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How To Clear The Event Viewer In Windows 7/8/10

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This tutorial will show how to clear the event logs within the event viewer in Windows using an elevated command prompt. Command used in video: for /F "tokens=*" %1 in ('wevtutil.exe el') DO wevtutil.exe cl "%1" Event Viewer tools keep track of the events that take place in a computer and it keeps a record of the information in the form of a log. The record of the significant events of your computer are collectively called event logs. Even though the logs are immensely useful, but if you want, you can clear the log. The following tutorial will help you do so. You must be signed in as an administrator to be able clear all event logs. This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 operating systems.Works for all major computer manufactures (Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung).

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Text Comments (44)
hristo petrov (15 days ago)
it works for me on windows 8.1 pro
MDTechVideos (14 days ago)
You're welcome!
Uhn Lucky (4 months ago)
How do l clear the Custom Views /Admin. Events ?
Nadeem Ur Rahman (4 months ago)
Thank you this is aweson
MDTechVideos (4 months ago)
Your welcome!
Kevin Williams (5 months ago)
I have win 7 and worked perfectly, just remember to right click command prompt as admin before you open it, then paste:  for /F "tokens=*" %1 in ('wevtutil.exe el') DO wevtutil.exe cl "%1"
MrNetrizhul (7 months ago)
Thank you.
MDTechVideos (7 months ago)
Your welcome!
Alex Uljanov (7 months ago)
Worked Perfectly. THANKS!
MDTechVideos (7 months ago)
Your welcome!
KrysB (9 months ago)
will the logs normally apear there after youve done it ?
KrysB (9 months ago)
ya they do
MDTechVideos (9 months ago)
They should.
Metroid Freeak (11 months ago)
It worked thank you sir! Side note make sure you are running command prompt as admin.
MDTechVideos (11 months ago)
Your welcome!
Adam (1 year ago)
Can you view Events on your PC with CMD?
Saqib Rahman (1 year ago)
Very helpful! Thank you!
MDTechVideos (1 year ago)
Your welcome!
PRC Idealtexh (1 year ago)
Can you Create a Batch File to Open this in CMD.exe
JAYDEEP VASANI (1 year ago)
i think u should paste that line in txt file and then save as .... filename <anyUwant>.bat and save in any location u want to than ....execute it .
YOU ARE THE MAN. Microsoft called me and he was shouting and getting me nervous. I was in a good head space too. This helped me so much you have know idea.. Dont ever take this video down. <3
MDTechVideos (1 year ago)
Microsoft will not call you. Hang up and do not provide any information to them.
mike o'quinn (1 year ago)
you are at ease with what you do, but a usual ,all you don't think step by step and for others who are trying to do what you say. where is the code ???  you know the one to enter on the note pad?? and you need to tell people to put the code as a (,bet file) or ya cant save it and be useful.
MDTechVideos (1 year ago)
Read the description of the video next time (it even says "Command Used In Video"), and I also put it on the screen if you would rather type it out on a different computer. This is a two-step tutorial. I can not make it any simpler.
Jon Flaker (1 year ago)
my prompt said F tokens was unexpected at this time, and just went back to the original prompt
ThisNthaT (1 year ago)
Hey this worked great, really easy tutorial to follow and quick too. Thank You!
MDTechVideos (1 year ago)
You are welcome.
Alvinsteph Starck (1 year ago)
thank you very much
MDTechVideos (1 year ago)
Your welcome Alvinsteph.
Arnab Kar (1 year ago)
Thank you. How to avoid/overcome error - 'Failed to clear... Access is denied'?
Sheri Khan (9 months ago)
Switch user to administrator
MDTechVideos (1 year ago)
So it worked for you?
Stephen Kedge (1 year ago)
Cool....It worked. Thanks....I can tell the false Microsoft guys to get stuffed.
The_Kr8r (1 year ago)
It worked thanks
MDTechVideos (1 year ago)
Glad to hear!
amtronics engineering (1 year ago)
I have windows 7 . this i tried but the event log is not getting clear.
Syrian Boy Tv (19 days ago)
Me too
Thamires Ferreira (1 year ago)
Same here...
Demetrios Newton (1 year ago)
Great, this was helpful.
MDTechVideos (1 year ago)
Your welcome Demetrios
Jason Korby (1 year ago)
great thank you
MDTechVideos (1 year ago)
Very welcome Jason!
Abdul-jalil (2 years ago)
thanks :)
MDTechVideos (2 years ago)
Glad you liked it. (:

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