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Text Comments (8184)
i Grosu (7 hours ago)
Power Vision has copied
Devanjana Suman (8 hours ago)
How can we use camera
Fitria Fitria (1 day ago)
Bagusan 5 minute
Pasticceria oscar stezzano
Selemani Mkonga (2 days ago)
Mnazingua mujue
Andryanksr (2 days ago)
Ada yg bener2 gapenting
Gacha Grape (2 days ago)
I Was Lookin At The Title And I Didn't Have To See Anymore Clicked On This Without Blinking!
Jolette Acosta (2 days ago)
Thi Is a good video
Inka Schröder (3 days ago)
Das Handy ist Wasserdicht😂😂😂
Jihan Herz (3 days ago)
Das hast du von 5min.crafts geklaut
Ahmad Dedat (3 days ago)
Samsung is watrer resistan bro
Laziza Azimova (3 days ago)
Ваю круто
Rahab Rizmy (3 days ago)
I taught his phone was already waterproof
You Tube (4 days ago)
Hasst du irgendein Problem mit Scheeren ? 😘💞
Wica Yeah (4 days ago)
08:25 is flag Indonesia Ini from Indonesia
Marcus Wealth (4 days ago)
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Mixalis Sovatzis (5 days ago)
Cool 1000000000066669999990 like for you.
Darrel Jay Lahoylahoy (5 days ago)
Copy cat
Windha Nurul69 (5 days ago)
i ever trie with rice but the rice come in to holes aku pernah coba pake nasi tapi masuk ke lubang nya
seinsetia (5 days ago)
Ini channelnya PKI yaa?
Kunle Afford (5 days ago)
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ALPINA _B12 (5 days ago)
how smart is it to stick something on your phone with a glue
Charlotte flynn (6 days ago)
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Nivea Brown (6 days ago)
the phone they use is samsung S8 or S8+ i have samsung S7 edge mine is waterproof i dropped it in the pool once and it was still working underwater
Ale YT :v (6 days ago)
Los life hackes más estúpidos de la vida gracias .
Amazing Nazar (7 days ago)
You can use cloth instead of rise
Queen Doina (7 days ago)
this smartphone is waterproof
Susan Lising (7 days ago)
2:15 when it breaks....
Vicky Jimenez (8 days ago)
Yo tengo el s9 plus
Vicky Jimenez (8 days ago)
El celular de él es contra agua
0:41 how do u charge the phone?
Panda Gaming (10 days ago)
Gaya gaya puto maya pag-laki buhaya!!!
Mario Alberto (10 days ago)
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big g (11 days ago)
Last time i check the Samsung s8 is water proof so it no need for rice
V DeAngelis (11 days ago)
So are we gonna ignore the fact that he permanently hot glued that disco fidget spinner directly to his phone?
Dayana 1990333 (11 days ago)
El teléfono era aprueba de agua💔
TheEpicFace (11 days ago)
0:36 yah but how you gonna take pictures
Chad Pila (12 days ago)
That's some yellow rice what you guys eaten
Ravie Raahul (13 days ago)
po da thomai
Ravie Raahul (13 days ago)
phone la irruku ra camera yenga
just for fun boys (14 days ago)
What a shit
єllιє ρlαуѕ (16 days ago)
My time has just been wasted
Arzoo Butt (16 days ago)
Arzoo Butt (16 days ago)
Ali RoCk Ali Rock (16 days ago)
What a diy . Beautifull
Ali RoCk Ali Rock (16 days ago)
What a diy . Beautifull
Refa Cincau (17 days ago)
Sangat bagus gaes saya yg lihat mau cobain atau praktekin
Motan Presents (17 days ago)
Galaxy s8 is Water bro
Mary Athena Amaya (18 days ago)
In first video..what about the camera?the charger the earphone blahblahblah
Yegor Novozhenin (19 days ago)
криворукий рукожоп
Alex Mwenda (20 days ago)
SAW SAW (22 days ago)
Don’t put a paper clip in your phone
JohnVincent_ _26 (23 days ago)
Put waterproof phone in a rice thats magic
Sanjay Garg (23 days ago)
Not interesting ....wasted time
Mx-INFORMÁTICA (23 days ago)
+1inscrito retribui aí e sucesso pra você
RK Venkatesh (24 days ago)
That phone is a waterproof phone so it is not a hack
Nathan L (24 days ago)
Dumb ass
ARMYah Bangtan (25 days ago)
Uhm you're using Samsung S7 or any Galaxy S series and it has IP68 dust and WATER resistance. So your phone still works
shell walsh (27 days ago)
These videos are RIDICULOUS so many of their hacks are REPEATED from older videos. If you have no NEW ideas then STOP making these damn videos..we're Sick & tired of seeing the same shit over & over.
Chris Innes (28 days ago)
2:40 his phone is waterproof
sheetal dogra (28 days ago)
why you sacrificed your s8 ???
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Stephanie Boom (29 days ago)
Ruby Aycardo (29 days ago)
Muhammad Talaat (1 month ago)
Not useful at all
Anthony Peñate (1 month ago)
BobiProBG (1 month ago)
What is the name of this tank game
hindijokesjunction (1 month ago)
amal eseranza (1 month ago)
La parte de la que el movil se estropea por el agua es un timo si el movil funciona al final es por que es un s8
INDIAN HACKER (1 month ago)
Gabrielle Carter (1 month ago)
You literally just copied 5mnute crafts
Pink The Cat (1 month ago)
I dropped my phone in water the other day I have a crappy ZTE so it's not water proof but for some reason it's fine... It was sitting in water all night and nothing happened.
Gemesis Pwx (1 month ago)
Hay tomtito l estas robando la ideas. A ideas de 5 minutos
kmzy † (1 month ago)
isnt that s8 waterproof?
Kim Jonghyun (1 month ago)
Coach.Luciana Sales (1 month ago)
Leonard890 Lee (1 month ago)
These hacks messed up my phone. This was useless!
Kamikaze Rabbit (1 month ago)
5:31 or u could just use your finger? LIFEHACK
JustDance 1205 (1 month ago)
That's my scissor
Ricardo Aragon (1 month ago)
The s8 is for 💦 water🧐
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Lahiru Viraj (1 month ago)
H i (1 month ago)
Why Just why ??????????????
kdevil 123 (1 month ago)
Lets all stick paper clips up our phones and up our ass
Gousiya Taskeen (1 month ago)
Bewakoof...time waste Kiya...next time se mt krna idiot
Khadeeja Suleman (1 month ago)
like anyone is going to hang their phone with a flimsy piece of paper
kalsnxnxb mdmxbcbc (1 month ago)
في شوية تنفس عشان ما تحمل بطريا صح
Smidday (1 month ago)
6:33 thought he stabbed his finger
Samoy Goddishaw (1 month ago)
This phone is a waterproof
Raz Music Center (1 month ago)
excellent Sub Dn
Nacho -_- (1 month ago)
Das asco! You sucks! Yusba ascueks!
Justus Hahn (1 month ago)
The s8 is waterproof
JOKUBAS LTU (1 month ago)
JOKUBAS LTU (1 month ago)
ravi yadav (1 month ago)
Wow wow wow
_ERALEND _ (1 month ago)
Ты Знаеш кто Самый Добрый и позитивный Посмотри на первое слово
Ef M (1 month ago)
That phone is waterproof
Mayank Sharma (1 month ago)
Awesome 👍
Naveen Safaya (1 month ago)
Spinner hack is good
Ku BoL (1 month ago)
Samsung galaxy s8 have waterproof

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