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How to Install Windows 10 On Windows 7/8.1 PC (Easy Step by Step)

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Install Windows 10 OS on Windows 7 or 8 PC Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/MeMJTube Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/mj1111983 Website : http://www.bsocialshine.com

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Text Comments (495)
özeller özeller (4 months ago)
may Allah upon on you thanks for explain
pyre pro (14 days ago)
+boyon keruak maybe your hardware is not fast enough for windows 10
boyon keruak (1 month ago)
Corporaldung (3 months ago)
ahullah ACKABAR
MJ Tube (4 months ago)
Nigel Xheri (1 day ago)
how can i uninstall installed windows 7 in windows vista and can i install windows 10 in vista by the same way???
Vedant Ghate (3 days ago)
Sir I don't want to lose my data from all drives so what I do it for these and I have window 8 in laptop
Tanmay Mathur (5 days ago)
bhai mera aise disc show nahi kar raha mai kya karu plz tell me bro as fast as u can
saad khurram (6 days ago)
How to do with CD
Akhil Akki (9 days ago)
will i lose my data if i upgrade to windows 10
Technical Govind verma (11 days ago)
sorry your varsion is not supported msg aa raha hai.ab kya kre,
Ashish Pradhan (11 days ago)
How to choose which drive to format
lakshminarayana erla (13 days ago)
When iam restarting pc boot is not recognising out my pen drive......hello me out pls
Ghassan Faraj (16 days ago)
please help...windows 10 goes to my hard drive in stead of usb and became allocated and i didn't install it please help
jai roopchandani (19 days ago)
Bhai jab any key wala part aaya to mera to aage he nhi bar rha pls help!!
Cole Caragan (22 days ago)
What if you choose both
Tejashwar tejas (22 days ago)
We can also make it for DVD instead of pendrive
Pradip Kadam (22 days ago)
Sorry a mistake it became non genuine
Pradip Kadam (22 days ago)
I have done this but one file wasnt installing and so it told me to restart installation but the windows 7 I have, became genuine now how to sort out this problem
Hari Om (23 days ago)
Invalid partition table This massage displayed when I do these steps
Its true but taking lots of time to install
devararm lilawat (28 days ago)
Parimal Pegu (29 days ago)
I want screenshots oh hp desktop but give me a way to do that as soon as possible
Ali Raza (1 month ago)
I open it on my  windows 8 but it say check the path and than try again please make a video
Aryan Mahendru (1 month ago)
our data in computer will deleted or not
irie irie (1 month ago)
the best!
Cole Caragan (1 month ago)
is it Intel HD 4000 Core i3 2.4 Ghz 4 GByte RAM or higher? coz i want to play fortnite
Cole Caragan (1 month ago)
+MJ Tube did you check or tested?
MJ Tube (1 month ago)
Cole Caragan (1 month ago)
I mean can we play fortnite with this ?
anupama jaiswal (1 month ago)
Offline installer or net
ThedarkBoy (1 month ago)
when we install windows 10 and we finish are we have the drivers installed ? pls answer
it actually works to me but worth waisting my 1 day XD
ALB games (1 month ago)
VIJAY KAKADE (1 month ago)
Sir ,after copying all files from usb then pc restart after that they go back again start screen it happen in my case what can i do
Saswati Routray (1 month ago)
Will it harm to pc
g manohar (2 months ago)
Iam manohar hear choose which media to its coming
ankit jaiswal (2 months ago)
Sir Is it necessary to have original driver software of computer for installing windows 10 ? Please reply
Anindita Sharma (2 months ago)
Aman All Status (2 months ago)
abhi kumar (2 months ago)
How can I install Windows 10 32bit in a pc with Windows 7
souvik mondal (2 months ago)
How much Gigabite need to download ISO file..?
Santi Pabebe (2 months ago)
Upgrade This Pc I choose YOU!
Mihir Jamariya (2 months ago)
Core 2 Duel or Ddr2 2gB ram ma windows 10 is raning or not
MJ Tube (2 months ago)
KGM TECHNO FEATURE (2 months ago)
is that 2gb enough for to install
MJ Tube (2 months ago)
Adarsh Jaiswal (2 months ago)
Bina format ke nahi ho sakta kya
sumanth komaragiri (2 months ago)
can i install windows 10 pro in windows 10 (s) ????
sumanth komaragiri (2 months ago)
MJ Tube sir is there anyway to upgrade my windows 10 (home single language ) to windows 10 pro ? thanks
MJ Tube (2 months ago)
Harshal Chougule (2 months ago)
How much time it require to install
Mukesh Dangwal (2 months ago)
I didn't get... After doing all setting... When i push F10 after black screen... Come no process is going on
abhi kumar (2 months ago)
Sir can how can I install Windows 10 32bit in a pc with Windows 7
Koparka do Kopania (2 months ago)
Windows sevan pc xD
Neo Oooo (2 months ago)
Sayan Golui Gaming (2 months ago)
If I will format c drive is it delete my windows system and Microsoft office??
Arun Arun (2 months ago)
Hii how much net It costs for the download
pyre pro (14 days ago)
Download will be around 2-3 gb
Smritirekha Boruah (2 months ago)
thanks for your help
nitin kurele (2 months ago)
laptope to ye option a hi nhi rhe ha
Sami Samar (2 months ago)
what happened to our files
SH4D0W (2 months ago)
good by 250 giga bytes porn files
MOUSSA NDIAYE (2 months ago)
Linextal (2 months ago)
Rainbow SIX (2 months ago)
will this take out my games
Sonam Dendrel (2 months ago)
Thank you for the tutorial. I have one question regarding the using of Delete, F1, F2 and F3 keys. What is the sequence of using that keys and when should i use, will it be after restarting the PC when it goes blank or before restarting the PC? Another thing is i couldn't find the "Fn" key separately as F1, F2 keys or should i use 'F' and 'N' key individually from the key board? I have completed downloading the software but i m stuck with installation.Thank you.
MJ Tube (2 months ago)
press "Fn" and delete f1 f2 when pc restart blank
Gidwens Moline (2 months ago)
It froze when it was almost done why
SpSpider [GD] (3 months ago)
It Said ISO I need to burn it or What?
Emil Moryakov (3 months ago)
What if i want to update my pc now?
Andrew404 (3 months ago)
Dose this actually work?
anuj prajapati (1 month ago)
u can try it bro
Hareen Penumacha (3 months ago)
If any data loss is there
NAVANKUR PARASOR (3 months ago)
When do we need to remove the usb?
Manish Hirve (3 months ago)
Window 10 home ka option he
Manish Hirve (3 months ago)
100% work krega kya........
HASHIM AHMMED (3 months ago)
thanks you for this
Desi Editz (3 months ago)
Best video sir.....ever...all in one...love u
Soujit Saha (3 months ago)
How long this windows gonna last...does i have to download it after some month again?
Alluri Tarun (3 months ago)
In the drive option. How I'll be knowing that option 1 or 2 is c drive. In the process it didn't mentioned which is what drive
Alien 8 (3 months ago)
I followed as u said but do not get the 'press any key' option. It keeps Restarting and again setup starts. This whole process keeps on happening. Please help.
Barun Sarkar (3 months ago)
after making the pen drive bootable after when i restart it and boot from the pen drive a black screen appears and nothing happens .....what is the problem ??
akash mahesh (3 months ago)
after completed the installation process my d and e drive can't showing anything.should i format those drive???
Balaji bala (3 months ago)
is this for also WINDOWS 8 pro to WINDOWS 10?
Aneesh Unni (3 months ago)
how to activate product key?
ashish parmar (3 months ago)
Can I do for Windows 8 not 8.1 India's how many size for this operating system to download
Shobharam Bhalavi (4 months ago)
Window 7 fir se calu ho gata
Shobharam Bhalavi (4 months ago)
Nahi ho raha fir se window 7 chalu to Kara hai
Reda Ousourne (4 months ago)
u r awesome...thnks
Bablu Prodhan (4 months ago)
What is product key?
guda swathi (4 months ago)
The system got too slow after installing windows10 why is this so and can I get the solution plzzzzz
GamingGeek 893 (4 months ago)
Will it save all my files on win 7 instead of deleting it
Satyam Prakash (4 months ago)
what is the downloading size of windows 10???? plzz someone tell
Alon Eilat (4 months ago)
0:36 look at the cursor xD
Amar vlogs (4 months ago)
When it windows 10 A with delete my accaount
Nithin Nithin (4 months ago)
When doing this all the data will be delete
Ahaan Ali (4 months ago)
Sir is drivers kahan se milenge...
Its Wil (4 months ago)
Do thia remove your install apps???
yash Pathak (4 months ago)
Bhai mera computer 2gi minutes me aapne aap restart hone lagata h Lynn iske liye koyi solution
Hardik kumar (4 months ago)
What if we don't format your data
Hardik kumar (4 months ago)
Where is the option for eraseing or not eraseing data
Binay Kumar (4 months ago)
awsm....explanation sir...& complete guide.. really apprciating...i yhink u have experience of windows user as well as youtube handling. no one can explain clearly each and every thing properly.. thanku sir...due to you..m able to install windows 1o without any confusion. thank you...
RedPanda (4 months ago)
Cheeki Breeki mate (4 months ago)
i just picked the first option
Cheeki Breeki mate (3 months ago)
Shrunkhal Wankar everything stayed the same but i just had a folder called windows.old
Shrunkhal Wankar (3 months ago)
Cheeki Breeki mate Are your files still there...or are they wiped out completely
Monshiiee (4 months ago)
will this delete my p*rn files?
Cole Caragan (22 days ago)
+Happy A 😂😂😂😂😂😂
SauceyRobloxian (2 months ago)
Happy A lmfao
SauceyRobloxian (2 months ago)
Happy A (2 months ago)
It will steal all ur good porn and replace it with gay porn.
Lyle Jan Ayuban (4 months ago)
is this need internet connection??
INDIAN ENGINEERS (4 months ago)
nani .108 (4 months ago)
I think it is working
Deekshith HS (4 months ago)
How to uninstall extra added graphics on need for speed most wanted ...make a video fast please
Intfak Ali (4 months ago)
But how to connect windows 7 WiFi network
Máté Kiss (5 months ago)
thank u
Mano Mahto (5 months ago)
Thanks this video working my computer thanks
Rajendra Prasad Sharma (5 months ago)
Why You Are Not slecting Update This Pc?????
poya palasht (5 months ago)
hi this vedio is very emazing/i have one question/do we have a another way to donwload file iso x64 for upgrade windows 7 to win10?/ my internet is very slowly ?i can download that/ i am trying for donwload iso many time?please help me

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