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6 Smart and Easy Phone Hacks

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Visit my channel page for more hacks:) In this video you are watching phone hacks and ideas that you can do at home.Diy phone case,diy phone holder,diy music splitter.

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Text Comments (328)
noxtez f (2 days ago)
Aman Grover (5 days ago)
5th me volume nhi ati
Falak Khan Parhan (8 days ago)
Андро Ремон (11 days ago)
😁 прикольная реакция с лаком для ногтей,пока жена по ходу не очухалась
MR.Exsperiment (12 days ago)
Michael Casiano (13 days ago)
Useless hacks
BORIS BIBIK (16 days ago)
Музыка хуйня уёбещная. Дизлайк
Urjit Bhavsar (17 days ago)
So cheap
Sammy Benjamin (21 days ago)
Where do these posters get this horrendous background music :S
Ogre Snot (21 days ago)
Hahaha the best of pichketine
ChozoSR388 (23 days ago)
I'd like the last ten-and-a-half minutes of my life back, please.
Monkey Misfit (24 days ago)
Total shit, a blind kid with no arms could make better stuff
deni permana (25 days ago)
LC292 (25 days ago)
What name of first music?
maan caxkiin (25 days ago)
Sdy.DeathCall (26 days ago)
For the first one i was like wtf is this
Frank Alejandro (26 days ago)
Clickbaittttttt :vvv
Higor AIbuquerque (27 days ago)
q inutil
Toshit Bharti (27 days ago)
Telma Chacon (27 days ago)
Zander Dick (27 days ago)
Yeah! Sure! Because we're all FUCKING SCIENTISTS!!! REALLY!?!?
abang_kusyapiq 07 (27 days ago)
Fuck last part
mukesh bhatt (28 days ago)
Useless 🤯🤯🤯
Mohamed Ayoub Badri (28 days ago)
the dumbest hacks i've ever seen 😫
Skull Pro Biker (28 days ago)
KJs Music (28 days ago)
your thumbnails make no sense
chinigamy 2003 (28 days ago)
Hey amigos me pueden decir como se llama la canción que sale en el inventó 1 Seles agradece
Jose Luis Hernández (28 days ago)
No me enseñas
kaiqui vizotto (28 days ago)
Pra que fazer esse trampo todo no fone KKK pra gravar seno que era só corta as saída dos fone ..fica 1 igual com mais acabamento Aida kkkk
ryan phillips (28 days ago)
The phone case is a cool idea I feel like it would get destroyed as soon as you put it in Jean pockets.
sleanky (28 days ago)
JD Bloodstone (28 days ago)
MAX CARRION (28 days ago)
Is very stupid
Watching U (28 days ago)
this stuff is stupid, good grief
The best guy Grey (28 days ago)
Your Chanel sucks
Mauro Mortier (28 days ago)
How bored are you to make a phone case out of popsicle sticks
ZeiZen (28 days ago)
What ur use for spray power glue?
Ariful Islam AR (28 days ago)
ai ta ph mi model koto....
*M A R S* (28 days ago)
DIY != hacks
Drafter (28 days ago)
Why is this called Hacks when noone have something just like you need
Shaad Khan (28 days ago)
i make the mic its perfectly works on android but not working on pc
sajib sarkar (28 days ago)
No 5 me jo dikhaya agr hdphn ka jack lgalu mbl ko landscape krne k liya to audio ka kakh sunai dega bana hain to kuch genuine banke dkho.... BC
Dũng Nguyễn (29 days ago)
Làm cái ốp lưng thấy gớm... Vừa xấu lại k thể dính vào cái dt d
Jonathan CoC (29 days ago)
Crees que esa funda va a proteger él móvil xD
Nithinkumar S (29 days ago)
Useless video i have ever seen in youtube
[mk-Hz] Meka HurtZ (29 days ago)
you mean HECK?
giamaica 03 (29 days ago)
Ma dove speri di trovarla una porco dio di saldatrice per circuiti,mica uno la compra apposta per ste merdate coglione
michael pasia (29 days ago)
Wasted my time for this shit.
Dawnga Msa (29 days ago)
one tu one tu
constantin baiculescu (29 days ago)
Baddest hacks i ever seen waste of time..You can buy those things from shops. 😠
Dragen Hunter (29 days ago)
I must be illiterate because i read SMART not dumb
Erick Sangl (29 days ago)
What are the songs?
sabir gaydarov (29 days ago)
It was cool but I wanted to see something like the thumbnail
Corl Franco (29 days ago)
are you cathalyzing cyanoacrylate with hidrocarbon gas and mineral oil?! nice, and is that a coupling circuit for a sonic transducer. hey who would've known i can store my dymethyltriptamine and acetylciclophenolic dust INSIDE MY phone stand
Corl Franco (29 days ago)
DUDE THANK YOU ALOT ignore the haters
Super Water (29 days ago)
ахах, русский все таки. он спалился! было написано Play маркет
Bogdan Tamas (29 days ago)
what a hack, make your own unfuncional and very unsafe case. yo dude you sure got $2 for a proper case
Kolja Fendler (29 days ago)
Cool Video😉
Anaz Mohamed (29 days ago)
How to give connection for 3.5mm splitter double connector
john rex luayon (29 days ago)
trash ideas but thanks for your effor
ConBritGuy Productions (29 days ago)
Wats this song called! At start of video
Jan Jordan Chan (29 days ago)
Dikshant Rajput (29 days ago)
Useless all
Anthony Jaime (29 days ago)
Nag pagod ka lng bro. At gumastos.
Jan Drvota (29 days ago)
Oh, you have Xiaomi too
pro100 VIP (1 month ago)
В 5 лайвхаке звук не будет идти
Vincent Oak (1 month ago)
Hey you know those problems nobody ever had? Here are the least elegant solutions possible for those
L.A (1 month ago)
"Phone Hacks" yeah right
Kepano 808HI (1 month ago)
Cuts look bad...no pride in your work is what this is
Kepano 808HI (1 month ago)
This is pathetic
Gufulafa (1 month ago)
con la cárcasa de maders de s calentara al millón :™
SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim (1 month ago)
I bet that phone case can't hold a phone, u clearly had your fingers for grip support on the actual phone lol
Dino Saurio (1 month ago)
What is that "spray" that you use in your first proyect?
Follow Gaming (1 month ago)
Hamsa Gaming (1 month ago)
Song name first video please?
EternalSalad 115 (1 month ago)
Wow! These are sooooo helpful! I used 15$ to buy the glue etc. Then i went to wallmart, and found EVERYTHING under 3$... really helpful...
Himeran (1 month ago)
Зачем разбирать гарнитуру с микрофоном, чтоб сделать микрофон? Просто отреж наушники уж тогда и все. Короче, сплошной бред. Уровень 5тилетнего ребёнка!
Дэйв и Лесик (29 days ago)
Marty_Ventura (1 month ago)
What a pile of shite
TheDaki (1 month ago)
Ti si Makedonec
Stewart g (1 month ago)
Just got here and I am leaving
Dominik Kogut (1 month ago)
Dominik Kogut (1 month ago)
Za like to ci loda zrobię
karim lavji (1 month ago)
Gets stupid after 4:00
karim lavji (1 month ago)
What's wrong with the built in microphone
Jimminy Picket (1 month ago)
Picture want in the video. Click bait crap
Ben Pendergast (1 month ago)
I don’t know what makes me more upset the fact you wasted my time with a popsicle stick phone case or the fact you assumed anyone who’s invested actually money in a mobile device would actually be interested in protecting it with such an ugly thing....
TioNinga (1 month ago)
Deslike and clickbait :3
Timur Guseynov (1 month ago)
Хрень какую то делает не нужную
ADAM4IK (29 days ago)
далбоёб англиского не знаешь
eSse Player 1 (1 month ago)
Español :v ?
Alastex. (1 month ago)
Good thing they are “smart and easy” so sad it’s way more expensive and time consuming than just buying it also sad they’re all useless
Faith Fayzmuhammedov (1 month ago)
Дешево и сердито
Siddhartha Singh (1 month ago)
Arsehole, who will waste time on a case that would either scratch the phone or drop it easily.
BF4E Gabac (1 month ago)
In the title it said EASY?
Luka Musić (1 month ago)
Haha koji su to hitovi 10:56
Ree Oakley (1 month ago)
Useless and thats not even easy to make
ExCepTioNaL NiGeR (1 month ago)
dday commando (1 month ago)
Nice But Cover Is Not फिटिंग...
Mr kit (1 month ago)
8:29 ну очень тупо!!!
X3N0 ZKG (1 month ago)
"Smart hacks" i think the stupidest thing u can do it make a microphone from a microphone its a waste of time and completely pointless

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