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Visual Studio Code Tutorial for Beginners - Introduction

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Are you looking for a free, cross-platform and highly customizable code editor? Then Visual Studio Code might be what you are looking for so let's explore it in this video! ---------- 10 helpful shortcuts we use (below the video): https://academind.com/learn/web-dev/visual-studio-code-introduction Want to learn something totally different? Check out all other courses: https://academind.com/learn/our-courses ---------- • You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps). • And you should of course also follow @academind_real. • You can also find us on Facebook.(https://www.facebook.com/academindchannel/) • Or visit our Website (https://www.academind.com) and subscribe to our newsletter! See you in the videos! ---------- Academind is your source for online education in the areas of web development, frontend web development, backend web development, programming, coding and data science! No matter if you are looking for a tutorial, a course, a crash course, an introduction, an online tutorial or any related video, we try our best to offer you the content you are looking for. Our topics include Angular, React, Vue, Html, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Redux, Nuxt.js, RxJs, Bootstrap, Laravel, Node.js, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Ionic, React Native, Regular Expressions (RegEx), Stencil, Power BI, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Firebase or other topics, make sure to have a look at this channel or at academind.com to find the learning resource of your choice!

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Text Comments (75)
Academind (5 months ago)
As the video is a bit longer, here are some timestamps for the core topics, I hope this helps: Download and Creating a Project => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=0m55s Writing our First Code => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=2m30s Splitting the Code Editor => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=4m30s Exploring the Activity Bar => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=5m37s Status Bar & Panel => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=7m43s Customizing VS Code => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=9m09s Emmet & Intellisense in Action => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=12m31s Go to Definition & Peek Definition => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=15m24s Extensions => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=17m10s Extensions we are using => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=18m06s Introducing Shortcuts => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=19m03s Diving into the Settings => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=24m15s Understanding Workspace Settings => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=26m40s Multi Root Workspaces => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqCgcpAypFQ&t=31m02s
Ali Hussain Dhuniya (5 months ago)
waiting git integration in VS Code
anne p (2 months ago)
hi, happy friday! one question: how can i do this in visual studio code: 'You can let Emmet do this for you: simply add “trim“ (|t, pipe-t) filter to abbreviation to automatically remove list markers from wrapped content' (Removing list markers Whenever you copy text from, let’s say, Microsoft Word) like seen here https://docs.emmet.io/actions/wrap-with-abbreviation/
Michael Hofer (3 months ago)
Hey @academind! Really good videos on your channel! What editor/IDE do you use for PHP programming? Do you also use vscode or do you use an IDE like PHPStorm?
Academind (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot for your great feedback Michael. For PHP I actually use PhpStorm, yes :)
meekaZero (3 months ago)
Nice job! 🤙
Academind (3 months ago)
Thanks a lot :)
Young Ayo (4 months ago)
Thanks for the thorough tutorial!
Academind (4 months ago)
Thank YOU for your comment!
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
If you are reading this, please buy some of their udemy courses to support their great work. Those courses are excellent, you won't regret it....Invest in your education
Academind (4 months ago)
Thanks so much for your support, it's just fantastic to read that you enjoy our work :)
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
great video my friend, I've been using it for a while but I learnt new things from here, specially the peek definition tip...thanks!
Academind (4 months ago)
Really happy to read that you like the video, thank you for your positive feedback!
Je'l Awesh Medrano (5 months ago)
Hey @Academind! Do you think in these days is still worth using Atom Text Editor?
Ed (2 months ago)
only scrubz use atom
Academind (5 months ago)
I think so. In the end you should use the text editor/IDE of your choice - so Atom, WebStorm and so on are all alternatives which you might consider.
Belal Saleh (5 months ago)
well done. I didn't know that with the custom settings for workspaces and folders. You can just define a color theme and every project will have its own color theme. nice.
Academind (5 months ago)
Awesome to read that the video was helpful Belal, thank you! The workspaces are indeed very helpful, we also use it quite a lot :)
uRAGE cz (5 months ago)
Hi ! Great video ! One question.. have u already thought about react-apollo/graphql tutorial ?
Academind (5 months ago)
Yes, that is something I'm playing around with in my head. Just have to fit it in somewhere ;)
新一工藤 (5 months ago)
nice video, if you could do more about VS code, sowing more advanced useful features, shortcuts, extensions, etc... that would be great.
Academind (5 months ago)
Happy to read that you like it, thank you! We indeed plan to create more VS code related videos in the future :)
新一工藤 (5 months ago)
"code" menu is not in the window toolbar, on windows.
Academind (5 months ago)
That's true, you can find the "Preferences" (which we mainly use in the video) in the "File" menu on Windows.
Johny Mielony (5 months ago)
Amazing video! Thank you very much, now I know VSC is really better than Brackets which i used before.
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
Brackets sucks, atom as well. I left both behind in favor of vs code
Academind (5 months ago)
Thanks a lot for your comment Johny, happy to read that you like VS Code :)
Adolf Ezeribe (5 months ago)
Wow, Enjoyed this intro. VS Code seems like the future. Can you do another, on how to use it for PHP development, integrating liveserver, linting, etc., please
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
just throw php to the garbage dude...that language got super old, it's not even async, it's a blocking language....you need to upgrade your skills to get more money
Academind (5 months ago)
Very happy to read that you liked the video, thank you! We cannot promise to cover PHP in future VS code videos, but we'll keep it in mind :)
Tobias Thiele (5 months ago)
@Academind what exactly is the reason you switched from PHP-/WebStorm to VS Code? Im using it right now and I think about to switch to VS Code but I don't know why I should at the moment. Thanks :)
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
that's because WebStorm is a piece of crap, you shouldn't throw you money away paying for an editor.
Academind (5 months ago)
Nothing specific actually. I think that VS Code evolved quite nicely in the last months and additionally a free code editor makes it easier to create tutorial videos as everybody can follow along without having to invest money to buy an IDE/code editor. I still think that WebStorm is a great editor though.
Ronak Dumaniya (5 months ago)
One basic things you didn't mention how to run project in vs code which is problem for beginners.
Tiido (1 month ago)
How do I run it though, cos that is why I am searching for it
Amit Biswas (5 months ago)
For this reason i love Vs code more than Atom
Amit Biswas (4 months ago)
Juan2003gtr Oh
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
atom got really slow...I dropped it too and didn't look back, much better out of the box features
me you (5 months ago)
please do a video on https://nativescript-vue.org/ ... if its any good
Barjosa31 Blogspot (5 months ago)
Manu, I applaud You!
Academind (5 months ago)
That's so awesome to read, thank you very very much for your support!
Eric Djimtoloum (5 months ago)
Academind (5 months ago)
Thank YOU for your comment Eric!
ESPIRA MARVIN (5 months ago)
hey can you make a tutorial of a dynamic slide that gets photos from the database ..please
MrChrisMoo (5 months ago)
When opening a terminal is there a way to go to the same dir you are in?
Sébastien Bourgeois (5 months ago)
Sure, just make sure the VS Code binary is on your path so you can simply type 'code' to launch VS Code from a terminal. Then, from the terminal type `code .` This will open the project pointed by your present working directory straight into VS Code. Otherwise if you mean opening your terminal directly in the directory that you're in in VS Code, this is the default behavior. When you toggle the terminal from VS Code, it will already be starting at the root of your workspace.
LLIO?!_OI79ITЬ?! (5 months ago)
All teachers on Utube tell us that already everybody knows ="Hello World " or how to change themes)) Please doing video how to install detail VSCode for work with database(XAMPP example) or~ and how to do settings allowing to debug JS files outside work areas(in console). Thanks in advance!!!
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
shut up dude...you wont make it as a developer if you cant even google that noob
LLIO?!_OI79ITЬ?! (4 months ago)
...said hardworking cock
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
just google it you lazy prick......
LLIO?!_OI79ITЬ?! (5 months ago)
OK! Anywhere I set like for your job!
Academind (5 months ago)
Thanks for your feedback, we try to balance the videos from beginners up to intermediate/advanced users so I can totally understand that this video might be to basic for more experienced people. But we might release other VS Code related videos covering more specific (and therefore a bit more advanced) topics in the future.
Ismaeel Shuaib (5 months ago)
VS code makes my work so fun! Thanks for the tips @Max
Academind (5 months ago)
We also like it a lot, thank you for your comment Ismaeel :)
Foyah Freeman (5 months ago)
Thank you Manuel. This was an excellent introduction.
Academind (5 months ago)
Thanks so much for your great feedback Foyah, so happy to read that you liked it!
samran salyiohh (5 months ago)
I have tested vs code to edit my file hosted on server vía ftp , it was realy a nightmare every X minutes its deconnecting
Sébastien Bourgeois (5 months ago)
Give Vim a try, the simple fact that you can edit or view a file on a remote server through a terminal is a hugely productive and important task. I've seen many developers jump through all sorts of hoops using SFTP, or curl, and re-uploading files which is highly unproductive. There is a learning curve but trust me you'll thank me later
thanks academind !
Academind (5 months ago)
Thanks again for your support Ummer!
destructhit (5 months ago)
The best in visual studio code for me is the terminal
Academind (5 months ago)
Definitely a very comfortable feature, we use it all the time actually.
Tanveer Singh (5 months ago)
Fourth comment :)
TUSHAR (5 months ago)
Lol that opening amaze me😂😂
Academind (5 months ago)
We push our After Effects skills to the limit :D
bhangachora (5 months ago)
Why 33 minutes, man?
Altair Yoshimitsu (19 days ago)
you can make it to 16 minutes by double speeding it.
f0rheX (1 month ago)
Juan2003gtr  I literally fell asleep watching him talk for so long didnt even made it to the end so yeah that's long also im not criticizing his work its not a bad tutorial at all when i woke up i watched the rest of it so yeah
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
shut up dude, why are you criticizing his hard work, go to another channel if you can't invest half an hour to know a tool you will use 10 hours a day
Academind (5 months ago)
It's indeed a bit longer than initially planned, I added some timestamps (pinned comment on top), maybe this helps a bit.
suvedha ganapathy (5 months ago)
The craze for first comment... and hearty thanks Max!!!!
Miroslav Pribul (2 months ago)
Juan2003gtr (4 months ago)
he's not max

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