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5 CRAZY WATER TRICKS Subscribe: https://goo.gl/ySKQxG Music: Valence - Infinite [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHoqD47gQG8 [Valence] • https://soundcloud.com/valence-music • https://twitter.com/miguel_valence_ • https://facebook.com/ValenceMusicOfficial/

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Text Comments (5457)
Mikolt Anna Csutak (1 day ago)
Race your logo.
Mikolt Anna Csutak (1 day ago)
Rasszista a logód :C
Matt17754 (2 days ago)
Ok hold up so you fill a plastic bag with water then poke holes in it...What was the point? Am I missing something? The audacity of this channel to call that a "trick".
Joe BEHREND (5 days ago)
This is one easily amused mo fo
Victor Radel (18 days ago)
Kamilla Limma (19 days ago)
Anão entrei no vídeo por causa do imã puxando a água e cabo que não mostrou ele os fazer um trabalho de escola queria saber se dava certo e top demais!
Gill Gillovich (22 days ago)
Меня одного смутил рубль?)
Gill Gillovich (22 days ago)
2:07 Ukraine?)
Ricardo Romo (23 days ago)
king lion (24 days ago)
Gabbar Isback (27 days ago)
Firoz Khan (29 days ago)
3-4 not life hacks and prank
Layla Khan (29 days ago)
Le Gameur (1 month ago)
Cool c'est satisfaisant
MODEL GAMING (1 month ago)
Omg it's credit card
Firoz Khan (29 days ago)
so what??
Claudia Paita (1 month ago)
Como se yaman los ingredientes
Wow magic hahahah
Celio Peixoto (1 month ago)
Celio Peixoto (1 month ago)
Brihan Emilian (1 month ago)
BACKING SODA??????????
jeet creative (1 month ago)
Wow nice video Make ac, #jeetcreative
Pooja Verma (1 month ago)
Dev Verma I am a Dev manju and I am not sure what time are you doing today I am a Dev manju 8th the most 6 km of the day before the wedding most of
Alessandro Carinelli (1 month ago)
Perfect, now I know how to get a wet coin from a dry one
- JH - (1 month ago)
ты Русские 100%
- JH - (1 month ago)
смотрите 3:30 минут там монетка Рубль
Dulaj Rathnayake (1 month ago)
What is water?
Biren Rout (1 month ago)
What is backing soda? But I have baking soda 😳😳
Adnanchy 75 (1 month ago)
y it's wrong thumbnail
bigolbin ggae (1 month ago)
bigolbin ggae (1 month ago)
Vihem (1 month ago)
I'm glad that i'm using ADBLOCK to watch this kind of CLICKBAIT SHIT.
Turtle Nova (1 month ago)
Backing soda wtf shouldn't it be baking soda
VivaceCoin 16775 (1 month ago)
backing soda lol
Мир Мирович (1 month ago)
Ты русский
Erick Wilderic (1 month ago)
hah ! backing soda
Hellofromtheotgerside (1 month ago)
This is clickbate, why did I come here? It’s like trash...
Gubich Igor (1 month ago)
Псдц, и у этого калла, 24 ляма просмотров. Я блять в 3 классе уже такое делал...
Noelle Sama (1 month ago)
*Welp. I just got semi-clickbaited.*
Dnayaneshwar Mundhe (1 month ago)
Beauty is like also to happy
Tulsi Pandya (1 month ago)
nice i like it
Call me Karma (1 month ago)
Is he a water bender?
Barek Amiri (1 month ago)
This guy's the stupidest guy ever
Hugo O_o (1 month ago)
Казалось бы, причем тут Украина...
Aghil Niki (1 month ago)
What’s backing soda
An Bảo (1 month ago)
22#@@@@ Ưswssw
Isabell Denise (1 month ago)
I didn't even subscribe
Nurzhan Kairat (1 month ago)
Baking soda means baking powder
Critical Mustafa (2 months ago)
Turk yokmu
Phone Makki (2 months ago)
هيدا زيت
Davis Clark (2 months ago)
What kind of genre music are using? Thanks!
Hert joon Luna (2 months ago)
Im more on looking for the purpose. The entire video is trully nonesense and useless tricks.
Altaf Balkhi (2 months ago)
अरे लोंडे ओरिजिनल वीडियो डाउन नहीं तो गांड को भी सिखा दूंगा तेरी गांड का गो सिखा दूंगा
YSP Steel Pans (2 months ago)
To hire or buy steel pans please follow and enquire !!
Mohammad Amini (2 months ago)
Hi:) Yes i like tricks
Anash Sk (2 months ago)
Excellent idea
Jian Cloude Mallari (2 months ago)
Li Xing Kaohsiung (2 months ago)
Bloody Leagend (2 months ago)
-bakingsoda- 😝 *backingsoda* 😄
reena sharma (2 months ago)
I have only baking soda 😡😡
Paea Hafoka (2 months ago)
instead of olive oil
Paea Hafoka (2 months ago)
can it be any other oil
Peter (2 months ago)
I think.... it's air tricks...
nesz25 abens (2 months ago)
You mispelled the baking soda
i PRO (2 months ago)
I guess the worst video of the day..... eww eww suck man
Luan Nycolas (2 months ago)
Amazing Video !!!
Quang Trend (2 months ago)
If you sub for me then I will sub lacho you. soonest
אברהם סנבטה (2 months ago)
dima polik (2 months ago)
I don’t think that was olive oil. Maybe in your country sunflower oil is the same, but, in different price, hahha
Daddy_top (2 months ago)
He from Russia
Daddy_top (2 months ago)
Зачем писать названия на английском, когда ты сам русский? Это не прибавит тебе популярности
Elite Rank (2 months ago)
Ali Faiz (2 months ago)
ste ven (2 months ago)
Daria Dara (2 months ago)
Bernardita Asir (2 months ago)
Funny vidio
ClickBait Police (2 months ago)
channel mysterious (2 months ago)
Apik bgt
Digeshwar Bhiwgade (2 months ago)
Nice video #MonalProCreation
gamer blossom cherry (2 months ago)
the pencil part was so boring
hiplex jaydog (2 months ago)
Lit song say say
mila majstorovic (2 months ago)
COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quentin Champagnol (2 months ago)
XB360 TRICKS (2 months ago)
XB360 TRICKS (2 months ago)
This is 😎 lit
Rell Knight (2 months ago)
Who else knew this was clickbait but you had to see if it was real
Pudely Rancher (2 months ago)
Im a puddle :v
ANCMM (3 months ago)
AsadUllah Nayyer (3 months ago)
Fuck Kaitlyn boobs
Joel Jalo (3 months ago)
زينه. 334440328 (3 months ago)
اختراعات مذهله 🤗🤗🤗
3:30 Стоп... Рубль?
AC1230 (3 months ago)
The hell is backing soda
MrCil 0,1k (3 months ago)
Baaeeh 3:23
Lia Minegirl (3 months ago)
The Sarcastic Elf (3 months ago)
Pencil and coin ones weren't interesting at all...
Solon Anderson (3 months ago)
I smashed that like harder than my mom.
Ini dia (3 months ago)
Solo Curt (3 months ago)
Click bait 😐😐 u owe me a,view 👀https://youtu.be/YFbyF4dWa_s #subscribe
Kittybarks Puppymeows (3 months ago)
0:43 *_B A C K I N G S O D A_*
Paolo Bravo (3 months ago)
Fome tu wea 😡

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