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Krissi kranes (2 hours ago)
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khmer lonely (13 hours ago)
very good
Eric Garcia (1 day ago)
Só passei aqui pra avisar que o celular dele já era a prova d'água
Baiaishah Suting (1 day ago)
That third trick is real
Kak Dika (1 day ago)
Game bbbb Bsn
Barnali Middya (1 day ago)
Hack are uesless
Barnali Middya (1 day ago)
Hack are uesless
jacqueline gibson (2 days ago)
You are as clueless as they come. To much time on your hands!!!!
wøw. //Adria (2 days ago)
these aren’t even life hacks just stupid things to do when you’re bored
srinivasulu avula (2 days ago)
0:40 how can u use cam
Rose Sagandoy (4 days ago)
4.28 god have mercy
SKET!T eSport (4 days ago)
What phone is this smasung And ???
•Colorify YT• (5 days ago)
Ok First of all u can’t use a freakin paper clip to charge your phone. It can zap u and u can die. Tbh Its not safe for those type of Thumbnails.
julian Spooner (3 days ago)
Hi this is Julian
Leonardo Bifiguer (5 days ago)
Phone yes can okay
P. Weber (5 days ago)
First time I saw a video that every single "hack" is shitty.
Ksymena Ksymena (5 days ago)
I am bored. You suck
Butta Singh (6 days ago)
Sorry but the phone was waterproof
Milner Walcot (4 days ago)
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different tech (6 days ago)
The balloon cover the camera and both sytems
Reza Shirmohamad (6 days ago)
جالب بود👍
Abdul Fattah (6 days ago)
خهنكنحخعصش ءنجطدوءطشضثقغحنت ليسؤةز
Risk Cyberhackpros (7 days ago)
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какой же шлак, зато в раздел угарные и никчемные лайфхаки пойдет
uni versel (8 days ago)
music 1 ?????
Chan Kit Liang (8 days ago)
The first one is a magic not life hack
Ann Sawyer (8 days ago)
I spent over 10:23 seconds on this stupid video! These hacks(?) are for gamers. . not for normal people.
Bittu Kumar (9 days ago)
Photo teri gand se
Younes Salhi (9 days ago)
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Kiss my ass
Not Ethan (10 days ago)
this video is clickbait
En las cosas de linternas siempre tapas las camaras
Russel Francisco (12 days ago)
2:45 put a working phone on rice
Aryan Yadav (13 days ago)
Chutiya Bana rha hai madharchod
Holly Barrett (13 days ago)
When you put the phone in rice its waterproof !
Wow cool !
T-Rexx (13 days ago)
Waterproof Phone my friend;)
Tochukwu Innocent (14 days ago)
Not bad.
Abdullah Baber (15 days ago)
Good video
Larry johnson (15 days ago)
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Umesh Kumar Shukla (17 days ago)
I have key pad
Chabela Pena (17 days ago)
YOU can
Chabela Pena (17 days ago)
Dmormal Plays (17 days ago)
This is clickbait, it totally wasted my time, and....remind me to not watch anything on this channel again.
Saucey Saucer (17 days ago)
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Deborah Marvel (16 days ago)
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Billie Joe (16 days ago)
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Cyber Hacking (16 days ago)
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Elvis Osagie (16 days ago)
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Агааа, попался ты русский!
Life of Bangladesh (18 days ago)
ভিডিওতে দেখানো পদ্ধতিতে কি সত্যিই মোবাইল থেকে পানি বের করা যায়?
Magni Ironblood (18 days ago)
This video sucked. Predicted right away a good chunk of what you were doing from near start. Rice... everyone knows to use rice... it's not a "hack" and almost useless. Also the ballooon? And the cotton. and..,fck it and every thing in this video was useless. Also the color changing flashlight thing.... there's an app for that......... although uses front screen but same effect. Lastlyu why the fck are there so many "I am so uncomfortable with myself that I need some randomxhacker@gmail.com to unlock my spouse's phone" advertisements in your freaking comments???
Zack Steve107 (18 days ago)
The balloon looks creepy
MC lamb butterfly 2nd (19 days ago)
Ballon hack, so we won't use our phone cmaeras no more, ughhh
Izral Aqeel (19 days ago)
Erick Ruiz (19 days ago)
It all ready water proof
Саша ! (19 days ago)
8:59 у тебя там русский язык стоит
Walt Beach (19 days ago)
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Turtle Time (20 days ago)
Oh my God! I got my waterproof phone wet!
LOROLOKO SV (20 days ago)
Hey sorry for not giving credits in my video of lifehacks (For now is uploading)
Алисана Вуд (21 days ago)
Лол тетрадь русская
Brooklynn Whatever (21 days ago)
The picture heardphone one everyone knows that one
Linda Vile (22 days ago)
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Merve Sayılır (22 days ago)
We all know that the phone is waterpoof in 2:23 but rice really works 🍚📱
Całe Te (22 days ago)
2:52 if belive in this you must be a fucking idiot (=ಠ ل͟ ಠ=)
ALL ABOUT GAMES & TECH (23 days ago)
osm bro nice😘😘
MekkaiGameing23 Yt (23 days ago)
Just like 5 Minute Crafts if you agree
Luis Reis Ramos (23 days ago)
What sacamos las photos
Ой телефон разбитый так жалко
Abcdef Abcdef (25 days ago)
Three Awesome kids (25 days ago)
Antonio Montone (25 days ago)
UN COGLIONE...23 milioni...la fine è vicina!!!
phat ho (25 days ago)
3:00 your phone is waterproof so there is no point
Wise Lady (25 days ago)
Thank you :))
Kawasoti Nepal (26 days ago)
Nice Good job
Olesya Skolnik (26 days ago)
Your mobile is Samsung
Tea Chorgoliani (26 days ago)
Andy Jay (26 days ago)
All are useless and a total waste of time. And I wonder how many have F***** their phone trying some of these retarded ideas. I mean, there's gotta be something wrong with you when you cannot accept using your phone as a PHONE.
Anwer Khan (27 days ago)
Waste of time
Aarohi Chouhan (27 days ago)
The things with which you upgraded your smartphone are amazingg.. i love this very much
У меня завтра ДР😍😍😍
Cobja C.Pickle (27 days ago)
Sorry kiddo life hacks aren’t real.😐
Jimmy Card (27 days ago)
These are the dumbest hacks ever
noname lh (27 days ago)
Bin ich die einzigste Person die deutsch spricht
noname lh nein bist du nicht😊
Rajeev 143 (28 days ago)
the balloon covers, cameras ,charging port ,speaker,headphones jack and all so what is use?
chipo rubatika (28 days ago)
Who else would never do these hacks to their note 9 yet still watches the vids
Ritesh Salunke (28 days ago)
杨立鹏 (28 days ago)
Тропа Рифт (28 days ago)
Caroline Forbes (28 days ago)
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Smart Tech Unboxing (29 days ago)
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Sarita Sagare (29 days ago)
Ho how how can photo click in fast
ph1shk4 (29 days ago)
Those inventive russians :-)
Richard Angami (29 days ago)
You cheap bastard buy what company made.
Haruto - Sensei (28 days ago)
you should know this already if you're not a kid, Life is not cheap
Haruto - Sensei (28 days ago)
hey Kids Why Are you So mad?
Nasty ScaR (29 days ago)
Tje joystick was awesome 👍
5:30 plagiarism from Lincore channel plagiarism from Lincore channel plagiarism from Lincore channel
R4ptor- herný kanál (29 days ago)
You got a samsung galaxy s8+???
톡톡토기 (1 month ago)
영상 표지 보고 클립 꽂으면..충전 되는줄 알았던 1인
Lordh Xairo (1 month ago)
Ppp (1 month ago)
Load off shat
lallantaap mind (1 month ago)
Tunu yeah copy kiye he
Usman Adeaga (1 month ago)
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# YKARMY (1 month ago)
I am from turkish
WORLD'S MAGIC TALENT (1 month ago)
Stop hacking my phone
Rishant Mandhan (1 month ago)
A fudu aadmi

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