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Install Proprietary Video Driver in Linux Mint or Ubuntu

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In this video I walk you through the step by step process to install the proprietary video driver in your Linux Mint or Ubuntu system. Xorg Edgers PPA: http://goo.gl/wrjfay Nvidia: http://goo.gl/ON1edh Appreciate what I do? Grab me a coffee! http://goo.gl/wmHh4 Twitter: http://twitter.com/OhHeyItsLou Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OhHeyItsLou Google+: google.com/+LouRizzo Blogger: http://ohheyitslou.blogspot.com IRC: Freenode #ohheyitslou Steam: IDIefiant

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Text Comments (154)
Md. Yousuf Ali (1 month ago)
Bro, My Laptop attach AMD graphics , I can not set up Graphic Driver. Help me...
trangenusa (1 month ago)
how do you check which video card or driver you have to select from "aptitude search nvidia" and what if it's a Radeon?
Christos Sigalos (3 months ago)
While the in your repository the nvidia-304 exists, in mine it does not. I guess I willnever manage to install the drivers..
Vasiliy (3 months ago)
I wonder, what should i do if nvidia-390 driver is not out yet. Tryed to install drivers from nvidia site, seemed like it worked.
The Man Who Forgot Time (2 months ago)
I did do this task and while it did indicate a few new updates, I have zero new drivers. And after mentioning amd, it doesn't later come back to amd, so I guess this video wasn't meant for those of us who are running amd graphics after all.
arthur kateeba (3 months ago)
Nice! but could also do one for intel graphics too
Legende 05 (4 months ago)
Thank you so much
imperdible0 (6 months ago)
Works for me in Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia (Cinammon Edition) with hybrid graphics AMD Radeon HD 6490M :v
tonnhard (9 months ago)
Hi, would these commands work for mint 18.3?
Nico (9 months ago)
I've spent a day on this (by reading linux mint forums) and am thankful I have found your video. Finally cinnamon doesn't crash anymore. I also installed "bumblebee-nvidia" with "nvidia-settings" and the actual driver as my card is an Optimus one (didn't even know until an hour ago)
Artillery Voodoo (10 months ago)
Thanks, finally somebody who talks english
Kurt Jakins (11 months ago)
OMG it works I fucking love you man a millions thanks.
TheJooomes (1 year ago)
What are those other versions, can I use them, why go with version 331 instead of others?
James Huffman (1 year ago)
I'm new to linux mint 18 will this work for [amd ati] wrestler radeon hd 6310 im running a 64 bit labtop. Need help
steve scarnato (1 year ago)
3:33 how did you know its nvidia 331 ? + there is no results for any invidia version with the letter (i) begind it , what should I do ?
fake name (1 year ago)
Chriss RE (1 year ago)
Wow man that fixed my problems.
Enzo Lebrun (1 year ago)
so... It works!!! Thanks a lot mate that was much more easier then expected!!
Stuart Spray (1 year ago)
Excellent! Just what it says on the tin.
Rick Hunter (1 year ago)
Thanks, it worked
WooD PeckeR (1 year ago)
I need to install the driver of intel... plz help....
homer23422000 (1 year ago)
I installed my used Geforce 750ti graphics card in my motherboard, and Ubuntu studio recognized it immediately, it's displaying through the HDMI port without me downloading any drivers. Unfortunately, the graphics card fans run really high for a second or two randomly. My basic motherboard doesn't give me much control, so what software will give me control of the video card?
MakeDigitalCoins (1 year ago)
This ppa does not suport xenial. Cannot add ppa:This ppa does not suport xenial
Carlos Chaires (1 year ago)
How about AMD drivers?
Tusk TV (1 year ago)
im using a Lenovo G50 laptop with AMD Radeon Graphics card. I've tried this but it says resource temporarily unavailable. What to do? i need to use Graphics for video editing
Idle One (1 year ago)
HOly sht. this works, ty alot subbed
Michael Riddle (1 year ago)
Will this work for 18.1 Serena?
c0de 3301 (1 year ago)
Thank you very much ! worked like a charm
Edward Farrugia (1 year ago)
I am getting the "error with direct x...." whike trying to play league of legends on linux mint 18.. pls help!
Edward Farrugia (1 year ago)
I managed to arranged it.. After a while of playing i decided to upgrade the LoL client to the new one and the game is not working anymore. The problem is that i cant find the good version of wine
zavier jordan (1 year ago)
Edward Farrugia thats easy find d3dl files online
Maynard Peterson (1 year ago)
Thank you!
MrGridStrom (1 year ago)
I have a question about upgrading my videocard to a newer model, (I should point out that i used this video to install the proprietary Nvidia drivers for my current card, and it has worked great for the past year). What would be the best method to remove the old drivers so i can install an upgraded videocard. Old card is GT740 new card will be GTX1050.
fortres008 (2 years ago)
Thank you so much bro. 100% worked, I just installed Ubuntu 16 and followed the video, and now my GPU working now in Blender 3D. Thanks again bro.
Anis Sarker (2 years ago)
I don't have external graphics card, My processor is; 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller [8086:0102] (rev 09) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) Now which graphics driver is perfect for my PC.?? I'm using linux mint 18 "Sarah". And am I able to use nvidia graphics driver.? Thanks in advance.
Marcus Campbell (2 years ago)
I have an old 32-bit machine running Linux Mint 18 "Sarah" on a vm machine on Win10 Pro. It's still procesing that last command for like an hour or so. I s that normal?
Easy Video T&T (1 year ago)
There is no problem...This video is only for people who are installing Linux directly to their PC or Laptop...not a virtual machine....so when you turn it on your main OS is Linux, not windows!
Marcus Campbell (2 years ago)
+OhHeyItsLou so how can I fix this problem?
OhHeyItsLou (2 years ago)
You won't be able to install proprietary drivers in a VM only on actually hardware.
Mr. Crusader (2 years ago)
omg i love this man there are so many assholes out there that do theys videos and they dont do shit you my man are a hero
Oleksiy Bashmakov (2 years ago)
Thanks! Intel HD 510 Graphics + Mint 17.3(Cinnamon)x64 works fine!)
Oleksiy Bashmakov (1 year ago)
dwbsovran Yes, I've updated my LM to 18, then 18.1 - iHD keeps working fine as usual, any problems)
dwbsovran (1 year ago)
Have you tried out the Intel HD 510 Graphics on LM 18 Cinnamon? This Intel graphics card is very common on laptops of all makes. Just looking for confirmation that all is well. Thanks!
Calvin (2 years ago)
What if you have a a previous nvidia driver installed; will it remove the previous one?
TylerTheAtheist (2 years ago)
this will make gaming better right??
Don Gray (2 years ago)
Completely lost trying to get through this video. Did all the updates for ppa you said to type. Nothing worked as mentioned. Errors on every line you gave to type or asked lots more questions I had no idea how to answer. You just said it's already installed on yours and went on. For me about 25 questions were asked for which I have no idea how to answer. Also you don't say how you found the video driver version as there seems to be numerous ones listed in the 200 lines or so of output you show. You just seem to pick the highest one found. Also when I do the same, none of those listed are any more current than about two year old drivers. Nvidia says 361.42 is what I need and I downloaded a .run file for that. The most current version in all this tyoping and searching you have us do is 352.63 which is the long outdated version installed by Linux mint to start with. So am I to assume that whatever this xorg ppa thing is, they are also only providing outdated drivers? My original problem I'm trying to fix is that immediately upon installing Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.3 it says the video drivers are possibly incorrect and Linux is running in the Software Rendering Mode which is not recommended. And sure enough CPU usage stays near 100% all the time. I went to the NVidia site and got the 361.42 driver which is supposedly the latest one for Linux but it is a .run file. The instructions I see online say to doubleclick it. That didn't work and I had to find another tutorial on how to make the run file runnable. OK did that. Now If I double click it, it seems to run but gives error messages when trying to run. Hundreds of lines of info pass by on the screen. Who knows what any of it means. I'm getting very perturbed that I can't even get video drivers working on Linux which was incredibly easy on Windows 7. Then no one using Linux seems to want to use the graphical interface and just types commands which virtually never work on my PC. Why get Linux with a GUI if everyone giving instructions refuses to use the GUI. I hate typing commands and entering my password over and over and over again. I had to enter the password 6 times just in following the first part of your video. I decided to try Linux Mint since MS is now sabotaging anything non-Windows 10 (Windows 7 updates now permanently hosed) and also dont want the privacy invading Windows 10 on my system. But if I can't use Linux GUI to do most things and have to continuously enter a password and type commands, Linux isn't up to par in my book. I prefer to seldom use the keyboard except for typing documents. Also Linux (tried Ubunt and Mint and Zorin) can't even seem to get simple driver installations done so apparently Linux isn't for me. Back to trying to fight MS to stay on Windows 7 I guess as that's less hassle than even the simplest installations in Linux. This is a complex video that is not at all easy to get through unless you are thoroughly familiar with Linux commands and what all these xorg repository things are all about.
Bekon241 (2 years ago)
Any help the same nvidia install to manjaro-kde?
Adrian Coltis (2 years ago)
Hi, thanks for the video. after i did all that , Cinnamon just crashed and running in fallback mode. what can I do now so I don't have to reinstall ?
Adrian Coltis (2 years ago)
+OhHeyItsLou still running in fallback mode
OhHeyItsLou (2 years ago)
then reboot
OhHeyItsLou (2 years ago)
login to the shell prompt and remove the Nvidia driver ...sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*
QTQification (2 years ago)
Τοσην ωρα, τοσο ψαξιμο, τοσο διαβασμα, τοση πληκτρολογηση αντι για ενα διπλο κλικ....
Tino Brkic (2 years ago)
how do you do it on a laptop that has intel graphics and nvidia graphics I installed rebooted and the mint logo showed up but after that nothing :(
88Darkhorse1 (2 years ago)
thanks man it fixed the problem right away
Deveneb (2 years ago)
How do you do it with an Radeon r9 980 graphic card
FatheredPuma81 (2 years ago)
Youtubes "linux mint gtx 750 ti" well time to go through and have to read some random post on how to do it. You know what. Ubuntu and Linux Mint aren't worth it. If they don't have the time to fix their shit I don't have the time to use their shit.
Paul Smith (2 years ago)
+FatheredPuma81 are you a retarded skiddie 12 y/o?
FatheredPuma81 (2 years ago)
+Paul Smith No you don't for 1 and for 2 at least all the Windows i've tried work flawlessly with getting the basic VGA drivers that so far haven't failed me once. 
Paul Smith (2 years ago)
+FatheredPuma81 In Windows you have to install drivers you incompetent piece of shit.
theantinwofish (2 years ago)
fail "command not found"
Cookie Hunter (2 years ago)
Didn't work for me. Any idea? Keep getting the error message in a black screen something.. Nouveau...... failed to idle channel 0Xcccc0000 XORG (some numbers)... and then it sends me back to the login screen.... but to be honest not really able to install the Linux mint 17.2 (i have a Nvidia GTX590) at all because it's freezing in like every 1-2 minute. Tried to fix it for 5 houts but nothing. Can't even reach to hit install.... I really would like to learn linux and so on but atm it seems impossible. Thanks for the help in advance.
FLRaptors_10 (3 years ago)
is there a way to get minecract for Chromebook 13
Andrew Santos (2 years ago)
Not on a chromebook running Chrome os
Jolly Leprechaun (3 years ago)
You are a lifesaver!
OhHeyItsLou (2 years ago)
+Chris Stathopoulos Glad to help!
Thanks for your video. Sadly enought, I have tried 6 differnet distros and I just could not get my NVidia 765M + Intel (on a notebook) to work. PC would or very slow, tons of rendering artfacts and cooling fan was maxed out when watcching YouTube or even moving windows around. Wasted lot's of time trying to fix it when I had to be doing productive work. Will try MINT now your way. Will let you know !
Chaotic Masterpiece (3 years ago)
How do I reinstall nouveau driver?
Chaotic Masterpiece (2 years ago)
I did but it still won't work
OhHeyItsLou (2 years ago)
+Monert Riot The nouveau driver isn't uninstalled using this method just disabled. To revert back all you should have to do is remove the Nvidia driver.
6lindfish (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for this video. I have an older graphics card and was not able to watch YouTube on 1080p, now it runs perfect!
Žilvinas Gečiauskas (2 years ago)
+OhHeyItsLou Maybe you can help me
Žilvinas Gečiauskas (2 years ago)
+OhHeyItsLou I have laptop with nvidia Gt 520m after nvidia drivers install 6 small screens on laptop screen and i dont know what to do. With linux drivers evrything is good. I use linux mint 17.3 cinnamon
OhHeyItsLou (2 years ago)
+6lindfish Great to hear!
Rodrigo Moura (3 years ago)
Friend, this method works with Nvidia Geforce 820M?
OhHeyItsLou (2 years ago)
+Rodrigo Moura This method should work for any video card that is supported by the Linux driver.
luis Post (3 years ago)
Thanks I was going crazy. It worked on Linux mint 17.2
Andrew McCarroll (3 years ago)
Thank you for your vids... As a new user to Linux they have been invaluable
OhHeyItsLou (2 years ago)
+Andrew McCarroll I appreciate the kind words :)
born dead (3 years ago)
any one wana help me i have team viwer and i cant seem  to do it i hope to hear from u and i just wana learn to theres nothing wrong with elping :P
Aki Tenhunen (3 years ago)
Ty lad!
brickman409 (3 years ago)
Do you know if there is any way to install video drivers prior to installation? I'm trying to install Ubuntu on an HP with an nvidia 6150 se video card. When I try to install the OS or try the OS before installing, the desktop shows, up I'm able to move the mouse cursor for about a minute or two and then everything freezes and finally it all crashes and the screen looks all glitchy and weird. I'm not 100% sure it's the video card that's causing the problem, but I can't imagine what else it would be. I looked up the card on Google and it does appear to be a problematic card with Linux. I tried 3 different distros, and they all had the same problem, but they worked fine on other PCs. Does anyone know how to fix this?
That667Guy (3 years ago)
I tried this out and my OS crashed. Have any tips for avoiding that kind of mistake?
Tukoz Aki (10 months ago)
That667Guy yes first is to read Xorg Edgers PPaA (first link OP gives). Did you do as per their instructions?
Lam Poon (3 years ago)
Do you know how much time it takes for the driver list to be updated? My driver just got updated to 346.72 and I can't find it and I was wondering when I should check again.
Dion Staiger (3 years ago)
Not sure why, Ubuntu seems to have decided to make life a little easier. Just click apt link and it automatically installs using the software manager. I know right, perhaps aliens did some body snatching at Linux. they have all sorts of drivers now. http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/xorg-edgers/vivid/main/base/nvidia-349 Thanks for the great video.
Im ROgelio (3 years ago)
nice tut :) will this work in Kali ? IM NOOB but i tried it and i get this messageFile "/usr/bin/apt-add-repository", line 160, in <module>     sp = SoftwareProperties(options=options)   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py", line 96, in __init__     self.reload_sourceslist()   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/softwareproperties/SoftwareProperties.py", line 584, in reload_sourceslist     self.distro.get_sources(self.sourceslist)       File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/aptsources/distro.py", line 87, in get_sources     raise NoDistroTemplateException("Error: could not find a " aptsources.distro.NoDistroTemplateException: Error: could not find a distribution template
Edgar Naranjo (3 years ago)
so when i installed it it gave me blurry/fuzzy fonts on everything can you please help
Neb Radojkovic (3 years ago)
Thank you Lou! Cheers!
Jonathan Sciarrabba (3 years ago)
Thank you so much! Finally I can install my video driver on linux mint
Tom (3 years ago)
I just want to say thank you so much for making this video. I had screwed up my previous installation of ubuntu trying to get my nvidia drivers working so I had to reinstall and I chose to install linux mint on my pc and the guide worked wonders. Now everything is working properly, Thanks and you have a new subscriber!
Matthew Fraser (3 years ago)
+OhHeyItsLou Hey great video I installed linux Mint 17.1 whats your opinion that version of linux?, I was having so serous Graphics issues i.e trail mouse arrows and texture not updating on refresh rate properly I have GTX 770 Graphics card tried what you done, however system would not boot up so Im going install Linux mint 16 Petra see that makes difference, any advice be grateful
OhHeyItsLou (3 years ago)
Glad to help..enjoy my channel!
Rioku (3 years ago)
Hey I tried to install it this way but blender still can't detect the graphics card, and when I open the driver manager it can't seem to see the new driver I downloaded (and says nouveau is selected T_T) any ideas?
Rioku (3 years ago)
Okay thanks, I'll try that!
fcbaconstrips (3 years ago)
do you know how to get nvidia control panel? I can't seem to be able to get it.
fcbaconstrips (3 years ago)
+OhHeyItsLou im not able to change the gpu fan speed in nvidia-settings, any solutions?
GemCityz GreyWorm (3 years ago)
Worked like a fuggin charm. Thanks
Mustafa Emad (3 years ago)
I'm going to try it, if you remember me from Elementary OS Post, i tried your method and i didn't success, i hope this time i will get it work.
Airwolf Gamer (3 years ago)
Does it works for linux mint 17.1? :)
Jack Goodwin (3 years ago)
Thanks Lou! Nvidia GTX 970 Rebecca 17
Larry the Magician (3 years ago)
I had done this previously and gotten the correct drivers and then my password changed for some reason so I changed it back then my password changed again. I reinstalled ubuntu and after installing updates I installed this repository and it didn't have my drivers anymore. I reinstalled ubuntu again to see if it might have not completed or there was an error and when I tried to add the repository my password had changed again. I was using the same password each time, I am the only person using this computer, this all happened in one session, and I am only downloading the updates and third party applications that automatically comes with ubuntu from the get-go. Each time I reinstalled ubuntu I deleted the partition using my Windows dual-boot by the way. I have been trying to get Linux to work for the past 2 days working on it strenuously since it is my vacation and I have no luck. Linux is just an all around shitfest from my experience. I suggest not using it if it takes more than 5 hours to actually install and have the ability to get comfortable with the operating system.
ckitchen02 (3 years ago)
Thanks dude, worked great for mint 17.1 when it refused to switch to the default nividia drivers.  Curently running 340. for my gtx260.
DeRico Gonzales (3 years ago)
Thank you so much! Got my ASUS GeForce GTX 750 up and running on Mint 17.1 "Rebecca" without a hitch.
Adrian Hugo (3 years ago)
Excellent Video and now I have the latest video drivers all ready for when I get my GTX 750ti card.  Just a question - when it comes time to upgrade to the next driver version when Nvidia release it, if I follow the same process as in this video will my current driver be removed at the same time as upgrading to the new one ?
Rivo Rizaldi (3 years ago)
hey lou, can you help me, after input  'sudo apt-get update && sudo aot-get dist-upgrade' in terminal i get message like this 'E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock directory /var/lib/apt/lists/' are you know how could this happen ??
Peter (3 years ago)
Thanks Lou! Followed your instructions step by step and worked flawlessly! intel system with Geforce GTX 750 TI, thanks for taking the time to make this video! Cheers! 
promas7tm (3 years ago)
OMG thx you made my day :D searching for over 2 days and finally found this hint!!!!
Daniel Camia (3 years ago)
Thanks man... I'm doing this on an AMD Radeon HD series and I believe I got it right. The ppa for AMD isn't really telling me which one is the correct one by number but after doing the research on the drivers offered I found one that supports my card I believe.
Charlie P (4 years ago)
Hi, how do i know what graphic card do i have ? All i know is my laptop is using Nvidia ? (Version of nvidia)
3picPr0Gaming (4 years ago)
I'm a gamer, I've been using linux for some time now, and when I ran across this tutorial it really solved my Nvidia problem, even exiting X and excepting the commands told by 'experts' I still got errors. This was truly the solution to my problem! Thumbs up 10/10
unrealsumon (4 years ago)
thank you so much buddy...  my mint 17 has been crashed once during this nvidia driver installation. but now it works. thank you...
SpringFlowers (4 years ago)
Thank you very much for this tutoiral Lou! I was able to install my NVIDIA graphics card so easily. Can you make a video tutorial on installing drivers for graphics tablets, especially Wacom?
strangedenial (4 years ago)
strangedenial (4 years ago)
I first thanked you but after a re-boot it just crashed my cinnamon So I removed the driver and the settings, and the cinnamon is working again... For me, it didn't work I keep the thumbs up though :)
Greg Luniewski (4 years ago)
Thanks Lou!!  Been trying to get my Steam games to work since i reformatted to Linux Mint 17!  Great help!
OhHeyItsLou (2 years ago)
+Greg Luniewski You're very welcome.
Siavash Sefidvash (4 years ago)
This tutorial saved my life. I have been trying to upgrade from Olivia to Petra and Quiana and Lubuntu 14:04. Each time I boot into live image I end up with destop without taskbar. Basically, i could not carry out any tasks. I had to boot into compatibility mode in order to install. Then back into safe graphics mode to install the driver. Took me a few days running across this tutorial. Funny this is not flagged in Ubuntu and Mint forums. There must be plenty with GForce GTX 280M users.
Thank you soooo much!!!
Lutz Denckert (4 years ago)
great video and worked like a charm for me. thx mate. 
Gexmex (4 years ago)
Could you make a Tutorial on how to install the Propiertary Nvidia drivers in a 64 bit Linux Mint along with bumblebee / Primus for 64 and 32 bit support? Love the videos Thanks!
Juan Villagrana (4 years ago)
I followed your tutorial setp by step on a fresh install, and the Nvidia X Server Settings wouldnt open, Im new to Linux so maybe I'm doing something wrong, I downloaded the driver right from Nvidia webpage and installed it and It started working but now im trying to get bublebee and Primus and when I try to do a optirun glxgears -info im getting  errors: The bumblebee daemon has not been started yet or the socket. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? or do you have any bulblebee / primus tutorial?
Geoffrey Poirier (4 years ago)
Thank you, Lou.
steven2067 (4 years ago)
thx bless you bro!
Peter Noordzij (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot!
Domagoj Madunić (4 years ago)
shudl i done this also for intel graphic card ??
Rezzy (4 years ago)
Thanks m8 this helped me out loads
Malone Raphael (4 years ago)
is nvidias geoforce experiance an easier way to do all of this?
mlfd8730 (4 years ago)
everything seamed to work well but when i open nvidia server settings there is nothing listed as being installed.any ideas as to why this is? runing mint16 with a 500m series card.
James Mitchell (4 years ago)
Very informative and worked flawlesyy thank you.Tried other methods didnot work.

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