your screen wider you know.
Filip 1406 (9 months ago)
10:18 tara mea :)))
giusyj forever (9 months ago)
Please beve me please
giusyj forever (9 months ago)
ING:assasino ID:41203309 HERO:layla green flash
lued panda (9 months ago)
TeamEvos Foc (9 months ago)
Haha" what the ? You Face?😂👍
Earl Benjohn Suelan (9 months ago)
(Liked and Suscribed
Faded Spirits (9 months ago)
Hey ur in epic man team mates r nub
Asmodeus Scamander (9 months ago)
freak screen -_-
iP3trøs Skillz (9 months ago)
Why i cant login into the game??
What will happen if you use pharsa’s ult?, will the screen go larger or not?🤔
Aemriely Sora (9 months ago)
It became even larger... Tried it xD
Hasan Sattar (9 months ago)
bluepanda can you play fanny with super wide vision/screen please
Cooking_ Data_22 (9 months ago)
Rodcen Tan (9 months ago)
Doesnt work on me. It just pixelizes but doesnt get wider. running on xperia z5 compact with android 7.1
Not A Yes Man (9 months ago)
I cant do it on my IOS!!! Is it like anyone else?
Pablo Escobar (9 months ago)
U said don't hack and I ban u😊
HYPER AMBASADOR (9 months ago)
blue panda iwant some skin
ESCORPION XLM (9 months ago)
ID: 140559421 zubzero Argo -- sunrise light
Zireh I Adana (9 months ago)
Siam nampui (9 months ago)
ID:139020149 JoJo Nampui Skin:alucard lone hero
Freddie Sicwaten (9 months ago)
Nice idol...
Grey_ Majestic (9 months ago)
Your face us so funny hahahaha😂
Amir Killer (9 months ago)
This is great for fanny players :P
Xx DARKO xX (9 months ago)
Lol by me dont work its so tiny:(
saad qureshi (9 months ago)
You play daam cool

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