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Text Comments (660)
ProHighlights (1 year ago)
PUBG Channel Boys: https://goo.gl/dvgG9f
Mega Upstairs (4 hours ago)
Nah there were a lot of attacks which even i could've dodged...
TDFXX (2 days ago)
Sad when you play pure right click champions like jinx and kog but can‘t even do the one task that is left for you which is dodging without the help of a script
Lloyd Byron Regino (3 days ago)
Most of these have been patched already. This one is still working though *postisguides . com*
The Proton (7 days ago)
Stop fucking lying to us man. A lot of these aren’t scripts or bugs. Stop with the false videos
Rafa Kal (10 days ago)
I dont get it. If you dodge skill shots you are a cheater? Man you need to practice more and cry less
tom pebr (14 days ago)
Way full of casuals mb 2 scripts whatev
TROLLBOY 17 (14 days ago)
Did riot banned all scripters in the game?
Rocket Racoon (14 days ago)
I think cassio wasnt a scripter 4 real
?!?!?!? (24 days ago)
What is that green thing on 2:54
GhostHUN69 (26 days ago)
The tf was not a scripter at 7:20 he was using a bug that made you use the actieve from blade of the ruined King but when you used it it had a 0 second cooldown and had the power of 20 blades
Naltronosu (28 days ago)
And where the fuck is DR. Terrible?
Insharai (29 days ago)
Only had the graves auto replacer Dx the fiora and ashe were both better lol
Tips ferdora (1 month ago)
THEY'RE CHEATING SSSSSSSSSSSS STOP USING SCRIPTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Bruh if you want to get good, play + 14 games a day and you can land dodge skillshots like this
Yee BOI (1 month ago)
C9 Jensen is a scripter huh?
GhostDelta3 (1 month ago)
Flavio Marchi (1 month ago)
half of these arent scripts or cheats
Just a regular Jungler (1 month ago)
That kogmaw isnt even scripting the guy is just suppper fucking salty
Stanisława Michalska (1 month ago)
4.15 not rly script
Min-zy (1 month ago)
Alvarfenix (1 month ago)
1:07 i still dont get ir
Rnovat (1 month ago)
The ending seems to be mostly private server stuff...
jepp22 (1 month ago)
Like anyone cares about lol!
GokiLlameante YT (1 month ago)
3:40 i think thats not hack just jhin stuned malph and u cant move sooo wtf
kerry tan (1 month ago)
3:43 um didn’t malphite get hit by jhin’s W ???
mattyoos123 (1 month ago)
How dare you insinuate that pobelter cheats
Brian Lakeberg (1 month ago)
Uh these aren't even good plays let alone scripting
The WovenMantis (1 month ago)
Never seen someone say yo that fast in repetition 0:35
That guy mitch (1 month ago)
Bois let’s start a train of dislikes and unsubs til this guy stops using this misleading click bait bullshit
a (1 month ago)
Dodge = hack
OwGash (1 month ago)
God, i don't miss these ddoss'rs/drophacks, was so fkn annoying to get drophacked every time your enemy got close to losing@mid/high dia
Skygo (1 month ago)
wheres DrTerrible?
ZombiOscuro (1 month ago)
3:41 that's not scripting, jhin used W and stopped him lol
SiR PrAnKsTer (1 month ago)
Scritpers shouldn't even be memorable
Vadalico (1 month ago)
_Hug's Monster_ (2 months ago)
Why many of the cheaters use Xerath?
MKG_Static (2 months ago)
The kog attack move was proven to be possible without a script. Granted these kogs were probably still cheating.
DragonSlayer (2 months ago)
that cass at 4:15 could easily be prediction, its pretty easy to tell when an annie is gonna ult cuz its usually at 3 or 4 stacks
fuad fuad (2 months ago)
If you want seriously working method of getting riot points just go to soez.win/SEzXU?zpg06
Arvo (2 months ago)
4:06 that isn't scripting that guy expected that shit , scripts don't auto flash to dodge shit
Jhin Goodboy (2 months ago)
some of the clips aint scripts nor cheating its just they know how to sidestep those skillshots and predicts the enemy team clickbait shit all of you shitty players think its scripting or they are cheating but the realthing is that your just a trash shitty player
dolgov daniel (2 months ago)
3:45 malph wasnt scripting jhin just got him with his w
lil Cube (1 month ago)
and xerath predicted the shot his not a scripter
Caden Stone (1 month ago)
That clip was highlighting Xerath
Xander Raidon (2 months ago)
What makes Dodge Scripts obvious is the fact that they often stop you near the edge of a skillshot. Like you're moving and all of a sudden you stop right near the edge of a skill shot, then resume moving. No player does that unless they're some kind of robot that knows exactly how wide every single skillshot is, pixel-by-pixel.
lily (2 months ago)
the jinx clip around min 6:20 is honestly very suspicious I had that like 3 times in my ranked or 4 times, you go afk and you cannot reconnect like the game no longer exists when it first happened to me I think i was in promos so I was extra worried if I had a bug but the game was completely gone like I looked match history everywhere and I remember my teammates names so I also searched them and they also didn't have that game in their match history. So it's basically making everyone go afk and you get the lp but I don't think the ones who left afk lose lp.. it's honestly weird
Thanh Duy Tan (2 months ago)
Scripts are so annoying
muxmedia7 (2 months ago)
Azir got that Protoss Tower rush cheese
MercyLovesGenji (2 months ago)
Enemy team have xerath? 100% hacks
Frazeky (2 months ago)
Go fuck yourself bellend
Sushie (2 months ago)
11:00 why kog scripts?
ElunesMoonLight (2 days ago)
I main kogmaw and i am doing same movement, that is not scripting. it is just set right attackmove button , it is rly simple to do that.
Quia Veqa (11 days ago)
it's no script, there is a video if this korean kogmaw showing how he attack moves, it's insane
Triabes koides Wossa (1 month ago)
+Dark Knight Of Ionia I'm playing in master elo without scripts, lmao little goldie
Dark Knight Of Ionia (1 month ago)
+Triabes koides Wossa If you are a scripter then gtfo from this game idiot, or learn the damn game
Triabes koides Wossa (1 month ago)
That's definitely script orbwalking, I've been scripting for 3 years, I know what it looks like
Mariannus Tarquinius (2 months ago)
I‘veSeenEnoughO‘ Meter
Hồ Văn Cường (2 months ago)
3:41 is not script malphite got trapped by jhin's w.
お気に入りレム (2 months ago)
the first one is not script for sure he walk after enemy cast it and cheating is a fancy word for winner:twisted fate
Gab Badillo (2 months ago)
Sometimes great reflexes was mistaken to scripting😂
BreakingBenjamin92 (2 months ago)
And no Dr.Terrible in that compilation? Im disappointed
PAAH-tatas (3 months ago)
El de la Jinx esquivando pienso que es habilidad, no creo que sean scripts, o más bien no se ve como tal
Krenkzor / Jan (3 months ago)
nice script on 3:36 your channel so shit like evrything else. nothing happened there. And fuck off with your thumbnail bait you suck like99% of the others league clip channel. Putting in any shit to gain clicks. Get a life thx. ( 11:55 Everyone could have dodge this? oh wait no its imaqtpie if he says he scripts its true sorry) (13:30 he is actually not scripting. or you cant say he does or he doesnt. JUST CHANGE YOUR DAMN MOVEMENT SETTINGS ?!?! Maybe you can spam that Shit with the right settings kid? ) (Use attack on move on A or something else and then just spamm like: A - RIGHT CLICK - A - RIGHT CLICK - A .... You know what i mean)
NopE Gaming (3 months ago)
3:42 he got rooted from jhins w ;)
Dantono JM (3 months ago)
those movements can be done with "s" and without lag . it´s all .
The Web (3 months ago)
LeagueOfRetards (2 months ago)
The Web y She's neither? Probably a game bug.
Roguemoon (3 months ago)
What even happened in the first clip?
Limping Kyoti (3 months ago)
me a silver supp w/ scripter: wow my adc is good against scripter: hmmm i just suck
EinfachTime (3 months ago)
Scripter sind hurensöhne
Chris Liem (4 months ago)
11:50 he was actually faking, 2 secs later he gets hit by ez q. xD
denz Seten (4 months ago)
the good ol' azir TD days, those were good times, those were bad times....
Yukisuna Samura (4 months ago)
You mean memorable cheats, right? Because there’s nothing memorable about the people watching the cheats playing their champion.
Vamperion 1 (4 months ago)
İ think some of the cheaters but some of the lucky person or good player.
FrozenSteel (4 months ago)
3:40 I dont understand where is the script
Even broby foss (4 months ago)
many of theese arnt even scripts lol
Fearless Flash7 (4 months ago)
where is khazix infinity tp runes hack " the 0 cdr smite , flash " and some others ...
Genesis (4 months ago)
Even if cass was scripting at 4:10 that annie fucking sucks. Why you ask? She doesnt Q before she tibbers so she just a guaranteed stun. Honestly flashing tibbers is somewhat predictable
MegaRazorFang (4 months ago)
Maybe try to find some new clips instead of copying them all from other youtubers
John Shin (4 months ago)
First one kog is not scripting and plus that blitz completely missed
Royal Queennox (5 months ago)
Report!!! MISLEADING!!
Aenygma (5 months ago)
I have seen enough.
0nowztar (5 months ago)
dont understand which one is hacking etc. it would be nice if you put on champion names or explanation etc etc ..
Calabaza Nutricional (5 months ago)
Those are scripts im a master at dodging with ekko
Leyrann (5 months ago)
I'm pretty sure the Pobelter one wasn't actaully scripting but whatever.
AniMeLoVer (GTM) (6 months ago)
Some were scripts, some were skills. If you can't differ it, then this video is also in vain.
Hirnferno (6 months ago)
The grinch biatch (6 months ago)
The first clip was so cringe it annoys me. UGH
TheSerazai1 (6 months ago)
Can we just appreciate how bad that DDOS jinx was at free dps-ing at 6:00 i'm dying XD well i guess those abilities goes with the person....
k3jek (6 months ago)
Nitrozyniak :o
Hashi (6 months ago)
4:31 how did he die to xerath? soz new to league
Jeon Jungkook (6 months ago)
WTF!! Is that Brk or Vladimir thingy? WTF! just wtf!
John Rey Manalo (6 months ago)
3:20 left handed gamer??😕
Nirad802 (6 months ago)
Why are all cheaters playing Xerath?
Sky (12 days ago)
Nirad802 xerath has 4 long range skillshots that deals a lot of damage
Guillermo Casanova (6 months ago)
some of them arent cheating... git gud
TheBen1tez (7 months ago)
... idk i can dodge alot of skill shots easy.When I drink a lot of coffee.Alot of these things are how i move.
Clark Nieto (7 months ago)
i didnt notice that may azir gameplay will be feature here...and btw that hack is so much fun ...i make fun with low ellos such as silver and diamond not just in this game but in the other Game
Gilereth (7 months ago)
Tobito has seen enough.
Grày Gód Îndrà (7 months ago)
The goddamn guy in the first video literally talks too much. Like c'mon dude, shut the fuck up and just play. The way you talk would not really do anything about his "cheating".
Orgil Yun (7 months ago)
I dont think the cass one with annie is script...
Tyrone Jamal (7 months ago)
basement dwellers strike again
Nate Keating (7 months ago)
0:50 "There'es a point where you can't dodge the skillshot, I'll show you guys what I mean." Proceeds to get hit by every skillshot thrown at him.... is that what you mean?
Philgob (7 months ago)
Jinx clip at 2:00 didn't look like 100% scripting
Avatarbee (7 months ago)
0:45 I think he has seen enough. Might just be me though.
Pill Proof (7 months ago)
Who’s the scripted with the jinx one? Doesn’t seem like scripting to ke
M Tech (7 months ago)
None of this was cheating
Despacito 789 (7 months ago)
So many fucking ads

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