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Microsoft Excel:Formula and Functions: AutoSum & Sum functions
This video shows how to use AutoSUM function and SUM function with Excel
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Command prompt Tricks: default Run as Administrator
This video will help you how to set command runas administrator by default option
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Kulfi reciepe -preparation
Reciepe: A. One Ltr Cream milk B. 50gram suger or as per taste C. 6-8 Cashew Smashed nuts D. 8 Pista E. 3 Tablespoon Milk Powder or Left Over Nan Powder F. 8 seeds smashed cardamom or 1and half teaspoon cardamom powder G. Kesar if available H. 1 Table Spoon badam powder /mix dryfruite powder E. Kulfi Mold
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How To search  google with voice and image on desktop
Excellent ways to search on google using Voice command and image files
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Windows 7: FIXED:Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller keeps disconnecting fixed
This is Fix for Network Adpater keeps disconnecting
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Indian post office investment plans(Hindi)
Different plans in Indian post office well described
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How to hide files/Folders on android device
This video will show you how to hide the content/File/Folder on your android without installing any additional android app
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Notepad Tricks: Personal Diary
Most of my friends write diary to capture moment of life. For them this notepad trick really gonna help out Happy Learning :)
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How To merge/reuse Microsoft powerpoint presentation files
How to merge Microsoft presentation files How to reuse powerpoint Microsoft presentation
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Android :Useful features 1
This video shows how to use 1. Chrome page export to pdf -this is quite helpful for sharing emails or details from web page in the form of pdf 2. Quick Ball - How to use quick ball features. Easy user defined shortcuts 3. Notification Bar settings- Show application icon in notiification Show internet speed Hide/disable application notifications Notification bar shortcuts
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HTML:How To create Project countdown timer using Java script & HTML
Display Count down in HTML using embedded java script o display on Internet browser
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Android Features 4-  using Clock
How to make use of all clock functionality Stopwatch World clock Timer Alarm And some interesting setting on your android phone
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Microsoft Excel Functions : Using absolute or the fix cell references
How to use absolute cell reference in Excel How to use reference to keep same value in excel
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Microsoft Excel: How to Convert an Excel Spreadsheet to XML
This Video tutorial shows how to convert spreadsheet into desired xml format . This methods will most useful for creating loaders in xml
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Microsoft Excel: Functions: How to create Ranking or ascending decending  number
This video tutorial shows how to rank the list ascending and descending order
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Microsoft Excel functions:  How to use Multiple conditions and IF statement
How to get result from multiple conditions in microsoft excel
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Android-Useful features 2- Split screen
Android Split screen option really good for those who love multitasking on smart phones
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Microsoft Excel:How to use IF function to get desired results
This video shows you example of MS excel to use IF function and calculate desired result in same function as output Calculate percentage if student /condition is passed in all subject
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Android : how to enable and perform hardware test
This video show how to enable and perform Hardware Test on your android device
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Android Features 3- Excellent calulator
Android calculator has enhance features with converters in terms of currency , time volume ,mass, area, temperature. Also it caclucates mortage loan amount with interest with details Sceintific calculator is one of the key advantage for my engineering friends. This video capture overall uses of calculator on android phone
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Android:How to decorate or personalize smartphone appearance
This video will show you how to personalize your phone appearance -How to change theme -How to change fonts -How to change wallpaper from available gallary
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Android:useful features 5:Using inbuilt image editing option to remove object
This video show -What are image editing options -How to remove object from image or photo without any additional app
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Android: How to enable / disable developer mode on your android device
Post Android 7.1 release developer mode is disabled by default. This video will help you to enable and disable developer mode on your device
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