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Teen Wolf - Scott Turns Liam

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Text Comments (14)
Charles Griesel (4 months ago)
What episode is this from
CEO 3rdGear (1 year ago)
That small ass bite
Electric Tactitian Robin (8 months ago)
cami (1 year ago)
I get it tho, cause it was the only way to catch Liam.
DoctorSockpuppetFilms (6 months ago)
Like a dog?
Please learn to spell though
Kendra Arnold (1 year ago)
I thought it was Derek who turned him.
soapy (11 months ago)
It was Peter who turned scott
Furkan Bozdag (1 year ago)
kendra arnold No
GİZZY (1 year ago)
episode what
gizemnur (1 year ago)
galaxywolf1203 thanks. (The question asked by me ,other account.
galaxywolf1203 (1 year ago)
GizemNur Onur season 4 episode 3😃
TeenWolf Productions (2 years ago)
Thanks For Watching, i really hope that u enjoyed This. Make Sure to Drop a Like! And Make sure as always to SUBSCRIBE just for more videos. Your'e Awesome.
Ethan's a Hoe (1 year ago)
TeenWolf Productions omg Scott is so hot

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