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KADITA WILL BE THE BEST HERO! Mobile Legends. So soon the new hero kadita will come to mobile legends! (here we have some gameplay as well as her full skill description!) ------------------------------------------ Follow Me At: ►INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/bluepanda1/ ►TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BluePandaReal ►2ND Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyfxrRSNJzHrW274v1oR9zg ------------------------------------------ ►FREE DIAMONDS◄ http://freemyap.ps/2fbd2da0 -How it Works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI_e_OndRiQ&t ►Buy Mobile Legends Grip: themobilegrip.com ◄ ((( USE THE CODE: "BluePanda" for 10% off))) https://www.themobilegrip.com/discount/BluePanda ►BUY PANDA MERCH!◄ https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/TheBluePanda/ ------------------------------------------ Previous video ( cool ml trailer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmasnKbvEo8&t In This Video: Mobile Legends new hero kadita gameplay Mobile Legends kadita skills Mobile Legends leak leaked Music: NCS Random Facts about Me: -My Name is Tobias Näslund -I'm From Sweden -I'm 20 Years old -I Think Pandas are Awesome Business email at: BluePanda-business@outlook.com
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Text Comments (811)
Em-Em Bohol Mendez (1 day ago)
Ouchie Box Cutter (1 day ago)
Future Nerf Victim:
Archie kennedy Ubalde (2 days ago)
ughhh...i plyed that hero shes so insanely good!
Okigalih Permana (2 days ago)
This girls legendary sea
Okigalih Permana (2 days ago)
Form my indonesia 😊 khadita
firdaus_wheremyreturn (3 days ago)
Rara Kadita/ Roro Kidul
X'Orαიge River (4 days ago)
Read it properly tobi....
Katherine McQueen (4 days ago)
Can't wait I really love her thanks for the video
Zulma Montaño (4 days ago)
Oh... I can't wait *-*
Warren Alfafaras (5 days ago)
exaggerated bleee as always
Jhonriel Himagan (5 days ago)
Wow. This well be nice
Ary Fansyah (5 days ago)
When this is hero release?
alin8080 (6 days ago)
Rip ruby users...
Google User (6 days ago)
THE POWER OF THE OCEAN!!!! Thamuz (Fire/Lava) Next Kadita (Water)....yes!!!! There is water hero again...H²0 is LIFE.. #SwimmingTime #BluePanda #NewHero
Aien Longchar (6 days ago)
Can u give me alucard feiry inferno pls
Prince Xiyun (6 days ago)
Nob mage
Patricia Kang (6 days ago)
Going to wait for her release in advance server
Ron Cabatuando (6 days ago)
She looks amazing I will buy her no matter how hard to use her.
Andrea Pastor (6 days ago)
same here
King Frost (6 days ago)
and can there be a hero that can summon hell hounds to hunt down people on the game .Wont that be funny to see them run.😀
King Frost (6 days ago)
why a girl cant it be a dope guy who looks like a legend of the sea
I Gede Yogadita (6 days ago)
Is that Nyi Bloro / nyi Loro Kidul
TITAN TAMANG (6 days ago)
I am in advaced server..But these hero is not there..Plz panda i cant see kimmy too.
bro todak (6 days ago)
I wonder where this guy get the latest hero
Zay The Music Hunter (6 days ago)
Looks lame 😐 Plss no bAsh
Tacky Toe (7 days ago)
Mage with huge area, full mobility with cc..... What next? Assassin with all global skills?
Malone Wilson (7 days ago)
I wish they reworked clint
Ngarifin Afrizal (7 days ago)
Kadita hero form Indonesia 🇮🇩
Mike Ling (7 days ago)
michael gonzales (7 days ago)
hehe good hero but only for grandmaster and classic cause in epic and up she will be auto ban but anyway she's a good hero like lunox ill buy her. when they make it available but thanks for the info
XxMavCraftxX 112 (7 days ago)
Thats harith his a mage.. The first pic
Let's Play Minecraft (7 days ago)
What's up people and welcome to this video guys, so in this video guys
John Mariel Lago (7 days ago)
When it will be released? Do you know?
Meep Groot (7 days ago)
Blue panda can i have a skin? Ign=<jhwlcrl> Skin=royal matador Please just one skin
Kristan Duky capds (7 days ago)
*Mermaid Battle Intensifies* ODETTE (mermaid skin) or KADITA
Ceejay Fernandez (7 days ago)
Can someone please explain what nerf and buff is
Ceejay Fernandez (7 days ago)
Can someone please explain what nerf and buff is
Finz Raizer (7 days ago)
Female Chara = Auto Buy + skin + user lol
ClearService GT (7 days ago)
In Mage , We Believe !
Aidil _vx11 (8 days ago)
If it not best hero i un---
Nahwang M Wangsha (8 days ago)
If all her skill I based on water.. What would she do in the dry Lane???😕😕
Paul Yumi Bergonia (8 days ago)
thanks blue panda your videos are the great
Alice C (8 days ago)
Kadita look awesome, can't wait the hero release.
kokutotzu rael (8 days ago)
So, No more Poseidon. hays
Monjit Rajkonwar (8 days ago)
Mage user here. When will she be released.
Monkey D. Luffy (8 days ago)
No one touches my hanzo alright
Pleb (8 days ago)
I want to buy Badang
Arlife GM (8 days ago)
*odette is triggered*
Dylan Dover (8 days ago)
Alif_ Gaming (8 days ago)
Who here is Indonesian?🇮🇩😁 Can’t wait for Kadita!
Pretty Jade (8 days ago)
Is kadita still available?or that will be available?
Donghae Lee (8 days ago)
Suddenly I developed a nerfophobia
*JZ * (8 days ago)
The next thing you know it kadita is gonns get nerfed
Jjj Woak (8 days ago)
Ngomong naon
John Serarano (8 days ago)
Ok, too much annoying mage to ban
Royale Iz (8 days ago)
If Mobile Legends make the Map Wider that would be epic and full of lag
Mason Lee (8 days ago)
Nope, Kadita will never be anywhere near good because of her model. She should have been male.
JinO Chil (8 days ago)
She sounds OP but it's highly possible she's a support hero (so her skills will probably be muted and deal less damage). If she's a reap mage she'd be too OP, and those skills look like they're for support heroes. ALSO she reminds of that mermaid hero in Vain Glory - which is also a support hero.
irfan Mulyadi (8 days ago)
Naturally, because Kadita (Nyi Roro Kidul) is the legend of the Indonesian people to be exact, she got the nickname Queen of the south coast, According to the trust if you go to the south coast of wearing "Green" you'll be lost somewhere, and it still believes to this day.
Christian Dela Cruz (8 days ago)
Kadita looks similar to Poseidon (one of the Hero in Heroes Evolved) shes more of crowd controlling and slowing down ADR just like Poseidon of Heroes Evolved Mage/Tank/Crowd Control/Support. But ofcourse they are different in terms of gameplay because Mobile Legend has also different set of hero to match Kadita skills, just like Poseidon of Heroes Evolved it was also have different type in terms of playing in the game to match up with other heroes. I love Kadita & Poseidon looks like a couple.
Lucky Mee (8 days ago)
Yummy kadita... come to papa.. im Kudeta Magdalo
BmX LZ (8 days ago)
Yo blue panda motherfucker
werewarwolf3366 (8 days ago)
i really cant stand his accent, i out. it's soo annoying.
SEVEN AGF (8 days ago)
No i cant Long range all close range i gave mastered
Zero Kun (9 days ago)
Hmm........I think..... *Read More*
Shadow Main (9 days ago)
Ummmm I’m preparing for kimmy but now not kimmy preparing for KADITA
Davin Then tuber (9 days ago)
Yeah indonesia rules Because kadita is from indonesia
i like hentai (9 days ago)
Kadita best gir..... Wait He kill a man From this articel it say that kadita kill all hooman that wear anything green Shit Kadita worst girl
Matevei LS (9 days ago)
Mage 4 life!!! ;)
Matevei LS (9 days ago)
When is she going to be released after Kimmy vale or hareth??
Sorang Rita (9 days ago)
This hero is only strong in mid lane
Mr Impossible (9 days ago)
Stronger than fanny?
Fuzzy_ Foxx (9 days ago)
Basically a Nami rip off
Mr. Freak (9 days ago)
zero two (9 days ago)
Best hero worst lag ;-;
Sabaruddin Roslan (9 days ago)
hi handsome, long time no see u
Animation Minis. (9 days ago)
Vale is dead
Animation Minis. (9 days ago)
If your a Mage user. Like this comment I liked cuz i am
Animation Minis. (9 days ago)
Im excited
Tron Malakai (9 days ago)
Wow.. Harith looks dope😎
Roshan Oinam (9 days ago)
Damn!!She is aquawoman.
I Have a Boyfriend (9 days ago)
Water can't hurt
Here comes ShadowFiend x Kunka unit to OHKO mm.
Is this the next hero to release?
Princee YT (9 days ago)
I need kadita now!!!!!!
Grant Elias (9 days ago)
Wtf. This is legit nami......
Snowxfalls (9 days ago)
It looks like Harith In the three first pictures Nvm it is the skin for Harith
unkown man (9 days ago)
I'm literally tearing my hair out to get this hero but on the other hand I only have 12000 BB
Dat man (9 days ago)
aqeel shamas (9 days ago)
as always NEEW hero came out.....first reaction "DAMN THIS HERO GONNA BE THE BEST"
Lvheanaa MS (9 days ago)
bisa ga ya skill nya kadita d combo sama eudora? 😂😂 apa semuanya akan mati kesetrum?
Octavios Reaves (9 days ago)
Welp im gonna stay subbed but im deleting MLBB because there aint no Hanzo like wtf 😑 Kadita is cool
Shawiez29 (9 days ago)
Elemental SQUAD IS HERE!!! water-kadita valewhereareyou-wind aurora-Ice Eudora-Thunder Valir - Fire
Shawiez29 (9 days ago)
the first harith skin looks like a neko leo form fire emblem with a messy hair
Black Ice Cream (9 days ago)
kadita vs aquaman who will win?
Arnel Jr Espiritu (9 days ago)
Ocean Oddity?? Oddity-Odette? Sounds like hahahah
Storm Reaper 324 (9 days ago)
Now we just need an op support Is it gonna be mercy old ult as the first skill?
Natsu Hitsugaya (9 days ago)
Her skills make her become anti gank gank club mage My bp is ready
Rohan Rohan (9 days ago)
Nerf later:(
meroben kot (9 days ago)
U r a dead youtuber boi so dead!
m f (9 days ago)
Im tired of new mage, can we get new support or tank please :(

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