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Fallout 4 Vanilla Vs  Modded Comparison
Thanks for watching! If you haven't done so already please leave a like and subscribe! Mods: W.E.T Water Enhanced - 2K Water Vivid Fallout - Landscapes Trees Have Colorful Leaves - The leaves have returned Touch of Green - Green Textures V2 PipBoyShadows - PipBoyShadows Photorealistic Commonwealth - NAC plugin 0-7-7 MK14 EBR - MK17 EBR - Main Files Lowered Weapons - Lowered Weapons 1.1 High Resolution Texture Pack - Vailus - 2k and 4k GRASSLANDS - A Fallout Grass Overhaul - Grasslands-Healthy Resurrection - You can find this in Bethesda.net mods section My PC: GTX 960 Strix 4gb FX 6300 8gb ddr3 RAM 500w PSU 1tb 7200rpm hardrive
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Skyrim - Vanilla VS. Realvision
Thanks for checking out my video! If you enjoyed please leave a like and subscribe! Buy Skyrim: https://elderscrolls.bethesda.net/skyrim/ ShadowPlay: http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/share
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Better Than Me?
I don't I'm better than me sometimes I guess.
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My Overwatch Skill From Noob to Grandmaster 2016 vs 2018
This is a direct comparison to see if I got better, I think the results speak for themselves.
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He said I wouldn't fail
I did have no fail on
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Best Shat EVER!
I took the fattest shat of all time!
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The Setup Of A Life Time
Would this be considered a setup? Would you brag about this?
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My First Game of Quake Champions Ever!
This is just a video so when I put more hours in I can compare my progress.
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Minecraft Crib Tour
"I hate mondays" -Garfield
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Weirdest Widow POTG Ever
It's weird cause I'm garbage at widow, and the whole scope thing
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This is to make space
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What 500 Hours Of Hanzo Looks Like
JK I play Pharah
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Tracer Is The Best Hero
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