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How To Install The AMD Blockchain Mining Driver and Troubleshoot

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https://www.Foleum.io is an innovative blockchain mining project that can generate its own power using GREEN hybrid technologies. The project makes it possible for individuals to take part in GREEN blockchain mining. Foleum is a community based project that is open to everyone who is willing to support the network and benefit from it. By combining Blockchain and GREEN technologies we are able to help create a decentralized blockchain future that is ecologically sustainable and profitable for our community. Foleum is more than just a GREEN blockchain mining project. It is going to change the way the world thinks of mining. https://www.foleum.io https://youtu.be/Prv0aX1r10U It's about time I go ahead and start updating all of my rigs to the new blockchain mining drivers. So come join me and I'll teach you how I'm doing it. ***Make sure to subscribe to my channel, there's a lot more to come and you don't want to miss it. It only takes a second*** ***Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Consulting*** Need help or just want to talk about cryptocurrency? Email me at: TheBitcoinMinerNC AT gmail DOT com Follow BitcoinMinerNC on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/BitcoinMinerNC Follow BitcoinMinerNC on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/BitcoinMinerNC/ ***Support the channel*** Tips are appreciated. Here's my Addresses Bitcoin: 1PPbQioFqzpw2KLSdgP3m2arezB89FaHPr Ethereum: 0x951fa86582a2620E8d033b221a798085bB9FCd22 ○○○○○○ Support the channel by shopping at Amazon ○○○○○○ ► Amazon US - http://amzn.to/2e2vXbq ► Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/2dEoJHF ► Amazon Canada - http://amzn.to/2e036ki ► Amazon Germany - http://amzn.to/2dCsWLW ► Amazon France - http://amzn.to/2e2xNsE ► Amazon Italy - http://amzn.to/2dCsZHi ► Amazon Spain - http://amzn.to/2dCu7uN You can buy anything, every little bit helps, Thank You! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 GPU Hardware Part List ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 480 8GB OC : http://amzn.to/2cFy8Px OEM version of Windows 10 professional for $25: http://www.kinguin.net/r/Win10ProOEM ASRock H97 Anniversary LGA 1150 Intel Motherboard: http://amzn.to/2cl9G48 or ASRock H81 PRO BTC R2.0 http://amzn.to/2lebtdQ Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G Thermal Paste: http://amzn.to/2cmxNSH EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 G2 80+ GOLD: http://amzn.to/28WDEvn PC Case Mainboard Power on/off Push Button Switch Connector Cable 5pcs: http://amzn.to/2bZQH0y 6-Pack PCI-E 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card http://amzn.to/2cmyc7u Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3: http://amzn.to/2cmxSWH Kingston Digital 120GB SSD: http://amzn.to/2bZSJxH Intel Celeron G1840 Processor: http://amzn.to/2bJ4N7F ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bitcoin Mining Hardware ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antminer S7: http://amzn.to/1mGxV0K (new) Antminer S9: http://amzn.to/2dSFk9v (new) Antminer R4: http://amzn.to/2dJpu1H (I use this one) EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 80+ TITANIUM: http://amzn.to/1mGxRho EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 G2 80+ GOLD: http://amzn.to/28WDEvn (Must have 240v) AntMiner APW3-12-1600 PSU Series 1600W: http://amzn.to/28R2VW5 APW5 1300W-2600W Quiet Power Supply: http://amzn.to/2dVDB7w ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free Bitcoin Wallet from Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/568eb0f6b6ea174e99000000 Sign up and buy $100 of bitcoin or more, and we'll both earn $10 of free bitcoin!

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TheBitcoinMiner (5 months ago)
https://www.Foleum.io is an innovative blockchain mining project that can generate its own power using GREEN hybrid technologies. The project makes it possible for individuals to take part in GREEN blockchain mining. Foleum is a community based project that is open to everyone who is willing to support the network and benefit from it. By combining Blockchain and GREEN technologies we are able to help create a decentralized blockchain future that is ecologically sustainable and profitable for our community. Foleum is more than just a GREEN blockchain mining project. It is going to change the way the world thinks of mining. https://www.foleum.io https://youtu.be/Prv0aX1r10U
Sanan Bhatti (2 months ago)
Brother, I cannot run more than 4 GPUs on windows 10. I have asus h 110 btc pro 3300ghz with 4gb ram. I have 3 RX570 sapphire cards and 3 RX580 cards. I watched your video and it seems you haven't encountered this problem as ur windows detected all the cards. Any advice you can give me???
hobberification (2 months ago)
Hey having done this. I now get the miner just stating the pool and exiting. Looks like it's an opencl problem. When I use gpuz it says that it's in directcompute 5.0. is this common when u do the above driver update? How do u bring it back? Opencl.dll is in the driver files...
Byron Chadband (2 months ago)
Thanks great vid. I followed the instructions to the tee. One card was not showing of 4 cards. I ran the patcher and all cards are showing, however when running the miner it sees all 4 cards and then immediately closes.. Any ideas ?
joseph breelove (6 months ago)
hen i hey i build another rig 580 8gb , i did the update for the blockchain and when i start claymore its powering down. any suggestions?
TheBitcoinMiner (6 months ago)
Hi joseph breelove, sorry to hear you're having trouble but congratulations on your new rig. It sounds like you didn't run the pixel Patcher and if that doesn't work on install the driver and start over. GL
Mobi Dev (6 months ago)
Hi. Thank you for the video. MSI afterburner doesn't see my GPUs. I've reinstalled MSI afterburner/drivers, but it doesn't help. Did you have similar problems?
Raquel Refuerzo (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Dimas Permana (7 months ago)
you should be getting around 28-29 Mh/s at that memclock if you mod the bios. works for me.
Mary Wel (7 months ago)
Ran DDU just like you did, and now after reboot, I get no display on the monitor. Cant even get to Bios, or safe mode.
TheBitcoinMiner (7 months ago)
Hi Mary Welter, very sorry to hear you're having trouble! Interesting problem, if you have the card on a riser try plugging it directly on the board. Or try plugging directly into the motherboard instead of the graphics card but you'll have to go into the BIOS and turn on the onboard graphics. I hope this helps and good luck.
Ehsan A (7 months ago)
you dumb ass mine 26 instead of 30 mh/s. you really are idiot
Casey Jones (7 months ago)
Hey, nice room bro. What were you doing in a refrigerated closet with tons of electrical outlets before you were mining in it? Priceless.....lol
YogaFlameTV (7 months ago)
I tried to instal the 18.22? Amd driver and when I reboot the computer or psu will not start turns on for one second and then off. My first mining rig annoying cause I was getting 20mh just now found out their is a compute mode and gaming mode.. tried to install the amd drivers now system won't turn on.. any ideas?
TheBitcoinMiner (7 months ago)
YogaFlameTV , sorry to hear you're having trouble, try unplugging all of your graphics card but the main one, restart the system use ddu driver uninstaller restart the system use ddu driver uninstaller. Worst case you may need to use safe mode.
jason reynolds (7 months ago)
Where do I find pixel patcher
TheBitcoinMiner (7 months ago)
Hi jason reynolds, in the video you we show you how we got to the link but basically it's from AMD website. It's called the blockchain drivers. I hope this helps and good luck.
Antonio Brito (7 months ago)
I have problem in windows error thread stuck divice driver :( in h110 btc pro
Joseph Breelove (7 months ago)
hey ,got 2 cards hung up on 26.3, I restarted the rig 3 or 4 times still the same, any pointers?
TheBitcoinMiner (7 months ago)
Sometimes they're not bad it's just stuff is really finicky try switching graphics card locations.
TheBitcoinMiner (7 months ago)
Hi Joseph Breelove, usually when you're having ghost problems like that it, has something to do with the riser themselves, you made have a bad USB cable believe it or not I see that more often than not.
Wendell Uson (8 months ago)
Guys, need help. Done the install on the video. Recognize all 6 cards, but when start mining i always have atikmdag.sys error. But when mining with 5 cards no problem. Thanks in advance for advice.
TheBitcoinMiner (7 months ago)
Hi Wendell Uson, very interesting did you run your pixel Patcher? If you install the pixel Patcher and that's not the problem I would uninstall everything and redo it.
Josh Stohr (8 months ago)
Hey guys, followed along but being as Ive got 3 different AMD cards right after running the DDU step, sorta as you mentioned, upon restart had no screen so restarted again with just 1 primary card plugged in (no onboard graphics display) it came back online.  Continued through the new driver install with just the 1 card.  After a shut down, plug in other 2 cards, start up, the system is now showing all 3 cards:  question being I've only installed drivers on 1 of the cards, I'm not sure what to do from here to assure I get all cards dialed in?  (R9 390, R9 290, R9 290x)
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Josh Stohr, I like to install the driver with all of the cards install if it's not possible then your next best thing is to install it with just one card, like you did and then when you restart it let it sit for 30 minutes it should find them. If not uninstall the drivers and try to reinstall them again with all the cards plugged in. Good luck I hope I helped.
Joseph Breelove (8 months ago)
do you have anything for the Nvidia 1060 6gb scc I'm only getting 22mh/s with afterburner. I see other guys getting 25 mh/s with 3gb
Joseph Breelove (8 months ago)
TheBitcoinMiner ROCKS
Joseph Breelove (8 months ago)
hey everybody this WORKS I Went from 20 mh/s to 29 mh/s with the rx580! I still have one card hung on 26.3 how do I fix it
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Joseph Breelove, nice job man congratulations! Sometimes the afterburner setting do not take to every graphics card you need to check them each individually and or restarted a couple times. Hope this helps good luck. I was just about to send you an email when I saw your message.
Joseph Breelove (8 months ago)
Joseph Breelove (8 months ago)
do you work on other people rigs? I'm about 2 hrs away and would like to bring my rig to you for help. I have the rx 580 8gb and only getting 20mhs
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Joseph Breelove, send me an email we'll figure it out.
Christopher Obel (8 months ago)
when I check whattomine.com... it says that LBC coin is not worth mining with RX 480/580 cards.. but I see you dual mining with it (ETH/LBC).. it is more profitable than whattomine.com is reporting out? Is dual mining more profitable since you are drawing more power per card?
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Christopher Obel, you're correct it's not very profitable to mine right now but it was when I initially set this up and I decided just to go ahead and leave it because I like the project.
MaxintoshProductions (8 months ago)
@TheBitcoinMiner What do you think about setting up the AMD Radeon Frontier Edition GPUs (8 total) ? I hear it is very difficult but I've signed myself up for the challenge. Care to give me your two cents?
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi MaxintoshProductions, I personally have not tried them yet but once you get the system to recognize all eight cards and the driver installed you should be fine. I hear they're very good with Monero. Good luck and make sure to update us.
Mar Unknown (8 months ago)
hi bro it is applicable for rx 560 4gb oc hynix memory
Tom Bettendorf (8 months ago)
Thanks guys I went from 17-19 MH to 24-26 MH with this driver and patcher!!
Tom Bettendorf (8 months ago)
5 Sapphire Radeon RX 470 and 1 Gigabyte RX580
Mar Unknown (8 months ago)
what gpu are you using?
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Tom Bettendorf, nice, glad I was able to help!
Kenny (8 months ago)
hi, would be interested to know why a ddu is necessary and why you need to patch using the pixel patcher in some detail. great vid.
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Kenny Lai, I use the graphics card uninstaller primarily because it blocks windows from updating the graphics card drivers and it's always better to start with a clean slate. The pixel is required because AMD does not like miners apparently. If you have more than 5 cards in the system with modded bios is it will not recognize them. I will say it's not really required on the 480 580 most of the time but always the for 470s 570s but I consider it best practice. I hope this helps and good luck!
Cryptomined (8 months ago)
You just install the newest AMD drivers and switch gaming to compute. You dont even have to patch them
Cryptomined (8 months ago)
search using a search engine, its in wattman, there is a setting to change gaming to compute.. im in linux right now and cant check the exact details, but a simple search should pull up the necessary info for you
Joseph Breelove (8 months ago)
I'm trying to do this, on my xfx 580 8gb I'm a newbie. I  have the drivers what does it mean to switch gaming to compute, and do you have to unplug all the cards and do 1 at a time
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Thanks I'll have to try that on the next one I was going to do today.
Nestor Rivera (8 months ago)
Good video! 👍
Crypto BirdDog (8 months ago)
Jose Duarte (8 months ago)
Hello I wanted to know if you turn off the machine per week or per month or is not shut off
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Jose Duarte, no I am not restarting them on any kind of regular basis.
Fat Sausage (8 months ago)
Hey try downloading team viewer for your remote rig so you don't have to pull it every time you do some maintenance!
Marco Ruiz (8 months ago)
Where did you got those cases?
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Marco Ruiz, we are custom making them for our projects. I was thinking about trying to make extra so that we can make them accessible to other people. Would you be interested?
Gary Brigman (8 months ago)
hi i'm from N.C. too Richmond CO. about 2hr down south from you
Jason Sides (8 months ago)
Hi! I am in Rowan CO. Great videos
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Gary Brigman, I always love it when I get a chance to meet local North Carolinians and believe it or not I'm starting to realize there's more of us than I ever thought. Someone has presented the idea of doing a meet up here in North Carolina would you be interested? or anyone else in the immediate area I'll try to organize it if there's enough interest.
Robert (8 months ago)
This driver has been around for a while.
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Robert I hope you're doing well, yeah it's been around for a couple of months but unfortunately I'm playing catch-up.
Kev RWL (8 months ago)
One question: Can you make your intro less loud? I think it's a bit too loud. Thanks and props to you for your videos. Greet a swiss miner =)
TheBitcoinMiner (8 months ago)
Hi Kev RWL, thank you for the feedback. I will try to figure out how to turn it down some more. I am trying out different editing software at the moment and that may be part of the problem. Thanks I try =)

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