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We’re Close to a Universal Quantum Computer, Here’s Where We're At

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Quantum computers are just on the horizon as both tech giants and startups are working to kickstart the next computing revolution. U.S. Nuclear Missiles Are Still Controlled By Floppy Disks - https://youtu.be/Y8OOp5_G-R4 Read More: Quantum Computing and the New Space Race http://nationalinterest.org/feature/quantum-computing-the-new-space-race-26349 “In January 2017, Chinese scientists officially began experiments using the world’s first quantum-enabled satellite, which will carry out a series of tests aimed at investigating space-based quantum communications over the course of the next two years.” Quantum Leap in Computer Simulation https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/quantum-leap-in-computer-simulation “Ultimately it will help us understand and test the sorts of problems an eventually scaled-up quantum computer will be used for, as the quantum hardware is developed over the next decade or so.” How Quantum Computing Will Change Your Life https://www.seeker.com/quantum-computing-cryptography-future-physics-2031879856.html “The Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics kicked off a new season of live-streamed public lectures featuring quantum information expert Michele Mosca.” Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here - http://bit.ly/1UO1PxI ____________________ Seeker inspires us to see the world through the lens of science and evokes a sense of curiosity, optimism and adventure. Visit the Seeker website https://www.seeker.com/ Subscribe now! https://www.youtube.com/user/DNewsChannel Seeker on Twitter http://twitter.com/seeker Seeker on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SeekerMedia/ Seeker http://www.seeker.com/

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Text Comments (6488)
William Tippitt (4 hours ago)
But can it run crysis
ben taka (11 hours ago)
0:17 my next percolator bong
Youngy ASMR (12 hours ago)
But can they run 16 render distance
James Hally (1 day ago)
Will this boost my 8 MB broadband in South County Dublin??
Miguelleon1881 (1 day ago)
Yeet Read more
Gabini (1 day ago)
But will it run Crysis?
Gabriel Rader (1 day ago)
honestly this looks like 50 years ago in a cool way. computers that take up whole rooms and will one day fit in our pockets. sounds like where quantum computers could be headed.
mind beast (1 day ago)
Anyone thinking of having one of these sry u cannot it has the power to crack any password in seconds think about the money in banks or vertual money
Sebastian Schulz (1 day ago)
This is basically where most journalistic articles disappoint big time. This coherence time is slow, how do you push it up. I heard a lot of shit like the quantum coupling is faster than the speed of light, but the electrons that couple as superconductors are like 1 micrometer away, and they become a Cooper-pair. Coper-pairs are bonded by phonons and phonos are lattice oscilations viewed as particles that mediate the exchange of momentum.
Mau C. (2 days ago)
I wonder if we'll have quantum computers in our pockets, just like the things we have in our pockets now were the size of modern quantum computers.
Jordan R.S (2 days ago)
This video almost blowing my mind..
Miles (2 days ago)
yo we're gonna be laughing at this video in 50 years when everyone's got a quantum computer
Amiir (2 days ago)
But can it run Crysis over 30fps?
DanCelsing (2 days ago)
So this will be the "Big Brain" ?
OMG HAX (3 days ago)
*will I still have to use OptiFine for Minecraft?*
Ice Ice Baby (3 days ago)
Would they be able to divide by 0 though
Carlson Darlson (3 days ago)
05:32 - Am I the only one who noticed her little head dunk? looks kinda robotic and her name is Alexa. Coincidence? I think we are being infiltrated? We saw it coming… But we didn't act.
canny3d (4 days ago)
People will still abuse, self indulge and misuse technology when we finally have quantum laptops and cellphones. It'll be used for calculating which of our 50,000 selfies look best in 1 nano second.
ash rock king (4 days ago)
So basically a computer that works within the laws of physics so every calculation is realistic and has real world implications. It can predict possible future earh quakes and tsunamis or how a small action could have a butterfly effect and possibly dangerous outcomes.
Solve Everything (4 days ago)
They comparing the Qomputer too much to the classical Computer. A paradigmshift requires a whole new way of thinking about the kernel.
Carlson Darlson (4 days ago)
"Hey Alexa, talk" 1:36
Eagle Eye (5 days ago)
Can it run windows 10 without lag?
Blockhaj smash (5 days ago)
Imagine the games of the future.
Kiflaam (5 days ago)
Too bad they can't just create a quantum virtual machine... or can they? (for concept-proofing purposes, of course)
Sebastian Torres (5 days ago)
So one can basically crate a universe inside the computer.
help me (5 days ago)
qubits sounds like a type of candy
Sidharth R (5 days ago)
Check out my Instagram @basicpolaroids
Bas van Groeningen (6 days ago)
Love this tech though I do understand the " Quantum" part in the name I don't have the same relation to the " Universal" part. Let's say Quantum Computing...and hopefully universally use it with pleasure ;).
Ambient Morality (1 day ago)
it's as opposed to adiabatic quantum computers like d-wave
Mick Taylor (6 days ago)
Is it possible for a quantum computer to become aware? If so will it be able to rewrite it's software and where do we stand as far as surviving.
Ambient Morality (1 day ago)
No and no. Quantum computers are linear algebra machines, not magic.
Soviet Ivan (6 days ago)
If the quantum computers were said to solve any problem. Can they solve Cicada 3301 in like two seconds?
Tim Falardeau (6 days ago)
"You wont be able to have a quantum laptop" = "You'll never see more than 25 MB on a drive"
Steadfast Patriot (6 days ago)
This video is bull crap. They are alot further along than this. Slower than a traditional laptop? Please
Rohitansh (7 days ago)
4:24 John Frusciante 😁
Heliix Cam (7 days ago)
sure is cool, but can it run crisis tho?
aeia dansari (7 days ago)
they say natures code is in quantum mechanics then they turn it into 0 or 1... is this the beginning of simulation theory??
YaakovKatz (7 days ago)
0:54 idiot
Buda Bunda (8 days ago)
Why are they not using super computers with a.i. to solve these complex problems of developing the quantum pc?
Joker loner (8 days ago)
Can it run minecraft?
Pipugwes Isaac (8 days ago)
This is definitely not the kind of technology you want to combine with AI
Camden Osborn (8 days ago)
When is it estimated that these computers will be completely developed by?
Terabyte (8 days ago)
i don't believe the fact that quantum personal computer won't be obtainable, it will happen at some time
Chico stick (9 days ago)
This gonna make sao real
thebionicledude (9 days ago)
Can it reverse the damage done to all Marlens children in finding Nemo?
CryptX Onecoin (9 days ago)
How many bitcoins am i going to mine with this bad boy?
STORMY (9 days ago)
This is why robots will exist They will be walking among us in 50 years Im from the future
eliss suzaku (9 days ago)
Can't wait till these end up the size of an eyeball.
Auxin relari (9 days ago)
L3thal (10 days ago)
BUT does it run minesweeper?
Alexandru Popescu (10 days ago)
Quantum computers will bring about the end of the Internet as we know it.
MasterMech77 (10 days ago)
1936 The Z1 was created by German Konrad Zuse in his parents' living room between 1936 and 1938. It is considered to be the first electro-mechanical binary programmable computer, and the first really functional modern computer. So taking that into consideration, sometime in the year 2100, we (humans) will look back on these first step towards Quantum computers, and laugh, like we do with the advancement of the modern PC today.
Co rré (10 days ago)
but can it run crysis?
Joe Johnson (10 days ago)
Those people are smart
Kerbal Space Pro (10 days ago)
where we are*
Brandon (10 days ago)
@ 0345. They put a blur blow up coving something. My curious nature led me to slow the video down and see how good the editor did at covering what they are trying to hide. Well they did a terrible job and you can see what they covered for a few seconds before the box shows up. If anyone was curious what they covered, all it was was a label saying "do not log off". Why what was covered i have no idea. Hi @Seeker if you need some quality editors, my serves are better priced and the quality of work will be greatly better when what your getting now. Just saying...
Ambient Morality (1 day ago)
lol, it took them 5 frames to put the blur box over it. Really poor work, even though it's not that important,
Cabal2600 (10 days ago)
What you just point here is birth of AI,which normal meanings cannot be allowed,by continue pushing further this could end human civilization completely....Quantum Computer is main brain of Ai interface,from there master computer can boost from several million of operations per second upt to several trillion operations per second,this can turn AI into unpredictable levels,by powering everything to it makes it even more dangerous.....Quanum computer shouldn't even be developed,think about future and safety of the world..
nerdi loo (10 days ago)
One small step for man, one giant leap toward SKYNET.
No One (10 days ago)
But will it launch PUBG in medium graphics preset in 480pi?
Mizushima Fujin (10 days ago)
Drink every time she says 'sort of'!
T4505 (11 days ago)
Just keep Linus out of this, and we're ok!
NeoAgricola (11 days ago)
but can it run crysis?
Sanity Sanz (11 days ago)
Can it run minecraft tho
Chung Triệu Mẫn (11 days ago)
100 years from now there will be credit card sized quantum computers.
and i taught 3 stage klystrons were cool looking.!
RF stuff is like magic to me so this is the most realistic demonstration of super conductive compute....im vary curious... looks like D wave has got some competition!
8 bit synth (11 days ago)
Great soundtrack
Sky&Sea 4K (11 days ago)
why did they blur "DO NOT LOG OFF" at 3:45 :p
Jessie_G (11 days ago)
Sounds cool, can it run Skyrim?
cool stuff with amulya (11 days ago)
Is it possible to make a quantum computer in a smart phone size so it could be handy.....????☺☺😑😑🤔🤔and inside which contqins quantum cubits where it is useful to big compaines such as google,apple,Microsoft....😑😑
dxm a (11 days ago)
this quantum tthingamajig brought to you by.. the only recurring thing youv never heard of " regetti", wannabe's in feilds in bs that cannot work. as in using current binary tech and trying to call it qubit, eg... its so cold our 2 bit has a 4bit state, or some bullshit like that... all u need is super cold.. so jayztwocents using helium cooling at minus 160 must be 8 qubits. we use helium too so it must be true. we also use a resonator so that everything is so hot that it cannot work at qubit speed but that dont matter, casue we thing its ok. it must be quantum when its cold. if you want one. you must wait till some tech company is able to make this stuff without the need of bs, or - 400f temps, soo good luck. 2029 here we come
tuna - (12 days ago)
Im a scientist at Quantum Plumbing
steven cellugi (12 days ago)
These explanations gets me depressed. The narrator didn't know about computing power, you can feel her talking about things that can change the world as we know. She didn't know about 4th dimension. 1st dimension is yes. 2nd dimension is No, 3rd dimension is maybe and 4th dimension explains what happens. From 1st to 3rd dimension(we are working on 3rd dimension computing) is a wonder of technology. When we see the computing algorithm, we only see 1 and 0, but what do we can if we included 2(that is the big question), but in the quantum(4th or I say nr. 3 in computing system), we are no longer needs millions of algorithm because we have nr. 3 option in our computer(quantum or "correct" way 3rd option "tre" or "tri"(difference between Latin/Greek and Italian))(Many scientist prefer latin/Greek because is cooler).
Michael Wilkes (12 days ago)
Trinary. On/off/kinda
Ambient Morality (1 day ago)
No, trinary is 3 states, this is not really something that can be defined in terms of number of states at all
Scott Ray (12 days ago)
They conjuring DEMONS!!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
glancedUp (13 days ago)
Can I finally download food from internet?
RPG7Gaming Network (13 days ago)
But will it run Crysis?
Ûlûrag (13 days ago)
What music is being played at the very beginning?
ytrebiLeurT (13 days ago)
Destroy this shit !
sogg damone (13 days ago)
just watch movie "spy kids" for super computer(mini brain) nature is best source of inspiration
DavenH (13 days ago)
"Nature doesn't store information in zeros and ones" -- It doesn't store it in qubits either. Simulating a quantum experiment needs a quantum computer to solve? Huh? So long as quantum mechanics follows the equations, why cannot they be simulated on classical hardware just as any other process? Like, we can do complex arithmetic involving imaginary numbers without ever having imaginary bits in hardware.
Ambient Morality (1 day ago)
You can simulate quantum physics on a classical computer, it's just that 1 qubit requires 2 complex numbers to describe, 2 qubits requires 4, 3 qubits requires 8, and in general n qubits requires 2^n complex numbers. For, say, a 40 qubit system, you're working with a quantum state described by a 1 million by 1 million complex-valued matrix. To simulate a quantum gate on this system, you expand the matrix representation of the gate by tensor products and multiply the two matrices. The matrices are sparse so this is probably achievable, but it's going to take a few minutes to calculate. Quantum computers can just use 50 qubits and apply quantum gates directly to specific qubits or specific qubit pairs, which does the same thing but takes nanoseconds.
New Mind (13 days ago)
I think they should have focused more on how nature "computes" reality vs how our computers would do it. Not how information is represented.
DavenH (13 days ago)
I don't understand how entanglement helps processing - it's established that you cannot exchange information through entangled particles (this would allow faster than light transfer of information) so what good are they? What are the "tricks" that you can do with superposition?
Ambient Morality (1 day ago)
If you entangle two particles, they are represented by an inseparable state. Since their states are correlated, applying any change to one qubit is no longer possible - any quantum gate applied on an entangled qubit affects the state of the other qubit(s).
read/write operations require to look into particular memory locations. if you have values stored in qbits as part of a recursive algorithm and they are used multiple times on the equations -for instance-, by just changing the state of one -or a group of them-, automatically changes their entangled ones! You can get even faster exploiting that property!!
Leonardo Maros (13 days ago)
will this run minecraft mods in 70fps?
ExTrEmE Top10's (13 days ago)
but can it run crysis on ultra???? :/
Jack Day (14 days ago)
ok... 33 sec in, I'm looking at CNN, the #1 BS station in the world... ?? Really? think I'll spend the next 7 mins of my life whacking off.... Fuckyou, Seeker!
Gary Mucks (14 days ago)
How many frames will I get on Fortnite?
Still can't run Fallout 76 with high FPS.
Doug Cannon (14 days ago)
Once we have quantum processor, will pairing a quantum chip be useless with a GTX 1080 Ti?
Grass Hopper (14 days ago)
This will be the difference between what Elon Musk said being true....or not coming to fruition. If you teach a computer to be quantum, to anticipate where electrons etc.....ohhh boy
Wulfsok (14 days ago)
the code of nature is DNA
the code of life, you mean...
Chris topher (14 days ago)
But can it run Crisis?
Michael Nielsen (14 days ago)
I hope i can buy one b4 i die.
Byron Lee (14 days ago)
Wait didn’t d-wave already built a quantum computer back in 2011?
New Mind (13 days ago)
It was more akin to a highly specialized test bed that a computer as we know it.
norbsli (14 days ago)
Every video in quantum computing explain the same thing the same way which explains nothing at all.
New Mind (13 days ago)
I agree with you. No one really delves into information or quantum fields. I did a video on it, but it's not really applicable to quantum computing.
Alvian Gilang Sagita (14 days ago)
But can it run Doom?
FALCONPUNCH (14 days ago)
What solve prob. Like never before. Sorry my Commodore 64 can add 2+2=4. Boom
Angel Alcantara (14 days ago)
Rasputin, in-the-making
brigadier brownring (15 days ago)
will porn still be free on these putas
But can it run crysis
Jordan Mian (15 days ago)
So I shouldn't buy the Helios 300 now
Richard Rodriguez (15 days ago)
Say goodbye to privacy.... Then say goodbye to liberty when computers take over the world Pinky.
Levi Bartel (15 days ago)
Did they have the “courage” to remove its headphone jack?

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