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Koreans Shows a Perfect VISION MANIPULATION Trick... | Funny LoL Series #272

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Text Comments (440)
iFunzio (7 months ago)
Fixed the end ! :)
TammyFrozenWolfz (1 month ago)
Abhishek Tekavade I really hope your joking
matthew serrano (7 months ago)
iFunzio I
Abhishek Tekavade (7 months ago)
Shitphur cheated he used Tristana W twice in 4 sec
Kill Me (7 months ago)
Kacper (7 months ago)
Hey, Ifunzio I just have a question. Lately, it was pretty loud about compilation youtube channels and how they make money out of people content. How is that with you? Do you ask for permission first or something like that?
Elad Galila (5 days ago)
That lee sin play at the end man. im saving that shit
Its Me KoyaKards (15 days ago)
5:02 "i have a plan"
Paul Nardini (21 days ago)
Best 2 Volibear nerfs: 1) Remember that Volibear, like every other champion in League, has a passive. 2) Remember that Volibear's bite is an execute.
Cyril Ashworth (29 days ago)
pretty sure they were ghosting for that vision
Misterkfc khezami (1 month ago)
is boxbox wearing a beanie or is its hes hair? :o
Quan Diu (1 month ago)
7:17 HE WAS IN E!
SuperGamer (1 month ago)
I love how everyone else is pretty chill when they die or do some stupid shit, and there is also hashinshin who just gives the fault to the enemy champ.Like every fcking time he dies he doesnt say "oh wellp my fault", no he just goes on to say that the eney champ is broken and needs a nerf, when in reality that wasnt the reason he died
Rainer (1 month ago)
Hashinshin in Europe west could be like a silver 2, yea not more than s1/s2 he'so bad jesus
philipp mitterer (1 month ago)
pls make sense -.-
Yuzuru Otonashi (1 month ago)
Sezer Eksi (2 months ago)
Hashinshin is always doing what he is best at.Crying.....
Spirit Soda (2 months ago)
only SKT
Lars Alexander (2 months ago)
KocsiKing (2 months ago)
Qt is master atm lol
Chilli ConCarne (2 months ago)
lmfao you added the same clip twice. obvious cash grab channel
Andrew Vo (2 months ago)
This video is straight a shiphtur shit post I HATE IT LOL
Trung Dai Phan (3 months ago)
0:29 what's is that match can i have a link of that match ?
Dashcam Karaoke (3 months ago)
Sivhd still plays?? Since when
MrBaxxu (3 months ago)
6:24 song ?
Hab 4 E (3 months ago)
3:08 hahahaha
Irvin Mateo (3 months ago)
Now I feel like playing volibear :)
zakmeninferno (3 months ago)
It was wery funny when he said: ,,chingpongpingchoingkong"
FRCS (3 months ago)
1:47 bağırma ananı sikerim - ne böğürüyorsun ulan ayı
ST Kraken (3 months ago)
final music name?
Cristián Vergara (3 months ago)
1:47 waton culiao Perkin! jajsjasjajsja Viva Chile CTM
Colin Brown (3 months ago)
Hashinshin: *gets beat by anything* So here’s my MS Paint drawing of why I think that’s bullshit and I should replace the Riot balance team. GG LoL sucks.
zoznoob (3 months ago)
you need to stop showing people volibear is broken, ive been abusing him like crazy and i am currently sitting on a 80% winrate with him
The Gaming Boy (3 months ago)
8:26 atleast its better than justin bieber?
Lucas Sakamaki (3 months ago)
Esse vídeo tá mais Mec que Maria Mec #JUKERAAAA
Vortex Gaming (3 months ago)
nobody cares about fucking froggen stop cliping his plays
J (3 months ago)
Rastaman _V (3 months ago)
That zoomed shiphtur’s face xd
Adam Llacuna (4 months ago)
tyler doesn't take his medkits
Rising Vcbcv (4 months ago)
lel the ward placement is been there since season 3 lmao
Wait What? (4 months ago)
like how fucking pathetic 2:36
Ezlord Buenaventura (4 months ago)
Shipturs face xD
by KnuckleZz (4 months ago)
They Copied H2K's Ward 😂
Corvigrapher (4 months ago)
1:48 waton culiao perquin EN EL CHAT
Patrick Turqueza (4 months ago)
What’s the name of the song at the end can someone tell me what name of that
ou know who it is (4 months ago)
how the fuck did he get his w again???
Pedro Henrique Martins (4 months ago)
Khanudu (5 months ago)
best renekton cy (5 months ago)
You should have added windows shut down to the clip with the shiphtur and backdoor xd
Dudu ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ (5 months ago)
Ate o Jukera ta ai , h7ehuehueheu br
Kurlzz fjärtson (5 months ago)
you really like hashinshin dont you
Khuong Poker Nguyen (5 months ago)
2:21 The fuk was that laugh
Dew Ldew (5 months ago)
This channel is about quantity but not quality
Theodoros Iosifidis (6 months ago)
9:14 brain.exe stoped working
RiGiDx SPiRiT (6 months ago)
i forgot about nadeshot tried out league
Chachi Games (6 months ago)
can Tyler1 just die already
hi im plutonias (6 months ago)
gosh i fuking hate hashinshin so much. If he wins "im the best and no one can beat me you are all scurbs" If he looses "oh ye sure its broken as hell pls riot nerf him" Trash player who only cries if he looses fuking piece of trash
Noemi Caggiula (6 months ago)
minute 2:56 how the fuck does he have another W????
Karrae (6 months ago)
Wait yall didnt know about that baron ward? When i was coached in supp in 2016 i was taught that trick! Lmao
Renzo Osuna (6 months ago)
8:07 Faker's twin confirmed
Lucas Emilio (6 months ago)
Do you guys saw when siv appers he and miss fortune said ''i have a plan, not a problem?''
AK Cbrowniest (6 months ago)
betaboy likespie (6 months ago)
If riot can rework Iralia the they should rework Aatrox
Sunny Macwan (6 months ago)
2:49 Rocket jump, kill reset, rocket jump, again rocket jump? How did it happen two times without any kills.
Donnie Darko (6 months ago)
9:00 poor Akali ;-;
Rito (6 months ago)
2:49 How did he get that second reset on rocket jump?? Im so confused
iSoulCurser GT (6 months ago)
8:33 plot twist when he stops singing, he's in the top lane being fucked by teemo
Samueks (6 months ago)
Uma chuva de pog champ
Punk Ster (6 months ago)
Tyler lol
Shred Borges (6 months ago)
9:25 ma man Keegay <3
desejovc (6 months ago)
jukes 9:35 <3
OtakuLife (6 months ago)
8:24 song?
OtakuLife (6 months ago)
do you know the name of the song? that he's singing?
giantpisces (6 months ago)
Tyler1 - gameplay
FrostBackYeti (6 months ago)
.... Was that sivhd?
Not Avaible (6 months ago)
Prawidłowo na starcrafta
Dara Adekore (6 months ago)
Who's the guy that's playing Fiora??
Brandan Denuccio (7 months ago)
8:25 lmfao
Bruno Cordeiro (7 months ago)
Jukera God
Al Gore (7 months ago)
3:26 why dafuq did he bought two trinety's ?
RaffN (7 months ago)
Jéssica Ribeiro (7 months ago)
What is the name of that stream with a hot accient ?! ( 4:53 )
Jailbreak (4 months ago)
Jéssica Ribeiro if u still searching its llstylish
Eren Tutal (7 months ago)
1:49 abdsbhfugtyfdg as as as
Wurst Fighter (7 months ago)
9:15 illuminati
Yetkin GMR (7 months ago)
1:50 chatdeki türkü görenler? XD
timmy69690 (7 months ago)
2:54 Where's that second reset coming from?
kaltzifer of fire (6 months ago)
timmy69690, bomb + 4 aa = reset
Zazo420 (7 months ago)
Kalina Zawada (7 months ago)
2:50 how did he get the second reset there??
im not a bot (6 months ago)
if you get a kill or assist it resets same as u complete the bomb ( third)
kaltzifer of fire (6 months ago)
Kalina Zawada, i find out in comments: bomb with 4aa gives reset.
Joshua Balmores (7 months ago)
I just did an awkward laugh on the part where tobias said Holyshit i'm invinvible i laugh good thing nobody was here
Jamie Darch (7 months ago)
Classic baby rage hashinshin
İlke Barış Önder (7 months ago)
Christian LK (7 months ago)
i actually got the sickest goosebums watching tyler sing
spɛ.kʊ.ɫɔr tINS (7 months ago)
1:48 guatón culiao perquin
koboide (7 months ago)
Jojo Sw (7 months ago)
Typical toplaner...enemies are finishing the game and he's still on his lane
Bowl Cut (7 months ago)
i started playing voli, then the next day they buff his E. sweeeeeeet
monibl gamer (7 months ago)
Me sale que el vídeo no esta disponible :c Yo quiero saber el truco coreano xdzdxd
O Ning uém (7 months ago)
Jukera aí lol
tem até jukera
k680B (7 months ago)
3:10 and some people thinks heisendong is any good this exact moment is the perfect visualisation of all reasons i downvoted all his videos once i found his youtube channel
HeVapedOnThePiza (7 months ago)
i fucking love seeing hashinshin getting his nuts stomped
MICHEL ARAUJO (7 months ago)
ate o jukes apareceu kkkk
Crowscythe (7 months ago)
What is the songs or musics name at 6:24
TheCatChap (7 months ago)
Crowscythe bl2 blood shot ramparts i think
TZ (7 months ago)
8:25 voice of an Angel, it made me cry
Liu Sonata (7 months ago)
Hashinshin:When are the volibear nerfs coming? xD
TheReWiinD2701 (7 months ago)
Pls stop putting that retarded Hashinshin in a "funny" compilation. Thanks.
PeWNyPnOY (7 months ago)
name of the guy playing fiora?
TZ (7 months ago)
PeWNyPnOY boxbox

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