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How to Download & Install Intel HD Graphic Driver for Laptop & PC (Official)

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Download, Install, Update Intel HD graphic driver for windows 10/8.1/7, click here for more detail..http://www.bsocialshine.com/2017/03/how-to-download-install-intel-hd.html Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, Intel HD Graphics P630, Intel HD Graphics 630, Intel HD Graphics 620, Intel HD Graphics 615, Intel HD Graphics 610, Intel HD Graphics 505, Intel HD Graphics 500, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580, Intel Iris Graphics 550, Intel Iris Graphics 540, Intel HD Graphics 530, Intel HD Graphics 520, Intel HD Graphics 515, Intel HD Graphics 510, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200, Intel Iris Graphics 6100, Intel HD Graphics 6000, Intel HD Graphics 5500, Intel HD Graphics 5300, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200, Intel Iris Graphics 5100, Intel HD Graphics 5000, Intel HD Graphics 4600, Intel HD Graphics 4400, Intel HD Graphics 4200, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Intel HD Graphics 2500, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Intel HD Graphics 2000, Intel GMA 3150, Intel GMA 600, Intel GMA 500, Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family, Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express, Intel Q45, Intel G45, Intel Q43, Intel G43, Intel B43, Intel G41, Intel Q35, Intel G35, Intel Q33, Intel G33, Intel G31, Intel 82Q965 (GMCH), Intel 82Q963 (GMCH), Intel 82G965 (GMCH), Intel 82946GZ, Intel 82945G, Intel 82915G/82910GL, Intel 82865G (GMCH), Intel 82852/82855, Intel 82845G, Intel 82830M, Intel 82815, Intel 82810 (GMCH), Intel Graphics 3600, Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/MeMJTube Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/mj1111983 Website : http://www.bsocialshine.com

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Text Comments (197)
GAMING VID (4 months ago)
ur voice is like sundar pichai ceo og google
james alish (2 months ago)
rajeev xharma hy
Baybe Loser (3 months ago)
mày nói con cặc gì vậy
Kale Wal MAHOLE A (6 days ago)
Kale Wal MAHOLE A (6 days ago)
It is fail in my Toshiba laptop
I accidentally deleted mine
Nirmal Murali (1 month ago)
Now I have intel hd 530 graphics and i5 6400 processor Can I change it into intel iris Pro 580 graphics? It supports 6th generation Can you please help?
Mahendran Annamalai (1 month ago)
shailendra kumar (2 months ago)
it your all things are up to date
Debadatta Dora (2 months ago)
G31 chipset VGA driver for windows 10
Aura Grind25 (2 months ago)
I have 630 intel graphics card i want a better one know how except for buying one
Skiller Soccer (2 months ago)
in the middle of installation an error comes "0xc8000222" plz help bro
Anirban Debnath (2 months ago)
Thanks for your help sir it really worked in my PC thanxz
Simo Gamer (3 months ago)
chunkzz chunkzz (3 months ago)
i have intel hd 505 can i get it to intel hd 5000
MJ Tube (3 months ago)
no, thats hardware
my name (3 months ago)
it has error 0xc8000222 while installing please help,
s stechnical (3 months ago)
Can I install this Intel HD graphics for any PC please reply me I am waiting for your reply
Sunil Yadav (3 months ago)
how to make the set p at the end
Fox Foxman (4 months ago)
Narendra youtuber (4 months ago)
Plz can you give me the link for downloading intel hd graphics 5500 for win 7 64 bit
harishankar prodduturu (4 months ago)
i did not get any icon on my desktop ..! after installing ...what to do!
Kaneki• Ken (2 months ago)
If not... Run it
Kaneki• Ken (2 months ago)
Have you run the program
Sebu (2 months ago)
I have the same problem and I've tried re-installing it 4 times. Nothing's different as it disappears.
harishankar prodduturu (4 months ago)
i tried it with 2.7.2 version also..same repeats!
SAI CHARAN REDDY (5 months ago)
thank you bro
Hit3sh _ (5 months ago)
Can I install it it xp??
sachin thakur (5 months ago)
thx a lot bro its work
Kumar Basumatary (6 months ago)
Good video.. and fast
pubg veriyan (6 months ago)
raman yadav (6 months ago)
sir ap intel graphic download karne ki link discription me dal dijeye please
FanAcc (6 months ago)
BRO..I have Intel HD Graphics Family Will it works for me??
MsZalmay (7 months ago)
i dont get window 10 operating system for intel 3000...plz help urgent
Hira lal Mondal (7 months ago)
Thank youuuuu😁😀😂
SamGaming (7 months ago)
MM Jerv (7 months ago)
I didnt get an icon on desktop ?
Zuriel Anthony (7 months ago)
working on laptop? because it doesnt work for me...
Normalkazu MC (7 months ago)
my computer said intel hd graphic family and I can't find it plz help'me
Technical Gamer (7 months ago)
Technical Gamer (7 months ago)
it is very great moment for me
Technical Gamer (7 months ago)
Tushar Tech (7 months ago)
I download graphics and install in my laptop the installation is complete and they show in last "the computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installation" wht i do bro ??
Wkkws jqjqmq (1 month ago)
bro maybe your pc or computer is not compatible with intel hd.
Galih Trianggono (5 months ago)
T.funny Channel me tooo
MDM1109 (8 months ago)
Doesn't work for Intel HD Graphics (Braswell)
Aks Sharma (8 months ago)
You are awesome
Sonic The Hedgehog (8 months ago)
it will work for express chipset right???
A Very Dangerous Potato (8 months ago)
Does it boost the fps or anything when you update it let's say on fortnite or any other games
Ezio Auditore (6 months ago)
Not really, the gpu updates are to fix any bugs and stuff. Theres only a minimal, hardly noticeable difference in fps boost
Chase (7 months ago)
nicolas emiter (8 months ago)
Peej Ruina (8 months ago)
Dude, can you please HELP me about my problem my pc need GL4.1 but my spec is intel i5 650 can you please send me some link of the GL4.1 that compatible for my pc. thanks in advance! GODBLESS
Pubg Game Best Skill (8 months ago)
hello sir i reset my laptop and lost all settings .. now i m facing problem in changing its brightness...there is no options to change brightness please help how i can................................before reset the brightness options was avilable in intel hd graphics......now there is no options of intel hd graphics
Dr Dokazt (8 months ago)
Is this still working? Please I need to now
pulak chandra karmakar (8 months ago)
Please give me link ....
Google .Google (9 months ago)
Thank you...
moses92 (9 months ago)
the only thing you need for pc is the chipset not the graphics driver...is held by you main gpu
Pratap Singh (9 months ago)
thanks bro its helpful
Olaf Extream (9 months ago)
does it work for windows 10 I just check the intel hd 3000 supports to windows 8.1 only
gjen gke (9 months ago)
My instalation of drivers crashes every time.i tryed everything recomended on forums and all i got are bigger icons and no video card recognized. When i started instaling driver from cd i got with card it writes ,no compatible hardware. I m 100% sure it is in pc bcause it was recognizet untiil i uninstalled actual driver as it was recomended in forums. When i try to install it from downloaded driver installer instalation begins but soon it will crash. Can somebody help me
El Cohete (9 months ago)
hello good video but I have a problem with my screen can help me please upload a video of the problem can help many..plis
Helena Peacemaker (9 months ago)
Hello author this video, programmers and 3Dguru! Could you please find the way how to fix file "igdlh64.inf" for Windows 7 on IntelHD 15.60 Graphics Driver? There no Win 7 Section... Any ideas? Maybe someone know how? The idea is... Install Win 7 x64 on i7-8550U Laptop... Really need it for college
شنب قيمر (9 months ago)
hey man i need help!! look when i had windows 7 everything was just fine but when i upgrade my windows to 10 i been having this proplem every time i try to use something "your system is outdata please update them now" i tried everything but nothing works please help!!!!!!!!!!!!1
MJ Tube (9 months ago)
update ur pc, and turn on "manual" in "windows update" - services
ObitoTheSlumpGod (9 months ago)
dude it keep saying i cant install drivers for windows 10 because they are have problems
BeastMaster64 (10 months ago)
Hello, i have Intel(R) HD Graphics currently installed so will i be able to install intel HD Graphics 4000 on it?
squid and weazy (10 months ago)
Would this graphics driver download boost my fps in games?
MJ Tube (10 months ago)
dhillon prince (10 months ago)
wwe 2k15 is run on that graphic cards
Arif Hakimi (10 months ago)
does it work on my laptop: System Series / Model: Compaq Presario CQ40 Notebook PC ( Version: F.31 ) Motherboard: Compal - 3607 Total Installed Memory: 2 GB Memory Type: DDR2 Modules Installed: Slot "BANK 0" has 1 GB installed Slot "BANK 2" has 1 GB installed Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) Hide Advanced Details Module Details: Slot "BANK 0", 1 GB, Speed "667 MHz SODIMM", Type "DDR2", Manufacturer "Micron" Slot "BANK 2", 1 GB, Speed "667 MHz SODIMM", Type "DDR2", Manufacturer "Hynix" Memory Available to OS: 1.93 GB System Family / Range: 103C_5335KV System Architecture: x64-based PC Physical Processors: 1 Processor Cores: 2 Motherboard Version: 99.97 Bios Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Bios Version: Default System BIOS Bios Release Date: 02/03/2009
Janpierre Aquino (10 months ago)
that's a lot of information
vu bosses creditzz (10 months ago)
how to fix graphic device fail can someone help me
DeployTheDRS (9 months ago)
vu bosses creditzz same
Lufalan Pasalan (10 months ago)
how to get Access Algodoo
Pragyan BORAH (11 months ago)
It is not a card driver it is a on board graphics
Pragyan BORAH (11 months ago)
Which processor does your computer have
Harsh Mondal (11 months ago)
Will this enable me to play cs go on my pc
Pragyan BORAH (11 months ago)
You should run Linux on your PC
Pro X (11 months ago)
Bro what product series will support intel(r) celeron(r) ...plz reply
Lalita Kutiyal (11 months ago)
sir can i use intel graphics and Nvidia graphics both ??
Taran Randheg (1 year ago)
please answer
Taran Randheg (1 year ago)
how to play games in window 10
K&D T (1 year ago)
i know how this video is "offcial".
ijeh evans (1 year ago)
i downloaded that humm nox app player and its says your graphic whatver is out of date please how do i update
Sabari nath (1 year ago)
hey bro will it work on intel hd graphics family i really want to play naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4 but it crashes everytime when i take story mode.Does this help me?
SpongeTheSquare (1 year ago)
thanks for the help because my laptop i reset it lagg
Bro. I have the same graphic drive that you have.(intel chipset family )can I change that to intel hd graphics?does that will increase my total avialable graphics memory?(sorry for my bad english)
MJ Tube .no other way?I am not in a budget to buy a graphics card
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
need to buy graphic card
THunDeR Vikram (1 year ago)
my graphics card name is Intel(R) HD (i3) ..with no number , so I should go for the auto update method?
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
yah do auto update
ATG ANSHU (1 year ago)
If I got message n/a in dxdiag but I have 1gb graphics, is I have to install driver of my Nvidia graphics? Will it show 1gb because before install new window my all games works and dxdiag showing 1gb approx memory and after install new window my approx memory is n/a, so after install new driver will it take 1gb graphics?
PURGE JMI (1 year ago)
How do you stop the Graphics control panel from going back to default settings?
LegeAE Playz (1 year ago)
umh,, Windows vista not compatible?? on this graphics driver?
trillddd (1 year ago)
MJ, I have the intel Q965/963. Is there any way I can update it to at least HD ?
rae sremmurd sremmurd (1 year ago)
what is the 1st step uninstall intel r hd graphics ?
rae sremmurd sremmurd (1 year ago)
will it upgrade game performance like fps after downloading this?
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
ashok grg (1 year ago)
SkyBlaaa (1 year ago)
bro ,the name of my intel card is only:Intel hd graphic r...And there isnt any number
Ven Labrador (1 month ago)
me too :( no numbers
Hamko (1 year ago)
So, would you find one for me, please?
Hamko (1 year ago)
Well, it found nothing work me still :/
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
go to intel website to auto detect utility
Hamko (1 year ago)
SkyBlaaa same
M3SH (1 year ago)
Do I need to remove my Nvidia gpu ?
M3SH (1 year ago)
i tried scanning but it shows no update found for your device
M3SH (1 year ago)
MJ Tube whenever I try to install Intel hd it shows doesn't meet minimum system requirements
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
habib amin (1 year ago)
কম্পিউটার দোকান গুলোতে ইউন্ডোজ সেটাপ দেওয়ার পর কিভাবে গ্রাফিক্স সেটাপ দেওয়া হয় তা দেখালে উপকৃত হবো ।
Sanket Mirkute (1 year ago)
i got this problem (This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device.)
Expane Ga (5 months ago)
Sanket Mirkute i have the same
Ion Non (1 year ago)
SAHIL KHAN (1 year ago)
bro i have intel core 2 duo e7400 and pls tell me what intel graphics ver to install i have no gpu and tell me can i play burnout paradise after this pls help
SAHIL KHAN (1 year ago)
MJ Tube what to search pls tell
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
search on intel webiste
Michael Dodaro (1 year ago)
It said no drivers detected
Inferno Gaming (1 year ago)
Bro thx I used to have intel 4000 now I have intel 9000 bro u saved my life I can now play unknown batttle grounds and gta with 60 fps god bless you
Gaming 999k (2 months ago)
Same I came here for gta5
Critical Gamer (3 months ago)
Narendra youtuber U know hindi?? Btw here is the pubg pc video link - https://youtu.be/wbMU2yLA2ek And here is the gta 5 video link - https://youtu.be/i7WyIHiMVtw Now enjoy!!
Narendra youtuber (3 months ago)
Critical Gamer i m okay with both english and hindi
Narendra youtuber (3 months ago)
Critical Gamer nop
Critical Gamer (3 months ago)
Narendra youtuber Any problem if its in hindi language??
MAAZ KING (1 year ago)
bro please help me i have intel 82945g
dbaum42 (1 year ago)
MAAZ KING yeah mine too I had to look up the laptop manufacturer to find my driver
MAAZ KING (1 year ago)
in intel graphics section there's no option of intel (r) 82945g
dbaum42 (1 year ago)
whats the issue?
Harsh Dev Sharma (1 year ago)
Hey buddy! I was having intel hd drivers on my windows 7 but yesterday i upgraded it to windows 10 , i have all the drivers at its same place as wer in windows , only intel hd driver are missing , Help.
Anex gro (11 months ago)
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
did u try video instructions? try driver toolkit
Cj Ayan (1 year ago)
for lenovo pc not hp
Timber (1 year ago)
I want to upgrade my Intel(R) Graphics Driver thing how?
MoNu VaisHnaV (1 year ago)
Bro.I have Intel pentioum e5400 2.70ghz processor and Windows 10 64 BIT Please suggest me a good driver that support my pc
Century ZERO (1 year ago)
mine is intel(R) HD graphics, which one do i download.
Charlene Stanger (1 year ago)
LOL 2:34-2:39
Melissa Dacey (1 year ago)
driver utility doesn't allow me to install the driver correctly, keep getting error
Arnold Carson (11 months ago)
Me tooo
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
directly download driver from google
OdinSon (1 year ago)
MJ a quick question on installing the driver with a dedicated external gpu already installed no internal installed yet for quick sync. Can you elaborate on how this should be done there is literally not much on the hd 530 Intel much less with gpu install thanks.... I'm a avid pc builder always relied on external cards and always ran straight off the cards I have media server with tb.s of videos. I built this rig it is custom evga z170 ftw platform. I have never installed my i6700k on board but wanting to compress files in h265 to free up a ton of room. i installed correct drivers it show igfx then locked up rebooted and now won't show.
OdinSon (1 year ago)
come to find out you don't need anything but the latest SDK from Intel... Don't need the drivers I didn't have to touch bio.s settings igfx stock on auto and peg on auto as they have been. using more up to date driver through MS as well..... already taking my videos down in size 50 to 80% I should see a gigantic gain in disc space when all is done. just register at Intel developers grab the 2017 Intel media sdk install and quick sync should work perfect. the correct info is not even on the net it seems 20hours to figure correctly. the Intel tool should only be used by owners of store bought Intel boards it has nothing current in it whatsoever boards max out in 80 series......
OdinSon (1 year ago)
I should mention card is evga 960 Drs running dual monitors when I first installed it showed 3... 1 monitor is 60hz Asus and other is 144hz view sonic. just giving you some more info ty
Marius Abramavicius (1 year ago)
Hello. download last driver version and instal . After restart my laptop all setings go back and all driver go back on same last before. can anyone tell me why systkem just back all setings back?. i usinn Hp laptop and graphic card is Intel R Hd520. Give me some advance how to avoid all and instal correct drivers, Thanks
Ion Non (1 year ago)
me too :( I did what it said "please restart your PC " restarted it accidentally updated the windows 10 to the latest windows 10 graphic drives didn't :(
Marius Abramavicius (1 year ago)
well im download from oficial intel site and pick all good information, but when start install after extract i get error...
MJ Tube (1 year ago)
find right driver for ur pc, i think ur downloaded driver is not supporting
Tamie Ennis (1 year ago)
Marius Abramavicius I can't understand what you are trying to say.

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