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VS Code: The Last Editor You'll Ever Need

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VS Code is a cross platform editor from Microsoft that combines the speed and simplicity of a code editor with the great code editing and debugging experiences normally only found in heavy IDEs. VS Code downloads and installs in under a minute complete with deep JavaScript, Node, CSS/LESS/SASS support and more, everything you need for full stack web development. Along with lightweight git support, VS Code integrates seamlessly into your toolchain and with more than 1000 extensions and themes, you can customize VS Code to work the way you do. In this talk you’ll find out why we think VS Code is last editor you’ll ever need as we build an application from scratch to the cloud in under 30min. EVENT: UtahJS 2016 SPEAKER: Wade Anderson PERMISSIONS: Wade and UtahJS provided Coding Tech with the permission to republish this video.

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Text Comments (323)
Gavin Cai (10 months ago)
Keyboard shortcut config 9:30 Extensions 10:35 Auto-complete, pop-up hint&ApiDoc 14:40 Go to definition & peek definition 16:50 Debugging 18:40 Git blame 20:50 Task 21:22
Priyanshu Chauhan (1 day ago)
git: The last VCS you'll ever need
Oisho Tamam (2 days ago)
Did anyone tell you that you sound like Joe Belfiore?
Alkeryn (7 days ago)
I use neovim, i'm good
Raita Sorin (21 days ago)
that video is ugly as a Hell not HD
Juan G. Sanchez (21 days ago)
good video. Thank you for the plugin that does debug for chrome. Really simple for people that know how to use the editor
Code It (24 days ago)
YouTube: the best teacher without any college degrees
Ricky Iceman (24 days ago)
Mark Daniel (1 month ago)
I like atom better. Throw styri for syntax color... Way better than VS IMO
javi espocatetus (1 month ago)
12:04 shh shhhh shhhh your shihhh
Sophus VD (1 month ago)
"Learning new tools is hard, use this corporate shit instead"
Aris Alamanos (2 months ago)
Atom is way better but since Microsoft bought Github (and Atom along with Electron are made by Github) I am worried that it is going to be swallowed by VSCode...
dimitrDimitr (2 months ago)
Vs code has many extensions broken, like live server.
Upload (2 months ago)
anybody knows document.write() snippet in vs code?
Obi Kenobi (3 months ago)
Go Away You Microsost Nerd. Delete you channel. I'll never use VS
Obi Kenobi (3 months ago)
Does it have blue screens as every microsoft application has?
Serhii Cho (3 months ago)
#vscode is awesome
tejas sabunkar (3 months ago)
Can you please share that code (GIT LINK)
徐志强 (3 months ago)
VS Code, very powerful and easy-to-use!!!
Amadeus (3 months ago)
Today: The last time I'll ever exist.
taariqq (4 months ago)
Not that fast! Get a Live Preview somewhere as close to Brackets and I may. I said close. I know you can't match that.
taariqq (4 months ago)
How do I use VS Code so that, like Brackets, the files update upon save and the files switch in the browser with the editor. Greatly appreciate your help.
Völundr Frey (5 months ago)
I really like VS code, but feels it's a bit bloated for my usage. However so are most decent editors, I have no need for debugging or version control for example.
Dario Volarić (5 months ago)
Thank you for this! I was a fan of Dreamweaver for YEARS (code view, NOT the visual editor). And even before that when it was briefly known as Macromedia Dreamweaver and before that known as Allaire Homesite. Dreamweaver had it all. I mostly liked the built in support for FTP. Simply press ctrl+shift+u and it save and uploads. Nice! No need to save locally, switch to FTP program, upload. And the latest update even added multi cursor support git, emmet and scss. However it also added horrible _notes folders that mess up my git repos. Even when I disable notes per project and caching it still creates them. Also no minimap and no support for plugins to add a minimap. I tried others like Atom and Brackets. Out of those two I liked Atom most but it felt heavy because it actually runs in a Chrome environment. VS Code comes with everything I need. Git, minimap, scss, emmet and file icons. In Atom I had to install all that manually. Also VS Code loads A LOT faster. This is my new favorite editor after 10 years of using Dreamweaver.
Antonio Luis Sombra (5 months ago)
"I remember the first time I was stuck in VIM and didn't know how to get out of it" - so relatable
Andrew Lankford (5 months ago)
Vim: the last editor you'll ever need, and open source. No Microsoft marketing to contend with.
hrlrl (5 months ago)
Just downloaded this. It is really good.
Brian Crink (5 months ago)
I think we should set the standard for every code video to be at least 1080p.
claystudiofx (5 months ago)
Turki Saleem (5 months ago)
what is this propaganda
Svein Are Karlsen (5 months ago)
I prefer NOT working in a beautiful and extendable UI if that also means a bloated, slow web-app in a package, instead of fast, snappy, natively running, compiled binaries... Electron should only be a prototyping-tool for REAL software. Atom and VS.code are great looking, versatile, hackable resource HOGS...
Smart Cat Collar Project (5 months ago)
Real men use vi ... or Notepad.
Konstantin Simeonov (5 months ago)
Used VS Code for several years - I love it, but it's getting waaaay too heavy of late. As much as I suffer with vim, I've started using it just because it isn't such a resource hog. I also find myself ssh-ing into other machines and editing stuff there quite often, for which vim is ideal.
acex222 (6 months ago)
That's a funny way to spell "Emacs"
Buffycs (6 months ago)
still cant get out of vim, its a TARP!
Franz Darelle Macatangga (6 months ago)
not for php developers.
Ginger Williams (6 months ago)
loadash looks super cool
altermetax (6 months ago)
8:35 Entering this "@" *symbol, we can do some symbol* navigation... makes it pretty *symbol*
Coder (6 months ago)
I don't belive in vs
Evonik (6 months ago)
Half Life 3: The last game you'll ever wish for.
Creepy Chris (6 months ago)
Lol bug or feature edit: we see the code later, defo feature lol
Richard Bucker (6 months ago)
needs to support chromeos
LilPecho (6 months ago)
I like VS Code, is very complete, and is free and better than Sublime Text
Snowy ツ (6 months ago)
It would be the last editor I've ever needed had it not been so slow and buggy. It'd be nice if it had a smaller interface and less need to rely on a mouse. If there's something between emacs and this let me know.
Henry Kenuam (6 months ago)
Peanut Gallery?
Człowiek Nuż (6 months ago)
Atom :)
dʒeɪms (6 months ago)
Yuck it requires an x session
SpikedHairWarrior (6 months ago)
Why VS Code when VS 2017 is the best IDE in the market.
Eri Airlangga (7 months ago)
Internet Explorer: The last browser you'll ever need
mPky1 (7 months ago)
wow instead of showing refactoring and real tools for writing real programs, we waste time worrying about "themes"...
Gydo194 (7 months ago)
新一工藤 (7 months ago)
My 15 YO PC with an updated Q9650 & 4GB DDR2 cant handle VS community, so much ram usage, ill stick to notepad++ or vim.
adsilcott (7 months ago)
This video isn't about VS Community, it's about VS Code
cherubin7th (7 months ago)
Just make sure that you don't download the binaries from malicious sources (so don't download from Microsoft).
IRF1010N (7 months ago)
Electron? no, thanks
Victor (7 months ago)
W10M: The last mobile OS you'll ever need
Juan Rial (7 months ago)
Judging from the first few minutes of this talk, what this guy needs is an editor designed by Tesla: one that writes code without human interaction other than "state your destination".
clray123 (7 months ago)
lol he seems to be talking about some shitty toy from Microsoft and bashing vim
J   (7 months ago)
Idioms sure are interesting... translating the title directly the phrase in Dutch would mean something like "out of all your options this is the worst choice you could make" or "the worst thing that could happen to you". Was confusing rollercoaster ride :P
Get Mad (7 months ago)
This shit takes forever to load. Sublime text is better.
Paul Gonzalez-Becerra (7 months ago)
Features like Emmet, has features like trying to predict what to name your variable. In the long run it becomes annoying because it becomes hard to know if you've already defined a variable with the same name or if its a prediction. Its also annoying when you want to name it something else, especially something way shorter and it autocompletes it to something longer. This would be all fine and dandy iff you are able to disable and enable this feature. But you can't, so I'd prefer to use another IDE that doesnt fight with me.
Carlos Mafla (7 months ago)
You can find all those features in your checklist in VIM
Darren Godbold (7 months ago)
Looks easier than removing Edge as the default browser.
haxhxm (7 months ago)
"we dont know them" - microsoft curb - > gets all your info through telemetry and stuff
Fisher Chen (7 months ago)
Try vim
Vicary Archangel (7 months ago)
That quick editing thing is what stops me from switching to Code.
Steve Firth (7 months ago)
Explosive dough: the last thing you'll ever knead
david chandra (8 months ago)
Is he code using Angular framework?
jeandelinuxpc :p (8 months ago)
emacs or neovim
Samrux (8 months ago)
This all sounds very neat until you realize that there is no Alt+Drag selection feature.
Akash Choudhary (3 months ago)
Samrux Yes there is
Leeland Miller (6 months ago)
Samrux you can drag selection though. Just look in settings.
NinJia (8 months ago)
To me vscode is almost perfect, but it’s missing one important feature: semantic highlighting
Gigastar (8 months ago)
Works at Microsoft Uses a Mac
cherubin7th (7 months ago)
They know very well how windows sucks.
NazmusLabs (8 months ago)
Gigastar that's because people don't realize how open minded Microsoft is. They are not like Apple in that they have dictate to their employees on what to use.
Adrian-Cornel Borină (8 months ago)
Sublime is a tool you need a full day to set it up and it never really works as you want. I've also tried VS Code few months ago and I couldn't see any of the features mentioned in this video. Either they were added recently, or they are hidden or they work only in the exact scenario and none other.
NazmusLabs (8 months ago)
eggwaffle and that was his point, which you came to the same conclusion. An IDE is a better option for *his* case. I find that calling him "old" without understanding why he is using an IDE was completely unfair. And I also don't think IDE implies working with proprietary technologies. VS2017 IDE can be used to build Linux apps in C++. Can't get any more open than that. For me personally, I have both VS Code and VS2017. I prefer working with IDEs because of their customizable workspace and an integrated Solution/Project explorer. I feel more at home with an IDE. It's like my personal digital office workspace for my programming needs. I use text editors like VSCode and Notepad++ for one of text or code editing or making quick changes to a code file.
eggwaffle (8 months ago)
My PHP usage doesn't extend far beyond Wordpress and I never use debugging tools, but I get all the functions etc that I need. An IDE may very well be better for your use case. But you mentioned an editor for JS and I can't think of a better one. I've never tried webstorm though, so that might be good. It's just too ugly for me. I need to enjoy my development experience as well as be productive ;-) Ah I see what you mean by a Code Outline. Fair enough I have never looked for it, I honestly forgot that was a thing. I'm going to try it out and see how useful it is.
Adrian-Cornel Borină (8 months ago)
Sorry, by "file structure", I meant more like "Code outline", i.e. classes, functions, and properties in the file. I upgraded my VS Code and It seems a little more usable now than it was a few months ago. As far as I am willing to look into it on a Saturday Night, I can't find a "Code outline" feature. I see a plugin, I installed it, but it's less than I'm used to: I can't move the pane, there are some useful settings hidden in the JSON configuration, which brings me back to the fact I need a full day to configure these things and I still don't end up with what I want. Since you are working with PHP, do you have any tips on configuring it with XDebug on a Vagrant VM? If that works and works well enough, I might give it a fair try. Also, is there a good PHP auto-complete plugin. What I have so far sucks.
eggwaffle (8 months ago)
I called you old because I have witnessed many older devs refusing to use newer tools because they're used to their old IDE's like dreamweaver (puke). Also your use of the word hippie doesn't help. You must have had some bad experiences with plugins in the past because generally all the good ones (ones with thousands of downloads) work perfectly. I cannot speak for your experiences but mine have been great. VSCode is the perfect editor for javascript. I truly am confused / interested now as to what issues you encountered. I get PERFECT intellisense and autocomplete for my JS (and PHP) which I write daily. The javascript ecosystem in VSCode couldn't be better in my opinion. The plugins for Flow, React, Prettier, ESLint etc all work great. Code folding also has never been an issue, perhaps you don't indent your code? Integrated terminal is also great for quick npm installs and whatever else you may need with a quick keyboard shortcut. Also, any autocomplete you happen to not have can be included easily with plugins and code snippets. "You'd be lucky if one even includes a file structure pane, let alone one that understands what is going on in the file." I honestly have no clue what you mean now. Sublime, Atom and VSCode all have file panes... Which are customisable with pretty much any feature you could need. Atom and VSCode have complete git integration so they will show you your diffs etc (they know exactly what's going on in the file). Also keybindings are arbitrary and can be changed, that's a non-issue. I'm not really interested in keeping this conversation going, however I would urge you to try VSCode just once more and see if you still hate it. I only say this because it has made my life so much better since I found it :-) Peace
Adrian-Cornel Borină (8 months ago)
They're light, I give you that. But customizable? They have tens or hundreds of plugins, but those plugins are at most subpar and don't always work well with each other. I work with many languages and some editors/IDEs work better than others in different circumstances. The one I have the hardest time finding a proper editor for is JavaScript. That's not a "proprietary ecosystem". Yet no "hippie" text editor, not even VSCode, can give me a good-enough auto-complete for it. Some don't even provide proper code-folding (or, if they do, it's hidden). Some rely on un-intuitive key combinations. You'd be lucky if one even includes a file structure pane, let alone one that understands what is going on in the file. I am not sure what old. If old means I prefer tools that help me get the job done faster and more relyable
Kevin Wei (8 months ago)
720p in 2018 ???
Revel Lights (8 months ago)
Why waste screen real estate with window that shows you talking in front of your laptop?
Charlike Mike Reagent (8 months ago)
Yup. It's pretty unbelievable that they finally built something good.
DJ TJ (8 months ago)
Emacs: The Last Editor You'll Ever Need
Zaper (4 months ago)
*once you finish the five week introductory course
shazam (8 months ago)
Microsoft Sublime... Yeah how about no
DataLinkNow (8 months ago)
From the people who brought you Bing, the last search engine you will ever need.
Дмитрий М (8 months ago)
Too many typos in the name VIM Sorry EMAC fans
Justa Bralyn (8 months ago)
His voice made me fall asleep lol
Vlad Sandu (8 months ago)
it still can't replace multiline text, like sublime :)
Marco van den Hout (8 months ago)
Is this as easy to use as edlin?
KrypticXtacy (8 months ago)
My comment: The last you'll ever need!
João Paulo Mafra (8 months ago)
VS Code is light years behind IntelliJ.
Gema Anggada (8 months ago)
Avatar: the last airbender you'll ever need.
Reyner Godoy (8 months ago)
Tobias (8 months ago)
Sorry, Not better than PHPStorm or WebStorm from JetBrains
hebrux (8 months ago)
The status bar: The last color you'll like to change
MarfFilms (8 months ago)
Running on electron. yeah ill pass.
*The last of us: The last game that you ever need to play*
Jonathan Crowder (8 months ago)
Broooo the vim struggle is real..
Summersault (8 months ago)
Chuck Norris, the last enemy you will ever have
moofymoo (9 months ago)
never say never. just imagine the bright future when we will have better editors than vscode.
Akshay Aradhya (9 months ago)
Chrome: The last browser you'll ever need
PixelPhobiac (9 months ago)
chunkyzombie (6 months ago)
Natan FOURIÉ I thought this video was about editors, not IDEs
Natan FOURIÉ (7 months ago)
i think you're wrong, Intellijea is more an IDE than just a simple textEditor. It's more or less the base of a lot of different variety of IDE's. as an exemple the whole "Jetbrains" Suite is based on IntelliJ.
Lachlan (8 months ago)
Text editor, not IDE.
Dave Cruickshank (9 months ago)
Will this compile sass as well? Or do you still need a watcher to do so (gulp)?
铛铛铛 (6 months ago)
still need
Nick Raleigh (9 months ago)
Vim: the ACTUAL only editor you’ll ever need
Charles Mutinda (9 months ago)
I love vscode, however using it in ubuntu, cant see the search , debug, settings and git features that appear on the left. Help to re-enabling that?
Matthew Markings (9 months ago)
gotta use that let and const. >_< *slaps hand*
pluraltest (9 months ago)
last editor would be vim with a few plugins
Chris Erics (9 months ago)
if you are interested in Python, machine learning and AI, do you need the VS code?
AbstractCats Official (9 months ago)
Love VS Code! Bracket Pair Colorizer, File Icons, .class .ID + Tab, Live Server, are probably my favorite features, so far. I'm still pretty new to learning, I've not used most of the features, yet. Would love to see VS Code, become a full IDE.
JuddMan (7 months ago)
AbstractCats Official that would be visual studio.

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