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How To Recover Gold From Computer Scrap with Household Chemicals

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The fingers have an undeterminable amount of gold. This enables sellers to charge more than they are worth. This video shows that it's not easy to get the gold and how much there is to get. Now you have a place to look BEFORE you spend hard-earned money on the overpriced scrap.

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Ryan Cang (6 hours ago)
Breaking Bad
Jessy Cassidy (8 hours ago)
Interesting indeed, a lot of work for little payout though.
Ellen Watson (9 hours ago)
Very interesting and thank you.
Cheryl Martin (10 hours ago)
Wow all that work it's no wonder why it's expensive.
Craig Fishburn (11 hours ago)
intresting, i grow pot, im used to scales, next time use a bigger bowel to weigh your stuff
Thomas Scott (12 hours ago)
I was laughing the entire time at what his P&L must look like... $40 a gram is a losing venture....next?......LMFAO
Jason Humphries (16 hours ago)
Fascinating video. Thanks for posting.👍
Rene Stockley (18 hours ago)
Yes - this process creates a lot of environmental waste, which one idiot near me decided to just dump in the ground. Long story short the waste went to our water way and into our drinking water. He got a huge fine and it cost city hundreds of thousands to cleanup. I would let professionals recycle these products, unfortunately I don't even trust these people to do the job correctly.
Tim Leon (21 hours ago)
heavy duty desktop paper cutter to trim fingers from boards and add a vibratory table or tumbler with your Bubbler to speed up the process. apply process to tons of scrap computers freely available and you do have a money maker.
PonFORDS (21 hours ago)
Awesome vid. Where can Stannous Chloride be bought at an does it really need to be done or is it recommended due to problems that can occur?
sreetips (8 hours ago)
Stannous chloride crystal available on eBay. Pure tin shot also. Absolute must for a beginner. Otherwise it's like driving blind.
Dale Schellhamer (1 day ago)
Get yourself some offset green handle sheers. Look very similar but the cutting jaws are wider and the angle is designed to cut much faster and smoother then the aviation snips you have there.
Hoydlee Bonifacio (1 day ago)
great video....kudos to you....
Marcia Brumfield (1 day ago)
This was very interesting. Now I know why those electronics recycling companies take your stuff for free, mostly. I assume the noise was because the process was performed under a hood to remove the noxious fumes from the chemical process.
costumcustomer (1 day ago)
im going to need a part job first to do this job first i guess with burger king you get pay more :)
ryanlarkin1111 (1 day ago)
Thank you for putting up this video. An excellent exhibition.
Tammy Green (1 day ago)
Mann, you actually went through all of that just for a gram of pure gold, ahhh lawd please, all you bought, n went through, I just say it's just not worth it, I would have just bought a gram from the federal reserved, just not worth it to me, but great video and good job
sreetips (1 day ago)
Tammy, the reason I made the video was to show that it's not worth it.
MolonLabe (1 day ago)
So at $39/g he's not making money. He's paid $420 for raw materials plus time and chemicals but it does make this a VERY COOL thing to do for the chemistry of it. I want to do more research and try it out just to show my kids how chemistry works. VERY AWESOME VIDEO!
usbaldo zavala (2 days ago)
Too much word but interesting
Malaysian Backpacker (2 days ago)
I will try to do with my own
alphaxanon (2 days ago)
Why just the fingers? Isn't there gold in the rest of the circuit board traces?
sreetips (2 days ago)
Fingers have the most concentration, highest yielding of gold. The rest of the components have very little gold in them.
Aleksandar Markovic (2 days ago)
This video is awesome. Regardless, if you are really poor this is a great way to make a buck at least. Imagine people who don't have much to do they can get millions of these fingers for free visiting electronic scrapyards daily. You wont believe how much shit people throw every day. Just a thought.
Kelly VB (2 days ago)
Sure is a lot of work to only get 1 gram. Bet it cost a lot more to buy the fingers and all the chemicals not to mention the labor. Bottom line....COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!
rmyd027 (2 days ago)
Probably the only way to make a profit is in an industrial setting and like you said in a reply to another post, receiving the scrap for free/dirt cheap.
kevin melia (2 days ago)
Pretty cool! Next time, I would weigh the the whole box, then just dump it out! Awesome tutorial, I have recommended it!
sreetips (2 days ago)
I never even thought of doing it that way. Nice suggestion.
Loren Armentrout (2 days ago)
Absolutely ridiculous, the amount of work put into to this and all it’s yields is one tiny ass piece of gold is not worth it, straight up dumb
Corey Everett (3 days ago)
does it smell?
sreetips (1 day ago)
Corey, I don't know. I've never tried to smell it.
Darren Lewis (3 days ago)
Anyone got a microscope so i can see the final yield? lol
Peopled Diagram (3 days ago)
That was so fascinating to watch! I was mesmorised. Thank you for posting this really interesting clip
Cory Carr (3 days ago)
Just curious, what was the molarity of the HCl?
sreetips (1 day ago)
The label says 31.45%
snorman72 (3 days ago)
thank you at last I can make millions. kind regards paddy
asbaDoce (3 days ago)
Dead druglords are a more profitable source.
rockabye baby (4 days ago)
interesting chemistry lesson
Trebor Snrub Yeldaw (4 days ago)
How to recover 1 gram of gold, and a bonus of moronic comments from those who cannot glean details from a simple presentation.
Paulo Gomez (4 days ago)
Humm, it reminds me of an old employer who thought he was going to become a billionaire doing this.... the old man is still trying and he will die off trying to figure out why it doesn’t work, poor bastard... Lmao
sreetips (1 day ago)
Paulo, I know I'll never become a billionaire. But I am having an absolute blast doing something I love to do. Refine precious metals and sharing my knowledge and experience with others. What a ride!
Terry Brown (4 days ago)
All that for $40 worth of gold?
danpt2000 (4 days ago)
Feels almost like i'm watching Walter White.
John Heine-Parisi (4 days ago)
all that work for such little yield that's not enough to fill a tooth but thanks for the procedure how long did it take again like 4-54 days don't you have anything better to do with your time
sreetips (4 days ago)
I could quit making videos and spend more time watching TV, drinking beer, and smoking cigarettes.
I see u (4 days ago)
This guy probably makes a fortune $$$$$
T II (4 days ago)
mparryuk52 (4 days ago)
This video was made to SHOW THE PROCESS and NOT to make a profit. Very interesting :)
Randell Darcky (4 days ago)
What is with white subtitles? They are about same color of backgrounds. Try red or blue
Joey z (4 days ago)
Excellent video on how to refine gold from electronics and is more an educational science project. Thank you! It was very cool and interesting. Now that SEARS went bankrupt, this might be a solution for them to recover any assets by melting down anything they cant sell with gold inside it since they already have the chemicals hahahaha SEARS blame AMAZON for bankruptcy; however, SEARS has been around for over hundred years and started the first catalog shopping since the late cowboy days. They got so filthy rich, even built SEARS TOWER in Chicago that Its about time some pull the carpet from unders SEARS. They were ripping off customers for so many years. Karma is a bitch.
Joe Harelson (4 days ago)
Thank you sreetips. That's a lot of work, but still a nice little bit of gold you refined yourself. Though a numbers loss, it's an excellent refresher of chemistry lab skills and spotlight on the scrap rip-off market. I'll try the technique to refine some flour gold in black sand. Though I assume the reagents cost more than the final product. Fun anyway.
Zachary Simpson (4 days ago)
You are a Amazing, I would have fun everyday doing that if I could. I love science, and smithing. Both together as one that I would like to do. Great work I love it.
Becky McDade (5 days ago)
I knew there had to be a special trick on getting the gold pins off the cpu . Hair dryer or heat gun. Thanks
MrSpeedweasel (5 days ago)
I made more watching this video at work than you're going to make from that gold.
MrSpeedweasel (2 days ago)
Not when you work for yourself. But thanks for your concern. :)
Trebor Snrub Yeldaw (4 days ago)
Ever heard of "time theft"?
MrSpeedweasel (5 days ago)
This is awesome. I salute your courage. A brown-skinned man prepared to buy bulk chemicals. Wow. I can practically hear the SWAT team pulling up outside your house. Seriously tho, nice video.
Tom Jakovac (5 days ago)
Is it worth it, after so much chemical work, time spent, and gas used, start up for tools???
John doe (5 days ago)
Y not just go gold panning? Prolly won't burn your house down... or run a metal detector along the beach? Ha
tbugher62 (5 days ago)
Waste of money and time,no profit.
Naveed Khan (5 days ago)
Amount of time, money, effort he have spent not worth at all. Hahahha
sreetips (5 days ago)
Curious, what led you to believe that it would be worth while or profitable? Why were you expecting more? I am genuinely curious. Thank you.
Earthgal HippieChick (5 days ago)
This is pretty cool! sim cards huh? hmmm ; )
sreetips (5 days ago)
Got cha, you did, they came with the fingers. But I set them aside for a later video.
Earthgal HippieChick (5 days ago)
Oh ok I thought I saw sim cards too. 0:37
sreetips (5 days ago)
Not SIM cards. These were the "fingers" trimmed off of computer circuit cards.
Truth7 EndTime (5 days ago)
I expected more gold out of all that. There are more expenses involved in doing this than profiting from the gold one gets. Nevertheless, wow, I give him a 12 out of 10 for that work and for the info. Stupendous job!
sreetips (5 days ago)
Thanks, most folks hurl insults because the yield was so low.
Havaseet2 (5 days ago)
All that time, effort and money only to lose it while being exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals. I think the trade off is obviously not worth health the ramifications.
sreetips (5 days ago)
Refining is my hobby and my passion. I love the science. I think it's better than sitting in front of the TV drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.
Mr.E.Shoppa (5 days ago)
It's just not worth the trouble to get gold this way, unless you are OK making $3.50 per hour for your time. This is a COMPLICATED project!
Gerald Dixon Cummings (5 days ago)
Imagine how good he'd be if he played guitar instead of this?
sreetips (5 days ago)
I was never that good at guitar playing.
This is actually interesting. If this was being done in larger volumes could see a profit turn. But that seemed to be an awful lot of work for 1g of gold. Well done process though. I learned a lot. i
FloodFetter (6 days ago)
Your bench skills are sloppy, at least as you demonstrate here. Definitely several steps in which poor technique must have lead to a reduction in yield. I believe the method could be better as well. You still wouldn't have yielded enough to break even, due to the cost of the raw materials (i.e., the scrap parts with the gold...not to mention other expenses). I guess now you'll have an idea of what to pay if you try again.
FloodFetter (6 days ago)
I'd love to. Unfortunately I don't have access to a proper lab or even an area to set up an acceptable temporary workspace. Labs I've worked at in the past were strictly regulated, so they would've been no good either. I guess college or an old sketchy friends house were the only places I could ever do my own thing.
sreetips (6 days ago)
You should make a video and show us how to do it right. Thanks for watching.
sreetips (6 days ago)
The value of the scrap was undetermined. Now it is determinable. Now you have a number to use before you pay good money for the overpriced scrap. The sellers were making a killing. Not so much now as the price has plummeted. I like to think that it is because of my video showing the tiny amount you can expect.
Anthony Falk (6 days ago)
All of that for $40.00 worth of Gold?
sreetips (6 days ago)
I just checked. They're still paying $100 USD for computer trash. Just goes to show you that the myth is still alive and well. Plus, there's a sucker born every minute. Or maybe the buyer is going to use that scrap to make a video that will go viral with millions of views; https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-pounds-of-computer-memory-for-scrap-gold/323491498083?hash=item4b51988863:g:Yt8AAOSwA~VaFLIr
the smithman will not last longer his lungs and inhal deficiency
Jagdson (6 days ago)
I quite enjoyed this video. Not only is the subject interesting, but many of the comments are amusingly foolish. There is value here; value in the immediately-useful sense of YT revenue, and value in the long-term sense of recycling. Gold is not only pretty, it is fantastically useful. Many medical uses for gold exist, which some people do not know. There is no reason to waste any of it. Regardless of small-scale costs for this experiment, clearly the process itself is straightforward and effective.
Wow!!!....I always thought it was just a myth, nice job dude! all the best
Fun is Awesome (6 days ago)
Very interesting video
Timmy the Woo (6 days ago)
Use a soldering iron to remove the gold from the boards. You don't need all those chemicals.
sreetips (6 days ago)
Sitting and scraping off the foils from 1000 fingers would drive me insane. I'd rather just let the chemicals do it for me.
Steve Laurie (6 days ago)
Very fascinating from a science perspective but wouldn't it be easier just to go down to your local pawn broker and buy a gold ring?
sreetips (6 days ago)
Steve, I made this video to kill the computer scrap myth; there's an ounce of pure gold in every scrap PC just waiting for those who can figure out how to get it. The persistence of this myth is ASTONISHING!
Jeff C (6 days ago)
you,sir are either a genius,or a mad scientist ....or , Both ! either way ....COOL
RavagedAnimals (7 days ago)
All that for a drop of gold and some fun you put a smile on my face
dhy5342 (7 days ago)
Most households have some Clorox and maybe hydrogen peroxide and borax available but hydrochloric acid, Stannis chloride, sodium bisulfate, while available at most hardware stores, can hardly be considered to be household chemicals. I will admit this method is marginally safer than other methods using stronger acids but even hydrochloric acid can make unexpected results such as rusting any steel within a 10 foot radius of an open container and mixing hydrochloric acid and Clorox will produce chlorine gas.
sreetips (7 days ago)
I agree, improperly storing some of these chemicals can cause problems with corrosion on metal surfaces.
william cole (7 days ago)
I pulled 3 servers out of the tra$h. 32#, brought to the scrap yard and got $80. $2.50/#. 32#. Seems easier then the whole process I just viewed. Got me thinking if they're paying $2.50/#. What else can I be recycling off of those servers??? Any suggestions???
sreetips (7 days ago)
William, I don't have much experience with escrap because the yields are so low. I mainly deal with karat scrap where the yields are up over 50%. I've no experience to share. Sorry.
Mutasim Aldory (7 days ago)
Thank you for a very interesting video! Ignoring the idiotic comments about how "financially" non-viable this is, your time & methodical explanations are very well presented.. A question please; what would the expected purity of this process be? I see in a later comment you emphasise the difference between recovering and refining this gold, but I can't find anything on the approximate carot rating other than guessing the 'value' comments compare it to 24c prices; is this what you would really expect, or would it be impossible to get that pure with this simple process alone? Thank you again!
sreetips (7 days ago)
The gold bead from this video was 24k pure gold, probably 990 to 995 purity. In another video using these fingers I skipped the refining steps and just melted the recovered gold foils. The yield was twice as much for the same amount of fingers 500 grams. This means that the gold foils by themselves are about 12k gold (50% pure gold and 50% base metals).
Sogs 89 (7 days ago)
$38 worth of gold, how much did you spend to get there? I see a net loss
Larry G (7 days ago)
It is worth 39.24 in today's market.
Didmt even get your money back
Dick Fitzwell (7 days ago)
ya can speed it up with a vacuum pump and Bomex Filtering Flask
C Valente (8 days ago)
Any one has a suggestion about how to sell this? IN my country all gold from the ground belongs to the state. Here there is still gold but very hardly would be profitable to get a permission , and needing to sell to the state under prices they would impose. So I ask. How do we sell anything we get ? This only would be worth to do in large scale , still the question how to sell it is the most relevant.
amgnsyd (3 days ago)
Send to me
Fingloi Delos reyes (8 days ago)
wtf? just 39$?
drgil65 (8 days ago)
Thanks for the video, but to me that just to much work and chemicals to be using every time
John Ellison (8 days ago)
This process was crazy to watch and just shows what a determined mind with a goal can do
Greg Horn (8 days ago)
With the cost of all the materials needed to break it down and the cost of the tools to do it with,plus the cost of buying the actual computer parts. You're losing money before you ever get started.
sreetips (8 days ago)
I made the video to prove that point.
DerMacko (8 days ago)
so what did you do with the nickel? There is a nickel layer between the base copper and gold as a diffusion barrier? (else the Au would just diffuse into the Cu and and the surface would get covered with copperoxides)
sreetips (8 days ago)
Copper and nickel, if present with the foils, get dissolved with the gold from the chlorine. Sodium metabisulfite will precipitate the gold but not the other two metals. They get left behind and stay in solution eventually ending up in the waste treatment bucket that is full of iron. The nickel and copper come out of solution on the iron as harmless metallic particles.
jamie nhb (8 days ago)
Id of cried at the end if I had of been doing that interesting to watch tho.
Pearl Wherry (8 days ago)
Does this process smell a lot in your home?
sreetips (8 days ago)
I've never done this in my house so I don't know.
Chris Silva (8 days ago)
Way to much work for the yield
sreetips (8 days ago)
Because that's all that there is to get
Dennis Johnson (8 days ago)
Better off to go prospecting in Canada or Alaska or in the Rockies. Much more enjoyable and could probably catch some fish for dinner but then---you wouldn't have all those good fumes to breath in. The fresh air in the Rockies would probably make one sick.
sreetips (8 days ago)
That the point of the video.
Vidsweekly94 (9 days ago)
sreetips (8 days ago)
Gold refining is not for everyone
Mr Keefers (9 days ago)
MMmmmmm no. I'll stick to growing cannabis.
C Perron (9 days ago)
As I added up the time. It took him about 36 hours ( 1 1/2 days) to process 500 grams for 1 gram of gold. I kept track of what he paid and what he got. He paid $55 dollars for 185 circuit cards that would yield him 200 grams of fingers. He then bought a 7/10ths of a pound of fingers and sim cards for $39 dollars, but actually got 6/10ths of a pound (272.16 grams), and then he purchased a 5-pound box of fingers for $417 dollars (1,814.4 grams). There are 28.3495 grams in an ounce. Let's round it up and call it 28.35 grams per ounce. Total Investment is $519 for all purchases. Total weight of raw material that can be processed is 2,286.56 grams for all purchases. He got 1 gram of gold that's worth $40 bucks per 500 grams of raw material. Now if what we saw is his only equipment then he can only process 500 grams at a time and it took him about 36 hours (1 1/2 days) to do it...I'd say it's a waste of money and time!
i dont think he sat there for the whole process. actual time was probably like 3 working hours.
sreetips (9 days ago)
That the point of the video! It ain't worth it.
Betty Bho (9 days ago)
You need to be pretty brave to do this, with all those dangerous chemicals. Thanks for showing us, it was very interesting.
An American Homestead (9 days ago)
A lot of work for $38 worth of gold.
sreetips (9 days ago)
Getting pure gold, from any source, is never easy.
Alvin Burns (10 days ago)
1 gram is worth about $40 bucks. Such a lot of work for such a small amount or wealth. Also, to risk death for such a small amount of gold is a little too much for me. I'd rather just go to a gold dealer and buy 1 gram or more?
sreetips (10 days ago)
Alvin, this video was created to show that getting the gold is not easy and the tiny yield that can be expected. Bad news for the sellers of this overpriced scrap.
Selena Jones (10 days ago)
You are one smart cookie,,good.luck with that
bermudaguy03 (10 days ago)
on the procedure side,couldnt half those steps have been skipped? saw alot of redundancy there. i nearly had an attack (ocd) i skipped forward alot lol in the end cant u just blast it off with the torch to begin with? why can u just pour the filings out of the filter (at multiple stages) instead of leaving it together to then need a chemical process to separate it only to put it back in a filter to merge with borax then burn off the filter then pluck the gold out of the molten borax wtf?
sreetips (10 days ago)
I include as much detail as possible. Other videos show only part of the process, leaving out critical details. I only wish videos as detailed as mine were around when I first learned refining.
bermudaguy03 (10 days ago)
wait. he put like $50 worth of fingers in to start. used about $25 worth chemicals several hundreds in manual labor and produced $38+ worth of gold??? is this just a hobby ooorrrr.....?? pretty sure hes made more money off the utube post
woodstoney (10 days ago)
So all that time and work and cost of materials netted you $38 USD? Hmm... You'd likely do better with a pan in a Colorado stream.
amy schultz (10 days ago)
Absolutely so not worth it!
Steve Mazz (11 days ago)
Give me the $417 dollars and let me shot Craps with it... much better yield on average.
Scott Bush (11 days ago)
You should use a cutting wheel to cut closer and with less effort
Andrew Mckie (11 days ago)
Very interesting, its something I have often wondered about as I have a few old computers and spare parts stashed about the house.
Ron Sonntag (12 days ago)
This was great! Not about making money, but, about using your BRAIN. Very nice job on the video. I would have enjoyed knowing what gasses were being created during the chemical reactions (yes, I know, I should use MY brain to look that up).

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