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google cardboard hack for better peripheral vision

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Super quick hack allows you to experiment with light pipes for better peripheral vision in VR headsets.

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DarthHater100 (3 months ago)
Why can't they just have a curved visor that covers your entire field of vision? Just use LCD glasses like with 3D movies.
RascalKyng (2 years ago)
Do the pipes absolutely need to touch the screen?
Pedro Miguel (2 years ago)
great idea would you be able to give a link where I could order some of that light pipe online I can't seem to find it anywhere
iontrades (2 years ago)
Super Cool
Caleb Kraft (2 years ago)
Jim Haderon (2 years ago)
Hmm, wonder how it would be if you replaced the piece holding the lenses with some type of frosted plastic...
Caleb Kraft (2 years ago)
you could, though that would just give you uncontrolled light bleed. This specifically targets the corrresponding peripheral pixels, allowing them to be shown to your eyes instead of going unutilized.
Vinicius (2 years ago)
Great idea. Just in case you should patent it.
Caleb Kraft (2 years ago)
I'm not going to mess with patents I think. Too much of a pain in the butt.

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