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???-part 2
This vid just sent by someone to my email It's wierd!
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This shit ended up in my email, wtf is this video?
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English homework
I suffer
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Touhou project 7-Perfect cherry Blossom final satge gameplay
gameplay of Touhou Project 7-Perfect Cherry Blossom! the game made by ZUN ( a.k.a Team Shanghai Alice ) i do not own any things from the game. forgot to put enough info last time, i don't want to get copyright strike things ;) Oh yeah, the fps at the begining is low so you might wanna skip to 10s
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T-aiko! gameplay
this is my third gameplay video hope you will enjoy. this game is hard btw... Recorded by Game Recorder+ Download now to record & share your gameplay at ease! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sec.game.gamecast.global
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Some bad newbie Puyo Puyo ( 20th anniversary ) gameplay
Wut's dis? Nguyen buy me some noodles
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