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Jack Ma - Wrong About Bitcoin!

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Decentralized TV (5 months ago)
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ACEofficial7 (5 months ago)
Decentralized TV Bitcoin died the day that lawyer mt gox whale stepped in and started selling it off! We are all suffering because of it! Its time for Alt coins to take control of the cryptomarket! Goodbye bitcoin!
Htng Uvon (4 months ago)
In jack ma i trust
Marcus1552 Crypto (5 months ago)
very good assessment ; BTC is slow, expensive and 1st gen----altcoins are the future...see next gen coins
SUK MIKE HOK l (5 months ago)
in china 80-90% r going cashless with wechat pay or alipay whihc jack ma owns and no one seems to care about bitcoin nowaday
Aussie Guitars (5 months ago)
Nasty profitable games being played by all
ACEofficial7 (5 months ago)
Bitcoin died the day that lawyer mt gox whale stepped in and started selling it off! We are all suffering because of it! Its time for Alt coins to take control of the cryptomarket!
Humble Ben (5 months ago)
Perhaps he just thinks that Bitcoin is going to soon be surpassed by newer coins.
busymountain (5 months ago)
Jack Ma is smart and probably prefers faster, cheaper privacy coins of which there are many...in that sense he might conclude Bitcoin is in a bubble.
Mike Cell (5 months ago)
Bitcoin is not a bubble it's the pin!
Mark Anthony Laqui (5 months ago)
50 percent of mining pool is from China..haha
greg william (5 months ago)
How'd Alibaba make $40 bln, maybe like $40 mln but $40 bln?
LiteCoin Moses (5 months ago)
6 years tops!...and we are at the front of the wave for when the herd comes. Surf that shit
Jules Rockefeller (5 months ago)
well, he wants people use his own alipay
eXXposed.org (5 months ago)
Peter Wuwei (5 months ago)
He has a hidden agenda. Undermine bitcoin so people are ready for Ma-coin coming out in 2018, 3Q, lol.
youssef zahir (5 months ago)
http://shortmony.me/daFx /This is a site that collects the petquin and I work in it myself
Watson Williams, Jr. (5 months ago)
Dogelord! Well Ma obviously doesn't need BTC to get rich. Though he could of course be sewing fear and buying up, because you can always have more money, haha. At the same time, government currencies will never have the same appeal as classical crypo-assets like BTC (for various reasons), and there is a lot of competition being played out right now. It's too early to tell, but the range of possibilities is fairly clear: BTC could become worthless, or it could become the global currency standard. It could break the back of government, or governments could adopt. They cooould counter with centralized crypto, but who really thinks that even has a chance of succeeding? Let the disruption continue!
Ken Cress (5 months ago)
Yes . One is a technology and the other is a coin. You can have one without the other.
Chase Vineland (5 months ago)
Jack Ma can be wrong because he’s ultra rich. He can later admit he’s wrong and still be ultra rich.
jojo padlan (5 months ago)
You are funny mate. I agree with you...
VRreando (5 months ago)
he knows de truth but you know... Alipay is part of his business and he just follows the Chinese gov. official msg
nelson carreiro (5 months ago)
he wants you to get trx
Patrick Lynch (5 months ago)
Guys......come on......you really think Jack Ma actually believes bitcoin isn't a long term revolutionary winner? He's the head of one of the world's largest companies - he is beholden to many people, many of whom have interests to protect that conflict with the success of bitcoin. He also has to keep the Chinese government happy. Use your heads ppl.
gcoffey223 (5 months ago)
It's PEEDAH!!!
Guy Fawkes (5 months ago)
i miss the dogecoin pumping days.
Crypto Millionaire (5 months ago)
that is right. Since the beginning without bitcoin, without blockchain.
Subroto Xing (5 months ago)
Jack Ma has tough enough competitor in Alipay he doesnt need another one which is an AI competitor LOL.
Digital Nomad Investor (5 months ago)
Yeah, Jack Ma is wrong and this YouTuber is right? HAHAHAHA.....Bitcoin could die today and blockchain would survive just fine . Wow is this guy the biggest fanboy? Is this what they call "Bitcoin Delusional Thinking?"
Mary Page (5 months ago)
you are NOT worth nothing...don't say that...you have more than enough and there is more in store...we live in an abundant world
darius195 (5 months ago)
Why do you think Bitcoin can't be a bubble while blockchain is the future? There are a lot of projects that use blockchain and don't touch Bitcoin...like every alt-coin...what am I missing?
Crash Monkeyz (5 months ago)
Jack Ma is lying on purpose! Period
Alen Mustlovski (5 months ago)
I hope he partners up with Tron because im holding quite a bit of it.
familyvid1 (5 months ago)
Did Ripple and Xpring reach out to you?
Mike Thai (5 months ago)
Jack Ma will come back just like Jamie Dimon and now is back for good, so Peter I will have a great Fun to here your reply when Jack Ma come back
Jack Martin (5 months ago)
Jack Ma owns military assists. Rockets 🚀🚀🚀🚀 even. Tanks even, bullets even. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
iTz GNik (5 months ago)
陳Jet (5 months ago)
Jack Martin Owning 🔫 🔪💣 may make some sense but owning tanks, warships & 🚀 makes little sense. They are expensive to keep & little use to a businessman (unless he is a death merchant or mercenary)😂
Jack Martin (5 months ago)
That would be whatever the Chinese MilGovEco gave him... he is not in a vscumn in China,, really... to get in his place... many nods of heads within the party...
陳Jet (5 months ago)
Jack Martin Are those 🚀 he owns normal 🚀 or intercontinental nuclear 🚀? 😋 Where he got those 🚀 from? China? Russia? USA?
Jack Martin (5 months ago)
BeetCoin rocks Peata. 🍡❣🐝
Jack Martin (5 months ago)
Jack Ma is shilling for TRX, ya think? Yes think!. Call me 📞☎👍
Rowee Del Rosario (5 months ago)
Give him time. He’ll come around. It part of the phase.
Marius Vidziunas (5 months ago)
Good one 👍
Just a Dad (5 months ago)
Let me guess, but he think tron is the saviour with bf sun.
rosy boora (5 months ago)
Tron and Alibaba is the two magic words. Will see it very soon.
Crypto League (5 months ago)
warren,bill ,charlie, they are all SCAREDDDD
pine apple (5 months ago)
brilliant people are clueless when it comes to bitcoin because bitcoin is a threat to their business model
Ryan Shaeffer (5 months ago)
Banks need to go by by! If i can control my finances without someone taking it all when they rob my house or a natural disaster happens, i can safely hold my own money!
Ryan Shaeffer (5 months ago)
The next huge stock market crash you are going to see people flood to crypto!
MiningTrades (5 months ago)
Great coverage bros.
I was very disappointed by Bitcoin( Now I have the only hope for Telegram - token. I bought 10000 tokens. Literally for a couple of days of an open pre-sale they snapped up almost all the tokens on www.newtokens.info/gramblockchain
Free American Spirit (5 months ago)
The Chinese are just Not digging the BTC... I can't believe they ranked erherum Number one....
Russell Dean (5 months ago)
BTC is decentralized thats why they don’t like it. No control.
Tiziano L. (5 months ago)
Anything they aren't able to control (decentralized, out of reach from the government, better investment than the RMB etc...) terrifies the communist party. And for the right reasons. The chinese go through a lot of trouble to take money out of china and so far only the elite could, but now they are seeing how easy it is for the average citizen to do it as well so they're now on a misinformation campaign. Notice how many chinese "cryptos" are high ranked.
T2 (5 months ago)
Jack Ma is not stupid. He is a business man. He cant deal with BTC in China. He will go big in the chinese cryptos. If he doesnt like BTC,its ok right. We all invest in different cryptos. Whats your point if Jack doesnt like BTC. Chill out
Kyle V (5 months ago)
He says Bitcoin is a bubble. Probably on binance right now buying Bitcoin
chris kawahito (5 months ago)
The mega wealthy, Gates, Buffet, and now Jack Ma all are against because they have every incentive to keep the status quo (fiat and the financial system keeping them where they are).
Sparky 84 (5 months ago)
chris kawahito yet all those people are giving there wealth away so no they don’t have a incentive think about it
C OEz (5 months ago)
Ma is the "Father" of TRON founder "Justin Sun". Iam confused, that he "attacks" Bitcoin and not ETH. :-D Who cares, we want to see now a huge attack on the 10k BTC....
alexander walls (5 months ago)
Tiziano L. I can have my own opinion just like you have yours
Tiziano L. (5 months ago)
If you support Litecoin then you automatically support Bitcoin. And I agree with that. Stop defending Tron though because on that subject you're wrong. And you can be certain that any crypto coming out of china is complete garbage.
alexander walls (5 months ago)
Tiziano L. I never said Tron was Decentralized you fuck head! The only coin I can name that is, is Litecoin
Tiziano L. (5 months ago)
Over 10.000 bitcoin core nodes as we speak. You don't even understand how pricing works. And honestly i don't think you even know yourself what you're trying to say. Go ahead, tell me which crypto is more decentralized than Bitcoin. Vitalics' ETH? The bankers' XRP? Go ahead teach me. Tron is a pre-mined shitcoin and at any point it could be made useless. Easy come, easy go.
alexander walls (5 months ago)
Tiziano L. Bitcoin prices mainly are being controlled by exchanges! If you don’t think that’s centralized then stop commenting!
Cryptorose (5 months ago)
If one more billionaire comes out and loves Blockchain and dismissive of Bitcoin as a bubble. My head's going to explode! I guess if u have billions, u can afford to be ignorant.
Alex Tamayo (5 months ago)
Robert Richest (5 months ago)
He need more bitcoin, so creating a fud
Unsil YI (5 months ago)
They want to buy deep
陳Jet (5 months ago)
Unsil YI How deep? $7k deep? $700 deep? $70 deep? $7 deep? $0.70 deep? 😂
Zuver (5 months ago)
Says he's worth nothing while sitting in front of a lambo xD
Edward Rebb (5 months ago)
Zuver. .... 😄😄😄😄😄😄 Petah is the silent grasshopper 💪👍✊👊💥💫🙏
Thinking Monkey (5 months ago)
Artificialo Stylexd i think he bough a big stack of btc and hodled them since 2011 when they were worth $2
j jones (5 months ago)
He just said that so he does not get hacked Ballina style . hes got plenty of money !!
Artificialo Stylexd (5 months ago)
I believe he paid 45 BTC for it back when BTC was around $5,000-$5,500.. wonder how much BTC he have in total if he causally tossed 45 BTC at a lambo. He has a pretty sizable mining farm, building an exchange (YEN.IO) which he'll likely profit from transaction Fees, runs other websites, consualt/has consulted for many companies etc. I need to get my streams of income as diversified as him.
Thinking Monkey (5 months ago)
The lambo costed him $90
Hetman (5 months ago)
Ma is either misinformed or is playing the game just like the rest of them...
陳Jet (5 months ago)
Subroto Xing ... So its either beat them or join them ☺
Subroto Xing (5 months ago)
He is simply degrading a business competitor (he has alipay).
陳Jet (5 months ago)
Hetman What kind of game? Spreading FUD or making Fake News? Giving Alternative Facts?
Usagiynami (5 months ago)
Akida Roshan (5 months ago)
first one

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