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Q&A 27 - Damaged CPU Temp Sensor? Don't Skimp On The PSU!

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Today I bring you Q&A 27, answering more of your computer tech & related questions! Enjoy :) Q&A Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOen9_vSbQou8th3ClT-Bm4ghdVhMwM38 Up To Date (ish) System Specifications: http://www.dans-tech.com/specifications.html ●●● Support Links ●●● Use these once, or bookmark them, really helps me out! ► Amazon (Worldwide): http://geni.us/d5UEBM ► Overclockers UK: http://bit.ly/2dbjNeg ► G2A - http://bit.ly/2dmVd6V ► Instant Gaming - http://bit.ly/2dbI2ay ► MMOGA - http://bit.ly/2dgbGLX ●●● Social Media ●●● ► https://twitter.com/Dans_Tech ► https://www.facebook.com/OfficialDansTech ●●● Other YouTube Channels ●●● ► CPU Cooler Guy: http://bit.ly/2cDrsCI ► GPU Benchmark Guy: http://bit.ly/2cD3YJm ●●● Contact ●●● Questions regarding reviews, marketing or sponsorships? Send me an email. ► Daniel@Dans-Tech.com ► or form at www.dans-tech.com Music Used: Indivision & Livewire - Won't You Stay (Mistabishi remix) Indivision's YouTube Channel - http://bit.ly/2dqbN7j All other music, I own legal right to use without need to mention.

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Text Comments (21)
kiran ranjitkar (27 days ago)
Thanks for the Video & the Title and Answer of Thermal Sensor Damage Becoz My Computer is showing same problem from half a year and i was unable to find out the condition, Now i can finally solve the Problem.
Kek (1 year ago)
Hey Dan, I currently have a gtx 770 and want to upgrade. I have two choices for my budget, either buy another 770 (with an new mobo that has two pcie slots) and run them in sli or get a new gtx 1060. Which option should I go for?
I just built and sold a rig with a 1060 6gb SSC. Doom 4 1080p Ultra settings 90-200fps without overcloicking on ryzen 1600x w/ 32gb ram @ 2400mhz. To give you a reference.
jvxx (1 year ago)
Terry Hasselmann (1 year ago)
Dead cat is now ON.
Jolinator (1 year ago)
in regards to the 6600k the main question is what software he is using to monitor his cpu temps, the program may not play well with the board,
Momin Hamid (1 year ago)
Hey Dan if the GTX 1060 and the RX 480 were at the exact same price which one would you buy? The cards have 6gb and 8gb of VRAM respectively.
Loki (1 year ago)
I think I saw you the other day but I didn't say hi , in hull
Dans Tech (1 year ago)
+Loki Hi, small world! I'm rather in Hull or in Hedon for work. Dan.
iTz_DaNiiLo (1 year ago)
For the next Q&A: 1st Q: Do you recommend updating the BIOS even if you're not having any issues with an old version? 2nd Q: Can you do a video on how to check if drivers are up to date? Thanks in advance, Dan
iTz_DaNiiLo (1 year ago)
UPDATE: I updated my BIOS to the latest version and everything went smooth, no problems at all. Thanks again, guys
iTz_DaNiiLo (1 year ago)
Thank you to both Richard and Dan for the answers. Much appreciated
Dans Tech (1 year ago)
I would say it's good practice to keep your BIOS up to date these days, and as for the drivers, these can be taken from the manufacturers website like the BIOS files. As Richard said, flashing the BIOS is very safe these days. Dan.
Richard Dale (1 year ago)
hondannyboy not just about issues, bios updates can also effect performance and support for newer hardware especially on newer platforms like Ryzen and Am4. Best to check the manufactures website see what the new bios offers and then make a judgment call. Flashing bios is very safe these days though so I personally always keep up to date.
Red Alert 2 PRO GAMES (1 year ago)
Hi Dan, I have two questions 1) are you planning to review any nvme ssds? 2) I have a Samsung 1tb 960evo nvme ssd as my boot drive but I think my 850pro sata ssd seems to load faster- any idea why? I wonder if it is because I run windows 7.
Dans Tech (1 year ago)
Have the Samsung 960 NVME M.2 Pro & Zotac Sonix PCIE x4 10 year ann. drive to review. You tried updating your boards BIOS? also what speed is your M.2 port?
Mr Gunner02 (1 year ago)
Hi I think your videos are awesome and keep up the good work :)
Dans Tech (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot!
Sai Krishan Kumar (1 year ago)
I am happy to see you relax and let loose, your videos are always awesome and are becoming enjoyable every single time.
Sai Krishan Kumar (1 year ago)
Dans Tech we are here to support you because you do good work, thank you.
Dans Tech (1 year ago)
That's great to hear.

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