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How to install Windows Drivers Manually

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http://techhut.us/how-to-install-windows-drivers-manually/ Ever had trouble of installing drivers or have drivers with no setup file? Here is the alternate way of manually installing a driver through Device Manager: Go to Control Panel. Device Manager Find the device that you are trying to install a driver for. Right Click Update Driver Software Browse my computer for driver software Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer Have Disk Browse for the .inf driver file. Open and Next. The driver will be installed.

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Text Comments (111)
destroyerimo (18 hours ago)
eyy nice, why havent i thought of it before
Pawon Youtube (16 days ago)
Hi sir, i have the problem I was install windows on my laptop, after installing i forgot to backup driver and all file, and.... my problem is.... 1. My flashdish can't detect on my laptop 2. I can't conect to internet because i can't update driver so how fix this, i hope my flasdisk can detect ,because i have no file anything for this, this new born
Pawon Youtube (7 days ago)
+Revers3Fibonacci Thanks you sir
Revers3Fibonacci (7 days ago)
you manage to fix this, will talk you through it?
Murtaza Hussaini (1 month ago)
Mine doesnt hav Network adapter Wht should i do .?? ( mine doesnt have any driver ) I am stucked !
TONÍK TONDA (1 month ago)
Dahirou Bance (1 month ago)
Thank you
Andron MacBeton (1 month ago)
And you decided to show the world how much retarded can it biz. Go back to your overfucked India!
SandBox GAMING (2 months ago)
kevon Lopez-Allen (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot man, you really helped me out
Andrey Toys (2 months ago)
Your video here https://www.hwdrivers.com/videoinstructions_2.phtml
TooManyPuppies (2 months ago)
Can I do this if I don't have Muiltimedia Audio Controller?
Gloria Luv (3 months ago)
Except I keep getting the f***ng "WINDOWS EXPLORER HAS STOPPED WORKING"!error I get the for alot of stuff including this. That pisses me off so much.
TooManyPuppies (2 months ago)
Use google...
Gloria Luv (3 months ago)
+Jean mario julien Jean Mario I don't know what that means?
Deepak Deepak (3 months ago)
I recently purchased a wifi USB adapter after few days it stopped working the driver is missing it the device manager When I try to install it is not installing How to fix it
Did it make it 64bit
ARMAX (4 months ago)
How I can instal driver compatibility only for Windows 7 on windows 8.1
Brendan Hotchkiss (5 months ago)
Thanks alot man
suga s (5 months ago)
My laptop display power very less show.what peoplemes
Flo (5 months ago)
Model masum (6 months ago)
bhai mera laptop ke keys kharab hogai and mouse b kharab hoogaya hai phir kaisa karna usb drivers install
ItsGorjan (6 months ago)
where is .inf driver file.
Nishant Sablania (6 months ago)
Thanks man!
dilip mathew (6 months ago)
Not getting link pls give me the latest driver link
Jon Snow (6 months ago)
Will it work on a New computer I just bought a new computer and idk how to install all my drivers
Monika Ninania (6 months ago)
Sr my laptop camer not work .. Imagen driver not found.. show 260cl wia driver show what can I do
King Master (7 months ago)
quien me envia los driver de windows 8.1 ninguno me sirve de los que descargo por favor
Ali Aweey Mohamed (7 months ago)
Hi guys I have problem with my computer window 7 I cannot connected internet if I buy window driver that could helped me if anyone know please help me thank you
mr.noddy (7 months ago)
Lol tanks i chose browser and then disc C:
Flinders (8 months ago)
thank you i love you
Вадим Попов (9 months ago)
Good video! I use your video on my site, it is very popular, to you on a channel come from my site visitors. Could you do another video on driver search, such as a laptop, using my site hwdrivers.com in my video? I will be happy and grateful to you for the new video!
Omg Its :p (10 months ago)
He is not showing Network Adaptrr
desert259 (10 months ago)
where do you get those files i cant find those files
Suprit Sollapure (10 months ago)
Not installing graphics driver
Elti Kasmi (1 year ago)
can this install all drivers (if i won`t Nvidia GeForce can this install that please tell me)
Xiomara Palacio (1 year ago)
Thank you it worked... My sister was gonna make a video on my computer and before I fix it I couldn't type but you fixed it thank you I gonna feel free to like again THANK YOU
Leonard Allen (1 year ago)
Left out one little thing. How do you which folder to use? Flip a coin?
Abhishek Habib (1 year ago)
In my computer it's showing the parameter is incorrect
Andreas (1 year ago)
Could you do a windows 10 version please? :) I like the video, short and simple
OneDimensional (1 year ago)
Thanks man.
JasmiiN (1 year ago)
bro pliss make video how do you unstaill amd drivers and install nivedia drivers??
neha khedekar (1 year ago)
then gan mus
WiooValda _trxsh (1 year ago)
Uptate link pls :(
Ravi Pottipati (1 year ago)
Craig Lakeland (1 year ago)
I've recently installed windows 10 but the drivers are there but they ain't running so I've tried everything and nothing works can anybody plz help
pranish shrestha (1 year ago)
thank you man its work 👍👍👍
Shah_G (1 year ago)
my laptop doesn't show network adapters
Joaquin Manansala (1 year ago)
Dilawar Shah click on view at the top then show hidden files
Sleak (1 year ago)
xXRobloxGamingXx 8 (6 months ago)
how original
koura# online (1 year ago)
thnx you so mush sub and like
Joselyn Espinal (1 year ago)
omg thanku
jan van blaricum (1 year ago)
I am very stupid; my blanc laptop keep asking for drivers, and all I can find are insructions for a working device. Wheter your 70 years old or not, now one is adle to commicate in a way I/device understand. You will never be able to sell my a tractor/car in this way.Modern times, no EMPATHY, thanks anyway, but please wake up!!
Toyota Pakistan (1 year ago)
where you download the drivers
Thank you very much, i had issue with the cable, and the wi-fi is slow as f*** here, helped alot man.
TechHut (1 year ago)
Glad I could help :D
Bugpip (1 year ago)
Could anyone help me please? so heres why I'm an idiot, i forgot how to eject my phone from my pc and now when i try to transfer files i can't. I wondered if i went into device manager and updated the drives then it might fix it? any ideas? the phone is a Cubot P11 and it's an Android. it lets me go into pictures and stuff but I can't view them or transfer any files...and it's defiantly not my cable.
Technically Yours (1 year ago)
Do we need internet to update drivers manually
John Carlo (1 year ago)
after install a graphics drivers, my pc starts to freeze when it comes to welcome screen
aatu mattila (1 year ago)
123456 views hmmm
Abhishek Kumar (1 year ago)
Bhai mai jab window dalta hu to jab disk format bagera aata hai to usme koi disk nahi dikha rahi aur load disk option ki kha rahi hai aur kar raha hu to koi disk nahi dikha rahi
samet osmani (1 year ago)
man thankyou very much❤
Nick B (1 year ago)
Monica Fabian (1 year ago)
how can I install drivers software with just a disk no internet
Josh4172 (1 year ago)
Monica Fabian have u found a solution been running my pc on old styled wired keyboard and mouse and no internet connection for weeks trying to sort out a solition
thanks mate you got my network driver working . I subd.
waqar khan (1 year ago)
hey man, wts up,,, i did not see bluetooth option currently i m facing,,,, although wifi is working nw
KappaPride (1 year ago)
thanks dude. i had problems with steam not recognizing my microphone and this made it work again (after i had searched for the actual driver for 2 hours)
Vewyware (1 year ago)
Thx sooo much
Giraffe (1 year ago)
NightSlayer (1 year ago)
how do i find where the folder that has the driver is?
Roberto Almonte (23 days ago)
download the driver. then copy that path and paste it
kevin joy (2 years ago)
thx man it works
ComTruder (2 years ago)
my device manager doesn't have the choice of network adaptors. now what?
Catherine Ninsiima (2 years ago)
Thank u.....finally...internet
Dont Mind 8 (2 years ago)
help! my DZO9 SMART WATCH is only charging when i connect it to my pc :((
BUNNY B (1 year ago)
Shokenryu (2 years ago)
My network driver would allow me to install it's driver from the motherboards manufacture. I have an Asus crosshair formula 4. I have this error soon after I made a clean install of Windows 7. Are there any generic driver I can use?
Shokenryu (2 years ago)
I found my drivers from the boards manufacture're website. Mine was asus. all fine and dandy now.
Alan Sabu (2 years ago)
shokenryu i has the same problem as u
Shokenryu (2 years ago)
*wouldn't allow me to install. It says there are compatibility issues. Windows can't find a proper driver for it if I were to scan for one.
DavidIsGaming (2 years ago)
where do you download drivers please i want nokia lumia 525 (rm-998) drivers
Suraj Suresh (2 years ago)
thanks a lot
jahangir khan (2 years ago)
rubbish sir
Nav Sohanpaul (2 years ago)
Yeah, this is exactly what I was looking for. I knew how to do this, but for some reason didn't think of it this time. Thanks!
Marysabelle Lynn (2 years ago)
Awesome-simple explanation for clueless ppl like me. Thanks!
Egon Speneder (2 years ago)
Thanks for this. I tried to install a different driver into my Fire-wire port, the IEEE 1394. It seems that when I hook up an external Hard-Drive it works okay with the existing driver but when I want to hook-up my JVC GR-HD1 Camcorder I just can't seem to get a connection with the Video Editing Software (I've tried three different Video Editing Software's so far). Anyway one Blog suggested the problem to be that Windows 10 didn't use the "Legacy" Driver for the Fire-wire and that was supposed to fix the problem but it seems that my system refuses to change the driver to the Legacy driver. Any suggestions?
Pratik Bartakke (2 years ago)
thanx mann
Gone Birdwatching (2 years ago)
Exactly what I needed to know. Big Thanks
BRENDAJASON1 (2 years ago)
I have drivers installed then when I try to update driver when u go to browse files and then go to the file the ok button highlights not allowing me to push ok. Sorry no luck
cody bean (3 years ago)
nothing happens when i click update driver. the popup window doesnt appear. i ran it as admin and still no luck.. Just my luck i guess.
john macapas (3 years ago)
.Sir. my problem is.. I have a internet connection but I can't connect because the missing driver. what should I do .. :) :)
daskriege (3 years ago)
Well, kids, back in my time the _manual_ driver installation involved moving driver files physically from folder to folder. And this is BS for amateurs.
back in my time we were making the updates ourselves
Eric Douglas (1 year ago)
I always love your stories grandpa.
Yot Goy (1 year ago)
is their a way to do that now ?
Zwag Heer (3 years ago)
Hi can we use your video for our Thesis? Thanks
Jevaughn Minto (3 years ago)
what screen capture software are you using
Sara White (3 years ago)
jamar adams (3 years ago)
very, very helpful!!
Tamas Vikukel (3 years ago)
Thank you verry much :)
Mr Willis (4 years ago)
you dumb ass that's updating manually not installing it as a fresh copy
IPv7 (4 years ago)
To identify the manufacturer and mode of your device, and find a matching, working driver, you would use a device database, such as included with AIDA64... If the driver isn't correct, nothing gets installed by the device manager, unlike with Setup, which drop all sorts of junk apps and writes to the registry.
Alema Ruiz (4 years ago)
I have a lexmark8300 (all in one) but I bought it about 8 or more years ago.or and  I hadt'n used it for a long time but the fax works good. I did everything u said and I couldn't find the divice. can u help me. 
Irvin Navarro (5 years ago)
I have the same issue @MinecraftPro5757 had/has, "Windows could not find the driver for your device" its listed under "Other devices" because windows had no driver for it... Mine is a eUSB SmartMedia Adapter. I downloaded the driver and have the files but can't literally install it since it has no setup.
MinecraftPro5757 (5 years ago)
myne just sais "Windows could not find the driver for your device" its listed under "Other devices" because windows had no driver for it..... i really need this driver for my wireless mouse and keyboard i get all these files but no setup but this method never works plz help (its named "2.4 Ghz 2way RF Receiver")
Martin Barkov (5 years ago)
Big Thanks dude! :)
Hizoka (5 years ago)
Great (:
Yunior El malon (6 years ago)
please give me the link
handssis (6 years ago)
Great as always :)
bassem credli (1 year ago)
Thanks for ur video. I hope u will provide us more about configuring devices in windows. And some other installation processes.

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