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Power Vision (14 days ago)
Hi Guys! Where are you from?
Beenu Adnan (8 minutes ago)
RANBIR WAR (29 minutes ago)
Get no scope 420 (39 minutes ago)
666 dislikes OHHHHHHHHHHH😲😲😲😲😲😲
Get no scope 420 (39 minutes ago)
I’m from NY
suchada janbab (9 hours ago)
thailand i love thai
MamiNash F (1 hour ago)
You are so good
Jayden S (5 hours ago)
Like you have a lighter at school
Nam Nam (5 hours ago)
d karimullha (5 hours ago)
what is your name
d karimullha (5 hours ago)
good morning 🌽🌹
Adventure YouTube (6 hours ago)
Почему некоторые вещи написона на русском
Adventure YouTube (6 hours ago)
Ластик ?
noob Mini (7 hours ago)
Power Vision ,yes
Aloes Purohit (8 hours ago)
Aloes Purohit (8 hours ago)
l lick
Atif Shaikh (9 hours ago)
DogeBossY Woof (9 hours ago)
Cheating doesn't make you smarter
CAMILA Fonseca (9 hours ago)
Atif Shaikh (10 hours ago)
nice 😁
Raquel Cardoso (12 hours ago)
Gostei das idéias
Dr Pogi (12 hours ago)
copy right from 5 minute crafts
木村真彩 (14 hours ago)
That eraser thing is cheating.
roblox ROBUX (16 hours ago)
que si le letras 0k
WTF no abono ingles
Ismrt Fhfhf (18 hours ago)
Dani Machado (19 hours ago)
Sevda Arık (20 hours ago)
Ali Dhain (21 hours ago)
Hello im a youtuber too
Mirzezade Nezrin (21 hours ago)
5:40 superrr👍👍👍👍
dipendra Bhatta (21 hours ago)
So smart boy
ajla bicic (21 hours ago)
kurćiš se
Vegeta Goku (22 hours ago)
Laydibug !!!! (23 hours ago)
Laydibug !!!! (23 hours ago)
Elif Gökcan (23 hours ago)
Great video
Sultana Dodiya (23 hours ago)
SORRY ! friend but it's a bad idea we not have to teach how to cheat in our exam infact you have to teach good thing
Seema Bajaj (23 hours ago)
cheating is bad in exams
Star Buterflli (1 day ago)
Krades ideje ua
Aryan Jadhav (1 day ago)
Uma Devi (1 day ago)
and why are you Wasting your things. for the cheta video ......?
Uma Devi (1 day ago)
I don't want to be a cheater first why did you make this video...........................?
Anna Sedlačková (1 day ago)
ifrah malik (1 day ago)
Suscribe my channel
ifrah malik (1 day ago)
Oh u are a cheater 😱 I don't cheat in exams or tests
Sanjay Dighole (1 day ago)
Cheating is bad
horyin wong (1 day ago)
Good job, because exam is coming I gonna use your plan to do this
Jedly Gaming (1 day ago)
thanh do (1 day ago)
Fack YouTube
김효실 (1 day ago)
Katravath Venkatram (1 day ago)
Mikaely Monteiro (1 day ago)
Feio colar na prova 😑😐
Adriyana Ivanov (1 day ago)
Please I guess it is also a good idea to make a decision on
Adriyana Ivanov (1 day ago)
Adriyana Ivanov (1 day ago)
P w0
Over cano Vargas (1 day ago)
Dale like si hablas español
Kuba Sa (1 day ago)
Kuba Sa (1 day ago)
Kuba Sa (1 day ago)
Kuba Sa (1 day ago)
Bryan_2009 (1 day ago)
Yo para que quisiera hacer trampa cuando me metana trabajar me van a preguntar y no voy a poder hacer trampa por que no sabia y por eso deves acordarte
Sasko Simonovsi (1 day ago)
Ti si makedonec
Danijela Tomovic (1 day ago)
Omg lol puskice
Mikolt Anna Csutak (1 day ago)
You are magyar :) 4:48-nál állítsátok meg
ashik ashik (1 day ago)
Bali genes hegas na citing hegas
Knight 456 (1 day ago)
Are you comunist?
Thank you
Noor Uddin (2 days ago)
Don't make such videos on cheetig
Mukesh Db (2 days ago)
You all want we should chit WOW if our teacher sees she will eat me without frying me
Rahul Thomdepu (2 days ago)
wast of my time
Ian Aguire (2 days ago)
Like si te gustan estosinbentos
ziteng su (2 days ago)
Andrei865 (2 days ago)
dipper pines (2 days ago)
Total cópia de 5- minutos Craft
syeda tasmin (3 days ago)
I don't want to cheating in school you devil 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡💢
Ezekiel Roi Fabuna (1 hour ago)
wrong grammar
suchada janbab (9 hours ago)
i don't wanna cheating too
Atif Shaikh (10 hours ago)
copy karne accha hota hai
ifrah malik (1 day ago)
Dominic Christoffe Francisco me too I'm not a cheater
I don't want too
A97 craft (3 days ago)
Suscribete a mi canal se llama "A97 MEGA" ya me suscribi
gangappa pulagala (3 days ago)
Better video☺☺👍
yoshi player (4 days ago)
You are russian?
FOXY RED (5 days ago)
Me respondam alguém faz isso além deles
Mitri Hayar (1 day ago)
Sim 5 minutes craft
i like power vision
Yasemin Altunbaş (5 days ago)
Joyce Vaughan (5 days ago)
Can you do one for kids because not everyone can have phones in class
غرور الغنوي (5 days ago)
Alishah Khan (6 days ago)
I hate about one thing to this channel they teach how to cheat
Sonu Singh (6 days ago)
cheating is very bad .
suchada janbab (9 hours ago)
Sonu Singh i agree
Lesli Lainez (11 hours ago)
It's ture cheating is bad
Resxolbor (1 day ago)
gelen the fox (1 day ago)
Unless you might not know the answer what happen if you dont listen to class the teacher gaves u the test what will you do?xD
Kevin Xu (7 days ago)
I was so close to exposing you with click-bait since almost every video I have watched that has that picture was click-bait, but NO! good job
Sushant Jadhav (8 days ago)
Very nice
Wooow its realy cool hacks for school sadly my teacher is looked!!!!
This video is very good for cheaters😠😠😠😠
Paf Paf (13 days ago)
*LIKE* I dont know *LIKEEE NOW
GODalonecan JUDGEME (13 days ago)
By the time you attempt some of these school cheating hacks, you're caught already 😂
Zaheer Shaikh (13 days ago)
I am doing your trck
Zaheer Shaikh (13 days ago)
My exam is going on
abhay haldkar (13 days ago)
Very Ari (13 days ago)
Hi sub me and I'll sub you
Tafsir khan (13 days ago)
unbelievable trick
sumbul (13 days ago)
Daryus Adrian BoY DAB (14 days ago)
Abdelaziz Benjelloun (14 days ago)
كاين شي نقال هنا ولا والو
Ferhat Bendjedi (14 days ago)
boban dimovic (14 days ago)
FIRE4IK [GMS] (14 days ago)
muhammad qasim (14 days ago)
We should not do cheating 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Robin Bates (14 days ago)
Don't like the ones that teach children how to cheat in school. They need their education for their future. They can't cheat their way through. Education is very important and not a game

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