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How to Insert Watermark in MS Word (Picture & Text)

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Add picture and text watermark in MS Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.. Click this link for more detail... http://www.bsocialshine.com/2015/10/how-to-insert-watermark-in-ms-word.html

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Text Comments (23)
Rajeshwari Raja (1 year ago)
thanks.....good and simple one!!
Arif Warsi (2 months ago)
Vikash Sahani (10 months ago)
hii Rajeshwari Raja
athihrii lerina (1 month ago)
Hansraj Katara (2 months ago)
Very good !!meet it up 🤗
Hansraj Katara (2 months ago)
Keep it up 🤗!!
Dober Mann (3 months ago)
thanks bro
Elite Engineers (4 months ago)
Tanvir Ul Isalm Mirza (4 months ago)
Hello, could you add a Continuously repeating text diagonally, flat or any angle as back ground text filling the whole page. Edge to edge, corner to corner ?
Namay Nayyar (5 months ago)
prince chouhan (6 months ago)
Thanx bro
Jonathan Tiu (6 months ago)
Gagan Kaushik (7 months ago)
Water only in one page ,so what I do
Aluru Haneef (7 months ago)
Md Monir (9 months ago)
Good jobs!!!! It was very helpful. Thank you!!!!
LOVE BIRDS (10 months ago)
We need big glasses for watch this vido :-\
Shariar Salman (10 months ago)
tnx vai]
NZ Official (1 year ago)
bundle of thanks
Hannah Hill (1 year ago)
In word 2016 you have to go to Design then Watermark.
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
Mary Krigbaum (1 year ago)
I hope you can help me remove a watermark from an image. I must have done it really well as now I can't remove it. Please help.
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
use ms paint
RM Hutchins (1 year ago)
I enjoyed your video. It was very helpful. Thank you!

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