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Install Arduino driver on Windows 10

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Due to any reason, you cannot install the Arduino driver on Windows, you can try to update the driver manually in your Device Manager. http://arduino-er.blogspot.com/2015/10/install-arduino-driver-on-windows-10.html

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Text Comments (32)
Kiss my libTARD (17 days ago)
yea good show me the best case scenario to help with the worse case scenario, are all youtubers a bunch of idiots ?
Ken Shostad (4 months ago)
That's great for the UNO RV3 driver, but what about the MEGA2560 driver, installing on a laptop running windows 10?? I CAN'T find it on their website either...
lolerilol (4 months ago)
dude i got a big problem i dont have a Arduino folder in program files or program files x86 and not even on my D: drive
parzival Ragnarok (1 year ago)
thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
Rizwan Bin Sulaiman (1 year ago)
Thank you , it worked for me
Jimngu Gk (1 year ago)
Hi I have problem with flashing the Skynet firmware to my 3d printer , show this avrdude: ser_open(): can't set com-state for "\\.\COM5" and my pc and my com all show ramps is connected , but cant successesfuly upload the firmware to my printer , I am using window 10 too , can you help ? thanks
Jozsef Ienciu (1 year ago)
Thanks this help a lot.
Jason Ross (1 year ago)
Uninstall a working driver then reinstalled it = Unicorn flatulence.
leckraj jeebun (1 year ago)
i have already update the driver software but unable to get the arduino application.. anyone help please?
Andre Luiz P (1 year ago)
Very simple your video. worked, thank you.
Tarek Ahmed (1 year ago)
Guys somehow the access is denied due to an error.. this message popup after the update step any advice?
Sumeet Paranjape (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot.
Anthony Fatica (2 years ago)
You saved me a huge headache right before I was ready to give up for the night! Thanks!
PanicoManiaco CW (2 years ago)
Thanks for help man.
when I pluging the arduino, and I open the device manager that didn't show 'port . . .' or 'unknow device' either, if 'unknow device' show up I can easyly update the driver, but there's nothing, how can I fix that problem?
Rohit Singh (1 month ago)
same issue here
Harasara Gajadeera (11 months ago)
i'm having the same issue.. Did anyone solve this? Device manager doesn't show port
Prince Jodhani (1 year ago)
same problem in my laptop. please fix this problem. do you get fix problem???
Jafar Chembatty (2 years ago)
Oh. Was it??? :(
+Jafar Chembatty my friend said that was short
Mr.Nip (2 years ago)
whenever i try this it says "The best driver software for your device is already installed"
Great Joe (4 months ago)
Yeah, I couldn't believe it. Went from a cable with decent shielding to one with decent shielding AND a ferrite filter on one end and that did the trick.
SYS ADM (11 months ago)
att. I solved with a symple plug,i didn't put the usb cable on the board correctly LOL So... Now it's working as com6
Philipp Brogli (11 months ago)
I had the same problem. My fix was that I forgot to choose the right type of board in the tools.
SYS ADM (11 months ago)
Same here,ideas?
Sebastian Nenn (1 year ago)
first i used a usb-cable that i still had in my cable-box and i had the same problem, then i tried the one wich came with the arduino and now it works, thanks for the tip :)
Neyurchles Complerb (2 years ago)

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