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Getting mosquito larvae for my pet betta fish|petsanimals
Want a drawing tutorials go in( perez kerthe )and want gaming (noypi ml gaming) THAT IS MY CHANNEL TO☺ thank you for watching subscribe!!!!! HIt the bell if you want update for my next vid (peace✌)
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Welcome to my home!!!!!!
Thank you again for watching new epesode of petsanimal😊😊☺ Cast Camera man:perez kerthe Producer:nico cedrick p. Marpuri(me) And perez kerthe Hope you like my epesode LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE HIT THE NOTIFICATION BELL HELP US REACH 100,000 SUBS AND MORE LOVE PETS LOVE ANIMAL😀😆
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Petsanimals:(Betta fish blog)Earth wants to eat me/I found something on river bank
Second vlog about my new betta fish but something happen to me😂 the lake soil was eat me and then there's a dead mother frog with her babbies , i wish the babby frogs grow up and make a strong family Editor:Kerthe perez Actor:Nico cedrick (ME) Setting of the video: Tres cruses tanza cavite (profeta's farm) Director/producer:nico ced(ME) Visit my friend channel https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQ5xwffO-uC6toa5pd3cKbA I hope you like this video guys please like my videos
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Im saving kittens on a abandon house
Im holding the neck ofkitten dont wrrie its ok
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Betta update(finally i got a female betta) part1
Lets see if we can breed a betta fish Thank you for your support😂😂😊😀
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