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10 Mistakes Beginners Make When Building a Gaming PC

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PC building isn't as scary as it may seem. Beginners should heed our warnings! Any other tips for newbies? Let us know! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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OFFSTAGEMOCHA 70 (15 hours ago)
Ok dont just tell us what is done wrong, tell us how to do it right
OFFSTAGEMOCHA 70 (15 hours ago)
The thumbnail popped several vains dude
wu1ming9shi (15 hours ago)
Also technically yu can "exercise" with number 5 by applying it on two surfaces that have the same measurements as the surface of the real thing. Because you can test it before applying it.
Rubik's Skewber (1 day ago)
That would consume 2 k Watts
Rubik's Skewber (1 day ago)
Lol 15 ghz little Johnny get grounded for catching house on fire
Speed Of Life (1 day ago)
Computer parts are expensive as f*ck! F*ck this shit! I'm not gonna build a pc anymore!
Stunt Man (4 hours ago)
wtf? Why you watch thr video then?
Kovels (1 day ago)
I just couldn't pass by that thumbnail
Marcos Leite (2 days ago)
Am i the only one that never has afraid of placing the CPU? XD
MBA (2 days ago)
Didnt understand a single thing LOL !
Chicken (2 days ago)
When youve been a system builder for over ten years and still watch stuff like this lol😂😂
Chicken (2 days ago)
I have legitimately been in the situation of repairing what happens when you do number 7. It suckkkkkssss
Bimzz Gaming (3 days ago)
thermal paste/compound is glue for CPU or heatsink
Roniel Jay Bitoon (3 days ago)
The thumbnail scares me.
Lonnie Wibberding (3 days ago)
Anybody else notice that when he's talking about the pins for the CPU he shows a picture of the pads on the bottom of the CPU instead?
Azraelle (3 days ago)
Letting a self-proclaimed "expert" friend build your computer then, after they destroy the IDE connector on the HDD, realize that they've never actually built a PC before.
onyx I.X (3 days ago)
My biggest Tip? *Read more*
Gavan Napper (3 days ago)
Took apart pc when i was 10 and bent up a lot of pins then bent back with tiny screw driver
Don Mackay (3 days ago)
The thumbnail tho
Liirum Laarum Pewkele (3 days ago)
I recently rebuilt my gaming pc, realized that i somehow installed the io shield the wrong way but that doesnt bother me (NOBODY SEES IT LUL)
Noam Bentolila (3 days ago)
Link's Space Program (4 days ago)
The ATX Cable is the worst
xJent3 (4 days ago)
i build my pc to it was around 220 Euro but still need a gpu my dad says buy a new its better! what do you think please help me Thanks!
Mark Clarke (4 days ago)
mistakes builders make no. 1 through 10 - it's just OUR personal opinion but having a crooked motherboard will cause your PSU to explode but YOU DO YOU
[o- -o] (4 days ago)
3:44 the screws are inverted
Soundjuggler129 (4 days ago)
Someone tell me how you would forget to put the motherboard standoffs on
crv (4 days ago)
Somehow I feel less confident now.
Sethilio Pupillio (4 days ago)
this video hurt my eyes
Neez Dutz (4 days ago)
the thumbnail scares me.
Brandon Bennett (4 days ago)
Okay aesthetics shouldn't be apart of the top 10
idealflash (4 days ago)
sweet i never know you could use a stick welder to straighten your cpu pins
Jhong Xeon (4 days ago)
2:50 if i have an option to buy this case i rather not to have the option to buy ^_^ this is so ROCK or STONE so dumb no life
Jhong Xeon (4 days ago)
2:06 i like red to be more like just a gasoline for tricycle tatke ang hirap amg english haha
Jhong Xeon (4 days ago)
1:29 for this one guess i need to try 3 way SLi .. possible? assume i was just only kidding ^_6
Jhong Xeon (4 days ago)
1:25 i preffered more to this one with red liquid hah
vawa-ID (4 days ago)
the first time I rebuild my pc, I fucked up 2 old hard drives.
BullSh!t Gaming (5 days ago)
“The Pins on the cpu” welcome back to 1995
Sadik Toys Review (5 days ago)
This is a really unrealistic benchmark as no one will underclock their CPUs...
MrMundo3d (6 days ago)
I skip the the stand up..the case.. already have the hole
Lachy McLeod (6 days ago)
I spent over $300 on a mother board and let's just say it broke in the first week of use
The D (6 days ago)
These tips are terrible.
fuzzy bee (6 days ago)
This video was so useless..
Victor Masson (6 days ago)
>be me >17, almost done buying all the parts >cable managment ok >time to plug in the cables.mp4 >12V to motherboard was hard to stick in >almost broke my new board and the cable itself >at least it can run crysis
Purple Haired (6 days ago)
yes yes, let's put some Elmer's glue on the circuit receivers... so we can die of stupidity
michael patterson (6 days ago)
that's like wanting to build a car with no knowledge abouts cars whatsoever just cause they can race (game) so idiotic, i could put a pc together at age 6
Harry Irvine (6 days ago)
Stupid bullshit.
Steve Yorkman (7 days ago)
This is why I use a Mac
Jimmy Virgo (7 days ago)
Kineth Chi (7 days ago)
You hit me with your words on the part about getting bigger case but not planning to upgrade something useful. Thank you you save my money. :)
Matija Novak (7 days ago)
CASE is the most importnant thing, i mean who cares what u have inside right? just like humans :) :)
Timothy Jahn (7 days ago)
No. 1 - Using anything from AMD.
Jo Jo (7 days ago)
my only mistake was not getting an ssd i regret it every day
Scrimjaw (7 days ago)
The editing on these videos always make me feel ill.
Panarchy (7 days ago)
the #1 error people make is buying incompatible parts, i've lost count of how many times i've had to take people shopping for parts
Satan Claus (7 days ago)
Don't forget to buy all cables to connect your hardware.
KHE Gaming (7 days ago)
The thumbnail made me cringe
Jeron Playz (7 days ago)
I have core i9 in my gaming pc lol
morfa dave (8 days ago)
Best advice to a new builder: buy a processor-MoBo package. Let someone else take care of seating the CPU applying the thermal paste and getting the cooler properly seated, everything else is comparatively straightforward. Buying a package may add a little to the cost but it's worth it for the stress reduction it affords.
Ralph W (8 days ago)
If you can, buy a motherboard with the CPU already inserted. Can save a lot of misery. Some sellers offer the service.
Luke (8 days ago)
I don’t have a pc all I have is a Mac laptop, IMac, iPhone, and iPad soooooo this video had nothing for me
Sebastjans Slavitis (8 days ago)
I actually once knew a man who in his first build applied paste on the other side of cpu
Ralph Gaudio (8 days ago)
i was disapointed to not see the thermal paste on the cpu pins mistake. my current i5 4690k is a thermal paste survivor
Cruc!f!er (8 days ago)
Robert Phoenix (8 days ago)
For anyone afraid to build a new PC and who only wants to play games at 1080p. Just buy a second hand PC that has an intel i5-2400 processor. All you have to turn it into a decent 1080p gaming system is replace the power supply with a decent brand (Coolermaster, EVGA, Thermaltake, SeaSonic. etc) put a 1050ti or 1060 in it and you are set for the next couple of years. (And you can find systems like that for $80 so a cheap system to learn upgrading and stuff on. If you later decide to upgrade the CPU (a motherboard with a B75, Q75,Q77,H77, Z75 or Z77 chipset will most likely support a 3xxx generation I5 or i7 processor which can be up to 24% faster then the 2400 which is enough of a performance improvement to remove CPU bottle necking in a lot of games.) And it gives you the option to experiment with other upgrades like RAM or SSD upgrades etc when your budget and self confidence has grown enough.
CAOSWOLFIII (8 days ago)
didnt see it so ill take one for the team .......... dont buy ram download it instead save big cash.
Gustavo Lopez (8 days ago)
2:50 I have that case!🔥
Neon Cat (8 days ago)
Oh thats easy, just watch the Verge tutorial on how to build a PC
Eric Camplin (8 days ago)
wtf is this editing
Roberto Marsach Jr (8 days ago)
Ugh I remember my first build 15 years ago when I didn't put those risers for the motherboard. Yeah....learned that the hard way.
Vincent Ryu (9 days ago)
Wow cool, you can summon the falcon...lol
Keith D (9 days ago)
With the motherboard stand off's.. It's off, not "off of". That is ENGRISH!
Johana (9 days ago)
When i built my first pc i wasnt very careful with my motherboard and accidentally bumped a compaciter with my hand and it ended up breaking the motherboard and i couldnt get a exchange because i didnt buy extra warranty
David Mireles (9 days ago)
I wanted to build a decent PC, but I only had like 2 or 3 thousand dollars, so I gave up.
Robert Phoenix (8 days ago)
You can build a server for a company with 1000 employees for that kind of money. Decent PC = $600 + maybe a monitor if you don't want to hook it up to your TV. (Yes you can do that, just as easily as with a console. HDMI is HDMI no matter what device that connector is on raspberry pi, console, bluray player, set top box, PC they all work directly when connected to a HDMI cable) And if you are willing to buy slightly older/second hand components you can build a gaming powerhouse for $600.
Sean 270wn (9 days ago)
so I should solder the cpu on to the motherboard?
Some cases can get too cheap, had to buy a new case because the first one made my cpu and gpu overheating each time I turned it on and after 15 min in a game it got over 💯🔥 degrees and it wasn’t even myself building it, got it built by a company and I’m not buying from them again because they seem like amateurs they couldn’t find the fault in the first time, it took them 3 times before they finally got the fault about the overheating,paid over 1500$ for it.
VI OBSIDIAN IV (9 days ago)
Says to spend less money on things that don't have as much of an impact on performance. Proceeds to say to spend more money on a psu
Stefan Nilsson (9 days ago)
i know a guy who tried to put hes ram in a pcie slot when he built hes computer
Robert Phoenix (8 days ago)
One tip for that guy. RTFM!
Sparkitus Maximus (9 days ago)
This is why a lot of consumer electronics stores don’t sell motherboards
Ulises acuña bianchi (10 days ago)
3 it's funny because i'm argentinian i have 20 years old and the last year 2017 i get my first job sooo first job means first gamer sistem i wass soo fucking happy i rememb my boddy shackes of happynes hahahahaha and i buy everything i arm everithing and its works i play some battlefield then i check my cable managment suck and i start again the problem was my pc builds are new and al the plugin deal was to difficult so in weird accident i connect the 2x4 atx backwards then i ho mi god im cryin hahahahahaha i givemm power and everything blow up that day wass very weard my computer works for an hour hhahahahahahaha i burn up alll my work hahahaha
Korner555 (10 days ago)
SAve 100-150$ on case? I never bought a case more expensive than 40-50$ :D
Robert Phoenix (8 days ago)
Yup and most of those cases lasted me 10 years or more.
Rob From Oak (10 days ago)
3:45 - Here your graphics suggests to install riser screws upside-down. I've never seen the motherboard attached to the case that way.
Data Banks (10 days ago)
Case size - honestly, to me the bigger case just comes down to ease of working inside it. Mid towers can be a serious pain in the arse to work in if you have multiple hard drives and a large graphics card. Sure, technically they fit but.... that extra space in a bigger tower really does make later upgrades SO much easier. Oh, you could always learn to build a custom case from old busted cases and plywood. As for heatsinks - that really depends if you have a window, doesn't it? Or if your tower is even visible most of the time.
Data Banks (9 days ago)
Also, as someone else pointed out further in the comments - bigger cases are great for air flow
SBK Stóre (10 days ago)
Elpida RAM is very high quality for mid-range standard segment. Nanya is also excellent for budget builds.
FirePanda (10 days ago)
I didnt even buy a case for my PC... I just put all my shit on a shelf...
Today Uploaded (10 days ago)
Screws for raising motherboard not touching anything it's More important It cause short-circuit So it's good idea to screws above the panel wall
i just recycle the pc cabinets that people thows away, sometimes it is just the power button that is bad. also in the subject i just recycled some core2quad to get my pc work, instead a new core i7.
Awesome Ops (10 days ago)
can you call a worker from best buy and they can help you out?
sticky170 (11 days ago)
8:07 the pins are....... (shows a cpu without pins)🤣🤣
조윤기 (11 days ago)
I built my computer few weeks ago and this is what happened built a computer and it did not boot Start to panic and search internet Check RAM and GPU and replug the plugs Reinstall CPU chip and thermal paste gets on my hand (that thing was impossible to wash off from my hands) Finds out the next day that I.... did not plug in cpu power plug.
I personally thumbs down on smaller cases. a bigger case IS necessary since it adds more fans, better space for a better graphics card and makes it that much easier to clean out and keep PSU cords in certain areas for better placement and storage. Not to mention, it just looks better than a dinky sized 90's version of some sort of stupid start case that you should have upgraded a long time ago. Very good advice on the Thermal Paste: BUT... not many people know that there is only a few brands out there. No one argues about which brand is better. We always argue about how to apply it... this is VERY IMPORTANT.
zulu67 (11 days ago)
The main thing to this video to me would be spending money in areas that make sense, all this rgb crap and all these really tall expensive cases with side glass windows, I find that this kind of stuff is not necessary for a decent gaming rig, I mean really who actually NEEDS rgb lighting, its not going to make the system faster, and also if you're not into heavy editing it makes no sense to buy an i7, when an i5 can and will do all the gaming that you could think of today, the same thing goes for those 1080 ti graphics cards, they may be the kings of GPUs but the 1060s play most if not all the games, at decent settings, you don't have to have every single detail maxed out all the time, cause to me that making the system work harder to provide those details on your screen
Robert Phoenix (8 days ago)
When gaming at 1080p or even 1440p there is no noticable difference for most settings between it's HIgh and Ultra setting. (And for some not even between medium and high). There are plenty of videos on youtube showing this. So I totally agree with you Anway everything above 30 fps, if it's a stable framerate without dips below 30) is playable unless it's a compatitive multiplayer game like CS:Go or something. But if you play a turn based strategy game like XCom II or something like that, fps is totally meaningless. (Now I'm waiting for the flame comment from that guy that just has to play windows solitair at 240 fps on his 4K screen)
etherlords88 (11 days ago)
1:25 or if your brave enough to build your own! 😂😂😂
Jack Shutske (11 days ago)
I disagree with the last "mistake". The CPU and GPU are important, but if you ever plan on upgrading in the future it is best to buy expensive from the ground up. If you spend skimp on a PSU or MOBO you'll be bottling yourself in the future when you decide to upgrade you CPU or GPU. It's always better to think in terms of scalability. PSU > MOBO > CPU COOLER > CPU > > CASE FANS > GPU > RAM > STORAGE > CASE > LEDs. Rookie builders tend to think CPU in GPU matter the most, but when time comes to upgrade them (which is common) you'll have to buy all new supportive hardware.
Jack Shutske (8 days ago)
+Robert Phoenix dust
Robert Phoenix (8 days ago)
I don't agree on case fans. If things get to hot just take of side panel and point a desk fan at the thing! Best cooling solution by far :)
Darkshock 42 MLG 0 (11 days ago)
The too much thermal paste causing damage is only if it's conductive but it does look gross.
Filipe Moniz (11 days ago)
it hurt my heart when my lil bro (13 yo) invested his hard earney 1y saving money on a 2k cad$ build only to put shitty parts in it.. he invested so much in asthetics that it cant run gta 5 on ultra at 40fps at 1080p.. he bought a fancy all led mobo with too much shit he couldn't ever max out it's capabilities, a i5 6500 (no OK), a 1050ti, 2x8 mumbo jumbo led disco disco corsair rams, nzxt cpu water cooler with that fancy led core, 2x1TB WD 7500 hdd's, 600w modular psu with, i shit you not, led cables.. bunch of corsair rbg fans, bunch of led strips, and a Thermaltake Core Open Frame chassis, a cheap ass 27" benQ monitor, also everything razer, mouse, keyboard, headset.. it was all fancy pancy like a christmas tree but ran like a honda civic type R, at first it looks cool, but then you realize it's just a civic... it broke my heart :( he got angry when it couldn't run fortnite at least 60fps
YakiDango (11 days ago)
corsair rgb fans nzxt rgb fans are nice
I am planing to build my own PC. I will save up 5K and buy the parts on my own. Do you have a recommendation for a cheap case?
Robert Phoenix (8 days ago)
Lol, no problems, you'll just get people like me responding sarcastically if you forget to specify it ;)
I am sorry for not specifying the currency.
Robert Phoenix (8 days ago)
Oh OK, but if you don't specify the currency then people will asume you mean USD when you post in an english comment section (And I'm dutch myself so I use Euros myself but in the comments I convert to USD or explicitly state I'm talking about Euros). Just a tip to avoid future confused replierrs to your comments ;)
+Robert Phoenix I live in Bulgaria and here parts are expensive. The CPU is 1000 levas, which is our currency.
Robert Phoenix (8 days ago)
You intend to coat the inside with gold or something if you think you need that kind of money?
The GOAT (12 days ago)
The only parts I feel like I'll upgrade the most is the processor and graphics card. I will get new hard drives from time to time but it'll take a while before I need to change my ssd's
TacoShy (12 days ago)
Hmm so much BS in this video. Despite that they say it is eprsonal taste, choosign LED is not a rooky mistake aswella s going for a quality case. A lot of ppl uderestimate the supprot for radiators, cable management and airflow. Standoff, are msotly applied by defaults or come with the case. youc ant pick the wrong standoffs with case the last couple years. You cant use to less thermal paste and choosign to much wont hurt either. it will nto start to flow on the motherbaord and desptie liquid metal they are not conductive. Besides that, every decent cooler has it pre-applied. A CPU also wont catch fire or brun because of that. Thats what safetymeasures as emergency shut down and throtteling are for. That video has the quality of a certain verge video... My top 10 rookie mistakes I see: 1st: Choosing a bad PSU or wrong PSU 2nd: Getting an unbalance build or parts that are not needed for gaming liek Threadripper or Intel X or Xeon CPU's. 3rd: Not switichign BIOS to UEFI instead and keepign Legacy 4th: using their drives in MBR not GPT 5th: Not using dual/quad channel on the motherboard by a wrong RAM placement 6th: Thinking that AiO coolers would be better then Air coolers 7th: Throwing away the Motherboard socket protector after the build 8th: Not installing Chipset drivers first 9th: Not enabling XMP when gettign fast RAM 10th: Conencting the Front I/O cables wrong.
John Batchler (12 days ago)
I had fun building my first time pc
Makarov Fox (12 days ago)

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