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* AR VISION * first watch THE VIDEO then understand the system. you are betting X. x = yourbalance/25.2/25.2 = yourbalance/635.04 now if your balance is under 0.02 btc, then just leave, the system wont work for you, as its required to have enough btc to cover for 2 losses. math time. 30bits bet = loss. now we increase by 25.2 = 756 the bot bets and wins 30 bits. if it looses the 756 bits it will increase to 19051 to win back 756 bits. so your balance has to be 30+756+19051 = 19837. if you have more btc, then just calc your min bet, depending on how much you want to invest. the more invest, the more money per game! okay, that to be understood, now open the bot, enter you playerhash, your bet and as multiplicator 25.2 then you can press start and watch your money get more btw: you cant use a password with this, if you set a password, cash your btc out create private window in firefox chrome whatever, go to satoshimines and get a new playerhash. then you can use the bot. NOTE WHEN YOU REACH THE PROFIT AMOUNT 2000 BIT CLOSE THE SOFTWARE AND CLEAR ALL SYSTEM TEMP. FILES AND CLEAR BROWSER HISTORY ALSO. the special mode is really cool, but not too safe, dont use for more than 100 games, then stop and go normal. it does this: it bets your normal bet, like 30bits, but on 5 mines. if it wins, thats 7bits, not 1! if it looses, it bets your multiplier (25.2) and your bet (30) as 1mine bet, winning you back 30 bits on low risk. if that looses again, it does the 19k on 1mine to get 800 bits bet. it doesnt happen that often, that you loose your first 1mine, but it sometimes does. so dont overuse this mode!! DOWNLOAD LINK http://viid.me/quZtq4 SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL AND GET LATEST UPDATES bitcoin earning bitcoin earning 2015 bitcoin earning 2016 bitcoin earning 30k bitcoin earning 90k bitcoin earning apps bitcoin earning bangla bitcoin earning bangla tutorial bitcoin earning bot bitcoin earning calculator bitcoin earning exchange bitcoin earning fast bitcoin earning games bitcoin earning hindi bitcoin earning in hindi bitcoin earning in pakistan bitcoin earning in pakistan 2016 bitcoin earning in pakistan urdu bitcoin earning in telugu bitcoin earning methods bitcoin earning network bitcoin earning youtube bitcoin mining payout

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Text Comments (16)
Abdiwali Nur (6 months ago)
Fake. This bot just takes your money
Mohsin Khan (1 year ago)
bhai please mujy btaien ye bot kaisay install kerna hai m ny kisi sy rupees ly ker kam start keya hai bhai please bta dain
Mohsin Khan (11 months ago)
bta dain na
Tablets e Smartphones (1 year ago)
minimum bits to work?
email plz...?
Double your bitcoins in 24 hours sending a minimum ammount of 0.1 btc to this address: 3Boa9JNPFdKcjtBM8J3vxTypf4wQRWYM4v
Earning Tools (1 year ago)
Vai....Hum kase bot instal korennge
Earning Tools дж
Mahtim Shakib (1 year ago)
hey how you got bitcoin please tell me help me
Igor G (1 year ago)
i have script working make 0.5btc day mail me igorgj@gmail.com
BTC Rain (1 year ago)
Check my channel Red Rose. You wont get disappointed. :)
Red Rose (1 year ago)
give me scrpt plz
Mark _S (1 year ago)
New bot! Make Money with 100,000 bits ----> 1,500,000 bits !!! Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tmg53w7x0o9rv7y/SatoshiminesBOTv1.6.ехе Password from the archive: 123
Ilze Akmentina (1 year ago)
Lūk šeit var nopenīt https://bitminer.io/944887
Rene Gasiev (1 year ago)
https://goo.gl/fUEdSn script
rin (1 year ago)
earn bitcoins now, join us https://goo.gl/d6GYgh one of the best bitcoin generators, claim 100+ satoshi in less than 20mins or earn and play https://goo.gl/migm2V

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