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Try Not To Laugh Watching Mobile Legends Best WTF Moments in 2017 on SuperHVH

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Mobile Legends Best WTF Moments in 2017 on SuperHVH channel Welcome you've come to HVH Channel, this will be a channel specializing in funny and wtf moments in the game mobile legends , hope you support. Please send your original video: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlbcwTElUpaPUlnE16qO67q07EoMy2de6zxkqXXxjEa8tjJw/viewform or via email: HvhChannel@gmail.com I will post a wtf video every Sunday morning If you like my video please subscribe to the channel (Because it's free ) Subscribe channels right now to watch the videos mobile legends wtf latest: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjNbHUnlxDxFTnydb1Aw_lA?confirmnation=1 Thank you so much for watching! Contact me by email: hvhchannel@gmail.com thanks Follow me: #Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjNbHUnlxDxFTnydb1Aw_lA?confirmnation=1 #Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HvhChannel #Twitter: https://twitter.com/HVH_Channel #Music and owner of the video : Intro: Outro: Dr. Dre - The Next Episode (San Holo Remix) #Help: Donate to me via paypal: Paypal.me/SuperHVH or paypal email: HvhChannel@gmail.com
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Text Comments (2092)
Yhanie einahY (4 hours ago)
Kirk Christian (1 day ago)
how was karina able to kill lord from that far??
code404 error (1 day ago)
whats the song at 25:15 ? anyone pls? this song keeps appearing
mike salcedo (1 day ago)
I have funny video
Lohe Vito (2 days ago)
υмм σк (12 hours ago)
Agus Mandala (2 days ago)
mati ngajak ngajak
Reza Saputra (2 days ago)
Angel xoxo (2 days ago)
What the enemy was attacking the Lord at top land. But how did Karina got it ?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔that's a sure WTF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍
Sans sK3LeBro (3 days ago)
where can i find that minion sound in 5:30?
Angel xoxo (3 days ago)
Wow that much minions for real😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Eman Bibi (3 days ago)
*laughs and cries in bed*
Raditya Muchtar (3 days ago)
In 11:16 that very funny
Elit Priwantara (4 days ago)
Asukin video gua bang, cannel youtube elit priwantara
Golden Crown (5 days ago)
IGN:CARLO#08/2 ID:107006530(3115) SKIN:Hanbi(viper)
SenPW Go (6 days ago)
4:20 - end balmon moment what is the song name??
the real potato (6 days ago)
XCamperM is my name at mlbb
What’s the song on 34:40 ?
Heddy Budaya (7 days ago)
Mampir ke chanel saya atuh, siapa tau bisa jadi bahan wkwk
RPPinesGame (7 days ago)
26:16 what the song?
RPPinesGame (7 days ago)
26:16 give my song please
Remar Pateres (8 days ago)
Best franco haha
Slayer Gaming (8 days ago)
Why this vid no laugh😕
What hvh means?
Fap&Down (11 days ago)
Hocka (11 days ago)
Larry Sanoy (12 days ago)
Animal abuse!!! 😂😂😂😂
Honi Marintia (12 days ago)
wkwkkw wtfff franco
Cartini Muhammad (12 days ago)
4:30 what's the name song please?
Cartini Muhammad (12 days ago)
Gan aku udah Subscribe channel ini, gan mau tanya yang menit ke 4:30 judul lagunya apa?
Joseph Hidalgo Rabanzo (12 days ago)
Coolest video I ever watched hahaha wtf moments
Aldiyan Freck (13 days ago)
35:15 what song?
Kobe Tran (13 days ago)
staple ur scrotum to the ceiling
BtS iS mY LiFeu (13 days ago)
9:07 what’s that show called. reminds me of my childhood tell me. PLS
Jad Sharulnizad (11 days ago)
Happy tree friends
Zalukhu 49 (14 days ago)
19:21 WTF??!! anjay
Sham Mkn (14 days ago)
Get.alucard skill special.id191107538(2976)pls pls pls pls pls
Black Crown (15 days ago)
Fuck it! I'm sick of tired scrolling down through the comment section just looking for the song at 33:25.. Hey you!! Yes you!! the one who read this comment!! tell me what's the song at 33:25 or I'll sleep under your bed tonight!?!?!? (btw the Karina part blow my mind... How the hell she kill the Lord without touching the lord with her OP blade.. Feel bad to the other side team tho)
Adrian Imanunggal (15 days ago)
24:27 song
ZGX ZGX (16 days ago)
POE LWE (16 days ago)
I miss the old mobile legends
muslim chanel (16 days ago)
WTF zilong lol😂
John paul Gaoat (17 days ago)
IGN.John Paul#24 Skin.Catastrophe
Rī Chan (17 days ago)
22:12 teamwork is real😂
Friendly Macho (17 days ago)
Wtf di mwnit 12:30
gamer boy Ph (17 days ago)
Ign:GAMER BOY PH ID:298714637(3591) Skin gusion hairtylist new subscriber bro
LAST l8lsoldierl8l (17 days ago)
how do i send my saved vid on mlbb?
dinal yusmar (17 days ago)
Kebanyakan video yg ga berguna..
Teresa Sangma (18 days ago)
Issac kading na sikjs
Febrian Trip (18 days ago)
33:25 what the title of this song?
Jhobz Loft (18 days ago)
ID : 37574222 (7010) IGN: chitoge san Skin : hanabi respledent iris
SUS (18 days ago)
10.18 yotobi best italian youtuber
Elvando Rumagit (18 days ago)
Song in 08:31?
Stargaze (18 days ago)
Thumbnail Match Found?? Custom??? No Emblem??🤔🤔
spinxo natsuki (19 days ago)
what is the name of the sound effect in the hilda part plz
Agung Batu (19 days ago)
lol zilong wtf
25:19 how the actual-
The first and 13:18 got me dead
Hazel Fajardo (20 days ago)
Are you tagalog😇
andika legend (20 days ago)
andika legend (20 days ago)
24.47 song?
Jomar Alonsagay (20 days ago)
The funniest is roger he fly like a flying squirrel
Kirill Volkov (20 days ago)
26:13 что за музыка?
Son Vegeta (20 days ago)
Song in 2:10?
All ROUNDER (21 days ago)
Despasito and were r u now 😂😂😂😂
Jazfer Lozano (21 days ago)
IGN: Mandirigma.16 ID: 298201181 (3594) SKIN: Jawhead Scout girl Thank you
Ikmaljoewazi 181113 (21 days ago)
what the name the song at 24.11 ???
Denver Jeremillo (22 days ago)
8:57 thats katy ha ha
Argo Pangestu (22 days ago)
07.20 song please
Leo De Lima (22 days ago)
Hehehe wtf! Crazy zilong!!!
delia a (22 days ago)
27:22 song?
WolfyI (23 days ago)
what is the song 19:30
KawaiiPop Girl (23 days ago)
AndrewFG Gentapa (24 days ago)
Those penta kill omg
AndrewFG Gentapa (24 days ago)
31:35 LOL, is a perfect example of girl fight with their defensive boyfriend...
AndrewFG Gentapa (24 days ago)
Rin Shim (24 days ago)
Poor zilong
Muhamad Akram (24 days ago)
Saeful Nizar (24 days ago)
What title song in min 2:30 please answer
özgür yılmaz (10 days ago)
AMATIR 69 İ dont care apocalyphtica
Saèed Posàdas (25 days ago)
Team Jacob (25 days ago)
Fake taxi😂
A s e p S e p t i a n (25 days ago)
what's name of song on 13.45 ?
A s e p S e p t i a n (25 days ago)
please somebody help me to know what the song name thx before for your help :D
Tom Jharell Garcia (25 days ago)
The 1st one hahaha
MARK ASINAS (25 days ago)
wtf karina slain the lord? even she's so faraway from lord? how is it even possible?
Ahmad Wahyudin (26 days ago)
05:39 Poor chou
Peter Parker (26 days ago)
Thono genzo Genzo (26 days ago)
216860120 - hayabusa -sushi master..kalo gak terserah aja bang yg penting skin hayabusa atau lancelot 🤣
Maulana Jamil (27 days ago)
Just do it
Hack Baby (27 days ago)
what's a music 8:16 please
D'Uprats Aprets 13 (27 days ago)
GG nana
Vsh7 Channel (27 days ago)
Ronel Ramirez (27 days ago)
kamicaze KMZ (28 days ago)
Bruno kkkk so penta kill
kamicaze KMZ (28 days ago)
Qual o nome dessa música do moscov
Shugen Killer (28 days ago)
hahahaha karina win
yeshi dema Thongdok (28 days ago)
so many minnions how??
Bomj Gang (28 days ago)
id 235463825 skin dgonsona 2 nime Zard
Alyssanicole Sevilla (28 days ago)
Hahahah roger looks crazyy ahahah Wtf
Alyssanicole Sevilla (28 days ago)
also franco and him team killing the monster
Alex Alexender (28 days ago)
What the song name when aurora flick to franco and franco say stay away from me...
krisselle CB (29 days ago)
just do it is my favorite
Optimal (29 days ago)
8:31 old ada mobilelegend because that ads i play obikekegend and pro franco omg inmissed so much first time why iplay mobilelegend

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