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Text Comments (434)
Mhay Lucilla (2 days ago)
That is only lag
Bas Nattapong (4 days ago)
สำหรับฉันคนนี้ทำงานได้ดีที่สุดเท่านั้น * POSTISGUIDES COM * เพิ่มทรัพยากรที่ไม่ จำกัด ไปยังบัญชีของฉันแล้ว
abah john (5 days ago)
This isn't working anymore. Try this though...it's what I always use *postisguides . com*
3:25 graves gosht
Gaz Blackheart (18 days ago)
mostly the same old "travel" glitches
cassio (1 month ago)
jack william (1 month ago)
wow ang galing
hakan tan (1 month ago)
11:42 good varus r
Black Wolf (1 month ago)
Angel Viera (1 month ago)
5:00 Not Bug Is the Ulti Of Yi Nada The stop
陳昱泓 (1 month ago)
2:23 kirito?
yaşa keskin (2 months ago)
nice clickbait
matias gonzalez (2 months ago)
11:23 ¡¡omaweo mo sinderiu nani¡¡¡
micaela bautista (2 months ago)
El de tresh sigue pasando
Nazareth Bruno (2 months ago)
a my ya me paso lo del primer mometo es el echiso
Warrior (3 months ago)
i had this bug once it was i attacked someone under turret when my team was destroying the tower, i was one shot from the turret away from dying and the tower shot me but my team destroyed the turret right after and when it hit me i didn't taken damage :D (sorry bad grammar)
John Rivers (3 months ago)
2:30 what happened ?? It wasnt a bag
Marjorie Basich (3 months ago)
asd asd (3 months ago)
5:10 ? nunu ?
Ronaldinho Gaúcho (3 months ago)
2:45 ????
-Lord Beerus- (6 months ago)
Fuckers clickbaiters
Khen Arthur S. Ofrecio (6 months ago)
3:42 I think its not bug because Morgana shields gragas and gragas dash
Marius Samuilis (6 months ago)
Lylian Almeida (7 months ago)
mano o bagulho e doido mesmo kkk <3
MakiQ Mateja (7 months ago)
12:30 scripts
Colin Evans (7 months ago)
The ww and shen one isn't even a glitch
Adel Mounier (8 months ago)
Wolfer CZ (8 months ago)
good intro and good song whats name song??
Siyue Zhang (9 months ago)
6:05 cait canceld her ult and aa
Chain (9 months ago)
5:18 he got taunted😑😑 Edit Where the fuck is the summoners rift start bug that you start outside the barrier?
EclipseThekid (9 months ago)
The bug where the person dies and flies in the air has happened to me before
biggesteasyofmylife35 (9 months ago)
2:42 degenerate furfaggot viktor
Giedrius Brūžas (10 months ago)
whats wrong with 2:00?
Mr. Izzy (10 months ago)
Zapraszam www.youtube.com/watch?v=Su8sLLF-Ccc&t=3s
Bash Shot (10 months ago)
3:27 noob gone use that bug for the reason he died in that gank lmaoo
IPhisia Gaming (10 months ago)
I think 7:40 tristananisnt a bug
IPhisia Gaming (10 months ago)
Cuz alistars got an ult
More Vines (10 months ago)
:D irem dericinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtube_y_e3_n
More Vines (10 months ago)
:D irem dericinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtube4eIJp__
Marcel Runge (10 months ago)
0:30.. Yes the game is still shit about so much stuff.. But come on, get the two creeps please :D
Hime sama (11 months ago)
riot pls...
Efe Yalçın (11 months ago)
Ev0ltion (11 months ago)
7:05 what happend to ww is not a bug he follows his target with Q no matter what xD I used this trick few times on champs like tf or with someone teleporting away :D
Ev0ltion (11 months ago)
J4 E Q combo is a very frequently happening bug he does this while yasuo ulted snared or even knocked airborn....
Piro Man (11 months ago)
i had the first
Trey Lo (11 months ago)
One time i had a bug with WW & Kalista. Ww was spinning the whole game while moving lol
Clara Sofía (11 months ago)
2:21 Kirito thats you?
Edward Reeves (11 months ago)
Half of these aren't bugs
Jerece Martinaz (11 months ago)
Hahaha nice
Ulises Manolios (1 year ago)
3:32 activo el chet koreano, mejor conocido como "premunition madlifeana"
Rocket930 (1 year ago)
5:52 Not even rare
Jacon Lillyman (1 year ago)
rgb 2 (1 year ago)
Like si te gusta la trolleada del minuto 11:25 al tahm kench xd
T2G * (1 year ago)
7:00 this happened to me once lmao
nguyen the anh anh (1 year ago)
Chi mà có một ez hai Jayce thế phim tự tạo đừng có xem đừng có lai
mizzuu z (1 year ago)
tem aguns que é uma merda e nao tem nada a ver co m o video sobre bags
LYKOSMAN (1 year ago)
12:01 RIP NAMI
blank (1 year ago)
The draven r isnt a bug
0o Minato Namikaze o0 (1 year ago)
I like the last one, lol
MaVe Dalto (1 year ago)
00:20 i have the bug on zed
AJ_is_AJ (1 year ago)
Bahahaha that Vi one got me :D
Oh yeah yeah (1 year ago)
Let me explain, 80% normal thingsand 20% bugs
shaman wow (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/XMiwNyQ1jek nice video <3
marcelo lins (1 year ago)
Mano Esse bug ai do Lee Sin Aconteceu Comigo eu dei o Q No Dragão e ele Me jogou pra cima kkkkk
Senpai Games (1 year ago)
0:42 ele virou um barLÃO e saiu voando kkkkkkk
King of war (1 year ago)
Nan Joe (1 year ago)
thomas tutut (1 year ago)
Victor Treze (1 year ago)
4:43 it's a hack
Victor Treze (1 year ago)
Tom Georgin (1 year ago)
The WW clip at 7:20 isn't a bug... It's in his spell description
Peace (1 year ago)
Blacklight 47 (1 year ago)
rafael fernandes (1 year ago)
dat music...
Jozsef Kovacs (1 year ago)
At 11:56 (nami), what is the bug? i don't see nothing special :O
Jackkfruits Slime (11 months ago)
Jozsef Kovacs nami's ult dissappeared
Denis martin (1 year ago)
2:00 is just a player error, he did flash on his place it isnt a bug...
Alan Olivieri (1 year ago)
That click bait
Baka San (1 year ago)
Johan (1 year ago)
6:05 no bug, Fizz just E'd and cait auto a minion with headshot.
Chocolate Moose (1 year ago)
Good video, but that second song was terrible
2 yk (1 year ago)
how is the one from vi a bug tho
guilherme sobral (1 year ago)
no 2:29 é hack mano '-'
stree's prod (1 year ago)
at 7:00 is just warwick is not a bug
Kat Bruna (1 year ago)
Dude I'm so curious to watch that last game's whole video xD
LeagueProHighlights (1 year ago)
You can see more here -- https://youtu.be/objQbvfF_uI :)
Justin (1 year ago)
1:30. I also got this glitch once, Pretty fun to see
6:02 not she canceld her ult
5:55 not bug
4:10 not bug
1:52 isnt bug
Devil (1 year ago)
And all those bugs arent rare. I have every game any bug...
Devil (1 year ago)
At the beginning when Thresh hooks Sona, it's no bug... You can't cancel recall in the last few ticks.
Reiner Zufall (1 year ago)
TOP 50 RARE BUGS.... Feat. Vi ulting a recall and fly through the map, Bard getting knocken up while entering his journey and fly up to the stars, Warwick Qing a TP or Recall and follow them through the map and the most rare of them all: The disappearing skillshots!!! With special guests from season 2 to show at least a few interesting bugs... Absolute rare, absolute not a Clickbait
m7md al3waje (1 year ago)
1:52 I've seen this one in another video and it's not a bug
Brian Liu (1 year ago)
Most of these aren't bugs.
WatchAt. 2x (1 year ago)
that warwick wasnt a bug, its just how his aids q works
SkinnyYeeesus (1 year ago)
the Warwick Q jump with shen ult is no bug its intentional
TheUltimateFoxy (1 year ago)
Warwick tp with shen is not a bug '-' this spell follow al movement or tp like flash tf ult ect its written, also listen the focus on WW "-'
Hydrone (1 year ago)
1:13 isnt unique it happens to me too sometimes
Solo Laner (1 year ago)
7:16 It's normal, when Warwick uses his Q on someone, and if he keeps Q pressed, he won't open his jaw, he'll follow the one that he bite absolutely everywhere for ewample Nocturn R, TF R, TP, Sion R, Shen R....)
Habařovy LP (1 year ago)
Block it :D

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