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habibah adeyemo (1 month ago)
Rasidi Sabari (2 months ago)
why so dumb
KennyKen Ercell (2 months ago)
Tic Tac Lighter gonna Burn an Melt
GYRATE CARTON (3 months ago)
6:47 is his hand on fire xD????????
El Chavoyo (3 months ago)
Report this is so fucking dangerous and stupid this make easy your life? pffff dislike
beautiful dreamz (3 months ago)
Watch them burn down there house. 5:25
anthony love (3 months ago)
كذبك محد يكدر يحصلة
Isaac Turner (4 months ago)
7:50 for kids jewels
Isaac Turner (4 months ago)
5:30 probably won't work
Marico DoSantos (4 months ago)
awesome way to waste data
Angela Darrigo (4 months ago)
the Nice's video now on the world
MARI LANGNAU (4 months ago)
so lash
Josh Counsel (4 months ago)
Very very and very bad😶
Josh Counsel is contos de fadas do canal Quattro for foam para o sete e replies acabou is contos de fadas
Cole Slagal (4 months ago)
U have to clean the glue sltick container first
Frank White (4 months ago)
Most boring and useless life hacks ever!
Andrew GR (4 months ago)
Are you making every shit that comes out if.your mind like seriouslt
Shaker Al Ardawe (4 months ago)
KidPulse (4 months ago)
Remove the annotations at the end of the video
yann bnd (4 months ago)
KidPulse ebjj
yann bnd (4 months ago)
KidPulse 1ze
Sparkle Girl (4 months ago)
Nam Channel (4 months ago)
Great job
Ionel Safta (4 months ago)
stepi1111_cz_ Channel (4 months ago)
Nice video
Ava ._. (4 months ago)
V.nice👌 Great job👏
P3kkamin L'abidi (4 months ago)
Subscribe me
Wiktoria Szcześniak (4 months ago)
majda noug (4 months ago)
#coolandnice :)
DBZ free fire jean (4 months ago)
Segundo. a comenta
Ana y Ruth (4 months ago)
animes amvs hay ok as lo que quieras y piensa lo que quieras pero fui la segunda
Ana y Ruth (4 months ago)
animes amvs mira el comentaro mio dice hola y fue hace 10 minutos y el tuyo fue hace 9
DBZ free fire jean (4 months ago)
Ana y Ruth you fui segundo e no ana y ruth
Ana y Ruth (4 months ago)
animes amvs no es 😡
gamer 107 (4 months ago)
first bitchh
Ana y Ruth (4 months ago)
Smeralda Nera (4 months ago)
Ana y Ruth Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
cinderella Princess (4 months ago)
Sima Essam (4 months ago)

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