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Catching People With My Wrist Net Gun! - Cheap DIY Spider-Man Web Shooter!!! (Part 2)

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Shirts: http://jlaservideo.com/shop Instagram: http://instagram.com/jlaservideo C02 Adapter: https://goo.gl/zPVvak Learn how to make a very functional net gun that fits on your wrist! With this device you can be like Spider-Man and shoot webs from your hand. This wrist net gun shoots a net attached to 4 weights that wrap and entangle anything you shoot it at. Best of all its super cheap to make! Enjoy. Part 1: https://youtu.be/RaGV5Q5srsE The Net: https://thenetgunstore.com/products/mesh-net Parts: C02 adapter X2 3/4" L adapter 1/4 " PVC pipe Facebook: http://goo.gl/ZzRoKM Playlist of Every Video: http://goo.gl/QVU2Wz If you liked this video, check out more on my channel http://youtube.com/jlaservideo Music: https://goo.gl/7bB4Jk

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Text Comments (174)
charmedcaster15 (1 day ago)
Please can somebody tell me what major in college should i major in in order to be able to do the same things as he does ? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME PLEASE
Mace Films (2 days ago)
Yeah... "cheap"... SURE
Zoot0000 Big time (9 days ago)
I thing you should make the metal bits on the end bigger
Oliver Hope (14 days ago)
what are the weights made off surely it would be saw to be hit by one
Nidhi Chawla (16 days ago)
9 min 14 secs lol :)
FrontPhase (17 days ago)
You should work on a long term project to make real spider man web shooters with several functions
Max Brain Devices (18 days ago)
Great work with this
Chris Niba (20 days ago)
Hey Jake ive been a big fan of your channel for a while and I've dabbled around with your Spiderman web shooters and your net gun I've made a couple web shooters and I got to thinking maybe you've been looking at the web shooters the wrong way instead of using a lighter use a tube to store string or a small rope and add a weight to one side of it and use CO2 to launch the weight like the net gun uses to have realistic web shooters if your string is strong enough you just might be able to swing from then if you shoot it in a tree the right way it's just an idea but you should try it it just might work good luck if you do get around to trying it
Daffy Duck (21 days ago)
I like the new video style
can you make the sword of black goku
1UpGaming (21 days ago)
It’s funny because he looks like the peter Parker from Spider-Man Ps4 😂
Gibby DeLaRosa (22 days ago)
Can anyone tell me if you can put propane in a lighter web shooter instead of butane plz reply
Hannah Maria Rodriguez (23 days ago)
This guy and Colin Furze man lol
Gavcole 86 (24 days ago)
Can you make Jokers Acid flower? Please? Thanks! Nice video btw
TFS_Clipzz (24 days ago)
I know this didn’t stop people but you know what could potentially stop people... a bola launcher... or even better a wrist mounted bola launcher!
James Wolf (24 days ago)
Hey, why not make a full spiderman montage? You in a peter parker school outfit, pete in lab outfit, and in costume with different webshooter videos in the montage? Like if this sounds like a good idea
Maxwell Torina (24 days ago)
Any other Spider-Man project would be neat though!
Maxwell Torina (24 days ago)
Webs made of interwound nylon? Like single nylon strands woven together so the weave is stronger...something like that?
Cody Jones (24 days ago)
Cody Jones (24 days ago)
get 23 cot bottels nd make it to wher yo can shoot individule webs
Xavier Walker (24 days ago)
Here's my other thumbs up!👍
tushar rajputh (25 days ago)
Please make iron man watch which in civil war
Segun Olusanya (25 days ago)
Add this with your other web shooter builds this is awesome.
Brian Hannon (25 days ago)
Umbrella wand from house with a clock in its walls maybe like your other wand but with a light and laser??
PandaBoiBoiBoi DABARMY (25 days ago)
You should add the red precision tool the the end of the Web slinger you made 10 months ago it would come out in a straight string
iron might (25 days ago)
Look mom, it's a thot trap!
akshit aggarwal (26 days ago)
can you please start to post new videos after 3 days
Isaac Hammond (26 days ago)
make it one handed
Will Bagley (26 days ago)
Bro you gotta try having like one or two strings that stay connected from the middle or corners of the net back to the gun or your hand so you can pull stuff back or stop people
Лимончик (26 days ago)
You look like ps4 Spider-Man Peter Parker
james hamaker (26 days ago)
Could you, use that set up for a rope gun? I would like to see, you make a small hover craft.
Tyrel Dalzell (26 days ago)
Make a drone that shoots darts
Tyrel Dalzell (26 days ago)
You need to meet the hacksmiths
uz .k (26 days ago)
You are officially an avanger now
Parkour tracer (27 days ago)
Can you please make a punch proof and stab proof vest that's effective and do a video on it pleasee
THE MEGAMIND (27 days ago)
Georg sprave acting in the end right
PARALLEL PEOPLE (27 days ago)
James Van Antwerp (27 days ago)
Great build!
Artimisha Curl (27 days ago)
Please make something seven year old friendly
Oliver Licata (27 days ago)
Upgrade it to shoot more than one web
Lyn Gantt (27 days ago)
Fitznet (27 days ago)
We’re getting closer and closer and closer
Acolyte-a Gamer (27 days ago)
why not install a laser onto the barrel for heightened accuracy?
The Golden Ingot (27 days ago)
Get a Bigger Net!
ben3580 (27 days ago)
Awesome build!! BTW I'm pretty sure that for gas fittings you just do them finger-tight and then the pressure pushes the threads together - the threads are probably damaged by the spanner + strength technique
Pumben Gabwag (27 days ago)
Camera was caught
Pumben Gabwag (27 days ago)
JLaserVideo just caught a wild camera!
King Maker (27 days ago)
Theunknownyoutuber (27 days ago)
I'll take twenty
w wafiq (27 days ago)
you need to make it smaller at the spinneret maybe.. the smaller the spinnerret, speed of momentom in the pressure increase. also,you should create the net or web can be rechangeable. hope you read my comment.
FURQAN MIRZA (27 days ago)
Meke a go kart with the jlaser touch Sorry for my wrating
Shivaro16 (28 days ago)
He is the professor Agasa, when it was young xD
Hebrew Lawyah (28 days ago)
8:45 😤🙊😰😂😂
AN GALAN (28 days ago)
you are THE BEST
E P (28 days ago)
awesome video - keep up the good work!
Creative Minds (28 days ago)
I luv ur voice😍❣️n of course ur work..keep it up😊👍
R MUSIC (28 days ago)
Jake r u Indian
R MUSIC (28 days ago)
😱 OMG 😱 soon to 1 million subscribers love ur ☺ vids
Matias ambiado (28 days ago)
You should try something like Allen pan's grappling web shooter.
Clay-tone (28 days ago)
Grappler from Fortnite
ducmagic (28 days ago)
Try two co2 maybe long range
Jenson Taylor (28 days ago)
Asher Tolbert (28 days ago)
Put magnets on the weights so when you use it it locks them in it
Sienna .H (24 days ago)
Yeah that would be such a cool little feature
Metro Sonic (28 days ago)
Awesome, dude!
RockyRoad Magic (28 days ago)
The co2 sliding into the chamber is satisfying af
Elliot Risner (28 days ago)
I'm wearing my @JLaservideo shirt
U should make spider - Man gloves to climb up a wall or web shooter to accutly shout you up
Jason_ _parkour (28 days ago)
Exodarion (28 days ago)
This is awesome!!!
Iker Parker (28 days ago)
Wow amazing!!!!!
rc diy (28 days ago)
Now make it electric and able to shock someone
Noah Guerrero (28 days ago)
Could you possibly attach two co2 canisters to make it go farther while also adding more weight to the net
OX (28 days ago)
It's so cool
Underscore 55 (28 days ago)
Could you please make a kamehameha blaster
nukebeast101 (28 days ago)
Make a ray gun park || off of call of duty black ops 2 zombies
Tyler Ferre (28 days ago)
Make the pocket knife from get smart
Elias Mohammed (28 days ago)
Pepi Petrov (28 days ago)
make predator wepons
Aryan Arjune (28 days ago)
why does he look like the character peter parker from the spiderman ps4 game
Kasamiko (21 days ago)
You need glasses
CleanJean (27 days ago)
Aryan Arjune more like the harry model with scruffy hair
SpiderCraft (27 days ago)
What if he is the mo cap character model 😱😱
darius hernandez (28 days ago)
Make something that blows up on contact with any surface like a contact grenade
Wardoctor12 (27 days ago)
darius hernandez Impact grenade
Tre Savage (28 days ago)
you should go to Herotech Channel and see if you can make his web shooter
Ethan Ivler (28 days ago)
Paolo Caso (28 days ago)
hold up this man has a dremel a scroll saw and a belt sender bet no cordless drill?
Nick Palmeri (28 days ago)
What if you used the same type of idea, but had multiple smaller nets to be shot out to basically be like an actual web shooter?
Bdbdd Hdhdjd (28 days ago)
Use magnets so that those 4 bullets will stick to each other
Nikko Nikko (28 days ago)
You should collaborate with the king of random
Vereronun 231 (27 days ago)
And the Hacksmith. And Colin furze
Evolved Player (28 days ago)
Pls make some iron man stuff
Cool stuffs (13 days ago)
Isaiah lewis (28 days ago)
More gadgets make somthing that u can hide in ur clothing
dave lowe (28 days ago)
Could you not use one 12g co2 cartridge for each weight? Let them all off at the same time with your epic trigger?
The Creative Buddy (28 days ago)
I was inspired by you
Horsbros 1 (28 days ago)
It has been a while since i watched your videos but keep up the awesome work
Matias ambiado (28 days ago)
One of the most unique webshooters I've seen.
Antonio rick (28 days ago)
Dude use that design to make batman grapple gun
Ben (28 days ago)
Use a electric valve I think that would be cooler
Mim Mim (28 days ago)
moi 12k
G0LDENTHUNDER77 (28 days ago)
An upgraded wrist gun!!!
ConnerKent (28 days ago)
Pause it and then go to 9:35 with it still paused
DBOES Clips (28 days ago)
Idk why but you look similar to peter from the new spiderman ps4 game, also love the net gun
ninja 101 (28 days ago)
293th to like this video
Red Hat (28 days ago)
Hey that was really flawless. I like your ideas and also wonder from where do you get those 😀 However, you can also modify the net by attaching a string (strong of coarse) so that you can pull the person back to you when he is trapped 😎😉😉

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