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Day 8 of constant hiccups
Finally convinced him to go to the hospital when he started to have a hard time breathing. It's OK to laugh, we BOTH laugh at it now.
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Cat attacks cables through hole
I was trying to move the wifi cables to the tv stand. When my new Kitty Zeus saw it as an opportunity to try and help.
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Kitty Cat Zeus loves playing fetch!
After 1 hour of training he got the hang of it. Now he is constantly bringing me his mouse.
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Most Satisfying Video of CONSTANT TOILET FLUSH mesmerizing
The most relaxing sound of water coming from a broken toilet in a nasty bathroom. Relax and be mesmerized by the most Satisfying Toilet being Flushed!
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1 second of funny - woman falls over mini wall
Woman shuffling behind media to keep quiet, ends up stealing the show by flying over an unseen mini wall. Shuffle... shuffle... shuffle...BOOM
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Dozens of hummingbirds eating and MORE waiting off camera!!!
I started out with 1 or 2 but then the guest list grew and grew... I guess my food got 5 stars and they spread the word.
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