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Text Comments (436)
the Jauregay (22 hours ago)
great! can u do bedroom hacks <3
Shreya Acharya (1 day ago)
You cheated on chips hacks
Nath Indus (2 days ago)
I think you are a big fan of nutella
Balaji Banavath (8 days ago)
Rekha Gupta (17 days ago)
Copied from 5 minutes crafts
Raju Singh (18 days ago)
Shivshankar Goswami (19 days ago)
I also think that you r a copy cat
Shivshankar Goswami (19 days ago)
How can you put colgate in Oreo ? Are you serious to do that?
Ankit Sehrawat (1 month ago)
5 minute craft is better
Yash Pattani (1 month ago)
copy catter
Alok Singhal (1 month ago)
You are cheater you coped 5 min craft
Jinia Rahman (1 month ago)
I love kichen hacks
Sarijini Pradhan (1 month ago)
Coped from 5 -minutes crafts
Daram Satyanarayana (1 month ago)
mdataur rahman (1 month ago)
U r copying 5 minutes craft
sel hakel (1 month ago)
Tf that pizza looks nasty
Sunil Agarwal (1 month ago)
copy 🤠 cat
Musarat Jabeen (1 month ago)
All those who are saying that this is copied from 5 minutes crafts, go wash your face 'cause he is even making something that u are not so u should rather appreciate his/her work not sitting and commenting rubbish and demoralizing him!
Badass F**k Yeah! (2 months ago)
5 Minute Crafts RipOff...
Aurelia Grigorescu (2 months ago)
copi de la 5 minute creative
Sunita Warna (2 months ago)
Why are you repeating these hacks from
Priya palod (2 months ago)
Eliane Venderametto (2 months ago)
Robert Collins (2 months ago)
This is just a worse version of 5-minute crafts.
Dipanshi Sharma (2 months ago)
Copy of 5 minute crafts
Javeria Nasir (2 months ago)
It is the cheating of 5 minute craft.
Selvi Arul (2 months ago)
Copy of the 5 minute craft
atul p (2 months ago)
You copied five minute crafts
Monisha Wilson (2 months ago)
Stop copy ing and get it own i deas
Sehra Torabally (2 months ago)
These are cool
A&R Gaming (2 months ago)
1:03-1:16 is from Guava Juice
Aparna Kulkarni (2 months ago)
19 very fast repeated kitchen life hacks
Aparna Kulkarni (2 months ago)
8:32 that Nutella thing is ok but what about the mess done by the milk?
Gameuse Ps4 (2 months ago)
Fuck you copied 5 minute craft fake 😂😂
creeper Zanoni (2 months ago)
Blehh that frozen pizza was an offense for me and my county!!! Pizza isn't rubbish!!! Long live the real pizza!!! And long live ITALY !!!
Nandani Luitel (2 months ago)
This is copied from 5minutes crafts
Comment Section 9% Friendly Comments 90% People saying you copied 5 Minute Crafts 1% None of these work for me
Shadow Shadow (2 months ago)
He stole every single idea from 5-minutes craft and troom troom
Shadow Shadow (2 months ago)
Dumb stupid man I hate this shit
Shadow Shadow (2 months ago)
Shadow Shadow (2 months ago)
Shit to him this cheater
Shadow Shadow (2 months ago)
He had stole this ideas from ************** Chanel
Santosh Kumari (2 months ago)
Go and die anywhere why do u make videos in which has chicken
Kimberly Hurt (2 months ago)
You ruined watermelon and snickers shakes for me
Jaira Mei Gumapac (2 months ago)
Copied from 5minutes craft😂🙄
selera rasa (2 months ago)
i like
Muhammed Alfattah (2 months ago)
Copied from 5 minutes craft
geeta g (2 months ago)
Wast you have copied form 5 mins crafts copy cats idiot😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Weronika Jotusiewicz (2 months ago)
Mislene Santos (2 months ago)
Abhishek Kumar (2 months ago)
5 minutes crafts is better to do
Bhanu Tomer (2 months ago)
All ideas are good . Keep it up
Katarina Petrova (2 months ago)
You copiet 5 minute crafts but that with orange like halloween pumpkin is cool.
Nereida Sims (2 months ago)
What’s the recipe for the Nutella cookie?
Alan fvn (2 months ago)
Mr. Neonid (2 months ago)
Все продукты на английском,а желатин нет :)
Nazwa Mutiara Asyifa (2 months ago)
Copy 5 minute crafts 😑😏😏😝👊👊👊
Gulnare Memmedov (2 months ago)
Super vidiyo
Jay Z (2 months ago)
2nd last one, what's that white stuff put over Oreo & frozen?
susil somaz (2 months ago)
Best video, wow😀😀😀😀
Lol gamer Vishal (2 months ago)
5minute craft you copy
Lalsha Yadav (3 months ago)
Copy 5 minute crafts
Yash Don (3 months ago)
cheater hate this video
hien pham (3 months ago)
Good Idea 👍
Prakash Suthar (3 months ago)
Why you had copy from 5 minute craft is better than you
shubham Singh (3 months ago)
Wow it's cool .......
Eryk Niewiadomski (3 months ago)
#10 easy riddles that will brake your head
yosr khedhri (3 months ago)
5-minutes craft is better. I don't like this
Md. Washi Akhtar Ansari (3 months ago)
you have copied 5 minute crafts
Shakti Luthra (3 months ago)
Agar m&m jelly intni hi cool lagi to kha ja krrr
FyreWolf (3 months ago)
You know you should eat the skin of a kiwi 🥝 it adds more texture and it's more healthy for you
Serajul Islam (3 months ago)
I loved that orange one.......keep it up bro😘😘😘
Дженняшка :з (3 months ago)
*Не понимаю, какой идиот когда есть чипсы ломает их?*
نونه حبي (3 months ago)
Котури Kim (3 months ago)
у тнбя желатин был написан по русски
Rahul Rawat (3 months ago)
Wow but I don't have things😢
uñkñowñ• •name (3 months ago)
5 Minute Crafts don't copy like y'all do😒😑😶☠️💀
Prerna Kumari (3 months ago)
Hey you have copied 5 minute crafts hacks
Stoika Stoyanova (3 months ago)
Very fun
Anupama Patil (3 months ago)
You copied 5 minutes craft and there is no point of wasting such time and making kiwi fruit look good
The Channel (3 months ago)
Hello guys I saw many of the comments that you are copying of 5 min crafts ..... what happens if copied from 5 min crafts if some one don't know about 5 min crafts he / she will watch and learn ..... don't be foolish. .. and one thing talk in proper way...
clara winget (3 months ago)
you are a copy cat
•_•_•_• How many faces are there?
alysson martin (3 months ago)
That so 😒 lame
Liquid Übermacht (3 months ago)
Lü lü lü lü lügenlord :3
24 Ishaan (3 months ago)
Are you indian bro
ItzStephanie (3 months ago)
Metal against metal is a VERY bad idea. And yes, he must be copying 5 minuet crafts
-Honey- (3 months ago)
97% of the comments: you copied 5-minute crafts! 54% of the comments: nice comments 1% of the comments: something else that is about the video or the channel at all.
Mehak Fatima (3 months ago)
I don't think k humy kisi k page k vary ma bura kahna chahiye q k her koi apni apki jagha bht acha hy
irloo zoëzoxoxo (3 months ago)
You have ruinadet pizza
Geeta Rani (3 months ago)
You have copied . Such a chiter
Yyi Utou (3 months ago)
Copy five minute craft
Karin fox (3 months ago)
Just some stupid copycat
Majda Ftouh (3 months ago)
he bites a lot at once
Majda Ftouh (3 months ago)
Majda Ftouh (3 months ago)
5 minute crafts
Kœßhik Máhæťø (3 months ago)
5 minutes craft is than yours
FUN WITH AK Lst (3 months ago)
Copied fromb5 minute craft
Studio Samley (3 months ago)
The 5minute craft is shit!! This Russia Cannel is great!
Studio Samley (3 months ago)

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