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Teen Wolf - Nazi Werewolf vs Scott

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Text Comments (66)
Abdallah Ahmad (3 months ago)
guys on iflix teen wolf saison 6 its dont instile
Guilherme Ribeiro (3 months ago)
Guilherme Ribeiro (3 months ago)
só eu percebi que os olhos do scott brilham mais que os dos outros algas?
Uchiha Giorgos (3 months ago)
Daglas is a Lowenmench
Ilatic Ken (4 months ago)
seems are doing good
liam 13890 (6 months ago)
King Boat (7 months ago)
On what season was this
Mackenzie Melo (7 months ago)
The beginning was Scott and Liam
Vitor Macedo (7 months ago)
Muito legal amo teen wolf minha serie favorita
Daniel Arellano (8 months ago)
I watch season 6 of teen wolf it was cool
Abdallah Ahmad (3 months ago)
Give me a link pleezz
Jeremiah Sanchez (8 months ago)
Transforming must be hard to do
TREVON EDWARDS (9 months ago)
Oh ok
Silenced Ninja999 (10 months ago)
I can’t let you kill me
TREVON EDWARDS (10 months ago)
When is season 7 going to be out
Behemoth VII (2 months ago)
sh4dow september here. Still nothing
sh4dow (6 months ago)
Honza Vlcek no but in this summer of 2018 season 7 will come out and spoiler alert: scott become an bèta again
sh4dow (6 months ago)
Honza Vlcek it actually will watch the trailer
Axel Blaze (9 months ago)
TREVON EDWARDS It will be a reboot at the start of 2019 but not same cast production😢😐
Honza Vlcek (10 months ago)
Skowed (10 months ago)
adolf werewolf
Jason (10 months ago)
Why do they call him a werewolf? The Nazi guy was a lion. They said that's what he was. A werelion or something like that.
sh4dow (6 months ago)
Modem1 he is a nazi werewolf but when he got attacked by a ghost rider he was Hurt and went to the dread doctors for an upgrade which made him a werewolf/lion/ghost rider and when he killed the ghost rider he became a delta Just like kate
Lukas Arkadia (9 months ago)
Also no, he's not a werelion. He's a hybrid of both wolf and lion.
Lukas Arkadia (9 months ago)
Since when was Malia referred to as a werewolf. Never has she once called herself a werewolf. And Douglas is not mostly wolf. It's split right in between. He just hasn't got the ability to completely hone the lion side. Tracy being made from science managed to split right between werewolf and Kanima when she shifted. Jackson was only able to get his tail.
Pranith Rony (10 months ago)
Hybrid425 he's both but he's mostly werewolf so they call him did you remember this malia is a Werecoyote but she also calls herself as werewolf sometimes n others too call her werewolf.
consu estilo (10 months ago)
Tom Amos (1 year ago)
Douglas is the lion alpha and Scott is a true alpha... this is Liam vs Scott from season 5 when Scott couldn’t save Hayden so Theo asked Liam to kill Scott
Mackenzie Melo (7 months ago)
Demarzea Knowles I know I'm late but he did almost kill someone who hunting them he starting changing which I forgot what it's called Ima just call it becoming more alpha so when he took of the hunters helmet he looked at his eyes and stopped so he's probably scared to kill someone and give in to it and he's very pure and soft and he's very kind soo while he was fighting smol bean Liam I was just going nuuuu and also they have a bond that's sacred sooo if he lets loose its not good
Lukas Arkadia (9 months ago)
Teen Wolf fans my ass
Lukas Arkadia (9 months ago)
Demarzea Knowles secondly, Scott didn't properly fight Liam because one, yes he has his morals bit two, Liam is Scott's only turned Beta. The connection between an Alpha and a Beta is stronger than that of a parent and his/her child. It may not go both ways. And lastly, as a true alpha, Scott's is generally more stronger than regular alphas, but that power needs to be developed. And because he didn't kill anyone and has a great deal of control over his shifts, his blood lust is immensely powerful. He could get lost in the biting and clawing that he could lose control and kill Liam.
Lukas Arkadia (9 months ago)
Pranith Rony first off, what you said was true yet wrong. He's just stronger in general as a hybrid.
Demarzea Knowles (10 months ago)
Pranith Rony so when scott, Theo, Kira, and the rest of them were reading that book it started to bring back hallucinations from the past which is a sign the dread doctors did something to them so when scott was in class he had one of those hallucinations and it caused him to have an asthma attack and the inhaler he got was laced with wolfsbain causing scott to have more asthma attacks
Kelly Marie (1 year ago)
Did you not watch the show?
franick 130 (1 year ago)
this is a fight scott vs Liam
Bowl_Of_Ram3n_ (1 year ago)
sorry but Douglas is a lion and a werewolf not a Nazi werewolf
DaKilla DaReapa (4 months ago)
He's a hybrid maybe last of his kind nazi might be another word for lion
sh4dow (6 months ago)
Bowl_Of_Ram3n_ he also is a nazi werewolf
XXTREME . (8 months ago)
Ralph Yap are you dumb?hes a hybrid of lion and werewolf dumbass
Lukas Arkadia (9 months ago)
Pranith Rony "Nazi werewolf" yeah no. If he was a werewolf on the Nazi's side yes but he's not a werewolf entirely.
Pranith Rony (10 months ago)
Ralph Yap he is a hybrid but he was nazi so people can say nazi as a nazi if he's werewolf r not
Alpha Symphonic (1 year ago)
i need to watch the season 6 ^^
TeenWolf Productions (1 year ago)
Yeah you should
Arquino (1 year ago)
TeenWolf Productions (1 year ago)
Guys im so sorry for this quality i didnt notice, i promise you that this will not happen again :)
Sonni Sandoval (8 months ago)
TeenWolf Productions it is okay
Mavi Davis (11 months ago)
TeenWolf Productions dude u did it even show Scott and the nazi wolf fight h just cut scenes and tried to put them together
Kimberly911 Danna (1 year ago)
TeenWolf Productions Indico
Mected (1 year ago)
TeenWolf Productions it was good in my opinion
TeenWolf Productions (1 year ago)
+ash reacts thank you

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