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Box Box NEW Maid Cosplay | Tyler1 Admits He Was SCRIPTING The Rant | Imaqtpie | LoL Funny Moments

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Highlights From Streamers(Bjergsen, Imaqtpie, Tyler1, SoloRenektonOnly, Tobias Fate, Doublelift, Aphromoo, Shiphtur, KayPea, BoxBox, VoyBoy, LL Stylish, YoDa, Dyrus, Faker, Scarra, Pokimane, Bjergsen, IWDominate, Gripex) Help us reach 150k Subs =^) https://goo.gl/JoN7cr Credits Box Box - https://www.twitch.tv/boxbox Tyler1 - https://www.twitch.tv/tyler1 Imaqtpie - https://www.twitch.tv/imaqtpie Fedmyster - https://www.twitch.tv/fedmyster Coloxan - https://www.twitch.tv/coloxan PanunuLoL - https://www.twitch.tv/panunulol Hashinshin - https://www.twitch.tv/hashinshin Thekman - https://www.twitch.tv/thekman Zettaiyen - https://www.twitch.tv/zettaiyen Kamikat - https://www.twitch.tv/kamikat The1within - https://www.twitch.tv/the1within Suntail_ - https://www.twitch.tv/suntail_ Wingsofdeath - https://www.twitch.tv/wingsofdeath Elite500 - https://www.twitch.tv/elite500 Kaypea - https://www.twitch.tv/kaypea Scarra - https://www.twitch.tv/scarra IMLS - https://www.twitch.tv/imls Faker - https://www.twitch.tv/faker Aphromoo - https://www.twitch.tv/aphromoo Shiphtur - https://www.twitch.tv/shiphtur
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Text Comments (243)
Koray Baylan (1 month ago)
11/10 would smash -IGN
LoL Mates (3 months ago)
Hey Can I ask for the advertising of my channel and how much is it?
Gustavo g.a (3 months ago)
3:45 Box box :)
Ariyu U (3 months ago)
0:09 omg
handsome boy (4 months ago)
Im straight up male yes i am!!!!!!
UnluckyI (4 months ago)
8:58 Fucking stop boosting these egirls, this this is happening here in D5 daily....
alexandros theodwris (4 months ago)
pretty sure boxbox gave fed a blowjob that day
Padparadscha Sapphire (4 months ago)
*Who else got a WebComic ad ?*
1,000,000,000 Like (4 months ago)
HOLY FUCK I need boxbox maid cosplay on my desktop background, but can't find any on Google. 😣 Feelbadman 😣
Ori The Light (4 months ago)
since when this outro xD
Wtf is up with BoxBox and sneaky yo I mean id totally fuck em but still The fuck
Scarf (4 months ago)
Oh god i like boys or girls i dont even know anymore
nfsgta100 (4 months ago)
Sooooo, can I get some screenshots?
Rocky Turtles (4 months ago)
1 more retarded Zoe clip, I dare you!!!
applepiebottoms (4 months ago)
10:00 1 tentacle landed which was in the bush so u cant see its outline when it hits
Sieq (4 months ago)
Min 4 and 11 haha xd
Suck Madick (4 months ago)
the outro fits perfectly with those faces specially qtpie
Shay (4 months ago)
Clickbaiting 12 year olds with trap cosplay League community
TSN Stylezz (4 months ago)
is box bos gay?
Pants are PBE (4 months ago)
2:40 why would he tell his grandma that? just be real. He tried to get her to say what she thought about t1 but it was lost
ExtrapT (4 months ago)
Tyler is so fucking sexy
Marlon Wasweisich (4 months ago)
Amk hurensohn ich fuck deine mutter Huaaaaaansooohn
Rmi (4 months ago)
*sigh* im not proud of it, but i did it..
Zero 243 (4 months ago)
"I said the first thing that ca..." (Lightbulb shows up) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The King (4 months ago)
Someone tell box box it’s enough. He can stop cross dressing now. Thank you very much.
Doesnt Matter (4 months ago)
Is T1 black?
Sammy Lawrence (4 months ago)
10/10 would smash,have smashed amd will smash
PAMKS C. A. (4 months ago)
como ribas contenido eh
lazer gorrillas (4 months ago)
Box box did not do anything on lee pls don’t put it in. It’s offensive to anyone who plays lee anywhere.
Michael Zemko (4 months ago)
3:58 still pretty noob but looked fabulous
the guy (4 months ago)
LOL that trundle going through mid be like my people need me xD
- LouisMoh키티 사냥 (4 months ago)
i see the problem for hashinshin. He pressed E way too early and flash secondly. You supposed to flash first then E. That how it works. 2:11
Sprunkers (3 months ago)
If this was something like Gragas E or lee sin R , this should have worked and if it works for those champions it should work for jax too. If your theory is true, then Rito lacks consistency , which is bad. If Hashinshin is right , then Rito spaghetti code fucked him over, which is also bad.
Schiff Granger (4 months ago)
Ok, I know BoxBox has had a girlfriend, but come on.
Hurbii (4 months ago)
i...i... would tap that... i'm so confused
Masdaw L (4 months ago)
Lemme fuc
Stupid Mistakes Man (4 months ago)
Angelica Capili (4 months ago)
Box box trying to be the trap king again but sneaky is the new king lol
Sprunkers (3 months ago)
Bfp Moreira (4 months ago)
10:50 Music name plz
Towermice (4 months ago)
Bfp Moreira top right
brynjar kristinn (4 months ago)
he was no way scripting this, he was just sayin that so he wouldn't be in trouble.
Trap sensation (4 months ago)
It's a trap !!!!!
Faith Fall (4 months ago)
Love the vids without poki. Keep it up !
Scy Sphyl (4 months ago)
Boxbox and sneaky cosplay collab anyone?
jopodude (4 months ago)
Last girl clip was cringe as fuck.
Julio Reynoso (4 months ago)
Boxbox is so fucking gay
Meshal First (4 months ago)
Good video
Justin Jones (4 months ago)
that kled play was a bug you cant e over walls
ǮAṀAK Legend (4 months ago)
what is the song at 4:28 please . ty
Grant Homa (4 months ago)
Tyler has got some fuckin problems lol
shoobeepdoobeepdooba (4 months ago)
League of legends is the crying games of video games.
Adis csa (4 months ago)
Why the fuck do i question my sexuality bcs of BoxBox , i have a GF...
Steven Ramkisson (4 months ago)
Boxbox wants to be a girl its just fax at this point
This is over dude, box box when will you respect us and your own gender and self, have some respect and man up a little, no this is not fun at all this is humiliating yourself because even in having fun there is a line we don’t cross, doing whatever you want in life is not a human being behavior this is an animal behavior, have some principles in your life so you can LIVE your life the way it suppose to be. I wanted to say this from that “ liky liky “ cosplay cause i was a subscriber (not anymore) and upset but i said” nah he will stop this and wont do any” later on the soraka cosplay and now the maid and I’m done. The real question is” if he doesn’t stop ( and i wouldn’t be surprised ) what would the next cosplay be?” SURPRISE MOTHAFAKA a bikini cosplay.
Poop Ly (4 months ago)
Why make it public if they don't want anyone to care? If you're saying something knowing fully you're trying to communicate then the text in itself is useless..
Poop Ly saying “ first comment “ in the comment section, does the writer here necessary want anyone to care? Probably no, comment section is for your own opinion wanna argue with me you are more than welcome and i will respect what you will say but wont agree with it and you should do the same.
Poop Ly (4 months ago)
If you don't want anyone to care why state it in public in the first place. That's literally counterintuitive.
Da Real Doenertier i know it is a matter of opinion and that is what I’m saying, my opinion is “ i don’t like what he does “ no one cares i know but also i don’t want anyone to care.
Poop Ly (4 months ago)
Just imagine if he had principles that differed to your own in life (WOW REAL SHOCKER)
장필규 (4 months ago)
When i look at boxbox i realize how hard it is to make money. Aka feels bad
Pants are PBE (4 months ago)
4:19 day613 in chat that's me :D thanks jungler
Traps Are G A Y (4 months ago)
This is not healthy for me
Carlos Santanita (4 months ago)
box box trapito confirmed
Branu jeyeb (4 months ago)
Someone tell me the song Tyler liked at the end pls
NotJere (4 months ago)
nice intro dude
Lunarific (4 months ago)
I love LS's grandmother.
Emiliano Gambuzza (4 months ago)
Gwent Academy (4 months ago)
that tyler1 thing is him trying to save his ass XD only a person whos addicted would make 20 new accounts when he gets banned on each one and beg to come back to the game for years XD
Gwent Academy (4 months ago)
because i find it fun to come back to now and then? ive never devoted myself to league but it is always fun
chillmegachill (4 months ago)
It's the same reason why you follow and play a game that you'll never ever be good at. Never ever ever.
Mr. Ethnic Cleansing (4 months ago)
Hugh Munghus (4 months ago)
Gwent Academy he's been scripting content for years.
nika davitukela (4 months ago)
box box u are questioning on my personality
Ubercheesecake (4 months ago)
why do 90% of yassuo players look like they're vigorously masturbating when they play
ReshiWasHere (4 months ago)
Kingdom Soul (4 months ago)
Zed (4 months ago)
Box box in video? -Automatic dislike dude!
Wolf (4 months ago)
Why is Fed relevant?
Shiemin (4 months ago)
que asco el boxbox xD
Watereed (4 months ago)
Is boxbox's girfriend lesbian ?
Paul Andrews (4 months ago)
God Elite500 is so fucking annoying, please stop adding him. Its legit the same play every time.
Stefan N (4 months ago)
hmm boxbox pls stop it i miss loving girls xd
Brandon Brown (4 months ago)
Alright iv had it I’d fuck box box
Schlalan (4 months ago)
Kaypea is a goddess , praise her! <3
toxichumorperson (4 months ago)
Itttttsssssssssss. Aaaaaaaa. Trappppppppppppppp]ppppppppppppppppppppppp
MASTER YI (4 months ago)
Box box is gay AF lol
Suh Dude (4 months ago)
Its boxbox gay?
Trafalgar Law (4 months ago)
Hugh Munghus (4 months ago)
Suh Dude he has a girlfriend believe it or not. That doesn't mean he isn't gay though.
Jorge Estrada (4 months ago)
Whats the song at 11:17 Also i wanna be in your videos.. But song comes first
Yung Napkin (4 months ago)
TMABird - Everybody's circulation
DONT LAUGH (4 months ago)
boxbox just enjoys being a bitch at this point
Areo Szio (4 months ago)
Panunu one-shots are boring now... it's nothing new
HoffDaddy (4 months ago)
Kaypea annoying af
Jem David (4 months ago)
Good ol tyler monkeying around.
Israel Polo Ticona (4 months ago)
Chris Flores (4 months ago)
Israel Polo Ticona si :v
Chris Sheeley (4 months ago)
I have the most awkward boner right now.... he needs to stop lol xD
Revered Shadow (4 months ago)
Traps are not gay!!!
Demon zak (4 months ago)
Man I just love hashinshin no homo
Empere23 (4 months ago)
MirroredLoL (4 months ago)
Wait did Suntail RQ that was clean as fuck
Jake Rooker (4 months ago)
Oh wow all 2 day old content stolen from other channel wow. Great job.
Satou :D (4 months ago)
nobody cares (4 months ago)
Boxbox even has the women maneurisms down
Elite Anon (4 months ago)
Disliked bc of boring whore kaypea
FalconFXICCY (4 months ago)
Where's Sneaky's French Maid NIdalee!?!?
FallenToxicity (4 months ago)
stop with the lame zoe plays
AzbelHeart (4 months ago)
whats this song called again 5:12
Martin Maciejewski (4 months ago)
evanescence- bring me to life
Numan Tural (4 months ago)
can someome explain 2:57
Coloxan (4 months ago)
Lol this is my clip, basically there's a new item in aram that is like an ekko ult minus the damage or effects like regaining health. It sends you back after 4 seconds and there's a thing with camille where if you time your ult a very slight second before you get teleported back, it drags the enemy with you. That's why you can see me counting in the clip
Der Affenfan (4 months ago)
Tbh, if i didnt knew it was boxbox, i would probably fap to him. But since i know its a guy, i just cant and who ever does it is a bit bisexual
Der Affenfan (3 months ago)
Sprunkers ????
Sprunkers (3 months ago)
Thanks sherlock Your on your way to diamond
Der Affenfan (4 months ago)
Yung Napkin yeah, but with the intention to fap to a woman. Its like when you have a threesome as a guy with another dude and a hot chick. You dont pay attention to the dude (boxbox himself), just to the girl (his cosplay|what he represents)
Yung Napkin (4 months ago)
Der Affenfan but you are, in fact, fapping to a dood.
Der Affenfan (4 months ago)
Yung Napkin I dunno. I mean, its because he looks like a woman, but everyone knows he is a boy/man so its not like you fap to a real man you feel me?
nikz (4 months ago)
Sigh, dressing up in drags just to get views.
Daddy Mcsexy (4 months ago)
Boxbox is confusing my boner
Mageyi mageyi (4 months ago)
name of song 10:50
Towermice (4 months ago)
Mageyi mageyi top right
Vi Phamvan (4 months ago)
Boxbox ăn j mà xinh thế kia 😂🤣🤣
Ion non Pindic (4 months ago)
Haaaa gaayyy!!!

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