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#wolfxotic #franco #hooks Need your Love ♥ & Support 💪 Don't forget to Like 👍, Share 💞 and Subscribe 👆 the channel 📺! I hope you watched the video till the end. Liked it or not? Please Share your feedback in the Comments section below 👇 Send me your awesome gameplay clips at: wolfxoticgaming@gmail.com(Don't forget to state in the title what your video is about) Thank You Very Much for watching the video ❤ If you would like to play with me? checkout my Fiverr gig: https://clk.sh/fiverr Support Wolf Xotic 👉 https://clk.sh/streamlabs OR https://clk.sh/Paypal Like my Page on FaceBook: https://clk.sh/wolfxoticpage Follow me on InstaGram: https://clk.sh/instawolfxotic Join my Discord Channel : https://clk.sh/discord __________________________________________________ Hi there! Who am i? I am a average 23 yo guy from India. I am a gamer..and now a YouTuber. Mostly i play Mobile Legends Bang Bang. I have been playing the game since 2016. I am a Average gamer and not a Professional Gamer. What i upload in my Channel? Mostly the contents are from Mobile Legends Bang Bang. My contents are basically simple. I play, i upload. But ofcourse i upload what i also find interesting and it turns out to be really Interesting. So get onboard. My Mobile Legends Profile id is 746578 , follow me! If you are new to this Channel then make sure you Subscribe it for the Daily Dose of Entertainment from Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena Of Valor,Dota2 and many more! How i record my gameplay? I use AZ Screen Recorder android application to record. How i edit videos? Using Wondershare Filmora Software (PC) Which phone i use? Honor V10 Why Indonesian Flag? I had changed it long time ago as all were changing it too for gaining viewers while streaming in-game :D (My mistake that i changed.) Problem with me using Indonesian Flag? Give me 1000 Diamonds to buy "FLAG CHANGE CARD" and i will change it!I have no problem with the Indonesian Flag, idk why other's have a problem with my flag. If you think i am "Ashamed" to say i am Indian then you are "WRONG". I have always stated i am Indian :) *Why most of them are Montage?* I find montage to be more entertaining than a full game play.The best parts are included in the Montage videos so as to focus on what i am trying to show in the video. In case of "Franco Hooks" i show the best hooks i encounter in that particular match and i get at least few good clips in one match so i combine then with 3-4 other matches(which have hook clips).This doesn't mean i an trying to hide my bad moments in the match.I have been showing fail hooks,defeats and deaths too but people ignore it and still judge :( *I show only MY best hooks?* Yeah,that's why it is a Montage video.If you look properly there are around 3-5 matches in one montage video and each match consists of minimum 5 hooks. I miss hooks too.Sometimes i laugh on my fail hooks before you can XD. Still if you think i am hiding my bad side then Check out my "Fail Hooks" videos too :D Intro Song: TheFatRat - Infinite Power! __________________________________________________ Please ignore the tags below: ❤ Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mobile Legends Franco Gameplay Mobile Legends Franco Gameplay How to play Franco Mobile Legends How to play Franco Mobile Legends Mobile Legends Franco Tips Tricks Builds Mobile Legends Franco Tips Tricks Builds FRANCO HOOKS MONTAGE EP. 165 FRANCO HOOKS MONTAGE EP. 165 MOBILE LEGENDS MOBILE LEGENDS WOLF XOTIC WOLF XOTIC RANKED RANKED
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Text Comments (258)
thoudam aizen (7 days ago)
Senpai i want to play with you
Deadpool Francis (8 days ago)
12:00 i still have some hook left in me
Coperal 2 (8 days ago)
I done add u in ML and hope u followback me senpai my idol
Dale Cyrus Lubrin (8 days ago)
Heart this if you are filipino
Kakaknya Herp (8 days ago)
omg how u can got 5ms in india
Aiman K (8 days ago)
the song very annoying
Brian Elwin Haner (8 days ago)
I wanna push rank with you
Brian Elwin Haner (8 days ago)
Thank you for using apocalypse skin. I fuckin'love your videos. I've followed you, can u follow me back please? My ign NAR/R3åMl
Vinxo (8 days ago)
Bernardo Oscar (8 days ago)
I tried to sent u my hook clip.. But az rec n du rec keep on crashing while rec.. So help me senpai..
ruel santos (8 days ago)
Senpai you seem to be busy lately as its been a while since the last upload for franco haha
Elami Notlia (8 days ago)
thank you so much
Malay gaming Chukys (8 days ago)
2 game have zhask n same player
Malay gaming Chukys (8 days ago)
Pls report this youtuber
Malay gaming Chukys (8 days ago)
This is costum but 2 time have 1 same player
Malay gaming Chukys (5 days ago)
+Wolf Xotic the stars u take at long video i know
Wolf Xotic (8 days ago)
Do Custom match increase STARS?
Adrian D. (8 days ago)
Damnnn you're good! I'm also maining Franco and making you my role model. Hehe
Reo Ree (8 days ago)
can follow??😳
ruel santos (8 days ago)
Hey senpai mind carying me all the way to legend haha dang
Hre Te (8 days ago)
How will i send my clips?
Wolf Xotic (8 days ago)
Email me at wolfxoticgaming@gmail.com
Elami Notlia (8 days ago)
wolf xotic what is your national flag plizz.. tell me.
Wolf Xotic (8 days ago)
RASTA (9 days ago)
You are best :)
RASTA (9 days ago)
i want play with you in one team.I play with tanks only 90%.Johanson and Franco
Justine Heramis (9 days ago)
Why so many cancer in legend ? I can still here
Th3PvP - Official (9 days ago)
Awesome videosssssssssssss! Perfect Franco hooks! Perfect team help! Question: with what are u editing ur videos? Pls answer me
Th3PvP - Official (8 days ago)
I missed 😅
Wolf Xotic (8 days ago)
Filmora, Please read the Description
ッHotshots (9 days ago)
Hentai with senpai😂
wal lace (9 days ago)
TITAN TAMANG (9 days ago)
Sorry senpai..for the delay..My network get bad...And congrats for mythic rank ...👏👏
bamkim chanam (9 days ago)
i rally like this hook
Ahasveros 57 (9 days ago)
tutorial hook please!
Jhon Sandoval (9 days ago)
Dhrumil Chavda (9 days ago)
Bhai thumbnail me jo emoji hai woh mujhe apne mobile me chahiye😂 BTW, awesome video❤😊
dyto nano-nano (9 days ago)
What's your smartphone?
Wolf Xotic (8 days ago)
Honor V10
BaSs UP (9 days ago)
im epic 2 i really want mityc this sez
Soory Senpai i m late coz my hand got injured..but i love ur vids thts y i m watching it we need more vidss.... Love u😊
Mikasa Ackerman (9 days ago)
Ride and watch hentai all the time with senpai :3
Zay The Music Hunter (9 days ago)
Th best 😍
Auro kris (9 days ago)
Senpai change intro music something cool like the one u had before 😉
Instead of playing ml im just gonna watch your HOOKS!!!
Kirby Gaming (9 days ago)
Rajneesh Brar (9 days ago)
अच्छा गेमप्ले भाई
vinzy dwhiters (9 days ago)
U suck fk me hanabi u kill me stupid
I am SUBARASHII (9 days ago)
Felix Edvard (9 days ago)
1:34 - 1:39 wow bisa gutu ya kwkwk 😂
Felix Edvard (8 days ago)
This is fristly my comment spoken indonesian language
Ajay Singha (9 days ago)
That fanny was great 5:30
Hazeshi Chan (9 days ago)
Senpai vs me doing the flicker *puts a hook**flicks back* *puts a hook*misses it**flick back---to the enemy and die* Sad story(T▽T)
Juli Blacky (9 days ago)
Wtf hook I Like You Every Use Franco
Subojit Roy (9 days ago)
Can anyone explain me this- Actually i want to change my flag in ML and its showing that there is a free chance of switching nation but when i try to change flag it shows that i need a region change card to change nation! Pls help me someone and explain it to me
Subojit Roy (9 days ago)
+Official Zx.Lemon是不 i didnt change my nation even once
because you used up the 2nd free nation change card, even tho the system saying you have one, you havent
Akule Bubu (9 days ago)
Nice vid senpai
Potato Pie (9 days ago)
always amazing franco😎😎😎
Franco KS means Kill Secure Karina KS means Kill Steal Hahahaha Nice Senpai👍🏿
Mr. Ñõõb (9 days ago)
Waiting For your name to appear on global...😊
Mat Fizi (9 days ago)
Im fans you anytime i see you video broo
Butch Rowdyruff (9 days ago)
Do a video how we hook like a pro i know u did one before but i want learn how i hook like u
Butch Rowdyruff (9 days ago)
Teach us how we hook
Bidemo Patton (9 days ago)
Music change wah xotic anyways gg hook
Thiago Matheus (9 days ago)
Sou brasileiro mais gosto muito de ver vc jogando
Pranjal Kumar Das (9 days ago)
Bro you too cool🔥🔥😘😘
Zacky Zillan (9 days ago)
Bishal Paul (9 days ago)
Hadi Widya (9 days ago)
Ahmad Syahmi (9 days ago)
gg hook
Jasmine Masir_69 (9 days ago)
Add me..id..55952814
Chuirinngam Hs (9 days ago)
Hehe I Am Alduros in the video 😁
Khaled Waleed (9 days ago)
Fkkkk those hook bro crazy hooks 😍😍😍
Denniz Devilz (9 days ago)
makasih senpai, gw udah follow. follback dong, gw user franco jg. byk belajar dr video senpai
Johan Seven_07 (9 days ago)
That Chief Johan was me and end was my squad mate We represent the IX squad and I feel so retarded when u hook me like nothing omfg
ROSSYGAMING Gaming (9 days ago)
Thejangulie Kezo (9 days ago)
I followed u but never see u lol
Joshua Viluan (9 days ago)
ღ mєσwѕíє ღ (9 days ago)
your lucky you have good teamates always not like me 😭😑😖
risna semadi (9 days ago)
Please add my instagram risnasemadi
Akun Tp (9 days ago)
you name instagram wolfxotic gaming??
Wolf Xotic (8 days ago)
Yes, link in the description
Novi Trisnawati (9 days ago)
Ditunggu live streamingnya
Azam Alfarisi (9 days ago)
Road to mythic
MLBB PRO GAMING (9 days ago)
Why u no top global
L O L I T A (9 days ago)
Wow senpai
Nakiri Alice (9 days ago)
Senpai u r getting a lot more wiser by doing the thumbnail with quotes. 👍
jono aji (9 days ago)
noicy hook
Indonesia (9 days ago)
That juicy argument
Toxic Senpai (9 days ago)
Senpai what do you think about the new hero kadita in ML
Toxic Senpai (9 days ago)
+Wolf Xotic kadita is new upcoming hero mage from indonesia,search on Youtube
Wolf Xotic (9 days ago)
Not seen yet 🤣
Kitkat ayemi (9 days ago)
from Indian dam bruh I'm so proud of u keep it up
Maulana Atmaja (9 days ago)
Nice hook
Zanizary Tano (9 days ago)
When I use Franco in rank I get because of my teammates are noobs wasting my time😫😥😭
E N D (9 days ago)
You did catch me 3 times. And was a first game against you hope I get to play with you
Zanizary Tano (9 days ago)
Impressive Kills 😍😎❤️
Choo Yong Ming (9 days ago)
5:41 Odette Gatotkaca Execute spell... Wtf
狂疯 (9 days ago)
Wolf Toxic:KS = Kill Secure Me:KS = King of Solo 😂
HyperDino (2 days ago)
*wolf xotic you dumb
狂疯 (9 days ago)
+KID * I dont need teamwork, I dont need skill, I just need a skin 😂 (just kidding lol)
KID * (9 days ago)
Push rank or feed alone?...boi ... gonna report ya is yo be like that...remember tmwork👥👍
Clark Orias (9 days ago)
Can you give me skin? Franco 6193604(3081)꧁ċʟѧяҡ12꧂ thanks Idol!! Nice Hooks
Ivan Mosley (9 days ago)
go go hooks senpai..
Road to top 1 global
Inteqab Pathan (9 days ago)
GG senpai
Freaky GT (9 days ago)
Arun KR (9 days ago)
I played that Chou
Nice man cool 👍
DEATH KILLER (10 days ago)
Senpai is mytic now🤗👍..i want that hook so much😋
Why didnt you use s9 franco😣😣
ameer nurhaqeem (9 days ago)
Starlight make franco badass
Neo Naorem (10 days ago)
10:06 "omg so pro" haha I m done 😂😂😂
KuTu SiReuM (10 days ago)
meski bukan meta saat ini tapii di mainin sama pemain pro mah tetepp aja gg haha
Arief Triasmei (10 days ago)
Finaly... Upload again wkwk
blue beast (10 days ago)
Finally reach mythic

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