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How To Make Glue Fidget Spinner

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Deisy Mata (1 year ago)
許麗春 (1 year ago)
scaniakides scania (1 year ago)
re alebate oust
Ronnie Rotznase (1 year ago)
Nakul jangid (1 year ago)
Monika W (1 year ago)
Gdzie kupić to do kręcenia
black dragon drag (1 year ago)
great video bro I hope you make some more fidget spiner well done 😀😊☺👍
Chlpáč (1 year ago)
That glue will slowly melt and change shape by temperature of your hands. Good luck with that :D
Ismail TV (1 year ago)
adriana duncan (1 year ago)
at school
adriana duncan (1 year ago)
I just got one and i lost it today
Mago the Amphibian (1 year ago)
Maks Che (1 year ago)
Я же знаю что ты русский:)
Veeresh Buguda (1 year ago)
don't waste glue
Roblox Police (1 year ago)
At seven 11they have fidget spinners. Not joking 😐
Rosa Carmona (1 year ago)
Roblox Polic
Thiên Gaming (1 year ago)
fuck you
Albani Pasha (1 year ago)
Thiên Gaming Go to hell
MrCooper (1 year ago)
Yeaaahh!! Guys, Today is my birthday!:) 5/24/1999 Can I have a birthday sub? Comment "subbed" and I'll sub back)))
Prabhnoor Singh (1 year ago)
You can buy a Real Fidget Spinner by the money you will waste on Glue Gun Sticks.. -_-
B (1 year ago)
Who else wants to die
Arabindo Garoy (11 months ago)
Tofy Amoony (1 year ago)
Peaked Kraken (1 year ago)
i want to die oh wait didnt i kill myself when i saw awesomedisnytoys?
Dark Laser (1 year ago)
wow :) nice job
Sideusz ! (1 year ago)
różowy świat filmów (8 months ago)
Renatkaa Hrošík (1 year ago)
וואי גדול אהבתי וגם חביתי מאוד
Mago the Amphibian (1 year ago)
How so many little likes I like the video
Tricky Fox o
turrito trapito (1 year ago)
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