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How to Convert Number into Word in Excel in Indian Rupees

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In this video you will how to convert number into word in excel in India Rupees To copy the code visit here http://bsocialshine.blogspot.com/2014/06/how-to-convert-number-into-word-in.html

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Text Comments (303)
Vaishali Deokar (1 year ago)
Thank u thank u so much.. its really works well.
Muzamal Hussain Kharal (2 months ago)
can you send me excel sheet, Muzamalhussain433@gmail.com
Eishan Ahmed (15 days ago)
thank u sir
pradeep pal (23 days ago)
Vrajkumar Muniya (25 days ago)
Thx bro its work👍👍
Ashok maharana (1 month ago)
Its very well & thank u so much..........................
shree samarthkrupa (1 month ago)
you are great
sagar timalsina (1 month ago)
thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. it truly is simple and fantastic trick. thanks once again...
Bharat Kudache (2 months ago)
Air how to thousand or lakh show in 2 digit
Gopi Inavolu (2 months ago)
Engr khalil ahmed (3 months ago)
rohit ranade (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot.
Viamagus Accounts Team (3 months ago)
in office 2013 how do i save
Balu G (3 months ago)
its not working
SAP EPC Projects (4 months ago)
Gulimtiaz (4 months ago)
There is an error in this programme. If U want to indicate the same i will tell U. if U give me permission
Saurabh Sawant (4 months ago)
thanks mate it's really working...great help.
SUNILKUMAR C.H (4 months ago)
tq fr code ..tqsm
Champion (5 months ago)
Thank you very much, it really works....
Enrich Suresh Gidwani (5 months ago)
not able to implement the same on macbook pro
Vishal Soni (5 months ago)
thank you for this it really help today i have learnt a new concept
amar group roha (5 months ago)
hi ....i m unable to do this.. please help me to do... my email id is amargruporoha@gmail.com.. connect me through this id
Naveen Prakash (5 months ago)
its amazing boss... thanks very much
Shaukat Khan (6 months ago)
Thank a lot Sir it worked for me and it was great
ravi kumar (6 months ago)
thank you sir it working well .
Praveen Mogathe (6 months ago)
Thank u so much... really its so much help out only any thanks
kishor khose (6 months ago)
sent note pad num to word formula
sadaf electricals (6 months ago)
where is formula
Rajender singh (6 months ago)
agr aise convert karna chaye to kaise hoga 123 = one two three 47800 = four seven eight zero zero
Rajiv Sharma (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot its very useful.
ME YOUUU (7 months ago)
what was the key again alt+f+?
Mohan Autade (8 months ago)
sir, pl clear me how can I down load the programmee to convert the amount in word in excel on my p.c.
Biresh Singh (8 months ago)
From where I can get code .. Please help me
RADHE SHYAM SHARMA (8 months ago)
Thank sir
Bishu pal (8 months ago)
rajcomputersadn (8 months ago)
thank you for sharing it is really helpful
Uthamaraj R PFI (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot It's very useful.
akibul hasan (8 months ago)
Brother really thanks i was using 2003 and now using 2010 and cant convert it in word in this version.... i got the idea how to change the rupees in my currency Taka and also could change the command spellnumber to inword..love u vai
MJ Tube (8 months ago)
u r smart guy
Sanjay gadhavi Ambadan (8 months ago)
Murali Kumawat (9 months ago)
DILIP A GOHIL (9 months ago)
Thanx Dude...
Vicky Rathod (9 months ago)
thnx Dear its realy Work. Thnku so much
status videos (9 months ago)
awesome yaar its work
vinod a vinod (9 months ago)
hi sir i doing that tip have coming to dollar no rupees mention pls give me solution ?
Jitu Chavda (9 months ago)
Thank you for your guidance
anil gupta (9 months ago)
is any way to use this code in all excel file available in computer
sumanta Das (10 months ago)
Hello can u give me the formula please?
MJ Tube (10 months ago)
in video description link
Amit Suchday (10 months ago)
Thank you very much bro !!! helped me a lot
Chandan Kumar Gouda (10 months ago)
Amit Suchday 📟 *Calculate easily* 💡 *Binary_to_Decimal* *Decimal_to_Haxadecimal* *Hexadecimal_to_Octal* *Octal_to_Binary* *Binary_to_Hexadecimal* : : : *so on* *with Number Converter app* 1⃣0⃣1⃣1⃣0⃣1⃣0⃣1⃣1⃣ *```Download 👇```* https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wwzqxk2zfAH8Qv0-IqThXc7RUUQNSWJM/view?usp=drivesdk *Share to your all Computer Science friends* 💻
Amit Suchday (10 months ago)
bro , "number to word conversion" code worked in one sheet, where i saved .. but then when i copied that sheet and created new sheet, code didnt work ... not working in any other excel file also .. fix that pls .. i m using office365 , n OS windows10
Chandan Kumar Gouda (10 months ago)
Amit Suchday 📟 *Calculate easily* 💡 *Binary_to_Decimal* *Decimal_to_Haxadecimal* *Hexadecimal_to_Octal* *Octal_to_Binary* *Binary_to_Hexadecimal* : : : *so on* *with Number Converter app* 1⃣0⃣1⃣1⃣0⃣1⃣0⃣1⃣1⃣ *```Download 👇```* https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wwzqxk2zfAH8Qv0-IqThXc7RUUQNSWJM/view?usp=drivesdk *Share to your all Computer Science friends* 💻
MJ Tube (10 months ago)
Abhijeet Kunte (10 months ago)
Dear Sir, I want convert in only number i don't need rupees word . so please help me.
Raghavedra M (10 months ago)
thank u .... i m subscribing
sanjay sharma (10 months ago)
thankyou sooooooomuch it worked..
Aseem Mathur (10 months ago)
superb MJ amazine.... thanks a ton..
Aseem Mathur (10 months ago)
Why you have unsubscribed me????
Shubham Katariya (11 months ago)
Thank you... You helped me saving my lot of time and efforts...
chandran jai (11 months ago)
Thanks for your info :)
Deepak Narde (11 months ago)
thanks a lot i was looking for this function and its very useful. thanks once again
Manoranjan Dhar (11 months ago)
When Re-Open the excel set "SpellNumber" disappeared.(Does not Work)
Rizmi Nizam (11 months ago)
Thanks how to get cents example 3615.50
SR MCC Admin (11 months ago)
Hi can you help me? i want to use this formula{=money(d4, "dollar"," cent" )} in excel. what can i do it in excel2013? please help,... Thanks you
Lalita Gujetee (1 year ago)
very useful
ruturaj2009 (1 year ago)
its good but it doesn't convert number if it is in paise.
sagar pawar (1 year ago)
Its suppoertin when i done it. But when k pest it on other location is not suporting
Dharamvir Bhatia (1 year ago)
sir it is not work in new file
santhosh kumar (1 year ago)
when i save its show, privacy warning. how to save?
sufiyan jamadar (1 year ago)
sir pls tell how to add spaces for eg twentynine i want twenty nine a space should be there i changed all small alphabets to big alphabets i added . means only. but i want space i removed rupees also and a lot of thanks for this code pls tell abt space thts the main problem
Thanks for this help..!! 100% Working
eleaca mishra (1 year ago)
One crore tak ka nahi aa Raha hai.
Vinod Nath (1 year ago)
Is this only for a new worksheet or for the entire MS Excel. I am getting an error in my existing spreadsheet
Sumit Gupta (1 year ago)
Thanks for the code brother
Sumit Gupta (1 year ago)
MJ Tube just did
Krishna Reddy (1 year ago)
deven roy (1 year ago)
this formula not working in my PC. i have not original excel so that is a reason ?
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
doesn't matter it will work... follow the video correctly
Shailesh Adke (1 year ago)
thanks dude. very helpful info
Sonali Das (1 year ago)
Dear sir it's not working in my system . Can you please clear my doubts. Thank you
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
this will work follow the instruction correctly, which office u r using?
Gopal Krishnan (1 year ago)
shamsuddin shaikh (1 year ago)
Am pressing Alt+F11 but am not getting that microsoft basic visual window....
Dhiva Vasi (1 year ago)
it's not working for my system
SANTHOSH KUMAR (1 year ago)
Thank u thank u
Bhadrak Stockist (1 year ago)
kirti yadav (1 year ago)
ron raikar (1 year ago)
how to give space for words eg:Twentyfive as a Twenty five pls help
ron raikar (1 year ago)
sufiyan jamadar no i did'nt get that..tryng, currntly fndng errors...if possible do hlp me out
sufiyan jamadar (1 year ago)
ron raikar did u edit the code for making space in between for eg twentyfive to twenty five
sufiyan jamadar (1 year ago)
But tell the exact line to edit
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
u need to edit the code
shantanu mittal (1 year ago)
we should have to do this again and again for opening of same sheet on daily basis
Shishir Jain (1 year ago)
Amit Rai (1 year ago)
This is only for 999999999.00 and more than this amount this is not support.
karan vishwakarma (1 year ago)
Thanks, it works well!!
Security Gate (1 year ago)
ok but how to create this all details in notepad format
Shamim Ahmed (1 year ago)
TwentyFive thousand shows in display instead of Twenty Five Thousand. Please check the matter. Seek a immediate solution.
Kamrul Zoha (1 year ago)
this is not Complete you muct be add "And" Paisa (I also make this type of Function ) but i don't know how to make VBE so i make a Formula and always using that formula in my formula (Nested If) if like 0.01 =One Paisa only 0.10 = Ten Paisa only 1.00= One Rupee Only 1.50 = One Rupee and Fifty Paisa Only Continue.... You also have to Add "And" betwen Rupees and Paisa. Eeven your job is very nice
Manish Kumar Ojha (1 year ago)
spelling of. forty (40) is written as fourty. please correct that.
Darshan Jain (1 year ago)
Hey tnku for this formula can u please tell me how to remove the ruppe letter permanenty i want only text not the currency's name
Darshan Jain (1 year ago)
MJ Tube tnku done👍🏻
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
edit the code
Chinay Solanki (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for the Video. You're a saviour
SUJOY GHOSH (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot this is very useful tips
sspconstruction ssp (1 year ago)
Thanks for sharing
Anup Gunshettiwar (1 year ago)
thank you so much... its working
Suvojit Das (1 year ago)
Goan Maniac's (1 year ago)
Thank You Soo much for being so generous in freely giving the code !
Yagnik Khunt (1 year ago)
this formula only work on this file but we are open new file and that time formula is not working. so, any other tricks for this problem
Gauravi Agrawal (1 year ago)
very useful thing thank u sir
Santosh Kumar (1 year ago)
Thanks very much .... Keep posting stuff like this
Jagbir Singh (1 year ago)
thanks bro it's working............
Chirag ArorA (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot, help a lot, details not available on Microsoft, but friend like you can help.
naresh yadav (1 year ago)
thanks sir, good video
Gobinath (1 year ago)
thank you sir ....It is very usefull.

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