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3 Amazing Life Hacks With Lighters

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BOT LIFEHACKS (1 year ago)
*AWESOME video! Finger up, comment and friends forever!*
roblox boi (1 year ago)
3:04 u dead
500th like
Rob Boss (1 year ago)
Spray it then light it.
Joshua Atkinson (1 year ago)
Poo Cool
thompsonof4 (1 year ago)
u know what's funny, some of people don't have this stuff like u to make this stuff. I'm not trying to be rood but it's true.🕓🕔🕧🕖🕗🕘 and not a lot of people don't have time
Poop Gord (1 year ago)
The fist one you can use to kill a man
Finn Bee (1 year ago)
Dude this vids are awesome
Melissa Gonzalez (1 year ago)
R a i n / C l o u d (1 year ago)
Why do people call it life hacks? You can't hack life... Its called a "Cool thing you can do."
aksheeta neel (1 year ago)
cool ideas
Иван Иванов (1 year ago)
Всем привет
Carter Budensiek (1 year ago)
Horváth Brigi (1 year ago)
like 😁😁😁😊😊
yolo troll 317 (1 year ago)
Like ☺☺😃😃☺😃☺😃
YZ HACKS (1 year ago)
Hey guys If u sub me i will sub u with 3 accounts
Ninja Flame Wolf (1 year ago)
Just subbed
abdullah ahmed (1 year ago)
YZ HACKS. I love your vid fuck i cant wait for more I want more
Dudethatsrandom (1 year ago)
Cool video, We used to do the last one as kids for fun! 🔥🔥 I make videos like this too, just hit over 1k subs would be great if you could help me reach my goal of 5k in 4 weeks! Keep up the Great work 👌
Sarı Kafalı Oyuncu (1 year ago)
Power Vision (1 year ago)
Guys common let's put on 10.000 likes this Video!
Edelys21. Sotomayor (1 year ago)
everybody could you please like this video now!! okay and i'm Edelys Satoyor 21 gamer okay 👼😊😊😊
Edelys21. Sotomayor (1 year ago)
Edelys Satoyor 21 gamer 1,000004444 likes now!!! please please please please please please ok hehe😆😆😆 I like this one better this video is the best 😊😊😜💑👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💖💗💟💞
Dudethatsrandom (1 year ago)
I was 14th, Only 9986 to go Goodluck!
Power Vision fuck you
Vlogging with Yousef (1 year ago)

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