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19 Simple Life hacks

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good idea
#Sou Hard (1 month ago)
Vc está ensinando ladrões a roubar
Cyclone0908 (1 month ago)
Kkkkk Br Br
عايشه حلوي (1 month ago)
فيينس يسنص سسييظمبمفتينيكصحبنيمشضجفيخنينثنينطيننبنبنسمسمشمصمصمثمبميمسمسم
Mubarik Abid (1 month ago)
Squibbadoh D (1 month ago)
I would NEVER EVER  drink Coke Cola again! That's what it will do to your throat & stomach lining, NO THANK YOU!
Gladys Domingo (1 month ago)
Alexgamer2.0 D-gamer (1 month ago)
Hablas español powet
Ulin Niqmah (1 month ago)
lovely ideas . so very good video.
Suelane Araujo (1 month ago)
Algum brasileiro ?
Minerva Azul (1 month ago)
99 Like👍
DrDIYhax (1 month ago)
Great ideas ! ❤
JungKook (1 month ago)
the one with the tictac box..you guys did it at an awesome manner but..you got it out of box very wrong 😂
Mian Usama (1 month ago)
Ap k denu hands pe zakham Hoy hai
HowToFun (1 month ago)
wow lovely crafty ideas! who else watches Power Visiоn every day?? 😍😍 Guys, I'm waiting you on my DIY channel! ❤
Marian Alin Gigină (1 month ago)
HowToFun 3::!,
Hello. Good
xMichal. (1 month ago)
غفرانك إلهي (1 month ago)
koktík hraje hry (1 month ago)
Minerva Azul (1 month ago)
+Lydia Williams ...
Lydia Williams (1 month ago)
koktík hraje ilikeyourvideos
Minerva Azul (1 month ago)
Yw xd
جودت جابر (1 month ago)
Brother vs Big brother (1 month ago)
I am the first
Crymbi (1 month ago)
LCSI Gameplay PH (1 month ago)

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