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Healthcare in 2017: Transforming medical care
Technology will revolutionise Europe’s healthcare systems. As our society changes and pressures increase, care providers who embrace digital technology will be the ones that offer the best care. Let’s take this video example. Meet Michael and Anne, who recently retired. Michael’s doctors use tech to provide personalised care for his cardiovascular disease. Machine learning algorithms help identify when Michael is most at risk, and the Virtual Care Room means Michael has access to the latest medical equipment without having to travel to a doctor. These technologies allow medical professionals to gain better insights from the data they collect, and turn them into actions that can improve patient outcomes. With technology, we can provide high-quality care and improve the quality of life for all. To find out more about Microsoft’s vision for the future healthcare, visit microsoft.com/healthcare.
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Powerpoint 2010: The Possibilities - Duarte HD
http://www.microsoft.eu Powerpoint 2010 gives user the ability to create stunning presentations. This is a video of a sample template that is included with PowerPoint 2010. The purpose is to share some tips on what makes a good presentation. The full version is availible in the PowerPoint 2010 free public beta, which you can download from http://www.micros... This video was created using PowerPoint 2010's brand new video export feature. Content created by Duarte Design (www.duarte.com)
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Skype Translates Conversations in Real Time
Watch Skype's English-German translation in action in this live demo from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2014
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Future Vision of Healthcare
http://www.Microsoft.eu Learn more about health modernization: http://www.microsoft.eu/innovation-in-society/HealthModernization.aspx
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Satya Nadella on the Surface Pro 3
Hey tech-lovers! Take a look at our latest announcement! Surface Pro 3 is now available in all its awesomeness. Watch what Satya Nadella had to say and discover its new features! www.microsoft.eu
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Technology advancements and their impact on business. Interview with Derek Kennedy BCG
Small businesses have the opportunity to improve their performance by rethinking their use of technology. Is your business a technology laggard, follower or leader? Find out more in this exclusive interview with Derek Kennedy, Partner and Managing Director from the Boston Consulting Group
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Microsoft interoperabilidad
Microsoft Europe en Español: http://www.microsoft.eu/
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Technology Opening New Doors for People With Disabilities
With almost 15% of the world’s population living with a disability, building a more inclusive society is a key priority for Microsoft. We believe technology should empower all people to achieve more and that technologies need to be designed with accessibility in mind to allow every individual to play their part in society. Forward-looking policies can turn accessibility into a motor for innovation. Access the audio and text description video at https://youtu.be/8904xJy-G5Q?list=PL2QUyjwgncTc-OX3CJYwAt7GGxEW6uT5u.
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Retail in 2017: Getting omnichannel right
To drive sales in a competitive market, retailers must find a way to personalise their omnichannel strategies for each and every customer. Achieving this isn’t easy, but with cloud technologies, retailers can connect previously siloed business areas and revolutionise the way they sell. Let’s take this video example. Meet Sam, a travel blogger planning her next big trip – climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. She needs new hiking boots so asks Cortana, Microsoft’s smart assistant on her mobile phone, to suggest some ideas. Cortana analyses images of Kilimanjaro’s terrain, checks for stores nearby, and suggests three options. Discover how, using Artificial Intelligence, Cortana helps Sam on her journey to the summit. Microsoft cloud technologies provide the means for retailers and brands to revolutionise the way they operate and break down organisational barriers. With more effective co-operation and information-sharing across their businesses, retailers can now deliver the personalised omnichannel experience that customers demand. Find out how Microsoft can help you: www.microsoft.com/retail
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Satya Nadella announces Microsoft Office for iPad!
Attention everyone! Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announces the arrival of Office for iPad! Take a look and find all about it! www.microsoft.eu Are you going to try it? Share your thoughts!
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Data Protection Day 2010 - Think Privacy
http://www.microsoft.eu More about privacy and data protection: http://www.microsoft.eu/tag/privacy-c17m6l.aspx
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Energy Efficiency in Datacenters - Dublin
http://www.microsoft.eu Greening the Dublin data center Read more on Microsoft Europe Stories: http://microsofteurope.eu/Stories/Viewer/tabid/77/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/329/categoryId/14/Greening-the-Dublin-data-center.aspx Situation Data centers are vital for tomorrows economy but are at risk of consuming high volumes of energy. Solution Microsoft built the Dublin data center using advanced energy efficient technology in accordance with its commitment to the EU Code of Conduct for Green Data Centers, which promotes best practices for energy efficiency and sustainability in the ICT sector. Benefits •Reduced energy consumption •Reduced CO2 emissions •Increased capacity and performance.
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Microsoft Research Sensecam
http://www.microsoft.eu Microsoft.eu Futures Article: http://www.microsoft.eu/Viewer/tabid/64/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/300/categoryId/13/The-wearable-camera-that-brings-back-the-memories.aspx SenseCam is a wearable digital camera that is designed to take photographs passively, without user intervention, while it is being worn. Unlike a regular digital camera or a cameraphone, SenseCam does not have a viewfinder or a display that can be used to frame photos. Instead, it is fitted with a wide-angle (fish-eye) lens that maximizes its field-of-view. This ensures that nearly everything in the wearers view is captured by the camera, which is important because a regular wearable camera would likely produce many uninteresting images. SenseCam also contains a number of different electronic sensors. These include light-intensity and light-color sensors, a passive infrared (body heat) detector, a temperature sensor, and a multiple-axis accelerometer. These sensors are monitored by the cameras microprocessor, and certain changes in sensor readings can be used to automatically trigger a photograph to be taken. For example, a significant change in light level, or the detection of body heat in front of the camera can cause the camera to take a picture. Alternatively, the user may elect to set SenseCam to operate on a timer, for example taking a picture every 30 seconds. We have also experimented with the incorporation of audio level detection, audio recording and GPS location sensing into SenseCam although these do not feature in the current hardware. http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/cambridge/projects/sensecam/default.htm
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http://www.microsoft.eu/ Data can be at risk on the internet in the cyberspace. Data on laptops and data centers but also on mobile phones and tablets are not safe. The odds of a cyber crime offender to get caught is less than 1%. But cloud computing is an opportunity to raise the bar in cyber security. Infographic - What is cloud computing?: http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/What%20is%20cloud%20computing.pptx.pdf Cloud Knowledge Centre: http://www.microsoft.eu/cloud-computing/cloudknowledgecentre.aspx
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Why do you code
Young coders share why they love coding! Twitter: @MSEurope http://news.microsoft.com/europe/
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Building a better future for manufacturers: Industry 4.0
We are living in revolutionary times for the manufacturing industry. Industry 4.0 is digitally transforming everything around us, right now. For more information, visit: https://news.microsoft.com/europe/2017/04/24/building-a-better-future-for-manufacturers-industry-4-0/
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Journey to the Cloud
http://www.microsoft.eu/cloud-computing/ Explore the potential of cloud computing starting with cloud concepts and terminology. Gain a better understanding of how Microsoft Services can help you implement the right cloud solution for your business, and explore the benefits of using the Windows Azure platform to build secure applications. Cloud Knowledge Centre http://www.microsoft.eu/cloud-computing/cloudknowledgecentre.aspx What is cloud computing? INFOGRAPHIC http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/What%20is%20cloud%20computing.pptx.pdf Why should European SMEs move to the cloud? INFOGRAPHIC http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/Document/SMEs%20Infographics%20FINAL-Nov11.pdf
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Windows 7
http://www.microsoft.eu Heartbeat Windows 7 http://www.microsoft.eu Reviews http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/presskits/windows7/reviews.aspx Discount for Students in selected countries. eg UK: http://www.microsoft.com/uk/education/studentoffer/
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Microsoft Surface Overview
http://www.microsoft.eu Adam Brownstein Director of business Development, Microsoft Surface talk us through Microsoft surface. Learn how start-up in Europe uses Surface technology: http://www.microsoft.eu/entrepreneurship-and-smes/posts/autitouch-solution-on-the-cloud-makes-autism-diagnosis-faster-and-more-accurate.aspx
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Enriching education for young people with Office 365
http://www.microsoft.eu/skills-and-education/ The Catholic International Education Office (OIEC) has entered into an education alliance with Microsoft to provide Office 365 for its community of Catholic schools across the world as part of a new Social Network for Catholic Education. Read full blog post by Niels Soelberg , Vice President, Public Sector Sales, Microsoft EMEA: http://bit.ly/JhgvNi To learn more about how Microsoft and the Catholic International Education Office are working together to modernize education, click here: http://bit.ly/Kj6XUM
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What Is Cloud Service Reliability?
http://www.microsoft.eu/ Get a high-level view of cloud service reliability and four goals cloud service providers should consider to make their customers happy. This video is part of the 3-part "Fundamentals of Cloud Service Reliability" series. Cloud Knowledge Center http://www.microsoft.eu/cloud-computing/cloudknowledgecentre.aspx INFOGRAPHIC Cloud Computing: http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/What%20is%20cloud%20computing.pptx.pdf INFOGRAPHIC Cloud computing in Europe! http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/Document/SMEs%20Infographics%20FINAL-Nov11.pdf
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eTime-Travel through Microsoft Archives
Nostalgic about Clippy, the sound of Windows 95 and other Microsoftee memorabilia? Take a walk down Memory Lane with a visit to Microsoft Archives!
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Why is coding important to you
Young coders talk about why coding is important to them! Twitter: @MSEurope http://news.microsoft.com/europe/
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From Microsoft, With Love
We travelled to meet with Andreas Alexander, a German researcher based in UNIS, the University Centre of Svalbard in Norway. UNIS is the world’s northernmost higher education institution, located in Longyearbyen at 78º N. Studying how ground temperature affects glaciers, Andreas is someone who is really pushing the boundaries of what we know and take for granted. His work takes him to one of the most remote and beautiful locations in the world. He spends a remarkable 11 months of the year away from home, missing special moments with those he loves and misses. To acknowledge his amazing work, we helped Andreas connect with his loved ones during a recent expedition using a Surface Pro 4 and Skype.
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Microsoft YouthSpark: Opportunity for Youth
http://www.microsoft.eu YOUTH INFOGRAPHIC: http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/Document/Skills/Youth%20Infographic.pdf Across the globe, technology is changing what youth need to know to succeed in nearly any occupation. Microsoft YouthSpark provides the technology, resources and expertise that young people need to imagine and realize their dreams. Learn more: http://www.microsoft.eu/empowering-youth/ http://www.microsoft.com/youthspark
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Energy Week 2010 -- What is the Carbon Disclosure Project?
Our third interview from our Energy Week 2010 series. Hear from Kate Levick as she outlines the Carbon Disclosure Project, it's history and evolution.
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Cloud Computing: Software plus services
Microsofts progressive shift toward Software-plus-Services is reshaping and transforming our existing offerings—and informing our roadmap for the future. Take a look ahead at what a future of connected software and services could bring to the world. Applications and services that once stood apart become far more valuable when taken together. Business moves faster, ideas flow more freely and people grow more deeply connected. http://www.microsoft.eu/
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Microsoft YouthSpark: A Real Spark of Change
http://www.microsoft.eu YOUTH INFOGRAPHIC: http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/Document/Skills/Youth%20Infographic.pdf Meet Mary Mwende, a young woman from Kenya whose experience gaining technology skills has helped her to realize new possibilities and give back to others. Microsoft YouthSpark aims to empower young people like Mary around the world. Learn more: http://www.microsoft.eu/empowering-youth/ http://www.microsoft.com/youthspark
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Tourism Ireland & Microsoft Dynamics CRM
http://www.microsoft.eu/ http://www.microsoft.eu/case-studies/ Microsoft Dynamics CRM Supports the Social Strategy of Tourism Ireland Tourism Ireland is a publicly funded organization responsible for marketing the island of Ireland overseas. Working together with their social media channels, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps to give the organization a deeper look at their customers and allows Tourism Ireland to bring a personalized experience to prospective visitors to the Emerald Isle. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped them build a single customer database that is quickly accessible by their staff, allowing them to easily customize their marketing communications.
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Drop a beat for Surface 2!
What do you get when you mix technology, award-winning musicians and upbeat London? Those who were today around Trafalgar square know the answer. A brand new Surface 2 was put to the test by, give me a beat please, award-winning star... Dizze Rascal. An extra twist? It wasn't quite the Surface 2 you could place in the palm of your hand, unless of course, your hand measures 26 feet.
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A message from Jean-Philippe Courtois, eSkills for Jobs Campaign
Jean-Philippe Courtois, President of Microsoft International, endorses the eSkills for Jobs Campaign 2015-2016 and the need for citizens to improve their command of information and communication technology (ICT) skills for work. The campaign is a response to the growing demand for ICT-skilled professionals which is currently not met, despite high levels of unemployment in Europe.
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Choose Your Surface
http://www.microsoft.eu/ http://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-gb Learn more about Surface RT and Surface Pro. Surface: new family of PCs for Windows http://www.microsoft.eu/innovation-in-society/videos/surface-new-family-of-pcs-for-windows.aspx Exclusive video: Bill Gates on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface http://www.microsoft.eu/innovation-in-society/videos/exclusive-video-bill-gates-on-windows-8-windows-phone-8-and-surface-cm10l.aspx
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Data protection Day 2010 - Think Privacy - new videos
http://www.microsoft.eu New videos regarding Data Potection Day 2010 and the importance of data and online privacy! More about privacy and data protection: http://www.microsoft.eu/tag/privacy-c17m6l.aspx
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Interoperability and Cloud Computing
How is Interoperability relevant to Cloud Computing? http://www.microsoft.eu
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Office 365 in healthcare
http://www.microsoft.eu/ http://www.microsoft.eu/innovation-in-society/ For more on health modernization: http://www.microsoft.eu/innovation-in-society/HealthModernization.aspx
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Microsoft President Brad Smith talks AI and society
Microsoft’s president and chief legal officer Brad Smith discusses the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on society, following the release of a new Microsoft book "The Future Computed". Recorded in January 2018; Berlin, Germany. The book is available for download here: https://msblob.blob.core.windows.net/ncmedia/2018/01/The-Future-Computed_1.22.18.pdf
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3D Computer Interaction Without Gloves
http://www.microsoft.eu/ The gloves come off! Digits, a wrist-worn gloveless sensor developed by Microsoft Research in Cambridge, U.K., enables 3-D computer interaction in any environment and is practical beyond computer gaming. Learn more: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/news/features/uist2012-100812.aspx
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David Gauthier answers the question: 'What is a data centre?'
Microsoft.eu A Few months ago we published an interview I had with Scott Guthrie who told us about what it takes to run a truly global cloud infrastructure and how Microsoft is facilitating the transition to the cloud by making it easier for our customers to move their application. But what’s in a cloud actually? David Gauthier, the Architect and Designer of our Data Centres answers that question.
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Introducing Kinect into the classroom with students with disabilities
http://www.microsoft.eu/ According to the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020, one in six people in the European Union has a disability so severe that it prevents them from fully taking part in society due to environmental and attitudinal barriers. With the population increasing, so is the number of children born with disabilities. To improve the situation for people with disabilities, the strategy focuses on raising awareness of disability issues and fostering greater knowledge on the subject. Unfortunately, with a focus on the barriers for disabled people it often results in negative connotations. However, at Escola Secundária da Lagoa we want to focus on the opportunities and resources instead and have found great results amongst our disabled students when we decided to integrate Kinect, a motion sensing input device into the curriculum. Students with disabilities eliminate barriers with Kinect: http://www.microsoft.eu/skills-and-education/posts/students-with-disabilities-eliminate-barriers-with-kinect.aspx YOUTH INFOGRAPHIC: http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/Document/Skills/Youth%20Infographic.pdf
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Cloud Computing- Industry Trends Driving Identity Management
http://www.microsoft.eu/ Norm Barber, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Active Directory Engineering Division, discusses industry trends driving identity management. More on cloud computing: http://www.microsoft.eu/cloud-computing/
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Microsoft YouthSpark Announcement Full Keynote
http://www.microsoft.eu/ YOUTH INFOGRAPHIC: http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/Document/Skills/Youth%20Infographic.pdf Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Executive Vice President Brad Smith launch YouthSpark, a new global Microsoft Citizenship initiative. Learn more: http://www.microsoft.eu/empowering-youth/ http://www.microsoft.com/youthspark
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Automated Intelligence in Your Daily Life with Machine Learning
http://www.microsoft.eu/ Over the last decade, technical and infrastructural developments have created a nurturing environment for developing applications of machine learning and reasoning—and for harnessing automated intelligence to assist people in the course of their daily lives. Microsoft researchers continue to push the state of the art in applying machine intelligence to the daily lives of people through research in algorithms and technologies to discover knowledge from large-scale data. By building software that automatically learns from data, our goal is to enable applications to behave more intelligently and enable users to become more productive. Learn more: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/labs/cambridge/
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A sneak-peek inside the Microsoft Production Studios
Hey tech-lovers! Get a behind the curtain look at a very special location inside the Microsoft campus! In this episode Production Manager Greg Small shows us how their Starship Enterprise-like equipment helps create awesome big media productions! www.microsoft.eu Originally published in channel9
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Program for young people: Leaders for a Day
http://www.microsoft.eu/ Leaders for a Day, Brussels 16th October 2012, Microsoft "Investing time with young people through business mentorship, like we are doing today at Leaders for a Day, is one important way to expose students to different business realities and opportunities whilst raising awareness in the business community of how we might better connect with the younger generation to better meet their needs." Jan Muehlfeit YOUTH INFOGRAPHIC: http://www.microsoft.eu/Portals/0/Document/Skills/Youth%20Infographic.pdf Learn more about how Microsoft contributes to skills development in Europe: http://www.microsoft.eu/skills-and-education/ Breaking the skills gap cycle: business mentorship at 'Leader for a Day' http://www.microsoft.eu/skills-and-education/posts/breaking-the-skills-gap-cycle-business-mentorship-at-leader-for-a-day.aspx
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Jenny - Enable Ireland
The Assistive Technology Centre was set by Enable Ireland and Microsoft. Jenny's experience allows Microsoft and technology developers to improve the devices available for disable people. Microsofts accessibility programme aims to bring the most disadvantaged into the IT world. - Enable Ireland and Microsoft's Partnership Enable Ireland and Microsoft have had a long-standing partnership since 2001 promoting assistive technology to help people with disabilities to live independently, access education and get into the workforce. In recognition of this partnership, in September 2007 Microsoft Ireland won the overall award for the Best Community-Based CSR Project at the Chambers Ireland CSR Awards. - Enable Ireland Enable Irelands mission is to work in partnership with those who use our services to achieve maximum independence, choice and inclusion in their communities Please visit their website: http://www.enableireland.ie/
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The importance of the rule of law
Brad Smith - General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Microsoft Excerpted from remarks at the Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, January 20, 2015 http://www.microsoft.eu/
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Ray Pinto interview for Aligning Business and Policy Action for Health Literacy
http://www.microsoft.eu/ http://www.microsoft.eu/author/ray.aspx Related articles: New World of Work: Is employee productivity versus happiness a necessary trade off? http://www.microsoft.eu/innovation-in-society/videos/new-world-of-work-is-employee-productivity-versus-happiness-a-necessary-trade-off.aspx Microsoft building biogas-powered data center in Wyoming http://www.microsoft.eu/innovation-in-society/posts/microsoft-building-biogas-powered-data-center-in-wyoming.aspx Green Standards Week: joining forces for global change http://www.microsoft.eu/innovation-in-society/posts/green-standards-week-joining-forces-for-global-change.aspx Transformative technology for active and healthy ageing http://www.microsoft.eu/innovation-in-society/posts/transformative-technology-for-active-and-healthy-ageing.aspx
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Youth from Spain participating in the Global Training Program @ Microsoft
http://www.microsoft.eu/ Check out Youth, the key to Spain's future event: http://www.microsoft.eu/skills-and-education/events/youth-the-key-to-spains-future.aspx In this high level event we plan on gathering 100 young Spaniards, Startups and SMEs with the objective of establishing a forum for dialogue in which the young generation, civil society leaders, government elites, MEPs and entrepreneurs will discuss the role of youth as the key to the future in Spain's competitiveness, in three of the areas that have been set as priorities: development of ICT skills, employment and entrepreneurship. Currently, political leaders have to respond to the citizens' service demands in a crisis scenario, facing high unemployment rates (in the case of Spain there is a 56% of youth unemployment) and serious budget constraints. Innovation is being consolidated as a key to transform the regions of Europe, generating growth opportunities, boosting their competitiveness and contributing to economic recovery. In this context, this forum aims to show how in a so challenging scenario all the stakeholders are joining forces to boost economic growth, employment generation and welfare levels of citizens. In this event we will: Inform about the programs and initiatives that are being led from EU institutions to ensure the future and opportunities for young people, entrepreneurs, SMEs. Present best practices that are being led in Spain to empower these young people, entrepreneurs and SMEs
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