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HANZO CANCELED? | Mobile Legends

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HANZO CANCELED? | Mobile Legends. We got gameplay, sounds effects, voice effects, animation, skills, skin, elite skin on Hanzo.. so why is he not released? Shoutout to: ml-leak xtreme-falcon devcloped ------------------------------------------ Follow Me At: ►INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/bluepanda1/ ►TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BluePandaReal ►2ND Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyfxrRSNJzHrW274v1oR9zg ------------------------------------------ ►FREE DIAMONDS◄ http://freemyap.ps/2fbd2da0 -How it Works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI_e_OndRiQ&t ►Buy Mobile Legends Grip: themobilegrip.com ◄ ((( USE THE CODE: "BluePanda" for 10% off))) https://www.themobilegrip.com/discount/BluePanda ►BUY PANDA MERCH!◄ https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/TheBluePanda/ ------------------------------------------ Previous video (kadita skills gameplay): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0Sz07ok1V4&t= In This Video: Mobile Legends new hero hanzo Mobile Legends gameplay Mobile Legends ninja Music: NCS Random Facts about Me: -My Name is Tobias Näslund -I'm From Sweden -I'm 20 Years old -I Think Pandas are Awesome Business email at: BluePanda-business@outlook.com
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Text Comments (462)
Joerazman Jojo (2 days ago)
Gg moonton:)))))
Omega Zonuna (2 days ago)
I am really not happy about this man, am waiting for along time and now cancel why mobile legend why u cancel Hanzo, mobile legend plzzzzzz release Hanzo plzzzzzzz
Credo Saverio (3 days ago)
Boong mlu asu
Ajit Pal Talwer (3 days ago)
Why they didnt release him??....i've been waiting for a new hero like him....come on moonton
MCPE gamers (4 days ago)
I'm so tired of this..😒
Alfredted Francisco (5 days ago)
Puk what happened so disappointed.
Nemoe 07 (5 days ago)
We’re not sure ok 👌🏻
lutsij feed (5 days ago)
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo please nooooooooooooooooooo
Ameer Daniel (6 days ago)
Im waiting malaysia hero.
lalala hana (6 days ago)
Maybe they are still polishing this hero
Mark Verana (7 days ago)
6 years ago are you serious BluePanda?????!!!!!!!
king challenger _GT (7 days ago)
Blue panda Plz go to my channel
Golam Sravon srabon (7 days ago)
That's why moonton really sucks...
I promised to myself that i will never play ml until they release hanzo... Now almost 3 months no ml.. Hahahaha identity v is the best
alpharock 195 (7 days ago)
Maybe they changed hanzo with hanabi
Elis Rosa (7 days ago)
Hanzo from Overwatch is a "cyberninja" 😶
Marina Cabanas (8 days ago)
whats with my fave Lesley
visnu yaathav (8 days ago)
Mr Nobody (8 days ago)
Ml nob better don't show the hero because you not confirm yet
I Was Suppose to Ship Hanzo With Hanabi 😢😢😢
Reve00kl kl (8 days ago)
Hes Corrupted Thats Why Hes Skill And Skin Are So Different
suhail sd (8 days ago)
Yes realise him plzzz mlbb
Ricky Ricardo (8 days ago)
Hanzo my hero is gone :(
MIRAGE 99 (8 days ago)
Why moonton??
Matty m (8 days ago)
Its oficially canceled?? Tell me so i can spend my BP in another heroe.
LittleBlueWolf LBW (8 days ago)
They cant say he's too OP bc Lunox is VERY over powered
Cosmic Martis (8 days ago)
I hate you mobile legend i waite for to long just to get hanzo
Jay Imsong (8 days ago)
nooooo.... most awaited hero has been removed?? Whyyyyyyy Moontoon??? whyyyyyy
{Electrified} Dude (8 days ago)
Vale? Where are you?!
Leojson (8 days ago)
so sad....alexaaa play despacito
Devcloped (8 days ago)
Simple answer! He's OP af!
AHelmi Gamerz2 (3 days ago)
Make him not OP though
Brahily Castillo (5 days ago)
Confirmed, Still in Progress :3
Noire Crystal (9 days ago)
Im waiting for vale who cares about hanzo
Allysa Magno (9 days ago)
dont waste money in this game 😂cause sooner or later this game will be removed in playstore due too many copyright issue like argus it is aatrox in League of Legends😂 RIP ML COPYCAT COPYPASTE😂 Just quit this trash game.... go for LOL...
Alano Sero (9 days ago)
Will they cancel kimmy too? 🤔😯😓😔😭😢😦😟🤧
Lynx FTW (9 days ago)
Maybe Moonton is preparing a new storyline before they release Hanzo
Shishishi (8 days ago)
yeah, I mean Hanzo's the person Hayabusa wants to kill so maybe there's another event
king Garcia (9 days ago)
We want hanzo 💀
random videos gaming (9 days ago)
oh Ya where is genji because hanzos brother is genji overwatch
white lop Tapper meme (9 days ago)
Dude I just got his trial card
FeAR (9 days ago)
i bet hanzo is that hero that hayabusa needs to kill from his story
CounterHood 36 (9 days ago)
Why moonton😠
Mr. Banana (9 days ago)
Copyright strike from blizzard cuz of the name "Hanzo"
Lance Harsyahdu (9 days ago)
Probably hanzo was copyrithed becuz the name hanzo is in overwatch the brother of genji
Ice Bear (9 days ago)
Kimmy - October 23 Harith - November(First Week) Vale - November(Last Week) Kadita - December Hanzo - January Badang - ??? Faramis - ??? I dont know but there are some heroes that are made by southeast asian countries I think there are 14 heroes that will be released in 2019 😊
Sorang Rita (9 days ago)
They should have released
Kyle Sagun (9 days ago)
and Wait YOU know Hanzo skin Is done .but skill Are Testing so he is Still not release
Kyle Sagun (9 days ago)
Hey Blue panda Your not a GM Soo Dont say Hanzo Is Remove completely Maybe he is In Maintenance And maybe hes Skill Are Still Testing to other Heroes to Complete soo Dont feel a GM ..Becuase Your Not Nuts.
PUBG Lover (9 days ago)
Hey I wana make diomonds but I don't have any gift cards how do I get gift cards
THE TERMINATOR 28 (9 days ago)
Hahaha 69 thats why xD
Shenanigans Lee (9 days ago)
Its just basic psychology They keep on delaying hype heroes just like Vale and hanzo so we will keep on craving and waiting. It keeps player excited it keeps player more addicted to the game.
kyutieboy kidoo Famus (9 days ago)
Unfortunately in original server great great great grandfa vale is not yet release
Greciel Endiape (9 days ago)
why moonton i wait hanzo to release but....why his canceled.... Get ready Moonton Moonton shall Perish by my sword
Rajesh Shrivastava (6 days ago)
Hanabi Scarlet Flower (9 days ago)
|| HANZO X HANABI. ;-; I never get to know him...
Lord Bean (9 days ago)
*_He is in my house._*
KingIce (9 days ago)
Blue Panda play Other games please like Horror games or collabs with other youtubers like MARKIPLIER please.
Dexter Mudlong (9 days ago)
This is my first comment on you panda My name in ML is Name:Dexterdwayne Give a skin of aulrad (red mantle) Pls!!
Daniell Ricafort (9 days ago)
Iam your biggest fan
hard badboyz (9 days ago)
so sad to hear that hanzo was cancelled maybe next year will be release or not
Benedict Anog (9 days ago)
Skin:lanselot epik
Mr.adreeh Real (9 days ago)
Noooooooooooooo yyyyyyy i just save money to buy him and cancel it
the familyfriendlyguy (9 days ago)
Thank you Blupanda,very cool.
ONYXS_ GAMER (9 days ago)
so sad😢. well Ill buy kadita then😎😁
Wan Wan (9 days ago)
Where is BADANG?!
Raja LAST (9 days ago)
Bring back 2015 blue panda
Dat man (9 days ago)
Zodian Endrah (9 days ago)
Blue panda you still give away skin? I want skin can u?
David Mára (9 days ago)
Hanzo would be cancerous anyway lol. You can kill him but it wouldn't give you a kill because he just returns over half map to random bush where he left blood demon lol. That's really op hero design and would be hard to make balance
Sub and liked
ArcticDeamonD (9 days ago)
Its ok because hes over powered and its so unfair maybe we will last hit all creeps and clean up the jungle it will be so annoying so its just fine.
Francis Paul Boqueo (9 days ago)
Looks lyk venum
lebron ambi (9 days ago)
The other skin of hanzo looks like sa starlight skin of franco just fitter and stronger😂
Dead Zomb (9 days ago)
Thamuz release but Hanzo didn't how disappointed :/
Drew Gonzales (9 days ago)
Maybe he is the one whose Hayabusa and Hanabi were trying to chase as their mission.
Storm Reaper 324 (9 days ago)
So hanzo is cancelled but karrie and lance are ok?
Lettuce 27 (9 days ago)
Possibly an event?
Eric Avanceña (9 days ago)
I think it has something to do with your message to devs to not to release new heroes oftenly
Silver Wolf (9 days ago)
I didnt wait for hanzo?! I wait for vale!
Arieljustin (9 days ago)
Lets just blame the devs thats all
Aman Alchemist (9 days ago)
Hanzo just to OP that why he not release
Noel Tristan Carvalho (9 days ago)
I think Hanzo is in overwatch now 🤔
Rajesh Shrivastava (6 days ago)
True Clasher (9 days ago)
SHADIAN (9 days ago)
I the devs are not releasing Hanzo now because they were told to lessen their releasing a new hero every update who knows.....
My Leg (9 days ago)
They'll probably remake him
Chochai Nakamura (9 days ago)
Can you make a video that consist of hero description base on their look
Lee S (9 days ago)
Bro I need the skin of miya legends in mobile legends my name is An-one
Prakash Rao (9 days ago)
If he is released he will be like shadow fiend from dota(overpowered)
Apocalypse Game (9 days ago)
{\_/} ( '. ' ) √ √ / /
Sean Muhammaddaviskz (9 days ago)
Rework skill 1 digger please
Ivka 123 (9 days ago)
I hoped they will reliase him too much and now we got this.
Fx _ (9 days ago)
omg man why? ok add the game new haya skin
Bima Syahtar (9 days ago)
what??! Noo.. whatthefuck Moonton?? >:
Lucky Charmer (9 days ago)
Release hanzo or i will rip moonton
Rafael Santos (9 days ago)
Deva eswaran (9 days ago)
I'm waiting for hanzo this long..then canceled...omg
Just Shinbi 고양이 (9 days ago)
Hanzo was deleted cause it's not a original name
Aireen Enriquez (8 days ago)
Just Shinbi 고양이 kagura isn't an original name. Names don't matter as long as the heroes are different.
George Kun (9 days ago)
Lol first you complain about Mobile Legends releasing heroes too fast AND NOW YOU'RE COMPLAINING ABOUT HANJO NOT BEING RELEASED. WOW BLUE PANDA LOGIC
Ara Ara (9 days ago)
Josh Caubang (9 days ago)
Rename then lol like hiragaki or sm shiz
MIDASXZ x (9 days ago)
Why moonton why!!
Genji Shimada (9 days ago)
He might be removed because the devs didn’t like the playstyle or maybe it just didn’t fit in the game..the overall design and skills may be changed and put in later in the game
Danley Marbaniang (9 days ago)
Well that sucks no more interest just releasing other heroes no more assasin now a days
ICE NOVA (9 days ago)
Hope they won't cancel Badang
TheGreenLord347 YT (10 days ago)

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